Throw Quest, a Windows Phone game of dodge ball with a fantasy twist

The best way to describe the Windows Phone game Throw Quest may be to say it is an intense game of dodge ball with a fantasy flair.

The game is an arcade action game where you face off against a wide range of enemies who you must dispatch. You take out the enemy by throwing a tiny red ball (and just about anything else you can get your hands on) at them. To the game honest, your opponent is throwing things at you as well.

While not available for low-memory devices, Throw Quest is a nicely animated arcade game that's not a bad time waster of a game. It just needs a little something, something to keep you pulled into the game.

Throw Quest layout

The main menu for Throw Quest has options to play the game, visit the games' store, view the local leaderboard, access the game's settings (sound/music) and view the help screen.

You'll earn coins through game play which in turn can be spent in the game's store for uniforms, changing your ball color, power-ups and in-app purchases for coins.

Throw Quest is played out in multi-level fashion sending you across a handful of different worlds, each with unique and dangerous enemies to battle. While the game has several levels of play, you start each gaming session at the first level - a magic kingdom styled world.

Game Play

The game screen for Throw Quest has a series of control buttons lining the bottom of the screen that control movement and weapons fire. Across the top of the screen you will find, from left to right, your health meter, points, gold collected and enemy stats (defeated/total number).

Game controls were responsive but took a few tries to get accustomed to. I often found myself missing the fire button or confusing the jump button with the fire. I couldn't help but feel that the game mechanics would have been smoother if you only had to tap the screen to throw a ball.

The battle arena is a collection of platforms at various heights. Scattered across the arena are crates that can be used as projectiles (they cause more damage) to supplement your battle balls. In a nutshell game play has you jumping around the platforms and taking out all your enemies.

Speaking of which, your enemies are a wide range of opponents from ninjas to witches to what appears to be the neighborhood bullie. Some opponents will drop like a fly with only one hit while others require multiple hits before they go down. Each battle level will end with a Boss that will take numerous hits before they go down.

As you slay your enemies, coins will drop that can be collected as well as bonus items to restore your players health. Once you defeat the Boss a portal will appear to carry you to the next battle level.

Game play can get rather hectic and Throw Quest isn't a game where you can simply go toe-to-toe with your enemy. You'll need to keep your player moving, taking advantage of the health restore power-ups and often shooting on the run to have success.

Overall Impression

On the positive side of things, Throw Quest is nicely animated and has some challenging opponents to face. The pace of the game has a bit of zip and it's not a terrible option for those occasions you need some help passing the time.

On the downside, controls take a little time to get used to and there seems to be something missing to keep you pulled into the game. Maybe the game needs more of a RPG element about it or upgradeable weapons (exploding balls?).

Throw Quest is a nice foundation and is a decent Windows Phone game. It just needs a little more to keep your interest sparked.

  • Throw Quest - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

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