VOIP client Fring making a return to Windows Phone in the future

It has been a long, long time since the Microsoft crowd heard from Fring – a relatively popular VOIP/IM app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile back in the day. It was back in October of 2012 that we got word they had no plans to support Windows Phone 7 due to the lack of camera access. Since then the access developers have to the camera with Windows Phone 8 has changed dramatically and Fring is coming back!

TruTower recently had a chance to speak with the folks at Fring and was able to get a comment on their future plans regarding Windows Phone. The company plans to release an application for Windows Phone 8 sometime in the future, but has no specific release date yet. But what can you look forward to with Fring? Quite a bit if they make it similar to their iOS and Android app.  You can expect a plethora of VOIP and instant messaging features like:

  • Free calls, group calls, texting, video, group video, and more.
  • You can fring your friends on Symbian
  • Use your phone number for registration instead of username/password
  • Group calling with 4 friends at the same time
  • Free calls, messaging, and video calls to other fring users worldwide
  • Almost free calls to mobile and landline numbers with fringOut

Bad news for the BlackBerry crowd though, as Fring has no plans to work on anything for BlackBerry 10 at this time. A good showing for Windows Phone as it shows where developers prioritize their resources – could shape how the battle for third works out with Windows Phone and BlackBerry in the coming months.

As usual, we’re always stoked to see popular apps join the apps available in the Windows Phone Store. One app that may not be important to you, could be also be holding someone else back from jumping on board. Learn more about Fring at their website.

Source: TruTower; Thanks, Paul R., for the tip!

Sam Sabri