Verizon draws a line in the sand with Microsoft?

While Verizon has the HTC Trophy as it's one and only Windows Phone, the wireless provider has given Microsoft an ultimatum of sorts that could see the Verizon dropping Windows Phone all together.

In a recent interview with CNET Verizon Wireless's Chief Marketing Officer Marni Walden commented,

"We've communicated to Microsoft that LTE is critical to us. We need to see a timeline that makes sense if we want to continue to represent them."

Microsoft hasn't responded to Walden's comments but has said it would add LTE support to Windows Phone but hasn't addressed the "when" of the subject. Should Microsoft and Verizon part ways, the wireless company will focus it's smartphone line-up on Android devices and the iPhone (which doesn't support LTE).

Verizon is still working with Microsoft on this issue and hopefully common ground can be found to bring the second generation Windows Phones to Verizon. If not, does the success of Windows Phones hinge on a Verizon model or will Microsoft do just fine without?

Source: CNET (opens in new tab)  Via: Winsupersite

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  • It would be interesting to see WP7's timeline for LTE support (and phones). They really need to improve their presence across all the US carriers.
  • The LTE phones will come. Just takes time. Verizon are douchebags by being vocal about internal matters. This makes it more clear that the relations between Microsoft and Verizon are not that great. I suppose they're still hurt by "Kingate."
    It still sucks because having phones on Verizon is crucial in the US. That's a large market that Microsoft needs to hit hard.
  • I also wonder if this is their way of explaining why there aren't a lot of WP7 phones on Verizon. If their focus is LTE, they wouldn't want to stock up on phones that are not compatible with it (of course, the iPhone is always an exception).
  • I'm sorry, are you telling me that Verizon has LTE across its entire range? What would be wrong with them selling the Flash / Radar for $50?
  • Looking at their quote, it appears that compatibility with LTE is essential for their phone lineup. I don't see anything wrong with selling Flash or Radar , but it's just what I gathered from the quote mentioned in the article.
  • there is not a lot of windows phones period... not just on verizon. microsoft really needed to get  alot more handset out there. the iphone does good because its marketed very well and has everything feature wise. Android does will because Google lets anyone license handset at any price. Microsoft doesn't have 1 hot phone, and they have a very limited amount of choices for wp7 handset ranging for okay to blah. there is no one WOW handset for the wp7.
    I love my HD7 but was really looking forward to upgrading to something more WOW but nothing out there. Everyone is hanging on to a chance that Nokia will do something but if they're just going to reuse a design and style of the n9 and not pack it with feature i'll just wait another year till someone else makes something. And it sucks that Android gets a new phone like every 2wks and we have to wait a year to see anything new.
  • The Titan is as WOW as a Windows Phone can get without violating Microsoft's requirements. 
  • Maybe Microsoft should put their efforts into making an app that will make it easier for Verizon customers to transition to another carrier. Verizon can go choke on their LTE.
  • +1 I totally agree... I have Verizon right now with the HTC Trophy... I actually paid full price $483 for the phone just to get away from Blackberry Storm2. I love my WP7 but I want Nokia. They keep emailing, texting and calling to let me know I'm ready for a renewal... I keep replying with "I don't give a s*** about your stupid Android Google spyware keylogging garbage. How about some more Windows Phones?" I never hear back. They are about to lose me as a customer as it appears that AT&T has 5 including the Titan which is an awesome phone. All carriers have several devices yet Verizon has 1 which those pricks were supposed to launch in the beginning of the year and pushed it back with no answer to why until several months later. I'm really getting sick of them and their crap. If Nokia doesn't come to Verizon then I'm going with AT&T. What's better is that if they release LTE Nokia phones on AT&T then you get 4G LTE and if there isn't coverage you get the pseudo 4G (HSPA+) which is superior to 3G... Also GSM is just superior in general as you can be in a phone call and text and cruise the internet where on Verizon you can only do one thing at a time. One thing for Verizon... Get effn bent! You don't want MS? No problem they'll take care of the other carriers and you can sink. ;)
  • Where I'm at, I'm stuck with Verizon.  They simply have the best network here.  AT&T is absolutely atrocious.  Not willing to jump carriers just to get a new phone.  I'll keep the Trophy until it dies and then tell MS to get bent before I go to AT&T.  But that's just me.  As far as doing multiple things with the Trophy, I've not tried to text while on a call (probably because I hate texting ;) ), but I have looked plenty of things up over the internet.  If you can't do this, not sure why. 
