Is Verizon having problems with Windows Phone 8?

A story recently ran on the site Daily Mobile—a site which we are not familiar with—claiming that Windows Phone 8 devices on Verizon are running into problems, potentially causing a launch delay or even cancelation. We’ve been tipped on this by quite a few readers asking us to weigh in on the matter. After all the story does seem a bit sensational, bordering on hysteria.

First off, we know for a fact that the Nokia Lumia 822 aka Atlas is in active testing for the carrier with photos of the device having been leaked and even feedback from one of Verizon’s employees on the device. That should tell you something right there.

But according to Daily Mobile, they claim

“Windows Phone 8 software will not allow Verizon proper device management. Verizon phones are required to be able to be accessed remotely for provisioning purposes and such. Apparently WP8 phones do not meet that requirement so Verizon can not use any WP8 phones in its current state. This matter is so serious that if this remote access is not granted the devices can enter a state, albeit rare, that they stop responding to certain systems on the Verizon network.”

While we don’t know Daily Mobile's source, the information given to them is at least specific for once (as opposed to many rumors that we’re tipped on). But is there any truth to it? Turns out there may be.

RUM: 6

We have heard via a few sources that a similar issue occurred with Windows Phone 7 and Verizon and that this request is for OS level changes. Of course today consumers can buy the HTC Trophy on Verizon meaning any problem that existed did get resolved. But evidently with Windows Phone 8, they may still need to be worked out.

Truth be told, Verizon has not announced any devices nor release dates for Windows Phone 8, so any talk of “delays” is a bit premature we think. Having said that there certainly can be issues like the one described above preventing a timely release of Verizon’s Windows Phone 8 lineup. The detail of the claim (and some information we received) does lend some creditability to the story but we’re not prepared to call it out as a big problem just yet.

We’ll of course keep digging for more details but for now, we suggest we let some of those major dates e.g. October 21st and October 29th pass by first before throwing the alarm bells.

