Viggle ending support for its Windows and Windows Phone apps on September 17

Alas, another Windows and Windows Phone app is biting the dust. This time, Viggle, an app that rewards users with points to redeem for TV shows and music by listening or watching, is on the chopping block. Viggle made the announcement in an email to users, stating the following:

Effective Thursday, September 17, 2015, we are no longer supporting the Viggle App for Windows devices. To redeem the Viggle points you've earned, please visit to access millions of rewards that include TV shows, movies, music and more.

Perhaps a bit frustratingly, Viggle then points users to its Android and iOS apps, which are still sticking around.

If you weren't aware of Viggle, the app allows users to get rewards by simply watching TV and listening to music. When watching a TV show or listening to music, you could open the app, tell it to listen, and then you'd get reward points that you could redeem for song downloads, gift cards, and more. It's a bit of an early demise for such an interesting service on the Windows platform, as it made its debut in June of 2014.

If you're curious, the app will remain available through September 17, so you can hit up the link below to check it out on the Windows Store.

Thanks to Laura and Karl for the tips!

Download Viggle for Windows Phone

QR: Viggle

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  • Shocking.....
  • Let's start the show.. "One more official app ending support for is falling.. RIP WP " /s ;)
  • Indeed. Windows phone is RIP.
  • By that reasoning, windows 10 standard rip too.
  • Let's start the other line of thinking too " I don't use the app so who cares? I'll just switch to some other service or third party app" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Two years ago this would have been news, but Viggle has lost it's appeal to most. They no longer offer any incentives that keep people using it. Also, just side load the Android app on WP10 if needed.
  • Viggle no longer being available on WPs'? It's a non-issue, surprised anyone still cares enough about Viggle to write an article about it!
  • The app had failed to gain traction, has nothing to do with WP. It's only a matter of time before they also shut down, Android & iOS apps with it
  • The reviews on Google Play over the app isn't too favourable either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • Wow...the way your sig just rolls off the tongue......using a windows app that was written for android.....that is on your blackberry. Wow....LOL
  • He's clearly a fanboy... No idea of what, but clearly!
  • Mobile nations in a nutshell Posted via my Blackberry Q10 or Lumia 820
  • Who?
  • Loss of Viggle support for the Windows Phone platform follows Chase Bank, American Airlines, Bank of America, Instagram Beta, SkyWallet, Kik Messenger, Major League Baseball, etc. Still no commitment from Citi Bank, Starbucks, Peerio, ProtonMail, Signal, SpiderOak, Wire, SugarSync, Periscope, FireFox, Disconnect, Wickr, etc.
  • Mlb recommitted and rumor has it bank of America is coming back.
  • Instagram Beta has been updated a few days back if I am not wrong.
  • Viggle it...
  • No!!!!!!!!
  • All the apps that end support are unknown to me... US apps?
  • Cut off one head two more will appear
  • Hail Hydra!
  • Everybody: "HAIL HYDRA!!!!!"
  • LMFAO ^_^
  • Exactly! Two brand new Windows 10 universal apps.
  • Ok.
  • I can understand dropping the app but its douchey to then direct people to IOS and android apps imo. I never heard of them before anyway
  • agreed
  • True that, I was like....what the f*$* is Viggle, Wiggle or the hell it's named.
  • it's an app by Kason Ferulo
  • @F3rzz:
    Lol. Had to think of his song too.
    So, wiggle it, viggle.
  • Dont sign up for there service. They will spam the crap out of you. I totally regretted giving them my email address.
  • You cant expect from other companies to support Windows Phone when Microsoft itself doesnt care about Windows Phone!
  • Yes because they're totally not investing millions into development of Win10Mobile. Those devs definitely must be working for free
  • Spot on Eddie
  • I doubt there investing million's......sure doesn't feel like it
  • Of course it doesn't because you have no idea how to do the work they do. You think you just type a few lines on the computer and magic happens. VIOLA! Action Center!
  • I laughed very hard. Thank you lol. 
  • Wait, what?
    They're not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts; Microsoft's goal is to be competitve in the mobile space........or so the theory goes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And what is a 'Viggle'? Fire whoever came up with that name.
  • Its the way you say wiggle in a comedy German accent.
  • I think of smegal
  • Lol
  • Probably someone from Microsoft's Brand Management Team, like the guy who used to handle Zune...
  • So here's my question... Did anyone here actually use Viggle? I know I downloaded it once, but then I read the terms and decided that the service wasn't for me.
