Tired of Windows? It's time to give Linux a try.

Ubuntu on Windows 10
Ubuntu on Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

It's been a full two years since I wrote about how Linux is now a viable OS for PC gaming and in that time a lot has changed. The open-source desktop OS isn't just for gaming. It's also great for a bunch of other computing tasks one usually does on Windows or even macOS. After using Windows for more than two decades, I find myself no longer able to put up with it.

Windows XP was the glory days of Microsoft's OS. I wouldn't be able to guess the number of hours spent in IRC apps and games like Unreal Tournament 99/2004 with friends. Then came Windows Vista and it was a hot mess with hardware being nowhere near ready to run such a package. Windows 7 changed the game and was unfortunately followed by Windows 8.

Windows 10 wasn't terrible and remained my go-to OS for gaming, but that's changed over the last two years with the advancements made to Valve's Proton compatibility layer. I can now pretty much do everything on Linux I could with Windows and that forced Microsoft's OS to take a backseat in 2021 on my main PC.

There's so much freedom

Ubuntu 19.10

Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

One of the most enticing parts of Linux is choice. Even down to the distribution (or distro) you'd prefer to use, be it Ubuntu, Arch, or Manjaro. There's a distro for everyone and even after choosing one, it's possible to customize it to your heart's content. Don't like the new snap package manager in Ubuntu? Go ahead and completely remove it with a few Terminal commands.

Using Linux day-to-day with the latest distros is nothing but a joy.

It's incredibly user-friendly too. You could install a distro like Linux Mint that attempts to replicate the look and feel of Windows and help bridge the gap between the two platforms. Once up and running (which takes around 5 minutes) you're good to go. There aren't any pop-ups asking for the OS to send data to servers, nor will you have to accept targeted advertising.

Using Linux day-to-day with the latest distros is nothing but a joy. Everything just works out of the box. Some distros can even come with the latest drives from NVIDIA already included, but it's just as easy to install them on other distros. There are some software suites that aren't supported on Linux, but there are plenty of alternatives and are usually free of charge.

Want to use Microsoft Office? There's Libre Office ready to go. Fan of Adobe Photoshop? GIMP is your new best friend. The most popular apps like Slack, Discord, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Thunderbird, Steam, VLC player, Plex, and more are all available for Linux. Some distros even have an app store that can handle installing and updating each app.

Valve's Proton is literal software magic

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Proton is Valve's answer to getting more people to use Linux for gaming. It's a compatibility layer that works with other open-source tools to make Windows games run on Linux. I noted in my previous gaming on Linux piece that performance in games was usually behind Windows, but this isn't the case in more and more PC titles.

Even when using Proton, you can often find performance on par with what you'd find with a Microsoft-powered PC. The best part is the whole process of downloading, installing, and playing Windows games on Linux is as straightforward as Microsoft's OS. Proton works with WINE and DXVK, among others, and everything is handled by the Steam client.

ProtonDB is a website that tracks how well games perform using Proton on Linux. The list of supported games that run at least well enough to play is constantly growing with each update. Even the likes of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord runs exceptionally well, aside from a minor stutter here and there.


Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Online games that make use of anti-cheat software didn't play ball with Proton, but Valve has been working with the developers to add support for its set of tools. Now, you can install and enjoy games that use tools like BattleEye and not need to fire up a Windows install to just play one game every so often.

Microsoft still doesn't quite know how to approach PC gaming. After what happened with Windows Live and the still mediocre Microsoft Store, Steam and other distribution platforms are where gamers flock to. Linux is only going to get better with each community-driven release and distro maintainers are working hard to improve the user experience to entice more people to make the switch.

Gaming is no longer one of those reasons to choose Windows over Linux unless it's a specific game that simply isn't native or supported by tools like Proton.

Windows 11 became a living nightmare

Windows 11 Setup install now option

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I'm a fan of what Microsoft finally brought to the desktop with Windows 11. Our resident Windows expert Zac Bowden gave the OS a positive score in his incredible in-depth review and I agree with the majority of what was written. Where Windows 11 falls flat for me, however, is with the installation process. It's an absolute mess.

I have a few test rigs configured for various PC components we review here at Windows Central and installing fresh copies of Windows for Intel's 12th Gen launch was riddled with issues from the get-go. The installer would either refuse to load or fail to see drives. In fact, one install required a 2.5-inch SATA SSD to be connected to the board in order for Windows 11 to successfully boot from the M.2 NVMe drive.

Interestingly, I never had an issue with the latest security measures that require trusted platform modules (or TPM) since most motherboards and processors released in the past few years support it out of the box. It was more Windows having trouble with SSDs, sometimes even outright refusing to install Windows on specific drives.

For a laugh, I installed Linux Mint on all the machines and didn't see a single problem. Not one. This is a billion-dollar company going up against average Joe and losing in my anecdotal experiences.

