Treo 800w Gets a Patch to fix Charging Bug

My Treo 800w is sitting on my desk, plugged in, and not charging at all. Turns out I'm not the only one -- it's a common issue when the battery on the Treo 800w gets really and truly drained. Fortunately, aixguru in our forums has discovered a patch over on Palm's site. Go grab it and install in on your Treo 800w. Here's the score:

USB: If your device fails to detect any of the in-box USB accessories such as the power adapter, headset or sync cable, this update will resolve most of the detection issues.Battery charging: When plugged into the charger, the device may not charge a completely discharged battery. This scenario is most likely to happen if you leave a dead battery for a few days before trying to charge it in the device.This update is highly recommended for all Treo 800w devices.

We agree. Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm going to apply the patch given that my Treo isn't recognizing a charger at all. My plan: the Treo 800w shares the same battery as the Centro -- time to swap.

WC Staff
  • Jesus! I was *****ing about this when I first noticed it two days after getting the phone, contacted palm, not a clue...forums on palm and other sites like wmexperts, nope..."what issue? Mine charges fine!" .... Sprint? Clueless...
    And now apparently everyones finally noticed it and there's a patch...
    I guess I'll just shutup and wait next time.
  • Done, though I have not had an issue with the battery after the original was replaced.
  • The phone ringer on my Treo 800W is periodically disabled, seemingly when an incoming calls occurs while the unit is plugged into my desktop to sync. The only 'fix' seems to be a factory reset. Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix somewhere?
  • I have have had my Treo replaced now twice. Both times for the same problem. The charging/data port does not allow for reliable connectivity. My first Treo 800W did not seem to have a problem until it fell off my desk and completely broke the charging port. My replacement was never dropped and the charging port started failing 2 weeks after I got it. Sprint ordered a 3rd phone for me and I picked it up today and it has the same problem on day one. The cable does not connect firmly to the port and has to be placed in just the right position to charge. After 3 phones I thought my 3 chargers and my USB adapter might be the problem and bought new replacements today. New Phone and New Adaptor and still having connectivity problems. Also the phone will give you an indication that it is charging but if you watch the battery usage while charging it is actually not charging at all. I guess it's back to the sprint store gain tomorrow. Has anyone else been seeing this problem. I really like my Palm Treo 800W but this sharging port problem is making it impossible to live with.