UWP version of Phonos for Windows 10 PC and mobile goes into preview

While Sonos has officially announced that it will not be making a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10, there is an alternative solution on the way, thanks the third-party controller app, Phonos. The developer has announced that his UWP app for Windows 10 PC and mobile is now available in preview.

The developer also stresses that this is a preview version of the app, and they are in the process of gathering feedback

This is a PREVIEW of the new Universal version of the Sonos controller, Phonos. Please read the release notes before use. It runs on both Phones and PCs. We want to get feedback on what we have, before we release this to everyone once it is finished.

Currently, the app is missing features like group editing, device volume control, and control over aspects like shuffle and repeat. There is also no search, and the Queue list is incomplete.

Like the official Sonos controller for desktop, Phonos allows you to control your Sonos speaker system from your devices. The preview is available now on the Windows Store, though we wouldn't suggest downloading it yet unless you're comfortable testing preview software.

Get the Phonos Universal Preview on the Windows Store

QR: phonos preview

Joseph Keller