But Windows isn't completely out of my life. I still use it regularly to remain in the loop with all the latest news and because we continue to benchmark products using the OS. For my main PC, Windows isn't even installed on a secondary drive anymore.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Ah yes, this must be the year that Linux takes over. We have been hearing that for over 20 years now. Maybe you can take this article over to your new Linux fan site. Not sure why this is here.
  • It's here because it's our website.
  • It is kind of absurd to watch Richard Devine make comments like this defending an article trashing Windows and praising Linux on a website named WINDOWS CENTRAL.
    Go post an article on iMore about how macOS or iOS sucks and users should switch to Linux or Android, lets see what the responses to those articles look like. Just because you can does not mean you should.
  • I appreciate articles like this. Plenty of people use Windows, but many of us recognise the limitations of the product, and are willing to stretch out into other products if necessary. I use Windows, Mac, Linux; Android, iOS, and even Windows mobile. Each product has its strengths, but for people who visit this site who become disenfranchised with Windows, it's good to have suggestions of what else is out there.
  • @cknobman is still our team / their team ... doesn't get that being that way is a yawn in 2021/22. And he thinks because he can make these comments that he should. He is wrong.
  • Your English is absolutely horrible. That mess of words barely made sense.
  • There are 100s, if not 1000s of linux blogs and youtube channels out there (for people who visit this site who become disenfranchised with Windows) which crap on Windows all day. Windows users dont have that luxury.
  • @cknobman I'm a Windows fan and I'm not bothered with this article. I respect Linux users. This website does not belong to Microsoft. Hell even Microsoft is making Android launcher these days! By reading this people will not immediately switch to Linux! These guys are professional so they should speak the truth. Myself, I'm an absolute AMD fan but I do recommend intel 12th gen to people around me because right now it performs better than what AMD has to offer! I hate Samsung while being in love with another brand, but I do recommend Samsung phones to others because they are cheaper while having better features and camera, etc. (these are just examples Samsung fans!) I'm doing this so people can trust me. But what's interesting is This guy's "Richard", respond to criticism. I wonder how he would react if Microsoft responds to Windows Central's video criticizing Surface Duo 2 design with something like "hell if you don't like it don't buy it! it's our product, we're making it the way we want!" not a professional respond right? Damn I still remember reading articles about Windows 8 on this website and I always loved these guys because I thought they are so polite and calm all the time. The question is, was I wrong this whole time? Andrew and Zac? Where are you two absolute handsome guys? Can you respond? "sorry this comment's so long and excuse me for my English if I've made some mistakes, it's not my primary language"
  • Marshal_90, great points and nicely said. Your AMD-Intel analogy isn't quite the same, in that both of those can run the same software from our perspective as users. If this were Intel Central or AMD central, then I suppose it would indeed align. As "WINDOWS" Central, I think it's perfectly reasonable for readers to expect an MS perspective be included. For many of us, this site is a refuge from the rest of the Internet that routinely heaps piles of hate on MS, mostly for reasons that haven't been valid in decades. Criticism is good, even on a fan site, as long as it's presented from the perspective of a fellow fan (constructive criticism) or in a point-counterpoint format, like a debate between authors. Instead, this article just suggests to Windows users, on a Windows site, that they should consider moving away from Windows. That does feel like a content breach to me. I remain a fan of Rich Edmonds' tech writing, just don't think this was the right place for this particular article.
  • GraniteStateColin I agree and at first, this article did upset me too.
    But again I look at myself. I criticize brands that I absolutely love because I want them to grow. I want them to know their mistakes so they can fix them. But you are right, if I was writing such article, I probably would not shown myself so excited about switching to Linux. This way I could've shown Windows' problems and keep Windows and this website's fans happy! And again, I like to have you and other's attention to these guys' responds to criticism! They literally feel offended by people's criticizing this article! To those who felt the same as me I suggest subscribing to Windows Central YouTube channel where Mr Daniel Rubino and lovely Zac Bowden discuss about Windows and review Microsoft products professionally!
  • Do you really want us to simply shill Windows all the time? Being a Windows-focused website means we focus on everything that’s related to Windows. That includes its pros and cons, as well as what alternative OS options offer. So, unless you want us to just be a dishonest puppet mouthpiece for Microsoft, we very much should post articles like this.
  • No, this type of article is needed if they share the truth about Linux and not the fard you are publishing here. An average Joe will suffer trying to use Linux with zero support, you made sound rosy that it is absolutely not. This article is written from the perspective of PC expert and that is why these Linux PC thingies never got out of less than 3% world market and the article did not mention it at all.
    You want to inform readers about Linux OS, here is a title:
    "What Linux Os need to do to get to 10% World Market share in 5 years from today"
    Research and write about that.
  • You know very well that it's not like people actually chooses Windows, so stop acting like it. Average Joe does not think about Windows as a product you buy, it's simple something your computer is born with and this is also why the author's critique of the Windows installation process doesn't really matter to most people.
  • Is that also the reason why people don't buy Linux Computer? lol ...
  • You know very well that it's not like people actually chooses Windows, so stop acting like it. You tell me why OEM did not choose Linux?
    You tell me why OEM supported Chrome Os and that is not Windows (Big time)
    Finally, Bost home PC builders choose Windows
  • "Do you really want us to simply shill Windows all the time?" YES, because linux blogs shill linux all the time. "Being a Windows-focused website means we focus on everything that’s related to Windows. That includes its pros and cons" what cons are we talking about here? a problem with the installer? I don't think this is even universal. "..as well as what alternative OS options offer." NO linux blog ever tells you how Windows may solve problems you have with linux. NONE. "So, unless you want us to just be a dishonest puppet mouthpiece for Microsoft, we very much should post articles like this." If we're really talking honesty here, make a linux based article informing users what problems they will have to face with it.
  • I think if all of us just find a better windows news site, that will teach these kinds of people a lesson. if apple fans wont be okay with it, should we ?.
  • Nice. Real nice. Typical response from a present day, self entitled zero. Real nice, slick.
  • Aaaand.. subscription... cancelled. enjoy your "website" , cause as a windows user(for practical and simple reasons), I don't think I will bother to deal you or this website.
  • You were subscribed to what exactly? If someone asked you to pay to read our site my friend you were scammed.
  • Oops that was the YouTube premium subscription ... nvm, CANCELLED ANYWAYS! ,
  • The whole article reminds me the time people were crying when MS upgraded OS from Win7 to Win10. This one couldn't handle Windows 11, so cried and ran to Linux. If you want to talk about other OS, just change the website to TechCentral or something like that. Many people come here, 'cuz they are tired of B.S. from other OS like Linux, iOS, Anroid ... etc ... We do not need you to tell us why we should try them.
  • @Richard Devine The more i read your comments the more ridiculous it gets.
    "It's here because it's our website." << Since when Windows central is made to talks about Linux? i don't even see this website talks about Linux back in 2012, this website called as Windows Central for some reason because of Windows contents, not Linux contents which 99% people in here doesn't cares about that s*it. At this point you are not just a clown, you are entire circus.
  • I'm confused why you don't understand that an article comparing Windows to another OS is Windows-related content. If I write a piece comparing Surface to the iPad, is that not Windows content because an iPad is involved?
  • this is Windows related content as in "F*** Windows, i'mma use something else which i think is better than Windows and you should too", on a site LITERALLY named Windows Central.
  • ^This. I don't see @Richard Devine aka @RICH EDMONDS comparing Windows with Linux in this article, what he did is just straight trash talking Windows. Even at the end "Windows 11 became a living nightmare" is so obvious that this thread is made to say anything bad about Windows while at the same time showing Linux "advantages" and he completely ignore Windows advantages which is so many compared to Linux. This articles is no more than straight F*CK YOU to Windows users and people who have followed Windows Central news for Windows for years.
  • I have to concede that these Linux PEOPLE, talk a lot and never quit. They seriously have hope (All the less than 2% world Market of them)
  • Linux retarded fanboy are the most saltiest, the most jealousy, the most toxic and the loudest garbage in the world. They hate Microsoft and Windows because almost everyone on earth using it, they keep spreading bullshit about Windows because Linux is so trash and very few people using it but Linux tard didn't want to admit that their OS is never be good as Windows, even based on Steam OS stats, Linux with all distros including SteamOS barely reach 2% and still below Mac. Let alone to compare Linux to Windows which has users almost 97%.
    Linux fanboy are so desperate to get user from Windows, that's why they keep talking garbage about it. Shame on all Linux fanboy!!!
  • I don't see any Linux users showing the salt and jealousy that you exhibit in this thread.
  • Then, you need to start with this ARTICLE that we all are chiming in on.
  • I only see Windows users complaining and saying people should be fired in the comments.
  • Go to linux website or forum and start the post that Windows is better than linux, and you will see how they react.
  • I tried it a few years ago and although the os is great it's like mac os you have to mess around, look for alternatives or not have the apps you want/use in Windows. It has its uses but for me it's a no go.
  • Here's the thing. Nobody, not even the elitists, is suggesting "OMG LINUX IS GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD." But here's another thing. Plenty of what you'd call the "enthusiast" crowd are happy to rip on Microsoft and Windows for what it does wrong and leave it there. Average joe will always be fine with Windows. I got bored in lockdown last year and started having a look around and when I found out that I could basically customize an entire OS to be what I wanted it to be, I got really interested. I like to tinker, but I also like to learn. One of the most exciting aspects of Windows for me is WSL. Plenty don't realize just how useful it is to know Linux in the greater world of IT and when is it ever bad to learn something new? WSL is a brilliant tool to play around with and I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • Well said Richard!
  • I wonder how many people will actually try what you say and find how far the gulf is between GIMP and Photoshop, Office and Libre Office. If you use any modern windows productivity app, the Linux counterparts are far behind. And I say this as someone who uses Joplin instead of Evernote, and set up my own cloud to use nextcloud. I have used linux since the Red Hat days. Personally, I feel like you are setting the people who try out Linux for absolute failure. About the only part I agree with is Proton. The rest? Disappointment.
  • Depends on your mindset. If you think you can totally "replace" Windows then you'll probably be unhappy. But I'm always open minded myself. I'll try anything and give it a chance. For me, I'm enjoying learning new skills that may or may not be useful to me if this writing gig ever goes south. It didn't take too long to realise that Windows might be the dominant desktop OS but it's ultimately not the only thing making the world tick over.
  • That simply makes you an enthusiast (A Nitch set of folks)
    If this article title has included "for enthusiast" then this article is honky dory. But it did not, also the gut of the article all about how Linux is better, NO IT IS NOT. Multiple German states failed to upend Windows Os. That is saying a lot about the support, cost saving to mention a few that Linux failed to deliver.
  • Think I will just install windows 11 and complain about how there is no time indicator on all the taskbars when using multiple monitor setup, than actually try to install Linux, cause I prefer to have a life than living inside my pc trying to figure out which Linux distros I need to install on my machine.
  • You are on to something here. Whatever we do in life requires some learning, whether it would be cooking, or driving, or carpentry, we cannot do anything without learning. But the thing is - humans are lazy, we prefer netflix over tinkering in many cases, and that is sad. I was forced (by workplace) to learn some linux, and now, I absolutely love it... sure windows apps are often not there, and those first days feel like total confusion, but now, I have grown accustomed to linux alternatives, I do get my job done with ease. Sometimes, I even get lost when I have to work on a windows laptop, I wouldn't say it is better, it's just different, and whatever we get used to - works. Often it's just this laziness, no desire to learn something new that is causing resistance. Of course there are issues, and it is not always perfect, but still, I am with you on this, as a long time windows user, I too, switched to linux, and really loving it! Even on my home desktop. Not to mention cost savings using linux server OS on my home server. So I am glad that there are still curious journalists who wander off from a well - known path, and explore something new, less known. I understand that the year of linux may never happen, and most users are still probably better off just using regular windows, but why do we have to be so rude when a person tries something new? I think it's great, that people are still wiling to explore the alternatives. And we need those alternatives, because when monopoly gets.... greedy, we have nowhere else to go. Like this new massive price change coming for Office 365 in March. Some of us cannot afford that, and we are literally SAVED by open source alternatives. Either that, or no computing at all. So, I don't think we should be worshiping Microsoft all the time.
  • As a fellow tinkerer, I would argue that those who don't want to tinker are not lazy. It's a matter of personal preference. I tinker because I'm a control freak and have a desperate need to understand how everything I use works. When I was little kid, I took apart and put back together everything in our house from lawn mowers to telephones to doorknobs. That's just me and I'm damn glad most people aren't like that. Some would call it a defect on my part, not a plus. My wife would probably applaud them. :-) For the same reasons, I also don't like to drive an automatic car, because I don't like the car choosing what gear I'm in. At least today, cars can't come close to a good driver, because we can see the road ahead and set the gear in advance for the upcoming hill or traffic. One day, maybe AI will also support that, but automatic transmissions don't even come close. I wouldn't say that everyone who prefers to drive an automatic is lazy or lacks an understanding of mechanical engineering. Or should everyone do all their own mechanical work and end the need for garages and repair shops? We specialize in those things where we find we have a natural talent and use the tools built by those who came before us. That's a good thing. If every person needed to learn everything about everything, we'd still be stuck at a tech level of the mid 1800's. Ultimately, it's a good thing that the vast majority of people don't care how something works or what makes it tick in order to take advantage of its capabilities. Hence the commercial success of Windows over Linux for consumer use.
