Video of Nokia Maps so stunning you’ll do a double take

Videos from the tech community never stop amazing me with their creativity and work. For example, the Lumia 920 has had some crazy unboxings and hands-on. Here’s one from Paul Wex that made me do a double take once I realized it was using images from Nokia's 3D HERE maps.

Wide Web World is an impressive video taking you around the globe to major cities like Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, and more. Maybe I still need caffeine this late in the day (or some new glasses), but I clicked play and watched this without picking up on what exactly I was looking at. I assumed the footage was from Lumia or something. Either way, it’s impressive how detailed Nokia has made these 3D maps for us all. Now all we need is to get some 3D mapping on our HERE Drive apps and we’ll be set.

Source: Vimeo, Via: FastCoCreate

Thanks for the tip Amir H!

Sam Sabri