Gear up for football season with Touchdown Hero: New Season

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a fast-paced endless runner game where you guide a single running back through a host of defensive players to score a touchdown. While the game sounds simple, once you score a touchdown the game transitions to a new football field where you try to run the field and score another touchdown.

Graphics have a retro feel, similar to old school Madden NFL games, and gameplay offers a nice range of challenges that increase as you score more touchdowns. Touchdown Hero: New Season isn't an overly complicated game to pick up and play, but don't be shocked if you find yourself being tackled for a loss more times than not.

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a free Xbox game available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones. It's a simple game, but a fun way to get you in the mood for the upcoming football season.

Touchdown Hero: New Season

At first launch, Touchdown Hero: New Season offers you the chance to sign into your Xbox account or you can skip the login and head right to gameplay. If you change your mind and want to earn the Xbox gaming achievements, the game's main menu has an option to sign into your Xbox account.

Additional options from Touchdown Hero: New Season's main menu include accessing the game's settings and store. Settings cover the basics such as muting the sound/music, as well as adjusting the control orientation (left or right hand) and sensitivity.

Touchdown Hero's store offers you the option to change your football player's uniform (based on NFL teams) and customize your player's appearance. New uniforms become unlocked as you earn achievements in the game or you can unlock them all at once through a $2.99 in-app purchase. Player customizations cover skin tone and arm pad selections.

Touchdown Hero: New Season

Gameplay is simple and while there is some semblance of a tutorial at the start, a lot of the mechanics are learned through trial and error. There are a few differences between playing Touchdown Hero from a touchscreen or non-touchscreen device.

Playing the game from a touchscreen device begins when you tap the football player and as you slide your finger around the screen, the player moves with your finger. Tap the screen to initiate special moves and a button to give your running back a boost of speed sits in the lower right side of the screen.

Touchdown Hero: New Season Win10 PC

For non-touchscreens, a mouse or touchpad is used to guide the player around the football field once gameplay starts (by clicking on the player). Special moves are initiated by a left click and while there is a speed boost button available, it needs to be clicked to activate.

The gaming display is fairly universal between the two versions of Touchdown Hero. The Windows 10 PC version does include a portion of the football stands, while the Windows 10 Mobile version only displays the football field. The gaming score is nestled in the upper right corner of the display and a boost meter sits top center.

Touchdown Hero: New Season Win10PC

The forward motion of your football player is automatic, allowing you to concentrate on dodging the oncoming defensive players. You can weave through the defense or use a special move that sends the game in slow motion, allowing you to tap an area of the field to zip across to. This burst of speed allows you to run quickly past defenders. The speed burst button offers a similar boost to your player but lacks the slow-motion element.

Once you cross the end zone of the playing field, your football player immediately transitions to a new field with the same goal – cross into the end zone and score a touchdown. As you advance from field to field, the game becomes more challenging with the defensive players get quicker and more aggressive.

All it takes is the defensive players to make contact with your player and they hit the ground in a cloud of dust. There is no shaking your way out of a tackle with this game.

Overall, Touchdown Hero: New Season is a fun time waster of a Windows 10 game. I do think it plays out better from a touchscreen device; having to click around the screen takes precious time that can cost you the game.

Graphics and sound effects have a nice retro feel and gameplay keeps you on your toes. The free Xbox title is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones (including low-memory devices). Touchdown Hero is a perfect gaming option when you have a few minutes to kill, but beware, as with most Game Troopers games, it does have an addictive pull that can cause you to lose track of time.

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