Verizon may pick up Treo 800w - in 2010

Now take this with a big ol' grain of salt, but Verizon reportedly may get the latest and greatest er the second-most recently launched um the Palm Treo 800w ... wait for it ... in February 2010.

That's according to a PhoneArena tipster called "SnapDude," and even PA admits that this is far from official. Now don't get us wrong, the Treo 800w was a favorite around here for a while. But Palm has followed it with the Windows Mobile-powered Treo Pro and, of course, the Pre. Heck, we were talking nearly a year ago about Verizon bringing the 800w and still haven't seen it.

On the other hand, we can't help but chuckle when thinking about Verizon blabbing just days before the Palm Pre launched on Sprint that it would be getting the Pre. And then to not get the 800w out the door until February 2010? Well, karma's a fickle mother sometimes.

The other WinMo phone release rumored in the PA post is the Samsung Omnia II. We know Verizon and Sammy play well together, but is it realistic to think that the Omnia II could be released by Christmas? We'll see.

Phil Nickinson

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