  • "Plenty of what you'd call the "enthusiast" crowd are happy to rip on Microsoft and Windows for what it does wrong and leave it there."
    Which these Linux enthusiast author of this article failed to do when it comes to Linux kumbaya article. One of you should research the following and write about concerning Linux
    1) Why has the world market usage since forever has Linux not crack the 5% world market for consumers
    2) What is it that holding Linux back (Linux flaws)
    3) What does Linux OS need to do to get to 10% consumer world market in the next 5 years from today.
  • Interestingly enough, all of mentioned topics will lead to single conclusion: Linux must go commercial for home users (not for Big IT, like modern Red Hat or likes).
    Most Linux flaws comes naturally from ideology "some IT pros make OS for other IT pros". "All gears" (feedback, that change products) are workin only with git issue threads or even old-as-internet news groups. All repos contain only software (version or module, for some cases), that maintainers think "cool", not the ones, that need for most of users.
    Also, there is no way to develop some commercial software (Photoshop etc.) when everything in OS "free" and no 2-side testing and validation process between os developers and software makers (no support for platform-dependend IT from platform pov).
  • > there is no way to develop some commercial software (Photoshop etc.) when everything in OS "free" why? Windows is kind of free too for most home users and an average person doesn't buy any apps. I use Linux and I paid for Insync, Duplicacy, GitKraken, JetBrains IDE, Skype phone calls, games.
  • Believe it or not, I am in agreement with your comment and your notes are good basis for an article worth writing. Challenging, but could could create discursion on how LinuxOs can reach the masses without full commercialization.
    I don't know or have the answer, but I do believe that honest dialogue can be a good start rather than this winding people up with a big hole in this article.
  • > 1) Why has the world market usage since forever has Linux not crack the 5% world market for consumers This is because computers with Linux pre-installed are not generally available through the sales channels used by end users. > 2) What is it that holding Linux back (Linux flaws) Don't feel like I really any good "input" or clever to say here, so I won't... hope that's ok... > 3) What does Linux OS need to do to get to 10% consumer world market in the next 5 years from today. The current commercial Linux desktop vendors Red Hat (IBM), SUSE and Canonical has to get their head out of their ass and starts working together on ONE desktop distribution rather than 3-4 competing ones. Because when you boil it down it's all about content anyway, so when companies like Valve is putting content on the Linux platform, Red Hat (IBM), SUSE and Canonical should of course embrace this and do everything they can to help them succeed. They should also be more serious on the hardware side too, it's not enough maintain a list of "tested and certified" laptops, they have to actually make sure that normal end users can get their hands on devices through those sales channel where end users can find them (in a computer store in their home town or their favorite online shop).
  • They also need to get in bed with Microsoft and get Office ported to Linux like Apple did.
  • @Richard Devine This is why you are so wrong, if you cares about Linux more than Windows, then you shouldn't be writer in here. Not only you are making controversial article about promoting Linux in Windows website but also you are suggesting people to switch which is why people making fun of you in here.
  • Listen up guys. There's nothing wrong with Linux. Or even Mac OS. They serve a purpose and it doesn't mean Windows is bad if you try them and like them. I personally use Linux, either on a second machine or through a bootable USB. I particularly enjoyed Linux on DeX on my Note9. It's all good. As is Windows 11!
  • Since learning more about Linux I actually finally understand why you see so many developers using Mac over a Windows machine. With WSL though, I think that swings back in favour of Microsoft. Or it should.
  • I have been running linux almost around 17 years. Never needed windows. I do have one computer that dual boots but it is a just in case thing. The only time I run it is to update it since microsoft updates are slow and I want to make sure it is available almost immediately if needed..
  • Desktop Linux is a thousand chefs with a million mac & cheese recipes and all tasting worse than the stuff in a box.
  • That was beautifully said
  • Linux desktop is a s*it with differents taste. I've tried Debian, Ubuntu, Arc, KaliLinux and other stupid distros. None of them is better than even Windows XP, let alone Windows 10 and 11.
  • What kind of fluffy, fifth-columnist crap is this article? I don’t give half a s**t about Linux, and don’t even want it see it mentioned as a headline as I scroll in the site, that’s why I’m in WINDOWS Central. I wonder if iMore is gonna run an article like “I love Android, and so should you, ditch Apple”. If the author hates Windows so much, he should really consider not writing in this site anymore, and yes, I know he has like a hundred years writing here, but if he is burnout, he should leave.
  • Wow... Just.. wow...
  • iMore/9to5Mac and other Mac sites regularly run "this is what Apple should adopt for iOS" and then go into the pros and cons of both. The articles on the 5 Mac sites I read regularly have been 90% Nintendo Switch for the last week. Is that an Apple product? Should iMore never talk about gaming platforms since Apple has a gaming service and pushes games a lot in their store? Really, no one CARES if you don't want Linux articles on a Windows site because myopic viewpoints are for children.
  • Although they may be annoying sometimes, it's great to see children following up news on technology! Keep it up, kid 👍🏻
  • Seriously reflect on what you wrote, reflect on why you are angry and try to change.
  • The team prefers to be honest about Windows and its pros, cons, and alternatives instead of being a shill for Microsoft. Just because we have Windows in our site name doesn’t mean we’re not going to discuss what Windows could do better and how Linux offers some notable advantages. Sorry, not sorry.
  • @Lenin17301 I honestly think RICH EDMONDS is no more than Linux fanboy, he doesn't belong to Windows Central and Windows community, what this guy did in this article is nothing more than sort of F*CK YOU to people who have been followed this website since Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia era. This guy need to be sack, f*ck him for ruining good website like this.
  • Followed the website since the Lumia days but your account is 11 hours old? Glad we finally posted some content that made you want to interact
  • @Richard Devine I made this account because i need to. Just because i don't have account in this website before doesn't mean i'm new follower, normally i only commenting in Windows Central youtube channel but because people like you, it forces me to makes account just to talk about this.
    You are the shame of this Windows Central community, i don't even see any original author such as Daniel Rubino ever wrote controversial article like this. Many people have been talking about you for doing wrong and yet you are here still defending yourself. If you care so much about Linux then why wouldn't you made your own forum/website only for Linux fanboy? *SMH
  • @Richard Devine My account is recent but I am wondering if your community guidelines allow for people such as WilliamHernandez call multiple people 'retarded' and to use the words 'f*ck him' against the article writer.
    I see he is now calling you a clown.
    Is this accepted behavior on WC?
  • I think I'll write an article about why I prefer iPadOS over Windows 11 on a tablet.
  • The one thing I believe Linux still fails for about 60 - 80% of PC users is that it still requires the user to have extensive Terminal knowledge. No Linux distro to date succeeded in that, not even the ones that try to mimic Windows or MacOS. The average PC user will never accept having to use terminal on a frequent basis; but insists on a OOBE that just works like a Windows or macOS w/o ever having to open a Terminal/cmd window in 5 years. Linux cannot provide such an experience to date - and until that changes the majority of users will reject it.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever gone five months without opening a terminal in Windows, if anything to try and point another machine. But that’s me
  • I will bet that you are either a developer and or an enthusiast. Most Joe blows don't even know there is a terminal in windows or MacOS
  • You're not totally wrong there. And trying Linux still very much feels like something the more enthusiast-grade users would do. There are, however, folks out there like System76 who are trying to make it altogether more usable for normal people. It's not going to ever "challenge" Windows in terms of market share, but market share isn't the most important thing. Windows has no real competition, which is unfortunate, because Microsoft can get lazy.
  • You finnaly got to to telling the truth that readers need to know and understand about Linux OS until these 2 sentences to derail the truth once again. "Windows in terms of market share, but market share isn't the most important thing.
    Windows has no real competition, which is unfortunate, because Microsoft can get lazy." Market share is very important and stop lying.
    Windows does have competition, MaC Os, Chrome Os
    It is your opinion that MSFT can get Lazy
  • Question, do you know what chrome os and mac os are based on?
    Second question do you know on what android is based on?
    Third question do you know what servers are? Linux is used much much more than you seemed to know about. it's just that the average joe buys their laptop from a place that only offers windows-based laptops. just not on desktops.
  • "Question, do you know what chrome os and mac os are based on?
    Second question do you know on what android is based on?
    Third question do you know what servers are?" Yes, I do know what those platforms are based on.
    What you are missing is that Android, Chrome-Os, and MacOS are heavily supported with good market share as thus I said they were Competition. Linux Os (Not forked into Chrome, Android or MacOS) as desktop or Laptop have no users appeal as such less than 3% world market share. Just so that you and I don't get carried away. the title of this article is "Tired of Windows? It's time to give Linux a try." And I am responding to a comment that says
    "Windows in terms of market share, but market share isn't the most important thing.
    Windows has no real competition, which is unfortunate, because Microsoft can get lazy.
  • They are all Linux. Fork or not. It has no competition in certain areas. Those are ancient desktops and laptops. In the mobile industry windows is extremely non existent. I wonder what would happen if all oems switch to Linux and brand it windows 12. Windows isn’t a loved product by most of its customers. Most don’t even care about the os on their laptop.
  • Can you come with an example of common task you believe is only possible to do using a terminal on Linux? To me a common average Joe computer user task is something like browsing the internet, watching a video, listening to music or reading, writing and priting documents - Linux does all that and a lot of Linux distributions comes pre-installed with an office suite. So I'm actually kinda curious about what "common" tasks you guys are actually referring to?
  • Windows is not really a monopoly richard. Open your eyes. It has *considerable* competition.
  • You’re funny. Neither Chrome OS or macOS are real competition. If you look at the market share which apparently you guys love, you’ll see that.
  • You're funny. 73% sounds like a monopoly to you Richard?
  • I don't think my mother ever been opening the terminal on her Linux desktop computer :-)
  • I was in the same shoes in 2015 when I started to write Linux stuff on my own Windows centric website. But man the comments are disgusting. My community at least supported me. You know what my Windows related site went out of business thanks to Windows 8 and 10. I still using Linux and writing about it sometimes. Don’t underestimate these articles, because it’s showing how then minority often suffers under a software monopoly.
  • Libre Office and Java. I would rather use Notepad for my office.
  • Is this not Windows Central, where articles center on Windows? Common sense. Come up with Linux Central and praise Linux to your heart's content. Windows enthusiasts like me don't feel comfortable reading anti-Windows articles in a supposedly pro-Windows site. Don't get me wrong. It's absolutely OK to praise your preferred alternative OS. Just do it in the right channel, and that's not here, because it looks like this site is stabbing itself.
  • No one really cares about your comfort level since you could scroll by the article. As dude said earlier about it being their site. /shrug Sorry you were triggered by a bit of Linux talk on a Windows site ... must be horrible living life like that.
  • Bro you seem more triggered than everyone... literally replying to every negative comment. You need to chill. Lol
  • Try to do the opposite linux Community would go berserk. I remember a joke from this. How do you find a linux fan? Do not worry they will definitely tell you.
  • That's an Arch Linux user you are referring to :-P
  • Lol, your username answers the joke. It ain't just Arch users. 😂
  • Maybe I use Arch btw :-P
  • Lol! 🤣 Real talk, I am fine with Linux and would love to see it grow, but one of the biggest enemies to Linux adoption is the way some users act. For every chill enthusiast for Linux, there are two or three over-zealous fans who hijack productive conversations with angry tirades about how Windows is the Devil and how regular people are dumb. It hurts the Linux community, imo.
  • @aergern Sorry you were triggered by a bit of Linux talk on a Windows site ... must be horrible living life like that << This is why dumb people like you need to touch some grass, people joined Windows forum to follow Windows news, not the trash Linux has. Maybe you are those Linux tard parasite who like to go into Windows forum just to trash talk people in there. Pathetic Linux fanboy like you should just go away and live alone !!
  • Thanks for taking the time to make your first comment in six years. Welcome back!
  • You have the option of simply not reading them. Have you considered that writing about what Linux does well and what Windows could do better isn’t “stabbing itself” but is instead constructive criticism?
  • There's almost no actual discussion of what Windows and Linux do well in this article though. It's a puff piece and not an actual discussion of trade offs, more about what Linux doesn't suck at anymore than what it's actually good at or what it's like to use. Like, having to use command line often for basic tasks is not a minor point to recognize in the comment thread, its a huge barrier to using the OS for a lot of people. When half the site content is starting to look like this, high on opinion, minimal on technical discussion, really low effort on thinking through the subject matter, it's really starting to feel like skipping the entire site is a better choice, and as a long time reader that's pretty sad. Time to move on though I guess.
  • I've probably got Linux (if you include BSD too) on more devices at home than I have Windows. I work on Linux servers every day but after two serious attempts at moving to Linux as my main laptop OS, I've come to the conclusion it's never going to be suitable for me as my main day to day machine. Just too many foibles and whilst the OS is good enough, the applications on the whole aren't. Office apps are 5 years behind the times. and I just want things to work without having to check a big list of prerequisites. Big lists and fiddly configs are fine for webservers, fileservers and firewalls but for just getting through my day hassle free, I need something less tricksy. Windows 11 is trash though so I'll be sticking to 10 until they fix it.