  • He meant while on call and NOT on WiFi.  CDMA can't do this, unless you have LTE or, on Sprint, WiMAX.
  • Don't be afraid to leave.  I was a loyal Verizon customer for six years but quickly jumped ship when the first Windows Phones launched.  I practically ran to T-Mobile to get a Dell Venue Pro and I don't regret it all.  For a very long time Verizon was exceptionally slow to get new phones and the phones they carry now are just plain ugly.  Verizon is not that important!
  • agreed!  I also agree with almost every other comment here as well.  I was with Verizon for 7 years.
    Verizon can get bent. I left them twice in fact (came back a week after moving to Tmobile because Tmobile had horrible coverage in my area) because the lack of WP7 support and about 10 other reasons as well.  I wish ATT had great service.  I just wish Sprint didn't jump on the iphone bandwagon because it seems we won't see a wp7 device other than the arrive. 
  • You think GSM is superior to CDMA, and AT&T's service, network and phone selection is better than Verizon's.  Why would you pay almost $500 for a midlevel Windows phone on a network you hate instead of the $350 etf to be on the network you love with a better phone?  Exercise in masochism?
  • I'm with you Microsoft needs to give these carriers what the want because the consumers want these LTE and 4G phones with tons of features. I'm one of those consumers that want it.
  • ^ I sell cellphones, and if there's one thing I've seen, it's that customers don't give a rat's butt about 4G.  Every 4G phone Verizon has launched this year has been a flop.  ATT just launched their LTE phones and people aren't exactly queing up to get them either.  
    It's clear that the market has spoken, customers want a !dependable! phone with great support and lots of features.  Until recently only the Iphone really fit that bill. While Android has been prolific of late, customers are not staying with it.  There's not a day that goes bye that I don't have AT LEAST one customer bringing in a malfunctioning Android phone and going back to their Iphone or even blackberry.  I've even had custers that were so traumatized by their first android phone that they went back to a feature phone.  WTF?!?!
  • my sister was pretty close to going back to a feature phone after android lol, good thing lumia 800 had the style for me to sway her over to wp7 :D
  • Although I'm on a Moto Photon right now, I can tell you from experience that yes, if Sprint ever gets a non-slider WP7 I will seriously consider upgrading early.  I'll need Sprint to publicly state they're truly commited to WP7 as well.
    I have contemplated selling the Photon and going back to my Treo Pro.  However, I'm sticking with Android for now, adopting a 'wait and see what ICS brings' approach.  Until then, I'm getting by with Launcher 7.
    I truly do want a dependable smartphone that remembers its a phone first.  I know its silly, but I miss having real buttons for call & hangup.
  • True, true.  Most people don't care about 4g and LTE because they don't understand nor care to understand.  Like you said, they want something reliable with features. 
  • They said LTE was coming in Tango.
    What more do they want. It's not like they're not being provided a roadmap, or maybe they're saving face because they didn't plan ahead thinking it would die off but now the Lumia is gaining traction.
  • Wouldn't LTE support have more to do with actual device manufactures than Microsoft? Or is Verizon making it Microsoft's problem so they can in turn push the device manufactures to implement this technology?
  • It is Microsoft. They have specifically left LTE out because its not in line with their standards for battery life right now. It will come when they feel it can be done right.
  • MS should tell Verizon that "having non-ignorant retail sales people that don't write off WP in the stores is critical for us" in return?
    They're "representation" is a damn joke and everyone knows it.   Verizon must love their new butt buddies Google, (i'd say Apple but now they're even on Sprint so no one cares anymore).
  • +1 Agreed!
