Weather Wallpaper for Windows Phone 8, lockscreen support using your images

Weather Wallpaper is a Windows Phone 8 app that, as the title suggests, lets you integrate your local weather information into your lockscreen wallpaper.

While other weather apps are out there that offer lockscreen support, Amazing Weather HD comes to mind, Weather Wallpaper gives you the option as to which wallpapers to use. You can use weather related images provided by Bing, Bing's image of the day or your own photo.

The user interface for Weather Wallpaper is simple, straight forward and only takes one page. You have options to turn on/off updating the lockscreen, your choice of weather units (fahrenheit vs. celcius), choose your weather forecast location, and choose which image you want to use.

Should you choose your own image, you'll be taken to the Pictures Hub where you can choose an image, crop it and set it as your wallpaper.

The weather data displayed at the top of the lockscreen includes:

  • An icon illustrating the current weather conditions 
  • Current temperature with a "feels like" temperature
  • Forecasted high/low temperature for the current date 
  • Forecasted high/low temperature and conditions for the next day

Weather Wallpaper also has Live Tile support that will display the same weather data. Weather information is provided by Yahoo Weather and data is updated twice an hour. Updates were a little on the slow side though and at times, painfully slow.  There were times in which twice an hour was more like twice a day.

Weather Wallpaper's strength is that you can add weather information to your lockscreen without giving up your own images as the wallpaper. It's a feature every weather app with lockscreen support should have. 

While it's a nice app there is room for improvement most notably with reliable updates. Weather Wallpaper lacks any options as to what weather information is displayed or how frequent the data is refreshed. Also, the Live Tile is a little on the dull side displaying information only on one side of the tile. You can't help but feel the Live Tile is missing something. 

It would be nice if Weather Wallpaper had lockscreen and Live Tile options similar to what we see with other weather apps that let you choose what information is displayed and the frequency of the updates.

Still...Weather Wallpaper is an option worth trying for your Windows Phone 8 lockscreens.  It just needs a little fine tuning. There is a trial version available with the full version running $.99. You can find Weather Wallpaper here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

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  • Alot of text messages
  • Da fuq O.O
  • Not alot I've gotten 300msges :-\ bitch
  • Lol just joken :)
  • And sim card is locked... Talk about buzz
  • You Windows Phone users are aware that Live Messenger, including Rooms, count as "message" alerts and counts, right? And that if you receive Room or Live Messenger messages on one Windows Phone, you receive them on all that have the same Microsoft Account...ahem.
  • I wish there was weather app that allowed you to pick a whole album instead of just single image. I would like albums made if a single color to match my tile color and have the weather update and change between all the images.
  • Why the recent obsession with weather information on lock screen? A LOT of apps are doing this now.
  • Weather is pretty important when being mobile.
  • no, not really.
  • It depends on where you live or maybe what you do in a day's time.   If you're in an area with active weather patterns or work/spend a lot of time outdoors it's nice to check the forecast at a glance from the Lockscreen.
  • Sweet, this is almost exactly what I wanted. Now he just needs to add support for multiple pictures... Or rather, the paper shuffle dev needs to add a minimalistic and optional weather overlay. I cite paper shuffle because the dev went through several versions just optimizing app efficiency when you have large albums. I currently shuffle ~300 pictures. It would be a shame to lose all that just for weather on lock screen... Except im not giving up weather live, I like the interface and voice commands. So the weather live guy should add wallpaper support? I feel like two separate apps getting weather is gonna murder my already pathetic battery.
  • This is something I'd like to get into Weather Wallpaper. Please email so we can get this intigrated!
  • Weather flow actually updated and supports this and works well with 300+ pictures. It's almost perfect, just need to be able to change the alpha transparency value... It's too dark currently.
  • Nice to choose background since no weather apps knows seasons or winter.
  • Nice app but wouldn't pay for it. Using it for 7 days...
  • I really like the functionality of this app, looks great on the lock screen, but where is it pulling the weather info from? It is drastically wrong, as much as even 10 degrees off, from what The Weather Channel app is reporting. Shame, would've bought the app otherwise.
  • I'm using weather flow. Paid app and find it very stable on my Nokia 920. Has option of Bing wallpaper, own image, or their own. Only missing item would be feels like temp. Overall would recommend.
  • Dont buy the app, it stops showing temperature and will not show any other image then a blue weather image.
    Lumia 920
  • Make sure that you open the app at least once. There is also an update that was just approved tonight (2/22/2013 )that should help with some people not seeing updates. Please email with any questions.
  • Hope some feature comes to wp7.8