Last week, I wrote about my thoughts on Android compared to Windows Phone 7 and why I thought Android, though extremely popular, ultimately has some fundamental architecture issues.

Today, Shawn Wildermuth, who has written six books on .NET and is heavily involved with the Microsoft ecosystem (so yeah, bias), discusses his thoughts on Android. He's uses a Motorola Droid on Verizon as his daily driver and just updated to OS 2.2 aka 'Froyo'.

One of his choice quotes would be 

...But there is an intrinsic problem here. I had to use some spelunking to find out what background processes were killing my performance. This is a big bucket of FAIL.

Phones aren't for geeks, they are for regular people like my mother and my sister. The fact that most Android users learn to use a task management app means there is something wrong.

We couldn't agree more and while we hope Windows Phone 7 v1.0 moves beyond the current feature-incomplete status sooner than later, we're quite happy with this new direction and focus on consumers.