What's in MrMobile's bag for 2017?

It's been a full year since I last gave you a peek into my pockets for a tour of MrMobile's Everyday Carry. That's equivalent to four years on the planet Mercury, seven years for the common canine – and roughly a century when it comes to mobile technology. In that time I've traded Windows Mobile for BlackBerry, shed the Microsoft Band in favor of some even bigger smartwatches, and upgraded to the new iPad Pro while leaving my MacBook as-is. Oh, and I bought a wallet at a comic book store. Because YOLO, or something.

So whether you're seeking early ideas for Prime Day or just wondering what populates the pockets of a crazy contrarian like me, come check out the gadgetry that gets me where I'm going – in MrMobile's 2017 Everyday Carry!

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  • Even Michael Fisher is ditching Win10 Mobile, he was one of the biggest fans of the platform. 
  • Obviously he isn't blind. He knows that W10M isn't relevant for now. Android and iOS is undoubtedly better than the current W10M. I'm 100% sure that he's still a Windows Phone fan and he's just waiting for the right time when MS finally unveils their mythical "Surface Phone" or whatever they call it.
  • There are really no phones worth buying. And the Blackberry KeyOne is helluva phone. Tested one three weeks ago. A solid business option.
  • lol "even Michael Fisher..." Um, he never used Windows 10 Mobile as his daily driver to begin with. He reviewed them, toyed with them a bit, but only used the 950 for a bit before going to review and use Android devices for his channel. If you watched Fisher's stuff he was never a fan of Windows 10 Mobile. Ever. He liked Windows Phone 7 and 8. It's not 2015, time to catch up.
  • I think they wanted to say "ditches Windows Phone" as an entire platform not WP10 in particular ;)
  • He'll be back. No tech junkie could pass up a Surface Phone.
  • What Surface Phone?
  • win10.arm, Portable win10 maybe?
  • For the 100th time : there will be no Surface Phone.
  • Michael Fisher May ditch Win 10 Mobile For Now... If...and if MS brings out their ultra pc mobile that runs win32 apps then who needs Iphone and Android, we don't know what MS has planned so we just have to wait and see what they will bring to the table. MS ****** up in the past, but they don't wanna go down that road again, so that are busy with a "phone" but I don't think it's a Surface Phone cause is not ready, maybe 2018 or 2019. People complain to much about windows phones while iphone and android also screws us in their own way, so find out more about your phone and the OS that it runs, to me a phone is just a damn phone.
  • That combo on his Surface book is excellent looking! I was also surprised that he ditched his phone too though, but I get it.
  • I read EDC and thought this was going to be a music post...lol
  • So I recently jumped from Windows Phone to android. After a long time. Well since Windows Phone mango, I've been using Windows Phone. And I bought G6 after going through a lot of research and some of MKBHD and Mr Mobile's videos. Solid phone. Good recommendation by Mr Mobile. Happy to see he himself is using it. :) 
  • I bought an Android phone to access some business apps I needed but I hate the OS and just cannot even contemplate switching from Windows on phone.
  • Aaah man. The OS sucks! No doubt about it. Windows Phone was fluid, intuitive and simple to use at best. This world of Google is such a message. But my 830 was dying an untimely death because of sucky Windows 10 and I didn't have any more courage to commit to Windows Phone. Its hard earned money after all. Even after getting the phone I spent good time in cleaning it and setting things up with Microsoft apps. What made me even more sad was that the MS apps are way superior here. :(
  • WOW. That blue touch on the Surface Book is really cool. 😍
  • Why does he have a iPad pro when he has a Surface book? The whole point of SB is that you don't need to have a laptop and a tablet. I used my SB daily, and don't use another tablet anymore. I detach it for good WC reading.