What happens when you combine Fruit Ninja, a Lumia 920 and a butcher knife?

If you're looking to add a little realism to your next game of Fruit Ninja on your Nokia Lumia 920, you could try using a real knife instead of your finger.

We are too sure how well the Lumia 920's screen will fair after slicing through a few games but it's an interesting way to demonstrate Nokia's PureMotion HD+ touchscreen.  The Gorilla Glass should hold up to the knife swipes for a while but I don't know how long I'd tempt fate. 

Source: Youtube; (opens in new tab) via: WMPU; Thanks, pepsijosh, for the tip!

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  • No thank you!
  • how do u not scratch ur phone like that?!  i scratched my 920 just by putting it in my pocket everyday. 
  • Me too! I saw the videos of all the knives and keys and was shocked when mine scratched bringing in the same pocket as keys. I had to put on an invisible shield to feel confident.
  • Metal is lower on the mohs scale of hardness than gorilla glass. Things like sand is more likely to scratch your screen than a knife or keys.
  • It's a matter of pressure. If he pressed the knife at the screen it would be a different story. Your keys are pressed against the screen everytime you sit down.
  • I haven't done anything like this, dont even keep keys in the same pocket, and my screen is scratched more than any other phone I've had! Anyone else have these issues?
  • If there are something that looks like scratches, they are not probably scratches on the screen itself, they are in the oleophobic coating on the Lumia 920's screen.
  • How does one fix that??
  • +1 
    I would really know how to fix that. No Phone of mine before got scratched as easily and i thought that the gorilla glass was supposed to not be scratched so easily
  • I put my phone in my back packet and sit on it all of the time. No scratches or anything. I am sexy though; maybe that is why...
  • With an LCD screen the 920 has press on it and see what happens see the difference in color now imagine ur weight on that screen do u really want to ruin ur screen over time
  • I use mine in a wallet case and sit on it all of the time as well. And have done so for a while. No problems here.
  • You sit on it! That can't be good..
  • Vibrate on?
  • Funny
  • The guy in the video is killing me haha.
  • In the first minute of the video, the guy is saying "Let's see...Where is Fruit Ninja? Oh, yeah. I have to go to the Store..." I was like "What? You set up for this video and haven't downloaded/installed Fruit Ninja, yet?" Later I notice he meant to say the Games Hub and the game was already installed, LOL.
  • Did u noticed that he pressed the windows button and then to get back to the game he re-launched it? Lol
  • Like a boss
  • Am I the only one whose touch screen isnt that sensitive? I mean it works with gloves, but if I use hard plastic like the back of a pen, or anything hard..nothing. How hard do you have to press? And yes, I have the High sensitivty setting turned on.
  • Doesn't work with plastic. But try a fork.
  • Then how does it work with thick ski gloves?
  • It does with my Hestra leather gloves. Not with the tip of the glove though, but as soon as you apply pressure it works.
  • You need something that conducts electricity, like metal or the human body. Plastic is an insulator and therefore does not conduct electricity. As I'm Swedish I'm not sure of the English terms, but you get what I'm saying.
  • Hurdy gurdy ciao kilnker.
    The laws of physics are universal, no problem, we understood :)
  • This video is both funny and awesome at the same time.lol
  • Heh, forget "don't try this at home". It's hilarious how he challenges everyone to beat him. This is awesome
  • i was super sensitive with mine for the first week until i got my screen cover on
    i was lucky and did not scratch it.  i know its tough and i could use without a cover, but i am paranoid about it.
    i also got a speck candy shell.  it is porbably the best $30 i sent. however, for the week i have used it, it has not scuffs and such on it from in and out of my pocket than the real casing has.  (yes, i am aware of the bady contructions of the lumia is meant to be durable and hid e scatches and such) i am just saying is all.
  • My 920 has two deep scratches I have no idea where they came from, it was in my pocket both times, but I was at work and a wrench might have made it in there... My 2 year old knocked it out if my hand two feet from the concrete floor and broke the corner of the glass and put a couple cracks in the edge; not as durable as I had imagined it would be.
  • i dont know about this video, to requote one comment , the guy doesnt even know where to find games, and second he has no clue what achievements are. the  guy is a goof ball.  sorry for the grammar issues i am on an ipad, yeah i know you dont havetosay anything i am already giving my self a hard time for it
  • I was trying to show off my lumia 920 at a restaurant to my friends and lightly tapped the screen with the fork/knife. I regret that decision now because I've got tiny, light scratches on the screen that is visible when the screen is off. 
  • So gonna try this later today!!