webOS Hands-On Video, Smartphone Round Robin

And so it begins. We kick off the third annual Smartphone Round Robin today by going head-to-head with Palm's webOS, the Pre and the Pixi — and one Dieter Bohn, esq., of PreCentral.net.

We've all seen webOS before, so it's the bells and whistles I was really interested in. Does it stand up with long-term multi-tasking? Will the Pre really skip across a pond? Things like that. And I have some of the same knocks as longtime users of webOS. The Pre is great, that's for sure. But will webOS hold up over time? Are the trade-offs made by the Pixi -- speed and WiFi -- really worth it?

So, I've started a thread in the PreCentral.net forums to help sort some of this out. And for our part, we've got video after the break of Dieter learnin' me a thing or three about this newfangled platform. (Note: No Pixis -- or Pixies -- were harmed by the monstrous HTC HD2 in the making of this video). So check it all out after the break, and get ready for more Round Robin coverage to come.

Let's get it on!

Dieter Bohn