Welcome to the Microsoft Store

Hey, so what if Microsoft borrowed an idea or two from other successful retailers. These things happen. It's good to see them getting the brand out there. And a Microsoft store is just the way to do it. Commercials are good, but you have to get products in customers' hands. And judging by the reaction the video above, it opening day either was a rousing success, or they were pumping in some good stuff.

Any of you guys and gals out there hit up a store yet? Let us know in the comments.

Phil Nickinson

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  • yes yes yes. i know i must sound like a broken record to the regulars on this site. i appologize. really. but two of the biggest problems facing windows phone (branding and simple app discovery and download) will be impacted positively by flawless execution of the windows marketplace store. fun stuff. cool stuff. useful stuff. easy to find. easy to get. easy to use.
  • Good stuff. We had a MSFT trainer give us a very good presentation for Windows 7 all morning long. Awesome !!!! From they way the presentation was presented all the way to the actual slides in the presentation. Great security, troubleshooter works(finds drivers and makes repairs on its own), and the stability is strong. We are planning on moving to windows 7 in the spring. We are a school district Things are really looking good for MSFT. From Zune HD to Windows Phone, all the way to WIndows 7 and server 2008 R2. Good stuff.. Good Stuff.
  • One other point... I can't believe..or maybe i can... but the Mac fanboys are really coming out of the wood works, and commenting badly on everything Microsoft, that they can get their keyboard pointed to. What A-holes!!!
  • Dude, I really do appreciate your enthusiasm and regarding the Apple fanboys whom we all dislike, just let them be and don't play their game. At the end of the day, they look bad, not us so don't fall into the trap of back and forth name calling and such.
  • I was searching the net looking for reviews on the MS store and came across this forum, started reading and thought I
  • You can't really tell if that particular opening in the video is a "rousing success". Looked to me like most of the screaming were coming from the workers, who filled up half the room... In any case, I'd like to visit one of these stores... displays... whatever it's called and check out the new and exciting products MS has to offer.