    I have never experienced anything worse then when I had to wait for months for the HTC Trophy to launch. Every time you'd get some arrogant prick babbling about Thunderbolt or Moraka or whatever crap Android they are trying to push. You ask about WP7 they act like they've never heard of it. One idiot had the gall to ask me what is so great about WP7... Boy did he get ripped a new one... I went ahead and mentioned about the fluidity of the OS and how it ever seems better in comparison to iOS. It's interface is original and unique unlike iOS looking rather plain and similar to WinMo and Google looks like a hybrid of WinMo and iOS since Google can't come up with anyting on their own. Also how it doesn't have fragmentation issues or having to update like 3 times a day and 2 hour battery life or any of those wonderful Android benefits.
    In time I've figured a perfect commercial for Microsoft. It would shut down Google and Apple (Although I don't really have a problem with Apple). I don't want to say exactly what or how but simple as this... Apple = Trendy/Overpriced; Google = Spyware, Ads, Malware, Fragmentation, idiots who think they're L33T cause they "rooted" their phone eh hem with either someone elses hard work in an app or a tutorial, Oh and yeah having to find a custom ROM that works mostly the way you want it but never quite perfect... Then you have WP7... No need for hacking, not overpriced, more efficient and guess what? You don't need to root it because it was DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. ;) F-Google and Pitty Apple.
  • As I agree with you but, if your only phone is a lower end model compaired to everything else on the market for WP7, why would you push it ?
    I'l a WP7 lover and I have a Trophy  but, if you compare almost every other model or OS, they have many other devices while the Trophy gets berried in a corner. It's a known fact that the Trophy is the bottom of the barrel of WP7 devices (and VWZ sales people agreeed with me on that)
    Give Verizon some kick ass LTE devices, it would peak everyone's interest, even the sales people. They will start to sell better...
  • If I remember correctly it was Verizon that alleged they would not carry WP because they felt the technology wasn’t there. Personally I think Verizon is full of it. I can’t wait for the Microsoft ecosystem to come together with Windows 8 next year. When that happens I’m certain Verizon will be regretting everything negative that was said about WP.
  • It is amazing how hard AT&T and Verizon are pushing LTE.  They seem to want it more than the users.
  • It a  way for them to get users to upgrade before their 2 years is up.
    that is why Android is so popular with carriers becasue then need a new phone to get newer OS's not like apple and windows phone..
  • But thats not true...
  • I've waited awhile for a WP7 device & Verizon was the last to introduce the new OS. So saying Microsoft is holding back might not be entirely true. The HTC Trophy is a basic entry level device but is the only one available on their network. So if they decide to drop WP's it gives me a good reason to leave & switch networks who will carry new WP Nokia devices. Today i read another article on a Gizmodo editor praising the HTC WP is well on its way & Verizon would be a fool to drop the ball. IMO.
  • I think the better Nokia models will be on AT&T, like all windows phones. Tmobile might have the lower end there as well. 
    With the way Nokia sales are going in Europe, it will be interesting to see what sprint and verizon do. if that phone doesn't support their networks and becomes a big hit, they'll be scrambling
  • I do beleave Microsoft left it out because of battery life just like Apple, the only difference between MS and Apple is they sell way more phones on verizon so they are not going to tell apple no phones until LTE..
    I do think Microsoft need to work harder on LTE. and I hope they are working with verizon testing phones NOW and not waiting for 3 more months they really need a Good phone on Verizon in the January time frame.
    I'm wondering if this is why microsoft is focused over seas until they get something for verizon, sprint and metropcs there are only 2 phones on the 3 carriers and they are both on the lower level of quality phones ..
    I do not like VERIZON but they need them ..
    can someone tell me if in the last month has verizon released any non android lte phones ? other than apple ..
  • The bottom line is that verizon, or any carrier for that matter, doesn't really care about battery life with smartphones. You pay monthly anyway, so if you actually use your phone less because the battery runs out, it's better for them.
    Microsoft and Apple want to get the best battery life possible. With Android, that's pretty much up to the hardware companies (and the OS doesn't help much with it's multi tasking implementation). 
    My Android phone lasted maybe a third of the time my iphone 3G or HD7 do on a full charge. I had to install a task killer to get that up to maybe 70% of what the other two give me out of the box.
