Twitter Apps

On Windows Phone we have the official Twitter app, but we also have a healthy selection of third-party alternatives. Twitter is a big social network with millions of users all wanting to use the service in different and unique ways. You might be content with the official Twitter app. However there are a handful of others who love third-party apps for the features they bring to the table. Which is your favorite?

A discussion currently happening in our forums is asking that question. What's the best Twitter client for Windows Phone? It's ok if it's the official Twitter app. That one was just updated two days ago with multi-photo upload, ability to tag friends in photos, inline media support and more.

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Everyone will have varying opinions and preferences when it comes to Twitter, but here are a few third-party apps that have stood out so far in that forum discussion:

Those are just some of the favorites that have been mentioned so far. Join the forum discussion to voice your favorite Twitter app on Windows Phone.

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