  • One could say it's people who uses a desktop office suite, who is 5 years behind :-P
  • On the one hand, I think competition is good. But on the other hand, I am still leery of Proton being the end-all-be-all solution to gaming on Linux. I hang out on the Steam Deck Reddit which is currently swimming in Linux fans who treat it as the Second Coming but even people there, who use Linux on the regular, have issues running games and ProtonDB does not at all tell the big picture because whether a game runs well can vary from one version of Linux to the next and many may work but require more fiddling than on Windows. The rabbit hole gets even deeper when trying to use non-Steam store games and problems that crop up with controller support. As much as I disagree with many of the decisions Microsoft has made with Windows under Satya Nadella's watch, it generally just works for most people. Also, the programs you would use to replace Word or Photoshop have caveats. I have used both Libre Office and GIMP and found them to be lacking compared to Word or Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. Both taught me a long time ago that TANSTAAFL is real. I hope Linux becomes more cohesive at some point because Microsoft sure could use a kick in the pants to try harder but, for now, I am living vicariously through my friends who enjoy tinkering with it. Thanks for the article anyways, it is nice to see a different perspective even if this does feel an eensy bit clickbaity.
  • I use Linux and Windows all day. Besides having to tighten up security and privacy on Windows, I don't see the advantage some people claim Linux has. Most people don't realize how powerful Windows is, and are unaware of the complete software library Microsoft has.
  • There's a fair bit to comment on here. I don't 100% agree with you, but I don't get why some of the commenters feel the need to be so hostile/rude just because you don't like the OS they do. You mentioned windows 11 is a living nightmare but the only example you really provide is the installer. Personally. I haven't had any issues installing 11 but I do feel the installer is a step backwards compared to previous versions. The process spends way too much time in the state before it loads the graphics drivers and can switch to a non-4:3 resolution. It's friggen painful on my ultrawide monitors. After the install was done I've had no real issues. Not saying there are no issues, just that I'm not experiencing any. I do wish the taskbar was more customizable without installing a bunch of apps that always seem to hurt system stability (IMO). I install Linux, usually Ubuntu or a distro based on Ubuntu at least once a year and always retreat back to Windows after a few weeks/months. I've never found Linux to be problem free. It's never had that "It just works" feel. Ubuntu based distros always seem to have problems with my multiple monitor setups. I'm going to keep trying Linux and perhaps it'll one day be my primary OS but not today.
  • I also recommend linux over windows. If you have a lot of time on your hands and are willing to simply trust the toxic Linux community to perfectly type out command lines instructions with hundreds of characters in order to do things that are accomplished with a single click In WIndows. Privacy? Don't worry with Linux. You'll be too busy trying to figure out an interface designed 50 years ago to get much personal information out there. That said I'm very happy that the Internet, at it's core is Unix, but suggesting the average user could benefit from it's Linux offshoot is just madness.
  • I do not think linux is there yet for me on gaming there are several niche areas where using DVK is a downside for some stuff like modding also some distros can have bugs like windows have bugs but it has a insiders program to help beta test most bugs out of updates also another problem with Linux is the terminal and just getting everything set up with programs and what not takes way too long compared to windows I do not even have to open powershell or anything for windows I just use the almighty mouse plus windows has way more users compared to a Linux distro which means better support for all niche in a niche things.
  • Honestly, I didn't expect this many snowflakes within the Windows community.
  • It looks interesting and it looks like something interesting to mess around, but I don't see a reason to actually use it, Windows 10 works great and I don't have to suffer from random Linux BS, comparability problems and worse gaming performance.
  • So where do we get this magic os that's taking over the world from day one 2022? It's there a download on 'our site' Richard
  • "You could install a distro like Linux Mint that attempts to replicate the look and feel of Windows..." While I have no beef with Linux itself, this is entirely the reason I don't use Linux. Why waste time making it like Windows when I can just use Windows. It already has all the software and services I want from the past and present. I never have to worry about compatibility or availability of software or drivers. And the OS is stable enough that I don't have any real fear of an unrecoverable crash.
  • Linux Mint is a ready-to-use operating system. You don't have to waste your time to make it look like Windows unless this is what you want. If you feel comfortable with Windows and it doesn't bother you paying for it and all applications you need to make it functional, that's fine. But not all of us are willing to pay money to Microsoft to buy the same software every year. And I am afraid drivers and software are not always available by Microsoft. For example, HP Scanjet 4370, and many other devices.
  • Nonsense. Windows has been free on the same hardware since Windows 7 -> 8 -> 10 -> 11 all for zero cost. There is only a cost for Windows if you're building your own system and installing a new copy the first time. Even then, I always have some old copy of Windows 7 lying around that I can use to register a new copy of Windows 10 for free. And this is legal and a valid licensing path.
  • Never had a problem or even annoyance with Windows I couldn’t handle or live with. Plus open source software will lead to the destruction of the world someday since it is made by amateurs. So there's that.
  • If open source ever fully replaces paid software, then the only money in software development would be in providing support services, subscription fees, or hardware bundling (e.g., Android on a Samsung Galaxy phone). That means the incentive for any software that doesn't ship with hardware is to provide software that doesn't work without professional help or that has a recurring payment model.
  • So er, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu are “amateurs”? The team behind OBS Studio? Red Hat? Hell even Microsoft makes open source software. Maybe engage thinking organ first then type?
  • What's this? The annual Linux is going to take over and we all should switch over time of year? The calims of Proton are laughable. Did a quick look and just about all of the most popular games played are listed as 'borked" yet this guys says its not an issue anymore. Yea right. Oh also didn't notice a world about using services alike Netflix. You can guess why. Linux has a place but as a general consumer OS its not that and never will be, period.
  • I remember an IT guy who worked for me swearing that was the case around 2000. At that point, it was new enough I wondered if he might be right -- hard to beat free, after all. I no longer wonder that. Over the decades it has become clear that the "free" cost of the OS is burdened with much higher costs in services to maintain the OS compared with Windows (Red Hat's original business model) and crippled in terms of productive functionality: there is no equivalent to Word or Excel or Outlook on Linux. Libre Office/Open Office provide about 20% of the functionality, still don't provide decent file compatibility, and don't appear to be getting any closer. Microsoft's web versions of these apps, which do run on Linux, are similarly limited, though I admit these are getting closer over time. Even for gaming, while Proton is impressive, it's still no match for Windows. Even if most games can play in Linux after some effort, and even if most of those play without too many compromises or performance hits, these games were written to work with Windows, where ALL games work at full capability. So, only disadvantages to Linux for the user, as I see it. I don't dispute its merit for servers, where heavy configuration is always needed to setup per the specific needs of the organization and where Linux is notably cheaper than Windows Server and it's easier to only install the components needed for the specific server function desired. Especially now that Windows is always a free upgrade, that means for users, it's as free as Linux. Therefore, with no cost benefit to a consumer system, the only reason to use Linux is if you want to tinker. It's a hobby OS. Nothing wrong with that. Same reason I've run a Windows domain and Exchange Server mail system for my family at my house for the past 18 years. But it's only a tiny, tiny % of computer users who like poking around in the OS and configuring for the fun of it. This is not an argument to switch to Linux for gaming where users will find higher costs, less game compatibility, and more effort to get up and playing.
  • "Especially now that Windows is always a free upgrade, that means for users, it's as free as Linux"
    Could you please tell me where I can receive my free Windows 10 Pro key that I lost after a hard-disk failure? And my free copy of MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, etc? Thank you very much in advance.
  • These days, MS links your key to your MS account, though I think there were cases where people couldn't reclaim it due to extenuating circumstances. Not sure why you are bringing up Word and Adobe programs. There is no reason you would get any of those for free but you have a ton of alternatives on Windows, especially for graphic design such as Krita, Medibang, etc. Word alternatives are Libre and Open Office as it has been for years.
  • All these alternatives are available in Linux too. So what's the benefit of using Windows?
  • Windows Works, has great drivers, has great apps, has great games. If you have Xbox Game pass you get game streaming, game downloads, remote play. We've never had it better. I really enjoy Linux on Windows over Linux as a native boot since my laptop goes to sleep, supports wifi and I get to run everything I would want to run. I work for Red Hat, so I have a passion for Linux, but I find it kind of interesting how for me the year of Linux on the desktop was when WSL2 came out becauase it really is a fantastic linux experience. I boot up Ubuntu, RHEL, Stream and Kali in WSL2 and can test things out across distros easily and they all act like the same OS as far as Windows is concerned so i can run console/X apps and it just works.
  • There's no substitute for MS Office especially Outlook if you want more than one email address.
  • It wasn't a statement on which OS was better so much as a heads up that your Windows key might not be lost and other services that are free on Windows since paying for certain software seems to be sticking point for you (I don't think Medibang is on Linux yet though). You should use what works best for you.
  • "hard to beat free, after all" No such thing as a free puppy - Steve B
  • About 80% of the top played games on Steam are either native to Linux or work with a Gold or higher rating on ProtonDB. Sure that’s 20% that doesn’t. But in the case of games like Destiny, for example, support literally requires the developer to send one email to BattlEye to enable Proton support for the anti-cheat. That’s it. And that’s why those games are “borked”. But the work has already been done to unbork them. I would imagine when Bungie starts getting angry support tickets from Steam Deck owners they’ll probably get off their buttocks and send that email.
  • "About 80% of the top played games on Steam are either native to Linux or work with a Gold or higher rating on ProtonDB." They're still second class citizens. One patch, and they are borked again. Gamers dont have time to wait for a fix on linux when they get it easily on Windows. "Sure that’s 20% that doesn’t. But in the case of games like Destiny, for example, support literally requires the developer to send one email to BattlEye to enable Proton support for the anti-cheat. That’s it." It isnt just "thats it". The motive is NOT there. Never will be. "And that’s why those games are “borked”. But the work has already been done to unbork them. I would imagine when Bungie starts getting angry support tickets from Steam Deck owners they’ll probably get off their buttocks and send that email." Wake me up when that day comes.
  • Netflix works fine?
  • I entirely support more options as better than fewer options and that it's a good thing that we all have different preferences and opinions. World would be boring otherwise. However, this is "WINDOWS" Central. The rest of the Internet is filled with anti-MS hate articles. I wouldn't count this article among them (it's not an anti-MS hit piece), but one of the main reasons I like Windows Central and visit this site is because it's one of the very few places that supports Windows and those who prefer to use Microsoft products and services. I appreciate the constructive criticism articles here that point out MS' faults and missteps, pushing them to do better (and I myself have been quite critical of Windows 11's Start Menu in my comments). I have also loved many of Rich Edmonds' articles here over the years. However, I would prefer that if a Windows Central writer finds he or she can no longer endorse and embrace Windows overall or no longer at least mostly uses and prefers MS options over those of competitors, I would suggest that it's best for that person to write primarily for another Mobile Nations site. There are surely good arguments in favor of Linux and others (more I would say) in favor of Windows. If there really is a hunger for articles like this on Windows Central or a push for them by the site editors or managers, then I suggest it be in a "Point-Counterpoint" piece by 2 or more authors, so there's at least a vigorous defense of Windows by one of the many pro-Windows authors at Windows Central. It's much easier to read the criticisms if we also feel we have someone articulating our side too. Plus, those kinds of articles tend to generate even more comments and ad revenue for the hosting site, so it would be a win for Mobile Nations too.
  • They get paid for traffic/comments and what better what to force people to read than contrived controversy.
  • OK. When are you guys going to launch "Linux Central" then? No?
    Why not? (Perhaps because the number of Linux Gamers is miniscule next to the number of Windows Gamers?) Don't let that stop you. I for one would love to see a "Linux Central" (although Ars Technica pretty much does that now.)
    The more the merrier (and I like your format better.)
    In the interim, you should at LEAST post some articles about the WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2) on W11 and how to run it and use it (it really is amazing to use and fun to dip your toe into the Linux world.)
    You can also run some articles on using; Virtual Machines, Cygwin, Wubi, etc. to run Linux distros. Even the bootable Linux USB stuff. Go for it Richard. I for one will read and comment on those articles.
    (Disclaimer: I have been using Linux in an Enterprise Production environment for decades now but remain first and foremost a Windows System Administrator.) BTW - Linux is the BEST USE for any older non-W11 hardware you have lying about.
    I have an old i7-7700K CPU/MB that just SCREAMS under Linux, but Microsoft won't let it run W11. Everybody needs to drop the Fan-Boyisms and realize we CAN all "just get along" and realize he is not saying that all Windows Game devs should drop everything a move to Linux Game Dev. (they would all starve) but that WINDOWS GAMES run well on Linux now due to the alchemy that is Proton. I'm fine with that. Why aren't you?
  • More WSL content is on the todo list. The content we have done has been extremely popular considering it’s a fairly niche topic.
  • I like the complaint about getting windows to see the drive. I had a ton of problems seeing my m.2 drive but found that was the motherboard settings which are extremely confusing. Once I got passed that worked great. I would be curious if the issues was the bios or win 11.