    I care about battery life more than I care about LTE. I'm on wifi most of the time anyway. The speed will be good, but not a deal breaker for me.
    for verizon it is, they have a lead in LTE implementation and devices and they want to keep pushing it. 
    as far as the iphone goes, for verison that's more about taking AT&T's edge. They're not pushing the iphone as hard as the droid line (RAZR and the HTC beats ads are on all the time). 
  • When is Tango supposed to be released? I've heard January
  • Look out for it at CES 2012 in January... I wouldn't be surprised if they show code name Ace which is likely to be the Lumia 900 4.3" screen and Tango. It will probably have LTE support but I'm betting it will be on AT&T as Verizon seems to be taking it in the @$$ from Google and loving it. I actually am hopeful for an AT&T launch as the distaste Verizon has given me with their arrogance and stupid staff in the stores I'm just about over it... AT&T seems to have a better selection anyways. And as I noted above... GSM multitasking such as talking on the phone and cruising the web whereas Verizon you're stuck on one thing at a time. AT&T has HSPA+ which they call 4G although it isn't LTE... 14Mbit versus 21Mbit isn't too much of a stretch... So if you get spotty LTE you always fall back to a superior network over Verizons ancient CDMA network which is crap. The only reason there is so much of it is because it was the crap that powered the Zach Morris phone. They pushed it up but can't go further whereas AT&T has been able to and is doing the LTE trend now and quickly as well. I feel AT&T will win... Just waiting for the Nokia anouncement.
  • Taotally agree.
  • I'm so happy that I finally ditched Verizon. I finally got a focus s on another carrier and it's been an awesome phone!
  • +1
    with better service, experience and freedom! :)
  • Verizon has the best cell I doubt that...unless you mean customer service.
  • As a current ATT user and a user since Cellular One for the past 15 years, I can personally tell you that my ATT device has always worked. I've had to allow other carrier users to use my ATT device when their phone don't work in specific regions and can count the number of dropped calls I've had on one hand in this time period. Have you ever been an ATT customer??? and what region???
  • All depends on where you live....
  • I hope Microsoft can come to an agreement. We need all the sales we can get to be competitive. I have faith in them. Plus if it works good, maybe they will be a top carrier and offer many phones.
  • >  if we want to continue to represent them
    What representation?  Three weeks after the Trophy came out I went to my local Verizon and they acted like I was speaking a dead language.  Are they advertising it at all?  Do their sales people know anything about it yet?
  • Remember when Verizon said there is no more room for a third OS??? SCREW VERIZON... AS much as I want my Verizon brothers to get a taste of Mango..they will have to wait to get one... We all know Verizon won't push windowsphone,with all the crap phones they sell which is android they are happy with ios and android...
    The more they sell htc,Samsung etc... The more money for msft.... So why force things ryt??? GSM windowsphones is ok for now...sprint and Verizon will get a windowsphone when msft is ready for them.. So screw u Verizon screw ur lte and stop the lies.
  • Verizon dropping Windows Phone would mean I would be changing carrier.   They do a piss poor job of getting the device in the 1st place.   Only have one device so not exactly choice an there world phone implementation with HTC is buggy resulting in data connection not working after returning from abroad using GSM Sim Card.    Only occurs on Trophy because of there use of CDMA technology.    So for all the crap about extensive testing before release as a reason for delay - it would appear the testing at verizon does a poor job.       Love Windows Phone and am starting to dislike Verizon more and more.  
  • I find it funny that a company that was once the topic of many of my classes regarding its monopolistic tendancies and its kill-all-or-be-killed attitude in the 90's and early 2000's is now getting a taste of its own medicine.  On the other hand... Verizon has to be stupid!  This world is a WAY more electronically and IT oriented than it used to be and it's only going to get more so.  Careful Verizon! You may make a buck or billion today but the end is in site.  The only people that I ever see on your side are the ones who don't have other options.   Just wait... options are coming!  And you'll be going!  Later looser!
