Time Out for Windows Phone 8

If you’ve never picked up a Time Out magazine (www.timeout.com) in a major metropolitan area, you’re missing out on all the cool and hip things you could be doing that day instead of lamenting being bored. The magazine is a collection of reviews, information on plays, museum events, local art installations, food and more—basically a list of interesting cultural happenings under your nose.

The company who owns Time Out last week released official apps on Windows Phone for a few major cities, including New York, London, Paris (English or French), Barcelona and Los Angeles. The apps themselves are quite nicely laid out with a Modern UI, social sharing and the ability to pin stories/events to your Start screen for quick reference. We wish there was a way to directly email or Tweet an article, but instead you’ll need to use the “open in IE” option and go from there.

Time Out for Windows Phone 8

Once you found an event that you’re interested in, you can scroll over for important information like the venue, dates and price (details). Unfortunately they didn’t use the built in Maps feature, so if you find an address you’ll just have to remember it or use IE to get it instead. You do get a “call” feature though, which is quite handy as well as the “see also” section.

Probably one of the most creative features is the ‘What, When, Where’, which gives users a roulette wheel of sorts for finding events in specific genres, time frames and locations. It’s really quite useful and well done.

While the apps aren’t perfect for the above mentioned reasons, they’re still chock full of interesting information and are recommended if you’re traveling to any of the previously mentioned metropolises.  

Thanks, Travis B., for the tip!

App Links:

QR: Time out NYC

Time Out New York, Windows Phone 8 only

QR: Time Out  London

Time Out London, Windows Phone 8 only

QR: Time Out  Paris English

Time Out Paris (English), Windows Phone 8 only

QR: Time Out  Paris French

Time Out Paris (French), Windows Phone 8 only

QR: Time Out Bar

Time Out Barcelona, Windows Phone 8 only

QR: Time Out  LA

Time Out Los Angeles, Windows Phone 8 only