What if the Surface Duo ran Windows? This fan concept imagines the possibilities.

Project Meta
Project Meta (Image credit: Harry Dohyun Kim)

In 2020, we're promised two folding devices from Microsoft, the Surface Neo, and the Surface Duo. The phone-like Duo, however, is powered by Android, to the dismay of Windows fans everywhere (but let's face it, what choice did they have?). In a parallel universe, however, the Duo is powered by Windows, and this fan concept takes a stab at what that might look like.

Dubbed "Project Meta," the design from Harry Dohyun Kim offers a glimpse at what could have been for the Surface Duo, had Microsoft not thrown in the towel. The design examines some possible user scenarios, as well as more futuristic hardware scenarios with minimal bezels. Many of the folding capabilities were touched upon in the real Surface Duo ad, although Microsoft will be relatively restricted over what it can realistically do with Android, without Google's say-so.

Project Meta also imagines futuristic versions of Continuum, as well as other implementations such as using the device's folded-flat mode to perform as a drum pad for making music and so on. Perhaps we'll see some of these types of scenarios emerge on the Windows-powered Surface Neo in the future, or even the Android-powered Surface Duo or Samsung Galaxy Fold. It's nice to dream, anyways.

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Be sure to take a look at the full Behance site if you want to see a bit more from the project.

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