Overwatch League 2019 coming soon, esports teams caught up in troubled waters

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With the release of the latest Black Ops installment (set to drive competition to the front door at PUBG Corp.), the week saw some troubling news at Infinite Esports & Entertainment with 19 positions lost due to restructuring.

Overwatch League 2019

Overwatch League organizers are preparing to start the 2019 season, and there's excitement about all the teams who will be participating. Looking at the official tweet below, it looks like a healthy collection of organizations with two divisions full of talent. There are also insane rumors of franchising costing teams anywhere up to $60 million.

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You can find out more about the teams when the season kicks off, and more on the official website.

Infinite layoffs

League of Legends

Infinite Esports & Entertainment, the company that owns organization OpTic Gaming, has laid off a total of 19 employees, as reported by Dexerto. It's a move that will not only affect OpTic, but also other teams under its wing, including Houston Outlaws.

PUBG's new €1,000,000 European league


PUBG announced a new tournament for the continent, aptly named PUBG Europe League (PEL). With a prize pool of €1,000,000, the 2019 inaugural season will be split into three phases, allowing 16 teams to compete in a studio, much like the League of Legends Championship Series.

As part of the company's five-year plan for the game, travel costs and accommodation will all be covered by PUBG Corp. for participating players and teams, with revenue sharing coming into play to offer added incentives and support. To make things a little more exciting, a relegation and promotion system will be in use.

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Upcoming live events

  • League of Legends Worlds 2018 (Group Stage) - October 10-17, watch on Twitch.
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