Three UK brings free roaming to five new countries

British mobile operator Three has announced that from July 1 it'll be adding five new countries to its "Feel at Home" scheme, which allows customers to use their UK voice, text and data allowances abroad without additional roaming charges.

The new countries are France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway — bringing the total number of Feel at Home territories up to 16 from the start of next month. Right now Three customers are able to roam freely in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the U.S.

Subscribers will need to have been with Three for 30 days in order to roam on Feel at Home; the deal is also open to Pay As You Go customers who purchase one of Three's add-ons.

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Alex Dobie
  • I knew being with Three was the best idea... Now I know why!
  • So who are the Three Customers that get the free roaming? Lol
  • You only need to be with them for a certain amount of time on contract, pay as you go you can be with them 1 second and it'll work. Excellent network
  • More networks need to do this, things have moved on so should they.
  • All they need to do now is include Germany and I am set for life with this network, I went to Disneyland Florida and used my phone loads with no charges, best uk network by far. Well done 3
  • They do need to add Germany.
    I'm from Denmark and all my vacation trips kinda goes through Germany ;)
  • I can't go from the US to Canada and get treated this well! North American Carriers are the worst!
  • Very good. But it would be a better idea if you can use your minutes to call these countries to. . I'm from northern Ireland. . Thin line between the republic. The signal weaves in and out. Would still cost me a fortune any where near the border. One second your in north. .next your in south.
  • I think you can, anyway I can use my minutes in the UK (I am with 3 Ireland) and I can use my minutes to call the UK as well. That's the statement from 3UK: You can enjoy Feel At Home whether you’re on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go, using a tablet, phone, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle. If you’re on Pay Monthly, you’ll automatically use your monthly allowances and Add-on allowances to call and text the UK and use data, and if you’re on Pay As You Go doing these things will come from any Add-ons allowances that you have.
  • Add Germany and I will swap over from EE
  • Add Poland!! ;-)
  • Then their customer no. will skyrocket - good offer, though.
  • Three is definitely the best UK provider. Truly unlimited data, free upgrade to 4G for all customers, free tethering and now this.
  • This should be standard! Why is mobile internet still that behind ...
  • Having France in there is a massive deal.  Going to Florida at the end of August, so will be making use of Feel At Home there, but look forward to using it in France some time soon, too
  • Great news! I've been with 3 for nearly a year now after perviously being with Virgin on PAYG and I've never looked back. I can honestly say i have no complaints.
  • I think it is time to go back to 3
    I'm from Ireland and live in the UK and spend my time between Ireland, UK and Italy so I will be going to my nearest 3 outlet today.
  • Between this, free tethering, free upgrades to 4G and all you can eat data at reasonable prices I dont understand why most of my friends are on Vodaphone, O2 and EE. People seem to think 3 still has the terible signal it used to have years ago when it first started! :(
  • The truth is signal is indeed worse than the others in SOME regions but most of the time it's great. People just feel like Three is a subpar network because they're not as exposed as say EE and O2 but they clearly offer the best service out there.
  • I have to say that where I am (Peterborough) the signal is fantastic, much better than o2. All my friends on o2  complain about never having signal or when they do it's just edge where as for me I'll be on 3 or 4g!
  • The network strength isn't an issue anymore. When 3 first launched they were playing catchup and were behind the major networks. Over the years they've built the network so that its probably the strongest in the UK. I've only found one place that didn't have signal in the last three years and that was camping on a remote hill in the depths of Cumbria. Now if they could now add Spain to the list of destinations it would be amazing.
  • 3 still has a rubbish single from what I witness from my friends on 3. Holding their phones high in the air to try and get a signal. Well on the south coast anyway
  • Three has 97% UK 3g coverage, o2 has 90% 3g and Vodafone with 89%, EE only slightly beats them with 98% using legacy orange transmitters. This will change very soon and Three and EE will be on par with each other.
  • O2's 4g signal is really subpar, they have been promising since last October it will get better.... But no dice. Coverage outside is spotty at best - the reception maybe full but call quality utter crap. I never had this much issues with my 3g tariff (upgraded to 4g tariff at O2's 4g launch)
  • They will add more countries slowly. Poland and Germany may be next, only time can tell...
  • I'm with three their the most value for money and best network Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • When in the usa can I say call a us Mobil or receive a call from a us mobile and still have it come from my uk minutes?
  • As I understand it, you can call a US mobile and it'll come from your UK minutes, but it'll be the same cost as calling a US mobile from the UK (which isn't cheap).  However, if you're in the US and you call home, it'll be as if you're calling from the UK.
  • Looking forward to the same country list for Danish Three...!
  • Spain would be great, or better still EU wide :)
  • This. They're all going to have to do this soon enough by law, so why not just be the first now and get some positive news out of it.
  • Sweet, I'm looking to switch to three in October. Anyone used roaming in the US?
  • What about using your UK minutes etc. to call those countries from the UK instead of while roaming in those countries?