  • So as a Verizon customer base, we don't get a timeline from Verizon as to when they will allow us to run a hotspot on our Trophy Windows Phones?  Yet, Verizon demands full disclosure and timelines from others?
    Very timely demand from Verizon as AT&T gets rated as the worst cell phone provider again - yet they are the big supporters of all the new Windows Phones.  Perhaps LTE is more of a competitive concern for Verizon, rather then a question out of spite?  Why not question HTC, Samsung and Nokia as to when they plan to support CDMA on a WP phone?  One thing at a time.  Of course, unless you don't give a ship about CDMA phones because you can't rape your customers for the cost of the phone and the elevated cost of an LTE plan!
    "Twice the data at half the price???"  Give me an effin break.
  • Good for Verizon, maybe Microsoft will take notice and stop being so lazy. You are on the last place Microsoft, act fast while you still can.
  • You sound dumb! Article released on this site stated that Nokia was in talks with ATT & Verizon concerning a Flagship Device that support LTE over a month ago, so verizon knows WP7 will be supporting LTE. And by the way, Nokia will be releasing this device in January of 2012 at which time i will be upgrading my Generation 1 focus. Verizon doesn't display or advertise the WP7 Trophy they carry now. MS should dump them, as stated in an earlier post, eventually people will get tired of scaled down desktops on phones (iphone & androids) with static icons and look for something different (WP7). Once this happens and VZW doesn't have a WP7, the finacial woes will start for VZW. Because if you continue to sell the same devices (UI) people will have no reason to upgrade their phones unless they don't take care of them or break them.
  • So, Apple gets a pass and Microsoft gets an ultimatum? I hope Microsoft remembers this when their sales start to ramp up and make sure that VZW gets handed the crappy end of the stick when they're actually wanting to carry Windows Phone.
    For those who may have any doubt about the sincerity of CMO Marni Walden’s statement re VZW not supporting Win Phone because of lack of LTE, consider this… Verizon currently have 53 smartphones listed on their website; of those only 12 are 4G – the other 41 aren’t. So if you peel away the marketing speak, the actual english translation of VZW’s statement is this: we’ll support non-LTE phones, unless of course it’s a Windows Phone. For years, VZW choked on their bad decision to not adopt the iPhone when first released by Apple. I see a similar situation starting to play out with VZW again, but this time with Microsoft, and for the sake of fairness and justice I hope VZW choke on their poor decision regarding Windows Phone adoption as well.
    In answer to those who are screaming for the latest and greatest Windows Phone hardware, I agree with you that Microsoft and their hardware partners need to up their game and get more competitive with their hardware. However I bought three Samsung Focus for my family months ago, and just got a Focus S for myself last week, and I can say with all honesty that even the old Samsung Focus runs smoother than my iPhone 3GS which is now unused, and the Focus S runs circles around all other phones that I’ve used, and I’ve used a lot.
  • I've been browsing this site for a few months now, lately reading pretty much every article, and just this second created an account to say: "NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!"
    My early upgrade from my Verizon Nokia Shade (camera-less…yes) just came up on the 5th and I am (was?) eagerly awaiting the opporitunity to get my hands on my very own Windows Phone. If they had been with the program since the beginning, it'd be in my possession right now and I surely would have forestalled my father's decision to order an iPhone 4S (at the very least I got him to drop his DROID..he hated it).
    Of the two VW stores in Birmingham I've recently visited, only one had the Trophy, sad and alone, mixed with a handful of Androids - one over from the iPhone section. Little guy didn't even have any network access let alone Mango.
    As an aside, Verizon Wireless is owned 55/45 by Verizon terrestrial and Vodafone. Here's hoping for some stern transatlantic conference calls.
  • I just joined this site to post in this fourm. If Verizon doesn't allow anymore windows phones, I will be done with them. I had five different Android phones, and I perfer my HTC trophy. For one the. There is just something with android as they have a lot of FC or random RB.  One thing I hated when I had my android phones was, they( cell phone companys) push out so many android phones that it's hard to support all of them. With the overlays on top of Android (which is another overlay on linux) it takes a very long time to get your updates. Then you are mad that other peoples phones are being updated and yours isn't. Then you have to try to install leaked software onto your phone to stay up on the current.  It's just a mess to see that all they care about is making money. I think Microsoft is really onto something here and I would hate to see Verizon miss out. I think when more Windows phones come out you will see the the market grow. It's just going to take time as WP7 is only been out a little over a year.
