Toshiba TG01 approved by the FCC with CDMA guts stuffed inside

There's been a bit of gnashing of teeth over the Toshiba TG1. Sure, it's got that crazy user interface that we're not totally sold on, but it also has that giant (albeit resistive) touchscreen and is the first device to launch with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Oh, and it wasn't planning on coming anywhere near North America.

That may well change. Engadget spied the TG01 gaining FCC approval — in a CDMA flavor. Of course, the only CDMA carriers in the United States are Sprint and Verizon, so that narrows the choices down a little bit. The FCC listing also notes that it was testing a "production" device, and not a prototype, so things may be farther along than anyone knew. It's also entirely possible that neither carrier could pick up the TG01, leaving us right where we are today: importing a pretty cool phone at a hefty price.

Phil Nickinson

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  • YES!!!! That's what I wanted to see, now make sure it's Tri Band (AWS) and we're in business
  • Oh, and there are more CDMA carriers in the States...MetroPCS, Cricket, Helio (Virgin Mobile)...sure, they are not Tier 1 carriers, but this gives the option now of flashing such a device to work on those smaller networks as my Sprint Mogul is flashed with full capability on the MetrPCS network.
  • Is that a TG01 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (or are you carrying a DVD disc). Cool. It'll depend on the final form-factor for me. Seems somewhat big and bulky though.
  • This is actually interesting. I honestly doubt that either Sprint or Verizon will be carrying this phone. Sprint has never carried a Toshiba phone as far as I know. My money is on MetroPCS..
  • Actually I just went over the FCC documents and I don't see where the AWS 1700 Mhz frequency is documented, all I see is 800 and 1900 making it a dual band, so no Metro TG01 for us. :( We can still flash one I'm sure but won't be able to use it in all the Metro markets.
  • Why wouldt Sprint cary a Toshiba? they should forget about their bliefs
  • U.S. Cellular is a rather large CDMA carrier also. I am going to bet my money on Sprint. Since Verizon has too many competing models in the same market including the Blackberry Storm and upcoming Blackberry Storm II, I would be Toshiba would see a better profit margin and market saturability with Sprint. Who, in my mind, is a much better choice for the carrier of this phone. Especially with their forthcoming 4G service in the US.
  • You know, as a Sprint customer I'd gladly kick the Diamond2 to the curb for this. Sprint's got a boner for all things HTC though.