Source: Daily Mobile

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I hope all is well
  • Don't worry guys I just want to Verizon yesterday to get price and stuff bes I am thinking to switch form t-mo I was impressed by rep over there get got price in head
    1 $199 for HTC 8x for 2year contract
    2 $599+ for full retail price with no no contract
    3 you can't buy phone form other shop and bring to Verizon
  • ....and did you then go visit Santa Claus and get the rundown on all of the popular toys this year?  Sorry, but these posts claiming inside information require more than a grain of salt.  Any VZW rep who gave you specifics regarding pricing and availability would be fired the same day. 
  • No, it's possible. I was at a Verizon store two weeks ago and told the rep I would only change if they had a WP8 model. He looked at his computer and asked me I if I like HTC phones with a smile and a nod, and then told me to come back and talk to him in November. It's not exactly a confirmation but a leading comment for sure. That being said, if I don't hear anything definitive from Verizon about WP8 in the next week I'm going to cancel my new contract with them. Still within the 14 day window.
  • When I got my last phone the verizon guy told me with a smile, yeah you should get the LG revolution with voLTE, 4G is coming to our area in October... 14 months later he was correct. Never trust what a store employee says they know nothing, most of the managers don't even have a clue what is going on.
  • Not exactly related but it is related to Verizon. They are watching you and watching what your browsing history. You can opt out of it by going to your privacy settings on the Verizon website. If needed I can post a link for reference. You're automatically opted in to this service until you opt out.
  • Any at&t users know if they do this as well?
  • AT&T users concerned about privacy should look into CPNI - Customer Proprietory Network Information. AT&T has an information page (wih opt out information) at
  • Thanks for the link! :) Submitted my information to be excluded... not that I'm paranoid, I just don't care to participate.
  • Wow, really? I wonder if they had a similar problem with the iPhone.
  • I mean, would Apple make "OS level changes" for Verizon?
  • Apple made OS changes to allow third parties to remotely shut off your camera if they so please. Needless to say reporters aren't too happy with apple over that.
  • Not surprising that control freaks Verizon is having a problem with WP8.  
  • Especially since WP8 is supposed to be a VERY secure os because microsoft is trying to replace blackberry in the enterprise area
  • Stupid verizon... I have had so many problems with them.  I am stuck with them because I have phone service via work and it just wouldn't be worth it to pay for second service.  /sigh
  • I'm with you wormy.  I am stuck with VZW because of a work contract.  They are a bunch of clowns and control freaks.  The one positive thing that I CAN say is that whatever phone access they require, they did not abuse it with my HTC Trophy.  Of all the carriers, I was the first or second to get all of the WP updates and the few (okay one) HTC updates were also pushed out to my Trophy as soon as they were available.  I would simply like to hear from VZW regarding what they plan to carry and when it will be available for purchase.  At the rate they are going, they are going to lose MY hardware purchase to the Microsoft Surface Phone.
  • So if true Nokia made the right decision and are bypassing any delay to launching the 920 in the US. But as stated, the 822 is in testing so I would imagine all gets sorted eventually.
  • Wow. Every day that passes makes me more glad I'm not on Verizon. Doesn't bode well for WP though.
  • Wait, what? So Verizion wants backdoor software or control of my phone? For what? And people complain about ATT.
  • No, but since they don't use SIM cards they need access to your phone to activate your # on it. It's a CDMA thing.
  • Is that it? That should be easy enough.
  • But Verizon has sim cards for LTE Phones.
  • Oh please... if that's all it was, problem solved... WP7 already supports it for Trophy and Arrive (Sprint, also CDMA), so what's the problem? Wait, it's MORE access they want. Pardon my language, but fuck them. This is like that issue with Android and iPhone in which carriers (particularly Verizon) were running snooping software, crap, what was it called... I can't remember now, crap. Well anyway, they got caught and had to back-peddle on the issue. I can't believe they're still trying that nonsense.
  • That's what I was getting at. Maybe they see WP8 as having a good chance and they want to sneak something in...uninstallable bloatware...or maybe something more nefarious?
  • CarrierIQ.
  • Yeah!! That's the one! Thanks for the memories... I had an EVO at the time, and that's why I left for an Arrive.
  • How did they activate the trophy I use for work? And why wouldn't the same access level work on wp8?
  • YES! all I want is for Verizon to have a capability to remotely access my phone!
