Update: Adobe Flash and AIR for Windows Phone 7 by mid-2011?

Just yesterday we were wondering when Adobe Flash would be launching with Windows Phone 7, especially with Adobe suddenly listing the fledgling OS on their site.

Today, we get word from  Michael Chaize, a Flash Platform evangelist based in Paris, that Flash and AIR (allows Flash to run in non-browser situations), will be released on WP7 "within months" of release, possibly as little as six-months post-release.

We think this would make sense for Microsoft as they would probably package it an maintenance release for the OS, pushed out to everyone with hopefully other things like copy-paste and socket support.

Of course this is Adobe, so "within months" from them is almost equivalent to 'Valve-time'.

[via Tim Anderson's ITWriting]

Daniel Rubino

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  • I really hope they get this going by Q1 2011. It's not a deal breaker for me but I'd like to have it as soon as possible. Though it's better to wait for it to be done right.
  • I really wonder about a company that has been bad mouthed by competition for being slow on updates and such.Then they still drag their feet. You think at the very least they would take it on as constructive criticism. Adobe has known about WinPho7 more then likely before it was announced so that means that at the very least they had a year to get it working. This should work out of the gate if not Adobe is just perpetuating the image of being a slack company and not caring.
  • Ever heard of a thing called 'corporate politics'? Microsoft wants to push its own Silverlight technology, so any delay in releasing Flash on WP7 could be Microsoft's doing. Same as Apple blocking Flash content on the iPhone. Wise up and stop believing the hype. Read between the lines.
  • They might as well not release it.
  • i highly doubt air will be supported. only silverlight and xna.
  • Nope. Sorry. 2011 will get here, and Adobe will say "never mind, we really meant first quarter of 2012." Then when 2012 gets here they will say "Second half this time." The story then continues until adobe releases AIR in the second half of 2018. When Windows Phone 7 no longer exists. That's adobe. I am frankly sick of their delays and teases. I want HTML5 here now, so that I no longer rely on Adobe's "schedules" for my web video and gaming.
  • Unfortunately, when Adobe say "within months", I take it exactly the same way as if Blizzard said they'd be releasing a new game "within months". We're about to witness some sort of quantum "time-stretching" effect...
  • They're giving Apple more argument.
    And pushing more developers away from Flash.
  • Great that a good news a hope that things work ill wait it.
  • 4 years later....