Unofficial Snapchat app 'Swapchat Free' returns to the Windows Phone Store [Update: and it's gone]

Just over one week ago, we received word that Swapchat, the first fully functional app that can access Snapchat on Windows Phone was being pulled. The reason was due to a copyright complaint from the Snapchat makers, who legally exercised their right to protect their content.

That was an unfortunate blow to Windows Phone users who were enjoying the service and it was very different from the ‘turn the other cheek’ approach of Instagram and Instance.

Now we can we verify that Swapchat Free (but not the paid version) is back in the Store and can be downloaded to your Windows Phone 7.x or 8 device.

We haven’t spoken to the developers behind Swapchat, SRC Apps, but our hunch may be that the Snapchat folks took issue with the paid version, aka charging people to use the service (the app is free on other platforms). Though that’s just speculation on our part.

Either way, if you missed the app or recently switched devices, then you’ll want to grab Swapchat while you can, just in case it goes missing again. It is still the same version 1.3 released a few weeks ago.

We were expecting an official app from Snapchat on Windows Phone later this month, but so far any more information on that release has gone cold. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

Pick up Swapchat for all Windows Phone devices here in the Store for free (ad supported), or swipe to the right in our app.

Update: Availability seems spotty with the app listed as published in the Store but showing as "not available for your device" for some users. We're not sure if it's in error, or a rollout issue or even a glitch.

Update 2: And it's gone! Something odd happened with the store because we were able to verify that it was published, but alas, it has been pulled again. 

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Ah fair enough. Can the dev still monetize his work with ads?
  • Assuming that was an issue, then evidently yes, as the free version has ads.
  • The dev will probably make more money in the long term through ads lol! Especially if the official app doesn't impress compared to the unofficial app.
  • I can still see it in store? :o It's just not available for me..
  • Looks nice, I wonder how the official app will compare to this.
  • If companies are unwilling to release popular apps for Windows Phone, then they shouldn't stand in the way if a 3rd party wants to provide one.  
  • Indeed. However they can stand in the way of 3rd parties making money out of their service.
    Think about it: if they wanted to charge people for their service on less-lucrative platforms like WP, they could very well release their App as a paid one (others have done it). So they don't want to do that. Therefor they prevent others from doing it too.
  • You want to pay their bandwidth / storage bills from users they're not expecting? It's not always the case that someone is refusing to deliver an app for a platform out of spite (or whatever) - it might be that their infrastructure isn't ready for it yet.
  • Given how small the windows phone community is, I seriously doubt making an app for us would do anything harmful to their infrastructure. Its basically them being spiteful and not supporting Microsoft.
  • So you're saying "It's a small community, so not supporting it is spiteful...."... OK.
  • Not supporting Microsoft?? I do believe they were talking about releasing an official app...
  • Not available for my device 920 Canada. :(
  • Not available to my l920 USA
  • Yeah, same here. It's weird because it is published to the Store (paid version has been unpublished) but evidently there is some restriction on it... Edit: And wow, just like that it was pulled again.
  • Not available for my Verizon 8X.
  • Not available for l920
  • Not available on my Verizon L928.
  • Not available for T-Mobile USA 8X
  • I still have the paid version.. Is there just going to be no support lol?
  • That's what happens when you pay for unofficial apps sadly.
  • I have the paid version of SwapChat on my L920 and it is still working. Has other's stopped working or do people just not have access to it in the Store?
  • Maybe the fact that it had Ads is the reason for it to have been pulled? If they creators of Snapchat had a problem with 3rd parties making money out of their service, the Adds sure are a no-no.
    Let us wait and see what happens...
  • Ads.
  • thanks for pointing out the typo.;)
  • "and its gone" reminds me of south park margaritaville lol
  • That's exactly how I read it in my head lol
  • Glad I wasn't the only one!!
  • Let me just republish this app... Aaaaaaaand it's gone.
  • Classic!!!
  • Hahahahahaaaa was thinking the same
  • Yes!
  • Not here for Lumia 928 :(
  • I deleted my paid version just before the app was removed to see if it was causing some of my notification problems.
  • Nope
  • New note to self: Don't buy unofficial apps until you're sure that the official company will not barge in the room.
  • If you paid with a credit card Microsoft will refund it. Just contact chat support and let them know what your issue is. They've always been very good about it with me and refunded me for apps that were abandoned by devs or that I had privacy concerns with.
  • I paid with Microsoft Points. Not really worried about it. Just curious.
  • How did you you use microsoft points on windows phone? I've been trying to see if that's possible but I haven't found a way. I made an account just to ask this question, so please let me know.
  • Aaaaaaaannnnndddd its gone!! :/
  • Lol. I got it right when this was first published!
  • Oh my god i download some time back and now its gona wtf lololilolol lucky me
  • I rarely use this app as it is. But when I get my 1020 I will miss having it since I won't be able to get it on their. I still have snapchat on my 920
  • I downloaded and saved the .xap file from the Windows Phone store page. I currently have the app on my Arrive, but was going to miss it when I upgrade to the ATIV S Neo. Now, I'll just be able to install the app from microSD storage!
    To anyone whos phone has microSD storage, I recommend you do the same!
    How to:
  • anyway to send us this .xap file?  host on skydrive maybe?
  • I think I'll wait on 6sec to come to 7x phones
  • I dont own a windows phone but maybe i will buy one, but snapchat would be a dealbreaker for me because many of my friends use snapchat. Is there another unofficial client that works or is it sure that the official will come in less than a month?!
    I found these (sorry doesnt let me post the link): "Snapchat (unofficial)" and "Snap"
    Anyone knows if they work?
  • Snapchat can go f*** themselves. 
  • Meh. I've still got the paid version. Its a fab app and is already fading away anyway
  • People people. Just download "snap"... It is swapchat just under a different name
  • Which costs more than Swapchat did originally anyway? No thanks, I'll stick to the free version for now which has no ads in it... :/
  • Its back under the name of "Snap"
  • I can't download for some reason
  • I managed to get the latest update just before it disappeared. The one which was added just before paid and free version were pulled. Im glad I didn't buy the paid version now though
  • Snapchat looks like one of those designed-in-a-boardroom fly-by-nights that is all about the bottom line. One of the nice things about Facebook (or at least, when Facebook was Snapchat's age) was that it was just techies wanting to make something cool and groundbreaking. Snapchat is totally not groundbreaking, and just looks like a cynical attempt to grab some cash when the big boys step in and buy them.
  • I never thought of it like that, but its kinda true...Well now people just want to differentiate products regardless of the actual potential the product might have to last.
  • Wait. I've found similiar apps, named SNAP. Made from same devs!
    Check out "Snap" for Windows Phone
  • This is a bootleg copy. See this:
  • I think it's just a clone 
  • I love developers that come up with awesome apps just because of the names. "SnapChat?......SwapChat is good enough." lolol.
  • This is the msot ridiculous thing I've ever seen. For starters, a lot of people like me PAID for the application on the windows phone marketplace, and I send my phone in to be repaired thus losing the app, to get my phone back to find that I now cannot download the applicaiton again because it's been removed? This is ridiculous. The owners of snapchat shouldn' have been so slack in the first place as to not create a version for the window's phone marketplace or they wouldn't have this problem. 
  • I have a Nokia Lumia 520 and I try to install this app but it says my phone needs a update but I checked and there are no updates for my phone? Please help!
  • How I can download swapchat for lumia 340?