UWP version of Phonos for Windows 10 PC and mobile goes into preview

While Sonos has officially announced that it will not be making a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10, there is an alternative solution on the way, thanks the third-party controller app, Phonos. The developer has announced that his UWP app for Windows 10 PC and mobile is now available in preview.

The developer also stresses that this is a preview version of the app, and they are in the process of gathering feedback

This is a PREVIEW of the new Universal version of the Sonos controller, Phonos. Please read the release notes before use. It runs on both Phones and PCs. We want to get feedback on what we have, before we release this to everyone once it is finished.

Currently, the app is missing features like group editing, device volume control, and control over aspects like shuffle and repeat. There is also no search, and the Queue list is incomplete.

Like the official Sonos controller for desktop, Phonos allows you to control your Sonos speaker system from your devices. The preview is available now on the Windows Store, though we wouldn't suggest downloading it yet unless you're comfortable testing preview software.

Get the Phonos Universal Preview on the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: phonos preview

Joseph Keller
  • LOL it's funny how Sonos says they won't... and now this one just comes out :)  Looks good!
  • My guess is that this developer has been working on this for a while and saw the news earlier and decided to tip Windows Central of the app's existence. Kudos to all the third party developers picking up the slack. While I don't have any Sonos gear myself, I know what it's like to have hardware developers stop supporting apps needed to drive their hardware, leaving you with expensive paperweights unless a third party helps out. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It seems odd to announce you won't be making an app, particularly for a platform you've watched jump from 0 to 270 million users in just 8 months. It's like the fine folks at Sonos said, "Hi, all you Windows customers! **** off!"
  • They already have a desktop program for the vast majority of those 270 million users
  • Which they probably could but don't need to use the DAC that MS released...
  • Irrelevant. A growing number of those PC's are 2-in-1 touch screen convertibles or large tablets, which are best used with a touch interface. In addition, there remain tens of millions (nearly 100 million in total, counting Windows 8x devices, which will eventually be upgraded to 10) of phone/mobile devices that can't make use of a desktop app. A UWP app solves all problems: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.
  • @jasongw, and later Xbox, now that groove is finally universal and the xbox store will open up later it would be foolish to let this market slide to the competition. Alot off people i know use their ps4 as their entertainment hub - some used to until I showed them what I could do with xbox one - that hdmi passthrough opens up a alot of options.
  • I love my PS4, but I'm baffled when people use it as a media hub. It's not even close to as capable as Xbox One in that regard. As a gamer, I wouldn't want to have only one or the other (or even skip Wii U, which gets the most gaming love in my house :P), but yeah, Xbox One is the absolute king of media right now. And of course, as you point out, when the store opens to UWP apps, the Xbox One will essentially become an entry level PC. Provided they finally allow mouse support, UWP Office apps could be terrific for kids or even adults doing light work on a huge screen :).
  • Yup, I joked earlier in a office article, if office run on the x1. It would be litterally one box to rule them all. For a laugh, i took my x1 over to my cousins and we daisy changed a few hdmi switches into a revesun 6x2 switch, plugged in several nucs, ps4s, set top boxes and kept the x1 on the TV and we used the tv app to and switch remotes to toggle back forth inputs. That pass through like I said opens up a whole lot of option lol. As a gamer, I find the console arguments infantile lol. We should be happy that we got experience great consoles like snes, n64, ps1,2,3 etc. That we have gone playing pac man at the arcade to emotional story driven games with mind melding puzzles and breath taking visuals.
  • Sonos is probably targeting mobile users more, so a UWP may not play out for them yet
  • True, according to Microsoft if you want to target mobile users you should develop for iOS and Android.
  • Sonos is just trying to stay alive and they probably won't.
  • True dat
  • I don't know why your comment got voted down. It's FACTUALLY true. Microsoft said in no uncertain terms at Build 2016 that if you're targeting mostly mobile, Windows Mobile is not for you.
  • No, they didn't. Stop twisting statements. Sent from Bikini Bottom via my Shell iVenue Pro 8"
  • Yes, they did, and it was reported on this very site. Stop being such an ignorant fanboy.