  • I used it enough to get a free pair of Ray-Bans this year.
  • Since June 2014, I have used this app daily and very "religiously", To date, I have 551K points from this app. Once upon a time, Viggle was offering an iPad for 2 million points, and I think I saw other tech for 1 mil and whatnot.... sadly, I just looked, and I see none of their tech offerings now. :(  Only digital media. Ah well, I have a ton of points to spend. FREE stuff is the best stuff you can get.
  • How is it free stuff when you had to use the app all the time, to get the stuff?
  • Never heard of them, but this is a service that begs to be a universal app. How many of those iOS and Android users are also Windows PC users? A lot I am sure. Oh well, no loss for me personally. Probably a little short sighted by them though.
  • It is a universal app.
  • Tried it. I found it a bit of a pain to keep up with.
  • I used it but only ever saw very lame rewards. Got bored with it and forgot I even had it installed on mu phone until this e-mail.
  • Only 2,500 reviews.  Microsoft doesn't really post number of downloads like other app stores though. Consider Candy crush only has about 17,000 reviews and it's likely the most popular game on there.  Android has 13,000,000 reviews.  hehe
  • The Android app has over 1 million downloads and over 100,000 reviews. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i was talking about Candy Crush :P  A big game like that has barely any reviews on Windows Phone.
  • Yes I did and I still do on my iPhone
  • I'll file this under: "Who?"
  • Or just let the app at the store and don't update it...
  • It's a bummer because I was an early user of this app for Windows and Windows Phone. I also recommended it to other Windows and Windows Phone users. Yes, I am still able to use it on my Android devices, but it was nice for Windows devices too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bad news for those who use it.. May be a W10 universal app is on it's way..! Thanks for the news though :)
  • WTF is Viggle anyway
  • Read the article?
  • It's a German dance.
  • German twerking...
  • Bet most of the responses are going to be either "who" or "i never used it so it wasnt any good'. As if any app leaving this rapidly contracting ecosystem is a good thing....
  • Bet your usual response is to attack others for because they like to use WP and stand up for what they like. Do you go over to iMore or AndroidCentral and attack the people over there simply for saying that they like a product from Apple or Google?
  • If it's being used by very few, and most don't know what it is, then having it leave is meaningless.
  • Many apps I never heard of are quitting Windows Store. If they were any popular I believe it would be mentioned here earlier.
  • Windows Central did publish an article when the Viggle app was originally released. That's how I discovered the app.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ah so, that was year ago, once.. thanks :D
  • They published another article for the Windows 8 version of the app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You should have stopped after the FIRST time she proved you wrong.
  • Tried it but it required too much for a reward
  • No​ worry , they will back with universal app ......... NOT....LOL ...
  • Yeah...because there is more Android and iOS users than Windows users. What a joke.
  • If nothing else, why don't these devs just use one of the app conversion projects Microsoft is working on to make their Android or IOS app a windows phone app? If they had a windows app already, they've got somebody there that would be able to maintain it that way.
  • Maybe since ms competitors are paying them to fight ms?
  • Sure, Apple and Google paid this company to drop their Windows app. That doesn't sound stupid at all.
  • I could see that happening.  "you know that 4 bucks revenue you made with windows phone?  We will give you 8 bucks to drop it". ;)
  • Because those tools are currently beta and invite only.
  • It's not out yet.  Candy Crush was a project that MS did with King.  King doesn't actually have access to it.  It is not finished.  They are only now testing publishing with android developers.  There's still a long way to go.  My guess is that maybe there will be some nice announcements in the NYC event.   
  • I know they're not out yet, but I wouldn't think it would be all that much longer until they are. What I mean is that it seems premature to just outright drop the app when there is potentially an easier way to maintain it soon. What Microsoft needs to do is open up Astoria and Islandwood to more than just Windows 10 mobile, and make it so Windows 10 can run the converted apps as well. That would make it much more appealing to devs to get on many many more devices I think.
  • Yah but likely they would still have to pull it and publish a new version of the app specifically for windows 10.  But if they are directing people to android and ios I doubt they have any future plans.  That's like telling people they are on the wrong platform.  I hope Windows 10 does make it big and all the companies that pulled out get screwed over as others take their positions.  Early adoption gives a huge advantage as those apps are already rated and already have feedback that new users will notice.