  • If this is true then a big ass "boo" to MS. Yes, I put it solely on MS because it's their job to make sure their OS runs on the carriers, especially since they have to have known about this stuff for years now.
  • smdh
  • +1
  • Wait, what? Did you not read the article? You're "boo"ing Microsoft for not inherintly putting a backdoor into their OS for carriers to take control of your device? Your priorities are in the wrong place friend.
  • I did read the article. It says nothing about a back door. It says they need the ability to provision your phone and make it work on their network. Oh, and also to make sure it doesn't get permanently disconnected from the network in rare cases.
  • It is a + 100 to ms!!!
  • Good by Verizon time to move on, the clock is running tick tock tick tock!
  • Wp8 not on Sprint AND Verizon would pretty much be a death blow. Catastrophic.
  • Sprint? Really?  Sprint will have no effect what so ever on the future of WP.  As to Verizon, I doubt they would have pushed WP anyway.  They have their "Droids" which they can manipulate and load up all the crap ware they want on.  
  • That's well over half of all customers in the united states. Not sure how you don't see this as a huge blow if true. Wait, I forgot art sold 600,000 900s with advertising, lol.
  • Rest of the world doesn't count?
  • The rest of the world really sold the hell out of windows phone. Lol. I'm so sick of hearing that crap. Right now windows phone needs as much availability as possible. This is far from it.
  • If the rest of the world did badly in WP sales then the US did even worse with all the carrier sales people actively turning people away from buying one. The wireless world does not revolve around the US and certainly not Verizon.
  • Your comprehension is weak. Windows. Phone. Needs. Every. Market. Possible. To. Succeed. 4%. Market. Share. Is. Not. Going. To. Cut. It. 4%. Market. Share. =. Many. Missing. Apps. And. Poor. Support. I. Get. That. There. Are. Other. Markets. Other. Than. The. United. States. Did you comprehend that or should I try again.
  • Now I see where Hyperion Loaders got their AI from. No wonder they're so dmn annoying.
  • you sure? The world revolves around US. We control everything to your military presence, to aggriculture products, and etc. If the world doesn't revolve around US, why do they look up to us and most importantly try to do businesses in the states?
  • You are clearly clueless, first of all Verizon never pushed the trophy they had/have/hid. Second, sprint has never carried any, so no effect.
  • Hence the 4% market share. Evidently nobody gets the fact that an item can't sell if it's not available. How hard is that to understand? To think wp8 doesn't need decent market share in united states is ridiculous. Every major market is vital at this point.
  • Sprint carried the HTC Arrive (1st Gen) but Sprint hasn't and never will make an impact at all on the mobile industry. Apart from their "unlimited" data, Sprint is terrible. Independentvolume clearly has no idea what they are talking about.
  • If we're only getting that crappy 822 and nothing else I'll be fine, I will wait. WP will never take off if they have 2 mid range devices on the best network in the US
  • "Best network" That's debatable.  
  • Not really.  Verizon has way more coverage than ATT.  That's far from debatable.  Now, ATT may have some areas of better coverage but Verizon has more.
  • No, it's not debatable. Verizon is the most reliable, has the most expansive coverage, and the fastest 4G. 
  • AT&T LTE is much faster than VZW LTE.
  • Not where I'm at because at&t lte doesn't exist where I'm at. At&t 70 lte markets, Verizon 400.
  • I agree with MrSurfboardon the fact that WP95's statement is debatable. ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon are by far the most popular/biggest networks in the US. They all have somewhat different coverage areas, so it technically doesn't matter who is faster, because if there is bad coverage in your city or area, you obviously wont be going with that specific carrier.
  • Could this be an issue with CDMA?
  • If true...if true! It makes my decision easier to pay my EFT. Really want a high end WP8 device. Until now the Trophy has been my only choice because of contract. Verizon & MS get your s#*t together.
  • Really , this is turning into a soap opera for windows phone. Lets get creditable info and sources.
  • I am sure they will get it worked out. As for it being a death blow... Yeah cause releasing the iPhone only on ATT all that time sure killed Apple
  • Not even comparable, the iPhone was a whole different animal in a whole different economy. There isn't a herd of isheep waiting to buy it.
  • i think this cant be blamed on ms ..
    there is a phone and there is an os . and a carier that wants it should take it as it is .
    you take a contract with verizon and get a phone with it .. i just dont get why cariers need to have acces to phones they 'sell.' its just stupid .. that should count for all cariers world wide ..
    sell contracts and give phones how they come dont change stuff its just crap. we live in 2012 a phone is private so let big brother out .. if this is even true and verizon takes no wp8 phones because they cant snoop on other peoples phones then its their loss .
