UK transport giant Arriva working on Windows Phone app

Arriva is a multi-national transport company operating throughout Europe. The UK division has apps available for both Android and iOS that make it super easy to purchase tickets and travel on the network of buses. Windows Phone still has no official solution, but an app is well in development, according to the Arriva website.

Passengers can use m-tickets on Arriva bus services throughout the UK, except for Park and Ride buses, Fastrack A route and Transport for London services. That said, it's a convenient way to manage your travel without having to carry cash with you. The Android and iOS apps also sport live timetables, maps and journey planners.

Arriva QA

We're not sure when this web page was updated, but have reached out to Arriva for more details and will update you accordingly.

Source: Arriva; thanks, Umair, for the tip!

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  • Sweeto! Good news for WP is in the air! :D
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Arriva has said that for nearly 2 years now on the same page. I've been waiting for the promised "coming soon" Arriva M-Ticket app since 2012.
  • Yes, that's true... I know they have been saying this for quite a long time, I have done a project for Arriva last Christmas in my current company, and I did manage to discuss about the WP app with a senior employee at Arriva but that time Windows Phone 7 was not so much popular so they said we will think about it. We did chase them few months later, and they said its already in development. But I didn't notice about this on their FAQ page earlier. Lets see how this goes!
  • Lol they left my Country a year ago cause they failed with losses of over 40 millions Euro... I wish this app was there before though xD
  • Win! So weird as I've started taking the bus to work and was looking for an Arriva app two days ago.. Good news indeed :D
  • Pleasure :)
  • If this app is like their bus services then it'll arrive around the time Windows Phone 250 is released, never mind 8.1. It'll break down within half an hour and, though I'm not quite sure how they'll manage this one but they will, it'll be filthy and will smell like a dog has died in it. Good times...
  • What's taking National Express so long? WP's market share is >10% in the UK.
  • Considering Nat Exp charge plenty for their WiFi, I doubt I would be able to afford an app to go with it.
  • This company left Malta a few months ago... Because the buses started catching fire :P
  • I think the drivers were setting fire to them as they were too ashamed to drive them.
  • Haha, they never found out the reason why they were catching on fire!
  • If it's like their other apps it will be absolutely awful. Used to use it on BB. Their service is terrible, both online and otherwise. They put the worst buses on the routes with the steepest hills. I mean, really?!
  • Good news. Windows Phone really does need more travel and retail apps