  • Yes, BIOS settings, in particular CSM compatibility mode and RAID settings will make a huge difference for both SATA and PCIe drives (and the defaults are generally wrong for Windows on older motherboards -- set for what was then max-compatibility, not max security+performance). I suspect that was indeed the problem, because newer versions of Windows are explicitly trying to get users to move away from those old modes that harken back to pre-UEFI days. And that's not a Windows defect, it's a valid approach to steer users to configuring the hardware correctly for better performance and security. After all, the only people who will get hung up on these are those who are both upgrading Windows via a new install (rather than through Windows Update) and also don't really know what they're doing. That's a pretty small group.
  • Thank you so much for this piece! As a Linux user for the past 3 years (after Proton came out) I never expected the day where Windows Central would have such an unbiased and objective article and nevertheless at the start of the year of the Linux Desktop. :)
    I have dedicated my Youtube Channel to benchmark games on Linux vs Windows. Perhaps you would be interested in that as many games run better on Linux than Windows, epsecially on AMD hardware. If so please let me know and I'll point you to the playlist.
    Happy new year and I hope we can see some more Linux love as the year progresses and the Steam Deck breaks decades-old misconceptions. :)
  • I still honestly doubt that classic PC gaming on a Linux desktop will actually ever be a common thing.
  • @Qushy Qushy You must be delusional Linux fanboy. Not even Proton/SteamOS can save Linux gaming. Look at SteamOS charts, Linux with all distros combined including SteamOS userbase barely reach 2%, last time i check even Linux user decreased 0.05% and almost going under 1%, meanwhile Windows user keep rising and even the new Windows 11 already reach 10%, all Windows userbase almost reach 97%. This bullshit debate has been lame for years, ignorant people keep telling me that Linux will replace Windows but in reality it never happens, not even close. That's because majority Linux community including Linus Torvald (or should i say Linus Turdfail) is the most degenerate toxic trash human being, they can't stop talking s*it about Microsoft and Windows when talking about their so called "superior OS", also the elitist is what killed Linux, they don't want Linux to be user friendly, all they care is just CLI terminal to makes them feel like superior which is very dumb. Not to mention Linux community itself are spliting by people who use different distros, they may run the same kernel but they keep trash talking about different Linux. Not to mention just because Linux distribution is very very terrible, this is why hardware vendor don't want to support it because it feels like pain in the as*. So many Linux distros but most of them are just incompatible, unlike in Windows when software works in Windows XP, it will also works just fine in Windows 10 or even Windows 11. All of those reason is why Linux will never able to replace Windows, if you still say otherwise then maybe you need to go outside and see reality.
  • Let me show you some reality. -> https://youtu.be/zRkryYHAm9c
  • I use both. For years. And it is easy for me because I work in IT. And I need Windows for many things. These take over claims have floated for years. Hasn't worked. People still want straightforward Windows PC or a Mac. Those two only have been viable mainstream options. And a lot of Mac users don't care about Linux because Mac kernel is Unix based. I need Linux and enjoy it actually because I also need and like Windows. I am on 11 now and it is great and stable and fast starting.
  • Look, there is some merit to Linux. More competition from the open source community is always good. But I still do not understand why the first OS techies recommend people struggling with windows move to is Linux out of all OSes. Linux is simply not usable for serious gamers and a risk for average users.
  • Because you can easily try Linux on your existing hardware? I actually believe the best thing for Windows’ future development would be if Apple dropped macOS as something anyone could install on their own hardware. Microsoft might have actual competition then and reason to keep innovating. Alas Apple only truly cares about hardware sales so it’ll never happen.
  • Richard, Apple used to do that. It was one of the first things Steve Jobs cancelled when he was hired back as CEO, because it was bad for Apple. Licensors weren't expanding the Apple usage base, just competing with Apple for system sales.
  • "I actually believe the best thing for Windows’ future development would be if Apple dropped macOS as something anyone could install on their own hardware." Sweet dreams. You know Apple's business model is walled garden and that statement of your just violated that.
  • It's a gated community, not a walled garden. Neither Apple nor MS are altruistic charities. They are businesses with differing goals and ways of achieving them. Does seem their philosophies are working for them respectively.
  • Do you recon this 'amazing' linux can get proper touchpad gestures in 2022? What about Intel raid drivers?
  • Linux only good for people who like crap.
  • It sounds good but what about the 100+ programs for windows I have and paid for. My cross-platform notes apps, none of them are accessible for Linux so not accessing my notes is a big problem. Linux isn't ready to take over Windows in its entirety yet at all. Maybe getting closer but not completely.
  • Yes, every app I need runs on Linux, no need for Windows' intrusion into my privacy. I need a short cut answer to this Linux issue I have: "Which Debian distro has the best and most user friendly display scaling options?" I've been using Xbuntu for several years now due to it's low hardware requirements, but displayed fonts are too tiny on my Intel GPU and 4K display. Thanks!
  • > I need a short cut answer to this Linux issue I have: "Which Debian distro has the best and most user friendly display scaling options?" Ubuntu: https://itsfoss.com/enable-fractional-scaling-ubuntu/ and if that doesn't work out for you, then I think it's fair to say that Linux failed you :-)
  • @skris88 Then why would you coming to Windows forum/website? You Linux retarded are the most cancerous people in the world. Coming to Windows website just to trash talking about Windows? go touch some grass or kys Linux idiot !!
    Anyway i don't need Linux either, no Linux apps is usefull, even if i want to try Linux apps i can run it natively via WSL, really no use for Linux.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha... No thanks... I have to get real work done with specialist software and after work I game... This article is an advert for Linux...
  • Silly, irresponsible, ignorant, surprising? I'm not even sure what to do with articles like this. It shows a complete lack of technical understanding on so many things, it is surprising this person makes a living working in the tech news industry. 99% of the 'customization' features touted about Linux are available in Windows - Custom Shell, File Manager, CLI, Window theming, etc. Just because Microsoft provides Windows in one state does not mean the user have to only use that one state. Microsoft makes it quite to customize Windows in numerous ways that technically even go behind what is allowed in most Linux distributions. You can even run your favorite Linux shell as your Windows shell - literally with WSL2. Customization in Linux doesn't just work, and things do not work together. The concepts goes to the heart of the Linux OS model. One teeny tiny example: there is a choice of print rendering engines, but virtually none depending on the printer or specific driver the user needs. These types of 'options' are simply false in reality. But, I'm sure a 'tech writer' knows all this, and would surely mention this to readers, right? Apparently not. Next, let us talk about GIMP replacing Photoshop. How many graphic designers spit their coffee on this. Is it that the writer really doesn't understand the difference, but yet is willing to purport to readers that they do and these are software equivalents? They aren't. Even take Office vs LibreOffice - these are not equivalent or even similar. Office is a full development platform with a WordProcessor and Spreadsheet and etc. It is NOT just a group of application like LibreOffice. This lack of 'getting it' is also why GDoc and Libre and other competitors going back to the first versions of Word and Excel on Windows failed and will continue to fail. They are not making Office alternatives, they are making wordprocesors and spreadsheet software. You cannot compete with products when you don't understand why and how they are used. Most users do need the platform features of Office, especially in business/enterprise contexts. Hooking into the Office platform with the wordprocessor embedded in a 3rd party application is not possible with Libre Office. But, again, a tech writer surely understands this, before telling users haphazardly they are ths same and that they can just switch over? Apparently not. Proton... Ok, so what problem is Proton solving? Games that won't work on Windows? - Nope. Games that run slower on Windows? Nope. Games that need more features? Again a Big Nope. Proton is a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. It isn't the cost of the Windows license, as OEMs pick these up for users, and in custom hardware, there are still minimal licenses available - so even if Steam wanted to give users 'Windows' on their upcoming game platform, it would maybe cost them $5-15 per unit. Something, I think most users would pay for to have EVERYTHING work. But, Steam is cheap and here we are again, after SteamOS tried to 'recreate' Windows gaming, and do so poorly. Any other reason we are all on the Proton kick? Get away from Microsoft? Nope - Proton can never do that, these games still use and depend on DirectX, and if Microsoft wanted to be dicks, they could shut down Proton in a day. Just as they considered with Wine itself years ago, which they still could. Proton's 'open source' attitude is not real, as it is dependent on a ton of technologies from various companies that could shut it down. Microsoft has all the licensing and protection for the games running on Windows - they will never be shut down or litigated away. I don't think Microsoft would ever do this to Proton, but they aren't the only one holding licenses that do not apply to Proton on Linux, and this isn't even considering all the IP licensing that Proton Violates. Ever wonder why all original Xbox games aren't available on the Xbox Series X? - IP. Actors, brands, etc. The original deals do not allow even the same DVD game image to run on a different hardware product. Can you guess the mess that Proton could launch for gaming publishers and developers. All it will take is for ONE game that depends on a Windows specific 3D technology that Proton doesn't support, for an Actor to see their face in a game that looks like crap, and Proton will become a causality. So, if Proton isn't to get away from a Windows License and it isn't to remove Microsoft from the market, then what? It isn't performance - Windows still easily wins. It isn't features - These games running on Windows will have all their features enabled, unlike when they run on Linux or MacOS. Compatibility? Nope - most games don't FULLY work on Proton, and there are compromises even on titles that work well. Quoting a friend, "Proton is a solution to a non-existent problem." Now take in the consideration of the new compatibility and performance issues Proton raises for a lot of games. How long does anyone think Game developers are going to put up with being overrun by Linux Kiddies complaining about Proton bugs to them? I'm surprised more companies haven't told Proton and Valve to F off. There are some significant ones that haven't made news, but also won't work around Proton's BS or their game running on Proton. There is even talk of kill switches to prevent games from running on Proton permanently. These are important things to consider and talk about, yet I don't see any of this mentioned in the article above. In fact, I haven't seen any of the Proton Linux cheerleader articles on various sites mention these things. Strange that they don't care enough about their readers to give them heads up on things that could send the users running back to Windows, while fighting to get their games to work in partially as well as they do on Windows. Let's go a bit further here.... DirectX12 will always be a hard lift for Proton, as it cannot use a more direct hardware interface to reduce the performance gap, as has been done with DX9.10,11 games. So going forward, even with 100% perfect compatibility (which isn't possible) newer DX12 games will never get close to the same performance as they run on Windows, and this will be fairly drastic. There are big and important reasons users shouldn't be told Linux and Proton are great and everything will be wonderful. They aren't yet, things won't be great, and could get bad. Articles like these also seem to overlook all the technology reasons why Games an Software runs really well on Windows. Also remember, in comparison, Windows is big and heavy with a lot of features. So, then why does it do gaming so well? Why can it compete with even Microsoft's own streamlined console in performance? TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY There are aspects and technologies in Windows and Windows NT specifically that do not exist in Linux or MacOS. Windows can preemptively juggle a ton of games and applications running on a single GPU. It can add more GPU RAM to a user's VRAM and transparently write to the screen directly from the virtualized System RAM. These are just a couple of things that don't exist outside of Windows, even though Microsoft added in these GPU scheduler features over 15 years ago now. Think about the days when only one application could run on a CPU - before preemptive multi-tasking. Now realize, that is how MacOS and Linux still work with GPUs and additional co-processors. Crazy huh? Even DX10 relied on the operating system managing the GPU RAM and scheduling - and this is why Halo DX10 for Vista could never really run on XP - it also was like Linux or MacOS and it was ignorant to GPU processes too. Maybe this is why the author's affinity for Windows XP makes sense, it is all they technically understand, and from that view point, I'm sure Linux seems ok for them. So, anyone considering listening to this article, be careful and leave yourself a path back from Linux. PS - Gaming - Anyone under 30, look up the history of gaming technologies. Most people don't realize or acknowledge, that Microsoft is behind the majority of gaming technologies over the past 25 years. From how user shaders work, to how universal GPU pipelines work, to various gaming RAM technologies, to mesh building, ML technologies, even Ray Tracing in gaming now exists because of Microsoft, let alone a chunk of other technologies that first were designed and put in DirectX by Microsoft. Do we really want them to stop helping gaming and gamers? All to run a game slower with less features in Linux? That doesn't sound too bright.
  • best comment on the site.
  • Great comment. Windows Central needs some type of upvote/downvote button.
  • There is that little heart over on the right if you like it.
  • I honestly think RICH EDMONDS is no more than Linux fanboy, he doesn't belong to Windows Central and Windows community, what this guy did in this article is nothing more than sort of F*CK YOU to people who have been followed this website since Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia era. This guy need to be sack, f*ck him for ruining good website like this.
  • “Tired of using an OS that offers 1st party software support from all major hardware manufacturers and a platform that works natively with software you actually care about?” Fixed the title for you.
  • Windows 11 are indeed trash. And tbh for most of the things I do to my PC I wouldn't have a problem to install Linux. But...
    Most of the games I play on PC are on gamepass. I need Adobe suit for personal reasons AND work and the same goes for Office. I can't have alternatives.
    So, until Linux can have MS Office, gamepass and Adobe apps, changing to it is a no go for me
  • LinuxCentral[.com] ...any day now... ?
  • GUYS, THIS ARTICLE IS MISLEADING FOR GAMING ON LINUX. Please watch Linus Tech Tips's final video on their linux challenge. They explicitly say 'linux is NOT ready'. And let me tell you, they HATE microsoft. The video is on YouTube.