  • Verizon is full of SH*T! Does anyone remember, not long ago the article stating that Nokia was in talks with ATT and other carrier concerning a flagship LTE device. The article specifically mentioned Verizon as one of those companies. So if Nokia has spoke to them about an LTE device, then  VZW knows WP7 will be releasing an LTE supported phone. I currently have the trophy as my company phone and reps an VZW don't even know about the phone and I ordered it from them as soon as it was released on their network. There just like all of the other lackluster advertisers of WP7. I've also gone into several of their stores and couldn't find a WP7 on display. MS should tell Verizon to take a hike, because eventually their cash cow "iphone" will get old and adroid will as well. People will want something different from a pint sized desktop filled with static icons.
  • When you are three years late to the modern smartphone market and only have 1.5% market share, you don't dictate terms. The carriers are the gateways to customers and unless you're the hot thing, you cater to them. I'm sure Apple, Google, even RIM have communicated their LTE timelines to Verizon in the past so this move tells me Microsoft has been waffling. From a business point of view, I applaud them for forcing the issue. As for the Yahoo fanbois here, I find your rants comical. You guys who make fun of iSheeps and Fandroids are no better. I'm a WP7 user but I'm a realist. WP7's market share is, again, 1.5%. Let me put that into perspective: the land of kim-chi makes an OS (called "BADA" for the ill informed) that has greater market share than WP. In football terms, Ray Lewis/Clay Mathews/James Harrison are all pointing to the scoreboard after you talk shit about the field goal you just scored. So really, the threats here come off as delusional. Don't like Verizon? Leeeeave. Go to the other giant. Hell they have better phones there. Titan, Focus S, etc. Show Verizon that you -the huge WP fanbase that is 1.5% of 1.5% will make a difference. Go on, break your contracts, pay your ETF. Hurt them by moving your $100 month to another corporate giant like AT&T. Better yet, set up your own OCCUPY VERIZON. No? Come back to earth, use your smartphone, and change your diapers.
  • I know tons of people who have LTE phones that have had to download apps to turn it off and only go 3G because the battery dies after a half day of barely using.  How about the new Nexus Prime?  Pretty sure that is without LTE. 
  • .
  • Big Red's just trying to flex its Android muscle.  If it wasn't for Veriozon, Android wouldn't be as dominant in the market as it is currently.  It was VZ's "Droid" push in 2010 and really got Android moving. 
    Microsoft is missing HUGE market potential by delaying CDMA support on WP.  True, the global market is always going to be GSM driven, but in the US you have to have CDMA to be competative.  Verizon owes it's current dominance to it's 2010 Droid campaign and to AT&T's crappy customer service.  T-Mobile's success comes from running a GSM network, which makes them availble to pick up the crumbs that fall off of AT&T's table.  Sprint is just lost (and I've been with Sprint for 8 years now).  In a rush to be "first" with 4G they chose Wi-Max, rather than waiting for LTE.  Now they're trying to rush their LTE development to keep up with AT&T and VZ.  Even worse for WP, Sprint just hitched its wagon to Apple and will be losing money on the iPhone until 2014.  I like the Arrive but had to wait until the NoDo update (six months after launch) to get it.  By then it was only another 6 months until Mango would be relaesed, so I figured I could wait.  What now?  Even if Tango brings CDMA support, who's to say that Sprint will have a worthwhile WP device?
    I think it will take another 2-3 years for WP to make a large dent in the global market.  However, Microsoft is hurting themselves by not getting on the CDMA train sooner.
  • Screw Verizon. I am so pissed I didn't kick those clows down the curb when I had the chance. Instead I waited and overpaid for a Trophy. It is very clear from this that it will be a cold day in hell before Verizon gets a new Windows Phone. I only blame myself but can say without a doubt this will be the last phone from Verizon I own.
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