  • Lol, why would you pull support now when the phone o/s is due to be released just about 3 weeks from now. Rather short sighted Imo.
  • Money my dear
  • They've also just had an instant injection of nearly 100 million new Windows users over the past month. Extremely shortsighted of them to kill the app right now.
  • tell em what you think at  
  • Sad, another bites the dust but hey at least we can enjoy the new Snapchat feature of buying for replays. I wonder what Daniel Rubino posted. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who?
  • [x] Who? [ ] That app sucks anyways [ ] They're going to come back with a universal app
  • Their loss
  • Never even heard of it. But I do want to see other apps such as banking apps make their way to Windows 10 Mobile. Directing people to their iOS and Android apps is a kick in the you know what though. Just because the dev may not care about our platform, just kill the app, not point us to their Android and iOS versions.
  • Great... Don't let the IDE hit u in the ass on your way out....
  • Instead of app devs and app companies complaining about their apps not grossing..... Make them usable across the globe. I tried to use it and it said that it isn't supported in the country I'm in........
  • A few days ago EA removed a bunch of their apps from the Apple and Play stores while they stayed on the WP store. People were justifying the move claiming that it costs money to run the servers, to update the software, to fix bugs, to make sure they work with the latest version of iOS and Android, they need to make space for newer apps (because, you know, there is a limited supply of electrons) and more. It was just good business sense to remove those apps. An app that I have never heard of (and similar apps are usually scams) is removed from the WP store - OMG!!!! WP IS DEAD!!! MICROSOFT IS DEAD!!1!!! SWITCH TO ANDROID NOW!1!!1! BALLMER SCREWED US AND NOW LOOK WHAT WE ARE LEFT WITH! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Well you can say it's on life support. Maybe like Bobby Kristina. Months but in this case years on life alert until it dies Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My point made well - the Android user thinks that apps removed from the Play store is no problem, even when those same apps are still on the WP store. But an app that nobody heard of or uses is removed from the WP store, then WP is on life support.
  • Who cares? lol
  • Seriously, how do such things work, as in make a profit? You watch tv, or tell them you did, they log it and give you points. Woopdidoo. Such apps and programs are either inherently flawed in their design, or are pyramid schemes designed to make the top dog rich.
  • They probably sell user data to advertising companies
  • I dont even know about this app.
  • Hey, my name's not Laura or Karl! And I tipped it right after I got the email. Oh, well...:P
  • See, here's the deal...who cares? It's a niche app and niche service. To get something like that to work you need an enormous population to pick from because your win is going to be an incredibly small percentage of the total population. We're talking fractions of a percentage point. So who cares? I've never known anyone on any platform even mention it.
  • I saw a billboard advertising Viggle in my neighborhood a couple months ago. The billboard showed the App Store and Google Play but not the Windows or Windows Phone Store. I thought that was just an oversight and had no idea the Windows and Windows Phone versions were going to be discontinued at that time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • DirecTV promotes Viggle. I wanted to try it, downloaded it, but never used it. I'd much rather have a streaming app from DirecTV.
  • Viggle it, just a little bit...
  • Get lost..
  • Its Ok..No Problem...But Where is Our IMO....????
  • I ended my support of this app long ago. Posted from this here device.
  • Main thing I remember about Viggle is they always mentioned Windows and showed the Windows Store along with iOS and Android when advertising their app. Ironic.
  • So Viggle wiggles?...i giggle.
  • Oooooo might goood.Noooo
  • It just shows the lack of user adoption on Windows platform when it comes to mobile devices. All of you can talk crap about Viggle but the fact is due to low adoption rate, another app is being decomissioned for Windows. Microsoft needs to push hard and hit hard. I honestly believe that October is way too late for them to release any new high end Windows phone, this should have occured months ago. I do look forward to seeing them release the Lumia 940 err 950's whatever they are called and I will be trying them out for another round or so but MS needs to bring up the user rate big time. If this keeps up of apps disappearing from Windows even after #10 got released then that is a serious problem. As far as Viggle goes I did use the app to collect points on listening to music or watching tv. On music I would get at least 100-150 points per song and on TV whatever mins the show/movie was on for. They changed their rewards to get be able to redeem the points for digital music albums or digital copies of movies/tv shows. So unless you don't like that then it the app wasn't for you. Sucks it won't be available anymore on the Windows platform. Just shows that MS hasn't fully sold the whole one Windows 10 platform to developers, otherwise they wouldn't be bailing out on the platform.