  • One of my goals in 2022 is to study Linux solely for the purposes of becoming certified in it - however, I don't know if I will ever use it as a daily driver - or at least, I haven't come to this conclusion as of yet. As my primary PC is already running whatever version of Windows 11 is available at the time of writing, I won't be transitioning to Linux purely because of gripes with Microsoft's restrictions related to TPM 2.0. Windows remains my preferred platform for daily computing needs simply because of ease of use. I personally don't enjoy typing in 20 lines of syntax just to save a document to a folder :) But, I recognize there are some people who prefer this route and more power to them. I also don't see Linux gaming really becoming a thing. I respect the video series that Linus and Luke put together, but I also realize they are content creators first. With the current tech shortages, this past year was a great time to explore the complexities and nuances of trying to daily drive Linux. To no avail, they both realized it was not their preferred cup of tea. While understanding Linux is necessary for IT security, I would be very interested in meeting someone who prefers to use it just for fun. I also don't think Valve's SteamDeck is going to push Linux gaming into the forefront. By the time the Steam Deck comes to market, I expect to see improvements in GPU availability and gamers won't be as starved for new tech as they were in 2021. Had Valve gotten the Steam Deck out in 2021, they would have been the savior of gaming - unfortunately, I think they missed a very valuable window of opportunity.
  • Xbox Game streaming built into the Console and Windows and available in browser on any device kills the need for streamdeck for me. Why by another device? It's the reason I can't stand Switch even though I own two - the family/household experience on these portable devices suffers because the expectation is that you buy multiple devices whereas Microsoft is leaning towards play anywhere and I'd be much more enthusiastic about Steamdeck if that was its motto too.
  • And another falls to the evangelicals... And how!
    You can see it as plain as day; the usual claptrap. The purported "freedom". The 'freedom' to set window border sizes to 0 in a text file for r/Linuxporn. The 'freedom' to switch distros every six weeks in frustration as Linux users leave YouTube comments saying how the community should consolidate more and resist further fragmentation. The 'freedom' to switch command-line package managers (wow!) because the most common is now "bloated" and "a mess". The 'freedom' to... Matrix rain like it's 20 years ago.
    Banging on about Proton as though playing AAA games has been out of reach this whole time while simultaneously supposedly being free software advocates. It would never have come to be were it not for a proprietary software company!
    How Windows is so awful with its (anonymous) telemetry, its advertising (that can be turned off in two clicks). All the malware (that you only ever find in dodgy places, with UAC and updates turned off) and its terrible hardware support (as Linux users wait patiently for their WiFi drivers). But don't worry, you can use a virtual machine... to pass through hardware to Windows. You only need another video card. And a great amount of learning.
    Ah yes, the learning. That's what it's all about, right? Because computers are elitist and meant for only the privileged few who are deemed able to even touch a keyboard now they they have studied the ways. And just like work, you can guarantee that what you finally grasped a few years ago has become obsolete overnight. But the forums they cry. Just type this incomprehensible out-of-date jargon dump and brick your system. We all saw Linus. WSL? I tried that. The first time I'd had BSODs in years. And after removing that headache, audio crackles for weeks. They've gone now, because Windows fixed itself. Like it always did. With Linux you're on your own.
    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Linux desktop in terms of what it is- a hobby OS. You play around with it out of interest. It's fun for a bit. But you soon learn that much of the interest comes from trying to fix it. Again and again. Why do you think the elder Linux gods only use Arch? They've stripped out everything that could possibly cause issues. Their computers are just text now! Just like the Hackers movie! Without the cool graphics!
    My problem is the movement. I don't hate Linux, I hate its users. Like living for Christ, they too want to see the world join them. How else are they going to comfortable with their paranoid life choices? As if humans could ever just do their own thing and leave others be. And they tell us Windows is the devil!
    Linux in the workplace is a powerful necessity. Linux desktop is... well, you'll see. And that's the point. It's not meant for regular guy, regular use stuff. Do what you will but as the famous video series says- "Linux sucks". It's not a case of bemoaning the loss of someone so deeply entrenched in Windows as if there's something wrong with the rest of us but the fact that you were taken in by a perception of that notion. That we're under a billion-dollar company yoke of still using the licence we had from Windows 7 and the harsh reality of our computers actually working for a change; but Linux users are 'better' than all that. I've used Linux on and off for years. It isn't the utopia its claimed to be. And I don't wish it was. Windows has its problems, always has, but it's not the 90s any more. Bill is off saving Africa now. He can because he ripped off wealthy Americans back then.
    The Linux community has an agenda now. It was never like this before. It was nerdy, fat and beardy and kept to itself. And it was fun to dabble in their world sometimes. But things have changed in this 21st century world. They no longer really want to save the world from the corporate grip. They just want recognition. And that's not a revolution I want to join.
    Maybe all these comments will only bolster your resolve but I expect a switching back article in the next six months.
  • Been trying to get to know Linux over the past few weeks in the form of Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Mostly goes fine be until MS Office is ported to it or at least Outlook I'll be sticking with Windows 10 and 11. I think we all know that Windows would start to die off if MS Office was ported to Linux.
  • no lol. MS Office and google office suites are already available on Internet for free. desktop linux is still 2%. Windows is bigger than ms office.
  • True but what happens if you have no internet connection?
  • Linux Central is over that way. Leave and don't let the door hit you from behind. If people do care about Linux, they already are on Linux forum or website. Why work for Windows Central and promote other OS? You must have your priority messed up big time.
  • Does working at Windows Central mean that we have to promote Windows? I've written negative articles about Windows and Microsoft before. Should I head out as well?
  • I'm always fascinated when folks lose it when someone writes a story about something positive for something other than Windows. If you work in tech or want to be in tech you really do need to keep up with more than just Windows. Heck, the majority OS workload in Azure is Linux. I usually have a Windows, macOS, and Linux based machine (or at least VM) around to tinker with each platform to keep up to speed with what they are all doing. I've spent a good chunk of my life using Microsoft products. However, now that Microsoft has begun building tools for not just Windows but also macOS and Linux you can use any OS and still get an excellent experience from Microsoft tools and platforms. Since Office online is so well built you can still easily use Microsoft Office via the browser while on Linux. As of late I have gravitated to Apple's eco system because I like the excellent integration Apple as built between iOS and macOS. I can also install PowerShell and access all of the different PowerShell modules to manage Azure, SharePoint. Exchange, etc... (and it wasn't that long ago you couldn't do that at all). Use the tool you like best. I appreciate that Window Central publishes articles about non-Windows topics that cast those things in a positive light. There are so many options out there and it is much more fun to tinker with them all than just stick with one platform.
  • Are you fascinated when someone using linux writes something positive about Windows? no? because it NEVER happens. I can use Linux, Android and Windows itself on Windows. I can use Office suite application offline when im traveling. Why will i need linux? There are 100s of linux based blogs out there for linx users to circlejerk each other. None exist for Windows. This was my refuge.
  • That is a unfortunate way to look at this topic.
  • this whole article was an unfortunate way to promote a half assed os.
    What a very dumb take on this one. Way too controversial, way too much drama on this garbage article. If you no longer have passions for Windows why would you even care about it, why would you stay on this website? you can just leave and go to Linux community, leave this website for anyone who still interrested in Windows. Honestly writer like you is what going to kill this website, i remember this website since the day of Windows Phone when everyone has passions for it including original Windows Central author like Daniel Rubino, no bullshit garbage drama in this website, people only talk about good thing and what doesn't so something can be improved either for Windows Phone or Windows in general. But people like you @RICH EDMONDS , you doesn't belong to Windows community and Windows Central fans, you leave very bad taste in my mouth with this one, what you done in this article is nothing more than sort of betrayal to people who followed this website ever before you joined. At the end of the day no one forcing you to join Windows community or even force you to be writer in here, what you have done at this point is just damaging Windows central by making drama out of Linux that 99% readers in here don't even cares with that s*it, not even myself. I can't believe i'm going to say this out of loud but
  • @WilliamHernandez Your tears are delicious. You're acting like he ran over your dog.
  • @blueyross You must be retarded Linux fanboy, go away kid. People like you is just garbage in this website.
  • @WilliamHernandez Good grief Bill. Grab a tissue and wipe those tears away. It's one article and your hysterical reaction is way over the top. Stop being so fragile and toughen up kid. Btw, calling multiple people 'retarded' is what one would expect from an immature little boy. You reflect very poorly on yourself by using that word.
  • @blueyross You have nothing to counter my arguments kid, that's why you keep saying bulls*it over and over. Go touch some grass and play Fornite instead, this forum is for adult people.
  • Wow. No one cares what a developmentally backward 13 year old like you says, you are the retard here for getting all butthurt about something not telling you what you want to hear. You remind me of a jealous toddler, a child below the age of 5 who is told he is not allowed an ice cream.
    If you were old enough to have used windows 7 or xp, or enough of an IT power user to have acrually tried linux, you would have matured enough to write something that makes sense and contain worthy opinions, not just insulting like a child in the school playground. Now get back to your lessons, shut up and try to learn from the adults. Everything you write is worthless.
  • Agreed; lotta the people here need to go outside more.
  • I didn't take this article so severely. I continue to use Windows 11 as my main OS. I did have Ubuntu on our old laptop as a backup computer to access the internet. (I could never get the ethernet to work in Windows 10 or later on that old Sony Vaio.) I replaced Ubuntu with Elementary OS just yesterday to try that out, as it looks a bit nicer. (Having to use the Linux Console just to set up a wired internet connection sucks, though in my opinion, and that will always be the turn-off for newcomers to Linux. (The seeming need to be a programmer just to get some basic things to work or install.)) I'm not knocking this article really or the passion for sharing the Linux info. As a long-term (probably too loyal) Windows enthusiasts (I'm 53!), you can't deny the little bit of frustration that has come sprinkled on top of Windows with each iteration. (Think evolving Start Menu since Windows 8...) It's easy to miss the old days. The internet has changed a lot over the years. Bloggers used to blog for the passion of the content. They used to stay away from other OSs and focus on their own. Remember Winsupersite when that was around? I'm not relating to said article; However, nowadays, unfortunately, many bloggers are only interested in beating the Google algorithm and whatever it takes is OK for them. Heck, you can even go on Fiverr and pay people with no enthusiasm or experience in your topic to use software like Jarvis.ai to churn out as many words as possible. Bloggers consider this as progress as it's all about money and affiliates for them. Shock value hooks the reader too. Blogging as a business overtook blogging as a passion or a way to share your passion. We have to accept this way of the internet for now. As a hobbyist Windows enthusiast blogger who doesn't chase money, it can be frustrating. Anyway, the world and the internet continue to evolve. Truth and genuineness are not high up on the priority list at the moment. As for sharing info about Linux on a Windows enthusiast website, it doesn't surprise me in these times, and Microsoft kind of deserves it more than they did before. Respect to you all. Have a happy new year.
  • @Loner-4GB-Potato People following Windows Central to follow Windows news, to get everything about Windows. Making article to promoting Linux in Windows forums/website like this is just contradicting the purpose of this website. I've been following Windows Central for almost 8 years, this is first time for me to see bullshit trash article like this. They can promotes any other OS like they want but only if they promotes the new sub website ex:MacCentral. But promoting Linux in Windows website like this and suggesting people to switch is just sort of F*CK YOU to the people who have following this website for years which is why majority people in here including me getting mad. At this point the writer @RICH EDMONDS should just leave this website if he feels so frustrated with Windows because 99% people who still following this website don't give any s*it to Linux.
  • You have misunderstood the purpose of this website. As this is a piece comparing Windows to Linux in terms of viability for certain users, it is related to Windows. As such, it is a piece that belongs on Windows Central. It is not our job to only write positive things about Windows or to only recommend Windows as an operating system. I'm sure we have pieces that say the iPad is a better tablet than the Surface. Would you have us remove those as well?
  • Thank you, Windows Central and Rich, for the great article. It's always good to entertain alternate viewpoints and paths. I've been in IT since Windows 3.1x, and my first computer was an Apple II way back when. I'm a programmer, and I've been fortunate to work in many different OS worlds. Linux will always be my favorite, because the tools are there. I run Windows 10 on my laptop, but also have Ubuntu for web server work.
    Diversity is the key to success, as is having the right tool for the right job.
  • why dont we see alternate viewpaths on 100s of linux blogs and youtube channels? Why do we always see anti Windows and anti microsoft propaganda on those mediums? even to the point of lies and conspiracy theories?
  • Is it a conspiracy theory that in case of a hard-disk failure you have to buy a new Windows key from Microsoft?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that Windows becomes much slower and less reliable over long-term use? (Keyzer, Greg, "Google's Top Five Jabs at Microsoft," Computer World, PC World)
    Is it a conspiracy theory that Andrew Fernandez, chief scientist with Cryptonym of Morrisville, North Carolina found a cryptographic public key stored in the variable _KEY and a second key labeled NSAKEY?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that Dr. Nicko van Someren discovered a third cryptographic key in ADVAPI.DLL?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that telemetry data, supposedly for error reporting and usage, is sent to Microsoft, and this cannot be disabled on non-Enterprise versions of Windows? Not to mention that the data collection functionality is capable of transmitting personal information, browsing history, the contents of emails, chat, video calls, voice mail, photos, documents, personal files, even keystrokes to Microsoft, in accordance with Microsoft's End User License Agreement.
