Three UK gets some hands-on time with the Lumia 1020

Three UK has published the above video on its YouTube account, walking viewers through the new Lumia 1020. We're currently at the New York event where Nokia is unveiling this new flagship Windows Phone and will have more details and footage shortly.

If you're with Three and are looking at the Lumia 1020, you'll be pleased to learn the mobile operator will be looking to stock the handset. We'll have more information soon.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Amazing!
  • This looks disgusting, hate that stupid massive lense.
  • The good thing about the market is - that you can buy whatever phone you like :) 
  • This
  • I love that lens, it looks really good to me.
  • This!
  • Why would you even be interested if it isn't in the camera? Just buy a 920. If you are in it for the camera, then you just need to know that something of this quality will require the hump.
  • What would u rather have an iPhone cam lol
  • I think the black color does a good Job of disguising the 41 megapixel sensor. Compare to the yellow and white lumia. 
  • Its a gimmick. Its still just a single unit lens with small dimensions. Grab yourself a cheep Nikon D80 (10 years old) 8MP dslr from ebay if you wanna do some proper photography. Even with 8 MP, you will be getting a better image. I have a L925 whose camera is sufficient in terms of size, for instant uploading to any media site. Also got a Nikon D80 and a D7000 for doing the job perfectly. 41 MP is just for marketing, and good on Nokia for catering for the masses that are transfixed by numbers. All i hear from android is that quad core is better etc. But we all know that it is relative to the OS and that WP8 currently does not need that kind of power to perform better than android. Same applies to the camera. Yeah, you will get a better scalable image, but the difference between what we have now and this will not be relative to the 400%+ increase in MP vs. L920/925.
  • 41mil of gimmick and you called yourself a camera man.
  • And you're point is what exactly. 41Mp is not a gimmick? That MP's are the most important aspect of creating an image? Tell me why 41MP is not a gimmick...and aimed clearly at people like you?
  • 41MP is not a gimmick. Yeah, the massive number grabs a lot of attention, but it allows for over-sampling. One could argue that Nokia could have got the same result by going the HTC rout, and using larger pixels, but over-sampling alone is not the main benefit of the high MP count. With all the extra pixels, Nokia has enabled "lossless" zoom, which is a form of digital zoom that does not greatly degrade image quality. So yeah, the number is used greatly for bragging rights and marketing, but to say outright that it is a gimmick is quite frankly ignorant.
  • Yeah.. you're not that good of a reader are you?
    It's not a gimmick, as the 41mp isn't exactly used as it usually is on other cameras/phones.
    For your consideration, I'll make it simpler: It is used for lossless digital zoom. As a photographer, you should know that most cameras rely on optical zoom to prevent images from getting pixelated when zooming. You've also notice on P&S cameras that beyond zooming optically, when they zoom digitally, the image becomes pixelated. Less details.
    Nokia used the 41MP sensor to prevent that. As a photographer you should know that it is not a gimmick and it's actually a leap in P&S technology.
    Of course there's more to that than zooming. The camera, by default, actually just saves 5MP photos. It oversamples the sensor. Takes the surrounding pixels' data (in the sensor) and uses it on a single pixel. It can slightly help on low light shots. Think of it as a simpler version of RAW files. A single pixel on this sensor actually carries more info. It's called oversampling. Some of that ability is lost on zooming and is completely lost at full zoom. But at full zoom, you actually achieve less noise, and less vignetting since it just uses the middle part of the sensor. But oversampling is gone.
    You understand now? Plastering 41MP on the back and using it in ads might be a gimmick of sorts, but it's true anyway. It does use a 41MP sensor it sure as hell puts it to good use.
    As a hobbyist, this is good for me. I never get to carry my GX1 all the time. But I do carry my phone wherever I go. If I have a 1020, I won't have to regret not bringing a camera since I actually have a P&S-slash-phone with me.
    If you want to learn more, read about the Nokia 808. It uses a similar technology.
  • And stop calling yourself a photographer if you can't even appreciate leaps in photography technology.
  • Stop being an idiot, the 808 is tried and true the best smartphone camera out there using this technology.  now nokia has made it better.  And No, I don't want to buy a second camera if I have an the best one already on my phone in a small package.  Get lost
  • You argument is fine for people that want to think about photography seriously.  But, for me, I will never carry a second device with me, but I hate that on the odd occasion when I want to take a photo it isn't really of a good quality - so, although you may be right on the gimmicky side of things, it does actually have a useful function for some of us....I suspect that you are more likely in the minority on this.
  • You have no idea of what you are talking about. Only an idiot would call oversampling a gimmick. Do some research before you start typing nonsense.
  • I feel like MerlinJnr has no idea what he's talking about.
  • And you will be carrying that DSLR everywhere you go, right? The point is to get better results than a point and shoot in a smartphone. The 808, which has been reviewed extensively, shows this is possible. Also, it's not about the number of pixels, but how you use them. You can read the reviews of the 808 to see how Nokia uses those pixels to create amazing pictures.
  • Plz get the 64gb !!!!
  • This is my one reservation as well. If there was ever a WP screaming for SD Card it is this one. Hard to understand.
  • No sd card is upsetting
  • This is a great phone but not for me, I'll be fine with my "terrible" (in comparison to the 1020) camera on my 8x. (Its actually good enough for me i have no complaints about it)
  • Dem zooms!:)