Verizon has posted its 2010 Q2 financial report and while the company reporting an overall revenue decline, not everything was a loss.

Verizon reported $26.8 billion in total operating revenue, .3% decline compared to this time last year.  While the company may have experienced a decline in total operating revenue, the wireless revenue experienced a 3.4% increase.

Verizon ended the quarter with 92.1 million total customers (a 5% increase from last year) and 86.1 million retail customers (a 1.1% increase). That's still about 4 million behind AT&T's 90.1 million wireless subscribers, assuming the full 86.1 million are wireless customers.

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As seen in AT&T's quarterly report, Verizon experienced a significant jump in wireless data revenues (23.4%) from last year. Data usage for the quarter is reported to reflect 180 billion text messages, 4.2 billion picture/video messages and 25 million music/video downloads. The data revenue jump makes the 4.2% service revenue increase pale in comparison.  Yet another indicator how important data is to consumers?

You can read the full presser over at Verizon's website as well as view the financial tables here.

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