  • "Is it a conspiracy theory that in case of a hard-disk failure you have to buy a new Windows key from Microsoft?" Ofc YES hahaha. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/using-product-key-... "Is it a conspiracy theory that Windows becomes much slower and less reliable over long-term use?" Yes. Used Windows 10 since launch on an intel i3 5th gen laptop and now using W11 since launch on the same. Never had a problem. EVER "Is it a conspiracy theory that Andrew Fernandez, chief scientist with Cryptonym of Morrisville, North Carolina found a cryptographic public key stored in the variable _KEY and a second key labeled NSAKEY?" Again, YES. Microsoft has consistently opposed the various key escrow proposals suggested by the government. The key's symbol was "_NSAKEY" because the NSA was the technical review authority for U.S. cryptography export controls, and the key ensured compliance with U.S. export laws. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSAKEY "Is it a conspiracy theory that Dr. Nicko van Someren discovered a third cryptographic key in ADVAPI.DLL?" Technically YES, bc its something out of 2002 and doesnt exist anymore, if it did then. "Is it a conspiracy theory that telemetry data, supposedly for error reporting and usage, is sent to Microsoft," obv no, Windows wont send data to tesla lol. "and this cannot be disabled on non-Enterprise versions of Windows?" on Home, it can be minimised and all data can be deleted from ms account. "Not to mention that the data collection functionality is capable of transmitting personal information" BS. "browsing history," if enabled. " the contents of emails, chat, video calls, voice mail, photos, documents," BS "personal files, even keystrokes to Microsoft" files: BS. Keystrokes: BS. Edge sends searched words if you *ENABLE* the setting.
  • I have windows on my gaming laptop, Macbook pro as my work laptop and my home server runs Ubuntu server. And that's the only way to run the three major OS. I ran Pop-OS without dual boot completely for 1 year, and proton is no where as these posts make it sound, unless you only play 90's 2D games, pretty much none of the modern games work with Proton.
  • >pretty much none of the modern games work with Proton. This is a complete and total lie. My Steam Library... Alien: Invasion
    Borderlands 3
    Bright Memory: Infinite
    COD Infinite Warfare
    Days Gone
    Doom (2016)
    Doom Eternal
    Dying Light
    Hitman 1 & 2
    Hollow Knight
    Metro Exodus (regular and Enhanced Edition)
    Mortal Kombat X
    Mortal Kombat 11
    Prey (2017)
    Quake II RTX
    RE2 Remake
    RE3 Remake
    RE: Resistance
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    Titanfall 2
    Tomb Raider (2013)
    Wolfenstein: Youngblood Now off Steam, not even using Proton but just Lutris: GOG: CP2077
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2021 enhanced edition)
    Control: Ultimate Edition All work with glorious DLSS for my 1440p 165Hz monitors for games like Cyberpunk or Control with RT on. EGS: Enter the Gungeon
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    GTA V
    Metro Last Light Redux
    Rocket League
    World War Z Origin: Titanfall 2 (yes, again)
    Battlefield V
    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield 3
    Battlefield 4
    Dead Cells
    Jedi Fallen Order
    Battlefront II (2017) Wanna guess if they all run? Overwatch - better than Windows. As does Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, and several others. Lmao "90s 2D games." You're either a) someone who has never tried proton and are lying about it, or you have tried proton and are lying about the results. Like what you're saying is demonstrably false. 80% of the top 100 games on Steam work on Linux OOTB with either zero or minor tweaking (or are native Linux versions).
  • What have you started Rich, the comments are just a massive flamewar 🤣 Anyway, I'm a firm believer in "The right tool for the right job" and for most gamers Linux just doesn't cut it. Sure, if you want to play games via Steam then that's fine but what about games outside of Steam or even new games that don't have Proton support yet. Yes, you could use WINE but that requires a lot of setting up and may not even work with the game that you want to run or will have issues running correctly, so the only realistic option is a Windows VM. I do use Linux myself, I use Zorin, but only on older hardware that would have issues running Windows or cannot run Windows anymore. I also have the Windows Subsystem for Linux installed with the Ubuntu 20.04 distro.
  • Linux isn't remotely stable. Let's define stable. Stable, to me, means when you boot up your computer it is how you left it. And all basic things are still working perfectly. That you don't have to hold your breath and hope everything will be 'the same' as the last time you turned your PC on. Over many years I've dabbled with Linux. But any install I try begins to 'break' almost immediately. Mostly little things, but some big. For instance, the last time I tried this (Zorin 16) I noticed my snapshots had a bug in them. When I took the snapshot, it was fine, but it would leave an icon on the desktop showing a micro-preview of that snapshot. That is: the icon itself was a tiny version of the image. But the problem was that only half of my snapshot would show and the rest was glitched. A big thing was that when I had the Software 'store' open and was looking at an app, I'd click a link to learn more about the app on the web. When I did that it would 'break' Firefox into a glitchy mess. The first thing Linuts like to say is 'user error'. That I did something wrong. Nope, I didn't. This last time I intentionally didn't alter or tweak the system at all. I wanted to see how long it would take for glitches to arrive and it was within 24 hours. The next thing Linuts say is 'there's a better distro'. Newsflash: I've had this exact same behavior on about 6 Ubuntu distros. Normal Ubuntu, Mate, Mint, Elementary (when it manages to even install), and others. The next Linut response is, "Well you should avoid Ubuntu based and try Manjero!" This is when you begin to realize Linuts are mentally unstable. Look at the article above. Does it tell you to avoid all Ubuntu based distros? No. It tells you that Linux will make your nipples hard and make you win the lottery. Riiiight? I'm at the point I want to challenge any clown who says "It's you, not Linux." I'm willing to make a $10,000 bet that I can install any Ubuntu distro and it will begin to glitch within the week. That would be the exact moment articles like this would vaporize.
  • Of course Linux can be stable! You access servers every day running Linux. It's virtually ubiquitous. Your experience running it on your desktop is not a representative sample. Sorry.
    What, you think Facebook, Amazon, etc. are running Windows on their servers? Right. Now, of course Windows has the overwhelming market share for desktops, and it isn't simply because, as some people claim, because they're suppressing Linux or whatever. Microsoft doesn't have to. For the desktop, Windows is usually the sensible choice for current hardware. You are just one person. Other people have different needs (and, um, skill sets). Would you evaluate Windows based on its performance on, for example, old hardware it no longer supports? If you did, I'd take that bet. If you're calling people "Linusts", you probably shouldn't be so fanatical.
  • Lmao what? The servers you're using to communicate on this website are using Linux. Every single one of the top 500 supercomputers in the world use Linux. Basically the entire internet. Even a majority of Azure platform machines run Linux. I've never rebooted a Linux machine to just have it "broken" and not "where I left it." In years. Meanwhile, you do realize this is a CONSTANT thing for windows users, right? Are you that much of a dishonest person that you're going to make this comment while ignoring the constant news stories about windows updates deleting users' data, breaking installations, and even bricking machines? Seriously? Like you're a flat out lying propagandist at that point. Look at yourself in the mirror, dude.
  • I've been using Windows on 4 PC's for at least 10 years , I've never experience data loss from updates : ) , do tell me how its a "common issue" , neither have I experienced bricking machines... I've only experienced install corrupt twice but neither of it caused any massive issues, I easily fixed them by plugging in a USB and doing an clean install, then porting over the old files, which took me 2 hours tops , hassle free, and since drivers install themselves I just leave my pc to do what it does, as always, so yeah, most of the Windows userbase will disagree with your assumptions, where you'd only find a few who have at best experienced only half of those issues you scream about. "look at yourself in the mirror, dude" whatever issues you're trying to relate to, were only common from the era of Windows Vista... nobody wants to bother wasting their time installing a platform(Linux) that requires so much of work, when Windows actually fixes itself automatically, most of the non techy people I know use Windows 10 for a reason, I've never seen them having to bother with their install after that, cause usually it just fixes itself, thats what the "automatic maintenance" system is for in Windows.. clearly you haven't heard of it... but I've personally installed Windows 10 for plenty of folks who have left happy and stayed happy with what they got, the percentage of Windows users stand as proof for this ease of usability, its probably the best thing that Microsoft got right.
  • I run Windows and Linux in my home, but Windows is the only OS I use for work, there's no way Linux could replace that because there are apps that I need, that could never run under Linux. I also haven't had any difficulty upgrading or installing Windows 11, which is a far cry from the Linux boxes I'm running. Generally speaking, although Linux required some effort, there are plenty of forums out there where there are people prepared to help, unlike a few years ago, where Linux users seemed to think they were a closed community, and you couldn't join unless you'd proved yourself to them. That's not to say Windows hasn't come with some fun when changing versions in the past, the move to 11 has, for me at least, been the easiest upgrade yet, previously every jump in version has introduced changes which have screwed my legacy apps, all being fixed with minor registry tweaks or PowerShell, but all just as much a pain as the issues I've had with Linux. I really can't see the issue with an article about Linux on a Windows site, it's a valid comparison to make, and those that disagree with issues in the article are free to comment, but the outright hatred shown by some just shows what a toxic world we now live in.
  • I'm so tired of Linux fans telling me to use Libre Office. Libre Office can't run my complex spreadsheets. Even for simple spreadsheets, doing things aren't the same. If you want to bring over an Excel person, you need to make it seamless for the transition. I also hate the idea of using GIMP over Photoshop. They copied the basic things but the more complex things in Photoshop have to be done in different ways.
  • Libre Office and other Linux alternative to Windows software is just trash, many of them are broken software with less feature than what Windows software can provide. Also why would people need to switch from Windows to Linux for inferior experience? this logic is really dumb as this articles.
  • Yeah, like Blender and Krita. They're total trash, and they're not industry standards that are used by thousands/millions of professional 3D/visual artists.... Oh wait... And Blender runs best on Linux and is developed with Linux as a main focus. Which is why rendering farms for the major movie studios are moving from Windows and MacOS to Linux in droves
  • what 'droves' lmao. Windows and mac are still industry standards and will continue to be, even with blender.
  • Aah yes Mac OS, a unix based system. Great example.
  • @ebolarama87 As someone who use Blender for 3 years, i could say it runs a bit better in Linux due to of programming language itself, they use python which is native to linux but it wasn't native in Windows, but still majority Blender user are Windows user, not the stupid overproud Linux fanboy like you. Also Blender is still not industry standard, many professional use Maya, Vray, Zbrush instead, even with latest Blender 3 it still isn't enough to make Blender to be industry standard. You clearly don't know anything s*it about 3D artist world.
  • Such drama. 🙄 The comments here read like Windows/Linux “advocacy” groups on Usenet 20 years ago. But even those have become dead in the last few years. Because no one cares about Windows PCs or Desktop Linux these days. That is last century’s battle. Today, the real “advocacy” is all about Android and iOS. Not surprisingly, the arguments are mostly the same. Back in the day, Linux was all about “freedom”. That seems to be the biggest strength of Android today. Android/Linux can/could do everything iOS/Windows can/could do, except with greater choice and not having to bow to “the man”. And - as always - Linux and Windows are for “real men”. Macs and iPads continue to be for “kiddies”. Seriously, this is some of silliest hsit I have seen in years. Linux “retards”? Really?
  • Linux "retards" comment is a blowback to what linux community calls Windows users frequently, only this is actually less worse.
  • Tired of B.S. post like this from WindowsCentral? It's time to give these sites a try: https://blogs.windows.com/
  • @MDboyz oof, that's straight burns them LOL
  • I’m gonna bet it won’t hurt them that much. Most people are sane and not emotionally attached to an operating system to the point of telling others to kill them selves.
  • Linux community has told me something on the lines of it many times, even when i used to use linux.
  • Even it that’s true. It’s still not justifiable if you are an adult. Which again as mentioned. Most people are somewhat sane and not married to an os. You should try it.
  • @NielsEy Talking about not emotionally attached, that actually is you NielsEy aka Linux fanboy. You keep talking bullshit about Windows and keep reply to many of my comments, counter my facts with your stupid opinion out of your a*s.
  • As a tech enthusiast who regularly uses macOS, Windows and Android, has WSL up and running, and used to run multiple Linux VM's back in the day just for the fun of it, I'm totally fine with Windows Central posting an article about Linux. As others have said, WSL gives Linux new relevance for Windows enthusiasts. However, there's a reason this article is so controversial. The problem is not simply writing about Linux or even highlighting things one believes it does better than Windows. Where I agree with the complaints is that the article is blatantly anti-Windows. It is written by an author who has completely given up on Windows and is promoting leaving it behind for greener pastures. Not surprisingly, this attitude has provoked some Windows enthusiasts to consider doing the same with Windows Central. The analogy I'm about to use breaks down on multiple levels, but I can't help imagining the author tearing off his Windows Central tee shirt, throwing it into the stands and marching off the field half naked while cheering on the opposing team. Except in this case, the coaching staff is actually defending/supporting the mutiny! Fasten your seat belts folks. Something tells me 2022 is going to be one heck of an entertaining year. 😄
  • Hilarious comment thread. Made me register just to join the party.
    Windows is the most popular OS in the world. It's funny to see the anxiety of some people, windowscentral has to have some huge influence. An operating system is JUST A TOOL. Ffs, use what fit's your usecase. I'm a windows sysadmin. Whole company is a windows environment. Guess what, I can still do all my work from a Linux client. It doesn't matter. It just doesn't. Also, nobody believes that you can just replace Windows with Linux. If you are a hardcore Excel user you cannot just load a spreadsheet in libreoffice and be done. You can't just install steam and just run your installed games from a windows drive. But there are solutions, though they require more or less tinkering. People also seem to forget what a massive pita Windows can be. Tl;dr Linux is an alternative, not a replacement.
