Viggle ending support for its Windows and Windows Phone apps on September 17

Alas, another Windows and Windows Phone app is biting the dust. This time, Viggle, an app that rewards users with points to redeem for TV shows and music by listening or watching, is on the chopping block. Viggle made the announcement in an email to users, stating the following:

Effective Thursday, September 17, 2015, we are no longer supporting the Viggle App for Windows devices. To redeem the Viggle points you've earned, please visit to access millions of rewards that include TV shows, movies, music and more.

Perhaps a bit frustratingly, Viggle then points users to its Android and iOS apps, which are still sticking around.

If you weren't aware of Viggle, the app allows users to get rewards by simply watching TV and listening to music. When watching a TV show or listening to music, you could open the app, tell it to listen, and then you'd get reward points that you could redeem for song downloads, gift cards, and more. It's a bit of an early demise for such an interesting service on the Windows platform, as it made its debut in June of 2014.

If you're curious, the app will remain available through September 17, so you can hit up the link below to check it out on the Windows Store.

Thanks to Laura and Karl for the tips!

Download Viggle for Windows Phone

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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