  • All carriers are the problem, Some days I love big red others not so much. I hope Microsoft sacks up and makes a carrier independent device and lets us shop for service. How pissed would people be if we had to replace our pc's and macbooks if we changed DSL providers.
    The FCC and the carriers have made us their b1tcHE$.
  • I agree. I wish we had A EU setup.
  • You're the man!
  • I think microsoft actually is making their own "Surface Phone" (they aren't making it like anything else hardware related, just branding it) that will be carrier independant and is going to be a backup.
  • Style2k12 is a genius!
  • Verizon is having problems, period.
  • I'm going to give this 48 hours before I step out onto the ledge here, but if there is a serious problem for Verizon with WP8 that is just being discovered now, and it significantly delays Verizon shipping WP8 phones, it's going to be Joe Belfiore's head on a platter.  It is Microsoft's responsibility to assure that their phones are ready for the carriers when they need to be ready.  Verizon stands to lose very little if they have to delay the introduction of WP8 phones.  It would be a massive blow to Microsoft.  Sometimes its not enough to do your best; sometimes you have to do what's required. 
  • I wouldn't panic... I call shenanigans on the whole thing to be honest, but... if there is a problem, I do believe it rests squarely on Verizon seeking more access than is reasonable, and I support Microsoft in not backing down.
  • That's funny... just a week or two ago, wasn't everyone saying how it was stupid for Nokia to have an exclusive with AT&T? After all, who in their right mind would want to leave Big Red for Big Blue? Why, indeed. It would be ludicrous to think that Big Red might want to snoop or control things. Am I sayin AT&T is a saint? Hardly. I think they pride themselves on pissing people off, but maybe not so malicious as incompetent.
  • +1
  • with Microsoft pandering to GSM and AT&T in the USA it's no surprise Verizon will give MS a difficult time with Windows Phone. While they need devices that have lower upfront cost (subsidy) than iPhone - and the mid-line 8xx fit that bill along with the 8x or 8s - it's not that urgen with iPhone5 having just shipped. Anyways anyone with good ATT coverage who hasn't already left Verizon is pretty foolish. Higher cost, slower network, worst devices (even iPhone can't do turn-by-turn/data and phone calls simultaneously).
  • I lot of my coworkers switched to AT&T in past couple of months for random reasons, and they are all happier with att... I don't know how att got that negative connotation, but I don't see it. I've been using their service for 6 years.. never had any issues. 
  • I'm going to lean on the odds of this not being true but if it isn't I'm absolutely done. We're on strike 7 at this point so I should have left twice by now but wouldn't have been able to convince my parents. If they essentially are saying that they're not releasing these phones because they can't track our useage with them, I think that should convince mom and dad how full of crap verizon really is.
  • um this may be why the htc trophy was delayed so long...and why they didnt support it at all
  • Verizon did support the trophy. It got patches and all the updates. Besides the 900, how's tango for ATT customers? Oh that's right, it never got pushed.
  • If true, I'm out. And taking 5 lines with me! Verizon owes its customers some info, by not being forthcoming it shows what their customers mean to them. All the rumors and speculation and they don't step up one way or the other.
  • Its been RTM'd for quite some time now and you would think this would have been one of the first thing they test; real convenient to say it just over week before official release. Typical Verizon, just another excuse they can give to their "loyal customers" who want a Windows Phone . You stated they had the same problem with WP7, why, when considering carrying WP8 would not have addressed this with MS prior to RTM. I see them backing put for their beloved Android, Apple, and soon to be released BB10. And don't tell me no about BB10 because they pushed this dying OS more than WP7
  • Honestly, how is BlackBerry any more dying than windows phone and their 4% market share?
  • Because BB was a mature OS that should have been upgraded a lot sooner than now. WP on the other hand is a completely new introduction to the mobile space. I've used blackberries, and frankly people are simply tired of it and BB10 is not user friendly for the average client user. Im an IT manager; I keep up with all the latest tech and I'm speaking from experience
  • Do you support 3 year olds? BB10 looks far from difficult in the previews.
  • No, adults ranging from 23-60yrs. I have people using androids/Apple who only know how to make calls. I have to help them check VM on the BB's. Believe it or not
  • @independentvolume it's a tad bit ignorant to speak for other people and how easy it is for them to use something. your not the general public let people say whether they have issues with things or not...