  • "If you wanted to reach a lot of phone customers, Windows Phone isn't the way to do it" is what Myerson reportedly said. And it's a fact, as 80% of the mobile user base belongs to Android. What he did not say is "Windows Mobile is not for you", on the contrary, he said "We're fully committed to that 4-inch screen". He admitted that Windows will continue leading in the desktop space, said how the core of the Windows ecosystem lays between 9 and 30 inches, and that trying to lead in the phone space would be wrong (obviously, since from a phone-only perspective, the app gap is a big chicken and egg problem - and they are tackling it through the UWP). How does that translate to "develop for Android and iOS but not Windows 10 Mobile", which is what the previous commenters were saying and you supported? Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • You're arguing semantics and nothing more. Bottom line: Microsoft has made it clear, both in their speach and in their actions, that Windows Phone is not a priority for them, and won't be for at least another year. For those who want to reach lots of phone customers, it's crystal clear, and your very own citation backs it up, that Windows Phone is not an answer.  And let's be honest, we all know it's true. WP is dead. The only reason I'm still using it at all is because every Android phone I've tried has offered a miserable, antiquated user experience that I just don't feel is worth the tradeoff just to get a few apps. Windows Phone WAS something great. Now it's a mediocre Android knockoff with a half baked UI and a developer who doesn't feel any urgency to make it great, fast. Windows 10 Mobile, while having some decent technical underpinnings, is still, from a user perspective, vastly inferior to 8.1. And it doesn't look like that will change any time soon.
  • I'm arguing nuances, because I don't like it when everyone adds their own twist to a statement because it ends up saying something quite different. If you're going to quote someone, then don't change or interpret their words. Basic integrity principle, right? Also, I'm not wearing pink shades, but I think that the statement was overblown by the media for clickbait effect. No person who has been following the situation over the past two years or so should have been surprised that Terry Myerson admitted that Microsoft's phone platform won't take off any soon. We know pretty well where the crux of the matter is: the app gap. Those of us who are not delusional realize that a large portion of that app gap is just Snapchat, which is not coming to Windows 10 Mobile any time soon - their CEO made it clear in a very despicable way. Windows Phone is obsoleted by Windows 10 Mobile. I'm not debating form vs functionality. Whether you like it or not is a matter of taste. For example, I'm quite happy with the direction that Windows 10 Mobile has taken, UI- and UX- wise. I only lament the partial deprecation of the panorama view, but sliding gestures like in the Windows Central, Phone, Photos apps are quite nice and make up for it. I have never felt my Lumia 950 XL is slow, and even the old 920 runs W10M nicely. Given that W10M is much more complex and capable than WP 8.1, I am not surprised. The UWP was designed from the top down - PCs/tablets to phones, while still up-borrowing elements
    And I think that Microsoft isn't betting on short-term strategies for good reason, but I'm not a businessman, much less of a global caliber, so I can't really comment on that. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • Its ok. I already know what to expect from the nincompoops that infest this site.  
  • As you are one of those said nincompoops you should be aware that you're free to leave at any time.
  • Except that they are maintaing and keeping their x86 app. Doesn't make sense since UWP apps run on x86 as well as phones and other form factors.
  • then if a classic app exists, we could expect one with the rise of porting tools
  • Sonos and Phonos, good rhythm!
  • Sono also rhymes well with porno.
  • The "r" kinda ruins it!
  • In your head maybe.
  • This Lumia 640 is nothing BUT preview software haha. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Looks good!! I didn't particularly care for the wp8 version, it didn't look all that nice. But this one is well made and works well! Will report any bugs I come across.
  • Thanks for the developers who made this, much appreciated.
  • I am using the uwp app Chirp to control my Sonos. I think the user interface looks cleaner compared to Phonos.
  • Cool! Haven't heard of Chirp until now. Will need to check it out. I'm glad there's a free trial.
  • been a long time Phonos user and like it but will give Chirp a go too... Agreed that Phonos's UI isn't the best on the world ;)
  • I also use Chirp. The developer is a nice guy and frequent updates the app as much as he can. He recently added a bunch of features.
  • Will give Phonos a try and see if it beats the SONOS desktop program.
  • It doesn't. But at least it's an alternative to get by.
  • First looks and I'm very impressed! Love Sonos and always miffed they refuse to support Windows Phine and now UWP...have used Phonos for a long time, excellent software! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 950xl
  • definitely will be trying this one out! using the Phonos app for quite some time and although it doesn't have the most sexy UI, it does the trick and works very consistenly!
  • They add support for Groove yet?
  • Yes, Phonos supports every music service that Sonos does, including Groove
  • So, ya'll know about Zonos? It's basically what the Phonos UWP version wants to be, albeit in a more refined state. <a href="http://www.windowscentral.com">Windows Central</a>
  • Y'all know about Zonos, right? It's basically what Phonos UWP wants to be, albeit in a more refined state.
  • Amazing small developer can do this.
  • lol any news on gestures beta coming back