  • OMG! Such a loss! (said no one ever)
  • Never knew it ever existed before today.I see in the store it has no reviews and no star rating. Also not available in my market.
  • It's still hilarious how people that have been on WP since wp7 or even before continue to blame Microsoft anyone like myself who came from webOS knows how hard it was to get developers to make us apps they won't spare the time to make apps for a platform that isn't going to make them the money they assume they will make on Android or Ios....So If you never hit a bunch of developers up on twitter or email asking them to support your platform and they don't give a logical reason for not having one or leaven you don't get it you continue to be under some delusion that Microsoft can make developers make us apps as if they going to hold a gun up to their heads
  • They'll be joining back in about two years when market share grows
  • App like this shouldn't have existed in first place..
  • just fu-ck who do not support most advanced platform....
  • that's what i say. F them all. MS/Windows rocks, and i will NEVER given to these morons. Specially an app that i have NEVER heard of till now. 
  • Who? Is this relevant enough to cover as news?
  • SO, Windows 10 with universal apps, Millions of WIndows 10 computers/installs was said to help, This is just going backwards... Microsoft better release some fucking Windows 10 phone soon before it's too late... You've had 10 Android phones and 2 iPhones from the last flagship WP device, no wonder why it's losing apps...
  • watch the Oct/6th live event. you will see some killer devices will be announced by MS, just short few day left. I can't wait. 
  • another useless app is gone. wow, not sure how anyone will survive and use their windows SMART PHONE anymore. the world just ended. Oh wait why we're still here, huuuummmmm I'm sure CrApple iOS and Android users have installed ""ALL"" those million+ useless apps on their phones(specially iJUNK without MicroSD slot), and use million+ apps everyday 24/7. Yeah why would anyone go with MS phns, since they ONLY have 600,000+ apps, that's crap. 600,000+ app is so pathetic, any iJUNK and Android users can use those 600,000+ apps ALL at the same time, while they are talking on the phone, texting, eating, pooping, taking a shower, driving, working, swimming, having sex with their phones,.....................and while they are sleeping. yeah those iSHEEP and Android users need way more than 600,000+ apps. They need like 1,000,000,000,000+ useless apps or nothing, to use all at the same time. I mean just look at an iSHEEP using his or her's iJUNK, while they are blocking a pathway, intelligent is pouring out of them. An iSHEEP has all the reason not wanting Windows phn with 600,000+ apps, their brain is so....................., they need way , way, way, way,........more apps. Come-on people, iJUNK 6 with 16GB storage and NO SD slot, holds 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 apps. so think 600,000+ no wonder they are laughing at us. An iSHEEP can do so manything at the sametime, is not even funny. Some people sugested, iSHEEP are not human, since they can so so manythings on their 4 years behind technolgy iJUNK phns. I have to agree with that.  As for myself, i have to also go with an iJUNK and/or Android device now, since this app, that I've NEVER heard of till now, is going away. Who gives a crap, about windows OS that is by far better and stable than iOS or Android, or AWESOME win Camera, or high capacity wireless charging battery, MicroSD slot, 4K video recording with Surround Sound, my Lumia 1520. OH NO, this app being gone, that's it for me. I'm gone MS good luck with your 600,000+ apps and those universal apps, or that Continuum feature that noone else offers or has, or your 950 or 950XL with QHD screen,............ and so many features that iJUNK 6S toy does NOT have. YEAH this 1 APP does it for me. NOOOOOOOOOT NEVER. 
  • This bums me out. I use Viggle all the time while watching TV so I can get points to rent movies. Never once been spammed by them either through email or notifications so I have no idea why people say they do.
  • Meh, Viggle is an one-off service that I tried out and never got into the habit of using.  Just don't believe that this really says anything about the state of Windows Phone in any way...
  • Never heard of it.
  • Meh. I used Viggle for a while but the massive amount of points needed to get anything made me lose interest. If you notice too, there are very few, if any, comercials for it on TV any more. I think they have more problems than just WP to worry about.