When is the right time for a Surface phone?

Even though a Surface phone has no concrete evidence towards its existence, Windows phone fans can't help but talk about what they'd hope to see if/when Microsoft ultimately decided to release a Surface branded phone. We know what we want from a Surface phone, but the question I'm interested in is "when?"

When exactly is the right time for a Surface phone? Timing is key, and if Microsoft wants to make a dent in the market, they're going to have to time its release just right. It'll need to be announced and launched during a period where no other smartphones are being announced or launched.

What's more, it will also need to wait for the software, such as CShell, to be ready. I don't believe CShell will be until Redstone 4 at the earliest, and even then there's lots more work that needs to be done to Windows 10 before a Surface phone makes sense.

If some of what Nadella and others have said is true, then in the big scheme of things this will happen sooner or later. I mean, after all, if you end up with Windows 10 on ARM on tablets and laptops, why would MS or someone else NOT shrink that device to a phone-size device? I mean, is there a reason not to? If people buy Win 10 on smaller battery efficient devices as well as laptops and...


I know some Windows phone fans think the sooner the better, but if we want a true Windows phone flagship, I think waiting is the best bet. If that means we don't get a Surface phone until 2019, so be it. What do you think?

We've got a whole forum thread where our community is discussing this exact topic. Make sure you voice your opinion!

When is the right time for a Surface Phone?

Zac Bowden
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