  • As well my boss uses android and he doesn't even know how to open camera or messaging apps and he has been in the it biz for like forty odd years
  • your absolutely correct bud. Seems my frustration has clouded my brain. My parents would have no clue how to navigate an android device.
  • I'm sorry I don't mean to be insulting rude or anything I just wanted to make a point.
  • Its sounds like to me that's its CDMA problems with wp8 security features giving them hassle. That would be my guess.
  • Well I still use a trophy for work and it works fine, so Verizon should have brought this up with MS developers a year ago, yet apparently they chose not too so the could have a trump card to hand to its customers......THEY SUCK, ITS A GOOD THING I HAVE AN L900 ON ATT. VZW just lost a corporate customer along with all 300 employees(I'm the IT manager who purchase all cell phones), I've been talking with them for at least 6mos, and spoke with my rep today; she told me that employees were already using Jerry Springer would put it, "And the lie detector test determined that's a lie"
  • Omg lol you mean Maury!!!! Lloooool
  • I call BS.  If its true that WP7 had similar issues - and Microsoft made changes to correct them - then you would think they would be sure that WP8 would not have any of the same issues.
    Now since this is Verizon we're talking about here, I bet they are asking for a higher level control over the OS to allow for those 'customizations' that Verizon is famous for doing to 99% of the phones on their network that do nothing but squeeze more cash out of their customers.
  • ....and people continue to ponder (and create excuses) when they have still not announced any devices.  Perhaps it is just as simple as they are not as on board as people here seem to insist is the case.  They were not on board for WP7 and are now the only carrier to not weigh in on devices.  UNtil they announce somthing, they have announced nothing.  Simple statement but it gets around all of the incessant rationalizations and excuses.
  • Verizon is heavily invested in Android. Samsung is currently doing *very* well in the Android market. Android lets Verizon put all its **** all over their devices. Verizon most likely sees no need to push Windows Phone 8, and in fact, sees pushing it as a way of losing what it already has.
    I'm sorry, but I think the Lumia 920 exclusivity was the absolute dumbest move possible for Nokia and for Windows Phone as a whole. I see no recovery beyond a Surface Phone. What is clear is that Nokia is proving that it should not be the premier Windows Phone if they can't even get their flagship phone on all the carriers. I don't care about the specifics. I care about how the heck this mess happened.
    Everyone is blaming Verizon, but something tells me T-Mobile would have bent over backwards for the 920. Furthermore, Nokia is pulling the same exclusive BS with other carriers internationally. So I don't live in Europe, but *maybe* this carrier exclusivity thing goes well there? Because it's a really short-sighted move for a phone company that bet the farm on Windows Phone. 
    I want Windows Phone to succeed with or without Nokia. If Nokia has put itself out of the winners circle, then it's time for some other product to step in. Yes, this *is* enough to disqualify Nokia from being the premeir carrier. Why aren't people being fired over this?
  • I need a new phone in November (currently have the Trophy, but the micro USB port is not working solid any longer), but my contract is up in April. I'd probably be stuck with a $200 early termination fee.  Hopefully the HTC 8s won't be too expensive on a 2-yr contract. I think the 8x is rumored to be $199+contract.  I will probably break my contract if this Verizon problem is accurate.  fruck!
  • Be careful here. There is nothing beyond vague rumors here that some anti-VZW trolls are blowing way out of proportion. Plus Daily Mobile is not exactly a reputable site.
  • We are all WP fans here. None of us want this to happen.
  • This is not surprising, as far as I know, Verizon uses Sybase (SAP) Afaria for device mgmt and that does not yet work on Windows Phone, just iOS, Android, BB, WinMobile.
  • And... Their previous wp-phone worked by...
  • I'm really worried about these news, I am addicted to windows phone so if I won't be able to get it one on Verizon will be pissed, but if there is a delay than w.e wait a bit to save more money
  • The fact that neither The Verge nor Engadget have reported on this tells me that it's extremely unlikely to be true. It's big enough news that it would be posted by one of them if they had sources that collaborated the claim. Even this article admits that WPCentral is only posting it because something similar happened with WP7, not because of anything they've heard about WP8 (and, in fact, what we've heard of the 8X and 822 testing suggests that it isn't true). Even Joe Belfiore has mentioned that his 8X is on Verizon.
    I'm not worrying too much until the 21st and 29th pass with no Verizon announcements.