  • "An operating system is JUST A TOOL. Ffs, use what fit's your usecase. I'm a windows sysadmin. Whole company is a windows environment. Guess what, I can still do all my work from a Linux client. It doesn't matter. It just doesn't." If its just a tool, why to shout it out on top of your lungs how my tool is better than yours? Just use it and shut up. It's THAT simple. But no, linux users has to join every social media on earth and tell Windows users how superior they are from them. Even i as a linux server admin can do everything on linux server from my Windows laptop, but you wont see me making a fuss about it. "But there are solutions, though they require more or less tinkering." Yes, TINKERING. No one wants that. And a lot of pro-Proton articles seem to be avoiding saying this. Thankfully Linus made a video about it. "People also seem to forget what a massive pita Windows can be." People also seem to forget what a massive pita Linux can be. "Tl;dr Linux is an alternative, not a replacement." According to new linux converts and a majority of linux community, it isnt lol. Acc to them 'Winblows' is a spyware invented by 'M$' and american govt to spy on you and control your minds in the future.
  • Lmao is that how you really read that? As someone "shouting at the top of their lungs that their tool is better than yours?" What kind of insecurities must you have to read that comment and react like that? No one is doing that, actually. At all. Many people are sick of Windows, and they use it because they feel like they have to. Letting people know that for the vast majority of people, there is a viable alternative that will do what they want to do is not "shouting from the top of their lungs that their tool is better than yours." Like, what? What's even wrong with you? Most people don't actually know that there even IS an alternative to Windows. This is what articles like this are for. I've seen countless people where they've seen me working on my Arch desktop and been like "what kind of Windows is that?" Or you're trying to give tech support and ask what OS/version they're running, and they say "um.... it's a Dell?" What's wrong with letting people know that there are alternatives that DON'T spy on their users, promote open-source, fight monopolies, promote right to repair and open hardware, and give the user full control over their system?
  • "Lmao is that how you really read that? As someone "shouting at the top of their lungs that their tool is better than yours?" What kind of insecurities must you have to read that comment and react like that? No one is doing that, actually. At all." 'It's time to give linux a try'. Why? just bc the installer didnt worked in your system? On mine it did. Did the author conduct a survey about Windows 11 being unusable for him to recommend his fav os? Looks like the author wanted a reason and as soon as he got it, he jumped ship. "Many people are sick of Windows, and they use it because they feel like they have to. Letting people know that for the vast majority of people, there is a viable alternative that will do what they want to do is not "shouting from the top of their lungs that their tool is better than yours." Like, what? What's even wrong with you?" Many people are TOLD that they are sick of Windows. "You dont know it son, but u actually hate Windows". Everyone on this site knows linux exists. They just dont bother using it bc it has NO benefits. That's coming from a guy who used desktop linux for 5 yrs before coming back to Windows last year. "Most people don't actually know that there even IS an alternative to Windows. This is what articles like this are for. I've seen countless people where they've seen me working on my Arch desktop and been like "what kind of Windows is that?" Or you're trying to give tech support and ask what OS/version they're running, and they say "um.... it's a Dell?" What's wrong with letting people know that there are alternatives that DON'T spy on their users, promote open-source, fight monopolies, promote right to repair and open hardware, and give the user full control over their system?" Windows DOESNT spy on users lol. MS promotes open source and it actually the biggest contributor on Github. Fighting monopolies? go on lol. Redmond is scared of you. Promoting a linux distro isnt promoting open hardware lol. Maybe some users dont want THAT much control on their os and just want to do some work. No wonder you're an arch user lol. They are the most obnoxious.
  • "People also seem to forget what a massive pita Windows can be."
    The original meaning of pita used to be "pity," "frustration," "regret." See Liddell-Scott-Jones, https://lsj.gr/wiki/80AF8383B1.
    So, it is true that certain people tend to forget what a massive frustration Windows can be.
  • @Mitch Peeler "Windows is the most popular OS in the world" Actually, it isn't. Android holds 39% to Windows 31% and iOS 17%.
  • Hmm, Android has 85% of the mobile market. I don't see how iOS can have 17% of total OS in that case. It must be less than 10%.
  • @finbar I quoted all platforms combined and not just mobile. In mobile StatCounter has Android at 70% and iOS at 29% although iOS beats Android in many first world countries. You state Android at 85%. I'm curious where you sourced that number from.
  • @blueyross Comparing mobile OS and desktop OS is just dumb, they aren't even in the same level. That's like saying motorcycle is better than car because many people own them. Your logic are so flawed and dumb.
  • Nope not really. They are both operating systems like they are both modes of transportation. With windows haven’t a declining market share. They have both overlapping and differing use cases. The mobile os’s have mostly replaced windows as daily consumption devices. Also the PlayStation runs Linux too if you bring up gaming as an argument.
  • It's so wholesome and wonderful to see a nibble of the Windows community come here and tell these people why this post is so problematic. On the other hand, Windows Central team maybe wanted a flagship article to generate controversy and some traction, and looks like they got it. Well you win some, you lose some too.
  • Maybe Windows Central need more money from making controversial contents like this to gain more subscriber?
    This idea is just dumb as they way they thinking, at this point they just damaging this website even more.
  • This is such a tired old discussion. I use MacOS primarily and Linux secondarily for work. I use Windows on my home desktop. Guess what? It doesn't really matter on any of them. This discussion of the OS being an issue is just flat silly. If you're used to Windows and it works for you, there's not a compelling reason to change. The average person isn't going to go through the process of swapping an operating system. Why? They just don't care. Yes, Linux can be a daily driver. Hell, iOS on an iPad can be a daily driver for most of the population. I'm not really sure who these articles are meant to appeal to, other than fanboys starting a comment war. Can we get an article discussing why the operating system shouldn't matter? Windows 10/11 are fine. MacOS is fine. I don't use my computer for the Operating System EVER. Right now I'm typing this response in a browser. Does it matter which OS launched that browser? MS realized that worrying over the desktop OS market is useless and have shifted to being a services platform. Articles like these are just trying to reignite some useless OS war for the sake of the glory days of Windows writing. None of it really matters though. Use whatever you want. I could switch my desktop to Linux and accomplish everything I need to. But why would I do that? That's a lot of work and I have better things to do with my time than worry about which UX launches my browser.
  • This is by far the best reply and the most truthful imo. It often feels like changing OSes is something that carries huge weight for the person making the change and no weight at all for anyone else. That’s why these articles are written. They’re empty proclamations of change on the horizon. “If I am switching, surely others are doing so as well?” Sorry but… Nope? When I switched full-time from Win 10 to MacOS in 2018 it felt like an absolutely huge deal… but I didn’t prattle on about it. The event only mattered to me. Am I happier for it personally? Yes. Would most other people be willing to make a drastic change like that? Nope, nor would they care when most people use the OS as a dumb pipe to launch Steam or a browser. Where the file system button or Steam icon is located matters to almost no one. They just care that they can open a browser window or launch a game with as little fuss as possible. Maybe the writer could have pointed out a greater list of specifics for the switch but really who cares. Those choices and experiences are often very personal and anecdotal. Yay for the author I suppose, glad they’re happy. The rest of us will continue on
  • Its rather the lack of maturity of the author thats exemplified by such content, than anything else. and as it goes, the use of media at the helm of such, only breeds chaos and ignorance.
  • The author clearly has no idea what thry are talking about. No Linux is NOT a replacement for Windows, especially when it comes to gaming. To even suggest that is a laugh.
  • It's not even hard to understand Linux gaming is so trash. Just look at Steam OS charts, Linux with all distros combined including SteamOS with Proton itself barely has 1% user, meanwhile Windows is 96% now and almost reach 97% while Mac barely reach 2%. Obviously this author talking s*it out of his a*s.
  • So, why then did Microsoft develop their own Linux distribution (CBL Mariner, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBL-Mariner)? And why did Microsoft make available Linux for Windows (WSL)? Why did Microsoft create their Edge browser for Linux? Why did Microsoft create .NET for Linux? Why did they bring in Linux GUI application support with Windows 11? Why did they develop GPU NVIDIA/CUDA driver for WSL? (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ai/directml/gpu-cuda-in-wsl)
  • "So, why then did Microsoft develop their own Linux distribution (CBL Mariner, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBL-Mariner)?" For Azure, bc linux is good for servers. " And why did Microsoft make available Linux for Windows (WSL)?" So that windows users dont have to use 3rd party tools or vms to manage servers and linux dev. " Why did Microsoft create their Edge browser for Linux?" As a favor maybe, bc they are into linux. "Why did Microsoft create .NET for Linux?" It didnt created it for linux lmao, it open sourced it. "Why did they bring in Linux GUI application support with Windows 11?" bc WSL is their product and they added some features to it. "Why did they develop GPU NVIDIA/CUDA driver for WSL? " bc WSL is their product and they added some features to it.
  • In conclusion, according to your opinion, Microsoft is a non-profit charity doing favors to "poor" Linux users, who, according to your story, with all distros combined including SteamOS with Proton itself barely form a 1% user-base. Even the most fabricated tales have at least a small amount of truth inside.
  • Let's see.. My Library... Steam: Alien: Invasion
    Borderlands 3
    Bright Memory: Infinite
    COD Infinite Warfare
    Days Gone
    Doom (2016)
    Doom Eternal
    Dying Light
    Hitman 2
    Hollow Knight
    Metro Exodus
    Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
    Mortal Kombat X
    Mortal Kombat 11
    Prey (2017)
    Quake II RTX
    RE2 Remake
    RE3 Remake
    RE: Resistance
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    Titanfall 2
    Tomb Raider (2013)
    Wolfenstein: Youngblood Now non-Steam: GOG: Cyberpunk 2077
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2021 enhanced edition)
    Control: Ultimate Edition All work with glorious DLSS for my 1440p 165Hz monitors for games like Cyberpunk or Control with RT on. Epic Games Store:
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    GTA V
    Enter the Gungeon
    Metro Last Light Redux
    Rocket League
    World War Z Again: All work without issues and performance what you would expect on Windows (+/- 5%) Origin: Titanfall 2 (yes, again)
    Battlefield V
    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield 3
    Battlefield 4
    Dead Cells
    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
    Battlefront II (2017) Ubisoft Connect:
    Watch Dogs 2
    Watch Dogs Legion
    Rayman Origins
    Rayman Legends Wanna guess if they all run? BattleNet: Overwatch. Runs better than Windows. Doom Eternal runs faster on Linux than Windows. So does Wolfenstein Youngblood. So does Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I actually control my own OS (you don't, you have a license from Microsoft giving you permission to use it), I never, ever have to worry about being spied on or my data being used (or even collected) by my computer, and I can do literally whatever I want and change whatever I want about how my computer works. So who is it again, that has no idea what they're talking about? Honestly out of all the fanboys in the world, I think Windows fanboys are the ones that make the least sense, and are the funniest (and simultaneously saddest) to encounter.
  • 1. All of those games WILL work and get supported better on Windows, since its a first class citizen. A minute patch in any of those games and POOF, the game will crash on linux until some dev fixes it after a day or two.
    2. Technically you DONT control any piece of software unless you have a copyright for it. And that includes linux as well.
    3. Even i dont have to worry about being spied on and i have no problem with sharing telemetry data. Even some linux apps collect them lol. Absence of telemtry is why desktop linux is crap.
    4. I dont have the time or patience to needlessly change how my os looks. I work or i play and close the laptop. Not a slave of my os. "So who is it again, that has no idea what they're talking about?" You. "Honestly out of all the fanboys in the world, I think Windows fanboys are the ones that make the least sense, and are the funniest (and simultaneously saddest) to encounter." You need to use the internet a little more bc linux community is unanimously considered the most obnoxious tech community ever.
  • @ebolarama87 Pretty much lying is normal thing for Linux fanboy or should i say Lintard. Proton is so trash, it works for some Windows game but obviously it doesn't work with game that using DRM other than steam, even some steam game that use 3rd party anti cheat like EAC prevents those fraud Proton and Wine to works. Not to mention framerate are so trash with stupid Proton/Wine, while also having graphical glitch that makes the games looks ugly compared to even low settings on Windows. It so funny how desperate Linux tard like you to convince people to try gaming on Linux. You are going to cry if i remind you that Linux user based on steam is just 1%, or if you go to steam surveys data.
  • Alternative to, replacement for... whatever terminology you want to use... iPhone is NOT a replacement for Android??... Android is NOT a replacement for iPhone??...
    What I can say having used Linux on the desktop for getting on for 25 years now, is that there's probably 90% overlap where someone experienced with one or the other can do that task equally well... sure there's 10% where Windows wins out... most of which is "Running software designed for windows"... which is no surprise, but there's also 10% where Linux wins out...
    For the gaming I have done, which has been pretty serious at times, I can say that running on Linux never hindered me.... and in fact, when reporting bugs in games, I gave up telling them I was running on Linux because I was always able to find people with the same issue on Windows.
    Personally I find the desktop UI on Linux to be preferable than Windows... that's a personal choice, but considering how little Windows UI paradigms have changed since Windows 95, it's not that surprising.
  • If the author wants to be so unbiased and objective in his opinions against Windows vs linux, why would he explicitly say that Windows became a "living nightmare", suggesting that using linux isn't? It's a subliminal attack.
  • Microsoft's future is Linux. Windows is its past. It's up to you to follow the evolution to the future or stay forever in the past.
  • hilarious, good joke. still 3% but ... good joke..
  • Linux kernel incoming:)
  • Gaming on Linux is NOT Ready... LOL less than 0.01% population but required the most support. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlg4K16ujFw
  • Lol 1 studio. Be real.