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I'll be after the successor to the HTC TITAN

It’s a difficult question to answer, “Which Windows Phone would you buy next?” It's especially difficult when we only have three announced Windows Phones for Apollo. We’ve seen what both Samsung and Nokia have to offer in terms of hardware for the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, but there’s one major partner that has still to take the floor. Yes, I’m talking about HTC. I would very much like to purchase the upcoming HTC 8X.

I hear the shouts and screams. "Why?!" Well, the Taiwanese manufacturer has supported Windows Phone since the beginning (as well as Windows Mobile) with a number of devices. I've always liked their first generation Windows Phones. I’ve made my opinions clear in the past how the company could have taken the platform by storm through actively promoting their hardware. HTC then brought us the Radar and my favourite Windows Phone – the massive TITAN. Sporting a thin design, comfortable body and being fairly light-weight made it a no brainer for me.

Now don’t mistake me for a moment. I enjoy using all Windows Phones – I enjoy the OS experience. However, I believe I’m slightly picky when it comes to hardware. The Lumia 800 is a superb device, and the Lumia 820 and 920 are both going to provide great options for consumers. But they’re just not for me. Yes, Nokia has services, support and OEM apps to boot, but there’s something about HTC’s larger handsets that excites me. Plus I find Lumia handsets to be slightly on the bulky and heavier side of the scale.

Of course, I cannot praise a Windows Phone and not state any issues I’ve experienced. The HTC TITAN, while constructed in an effective way, is far too weak for everyday use. I use my smartphone a lot. Whether it’s for maps, transport, email, contacting friends, calling a loved one, or attempting to complete DODONPACHI MAXIMUM, it definitely gets used. I’ve also dropped the TITAN I own a few times, which has left the screen with a couple of dents, scratches across the back of the casing, as well as a sizeable chip in the top corner (which my girlfriend humorously decided to paint over). It’s easily damaged.

So, I enjoy using my HTC TITAN, but why do I want to get the HTC 8X (aka Accord)? It’s considered the successor to the TITAN II, and if it’s to resemble the Android One X in any way (as is rumoured), I’d be a happy chap. I like the huge screen, and prefer HTC LCD displays to Samsung AMOLEDs – though I understand the Lumia 920 uses PureMotion HD+, which is interesting and innovative technology.

We haven’t seen much in terms of photos or leaks that would confirm my decision to purchase the 8X, but the rumoured 4.7” display, dual-core chip, 8MP shooter and NFC is enough to sway me with a similar design to what I’ve grown accustomed to with my TITAN. If HTC score high with weight and thickness (or better yet, make it thinner and lighter than the TITAN) then I’m immediately sold. While I enjoy Nokia’s services and the apps you bring to the Marketplace, I enjoy the Windows Phone experience overall to be able to pick another OEM.

I’ll definitely have a Nokia Windows Phone as a secondary handset though, just so I can take full advantage of options available. We’ll -of course- have to wait until the HTC event this coming Wednesday, but I’m silently excited to see what the manufacturer brings to the table. Give me an Apollo TITAN / One X hybrid and you can have my bank account details, HTC.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Rumor has it this is it:
  • Hopefully the new version of the titan will keep the 16 megapixel camera with some nice adhancements (Better low light, Faster, OIS?). A One X design with a 16 megapixel camera would be epic!  
  • Can't knock a man for preference. Here's to hoping HTC brings something exciting to the table for you.
  • I can.  I will never support a company that is so poor in supporting its users.  The Connection Setup app doesn't support Straight Talk after months and months of app reviews saying do just that.....then they just pulled the app entirely!
  • LOL
  • thank you for your amazingly useless contribution to the conversation.
  • I love my HD7 on T-Mobile. I'm just like you though. Screen size is everything to me. My purpose of going windows was for Xbox games. So small screens don't work for me. I'm heavily leaning on the Samsung but if HTC drops a 4.7 for T-Mobile things will get complicated for me. Decision, decision, decision.
    Maybe even Nokia will show some 920 love to T-Mobile
  • No go in 920. 820 is ok but agree with the article, its super thick and bulky. Although I'd admit the screen is pretty awesome for being such low rez. Tmob is getting the "accord" but whether or not that's a 4.7 who knows. I tend to find HTC phones nicer looking and higher quality built, but reception tends to have issues.
  • Not I.. HTC HD7 owner this device replaced #4 times. though I will admit that build quality is very good. it's rather hard to see in the dalylight. the cam isn't that great and the sound well not so sure about you but If I play tunes on this device one can not hear it unless you kick in a set of cans on. I'm on T-MO as well even though the L920 is the device I like the best currently. I want a high end device so that leaves the L820 out the screen res of that device killed it for me. so if T-MO picked up a HTC high end I would look at it if the sound and cam quailty is better I would think about it. if the Samsung ATIV S comes to T-MO that would be the one I would gage my buy on.. But for anyone who is not on AT&T we really have to wait for the middle of this week to really be sure. the question is where the devices are going inoder to make that choice.
  • If you have trouble with the HD7 in sunlight then you will HATE Samsungs screen. I have the Titan II and an S3 and my S3 is useless outdoors on a sunny day. Truly awful.
  • Until the announcement, I cannot say exactly what I'll choose. However, I'm sure my options will be limited on Verizon. I am not pleased with HTC for one reason: now three-button in-line mic support on my HTC Trophy. Idk why this wouldn't be STANDARD on all Smartphones but apparently it isn't. This isn't Verizon's doing, It's not Microsoft's doing as my LG Quantum supports 3BIL Mics, so for me HTC is ranked low on the list. I'm probably going to get a Nokia Lumia 922(rumored VZW version of the 920) in grey. The reason, Their pretty much the closest Windows Phone is getting to Nexus Hardware. The other reason, Qi charging integrated, is f*cking amazing! HTC needs to outdo Nokia in Hardware styling, OEM Software, and of course Accessory compatibility. Otherwise Samsung and Nokia will be all I pay attention to.
  • Finally, someone who is not drinking all the Nokia juice! I just hope HTC doesn't disappoint with lackluster support after we have bought their devices. I'm also on board to getting an 8x. The One X in my opinion is the best crafted phone out right now. The screen in my opinion is superb too. Of HTC brings that in a WP8 device, my world would be set on fire with "Elation" lol.
  • I don't think its a case of Nokia juice.
    The polycarb cases are really nice, and a nice innovation. Colour cannot be scratched off.
    My GF refuses to buy Samsung due to poor build quality, and poor call quality.
    (Remember when we used to use phones for making phone calls! :) )
    This time round, Windows Phone 8, the only real innovation is the OIS and Low light ability of the 920 camera. The 920 camera is the killer feature meaning people will forgoe iPhone 5 and get a WP8 device. I was waiting to see what Apple did (could have been "magical" - but it wasn't)
    So I will not get an iPhone this time, and get a 920 Lumia
    Simple as that. Its not cos of any juice drinking on my part.
  • While you make some good points (and every phone I have owned included the current one have been HTC) there is just no way I would pass up Nokia's support at this point which is why I am almost sure I will go with the Lumia 920.
    However, it is good not everyone will go for the Nokia. We need competition to keep them getting better.
  • Nokia still has apple and Samsung droid to deal with. I'd rather Samsung and HTC drop out WP if they're not as invested in the platform as they are with Android
  • It's all going to depend on what t-mobile gets. I'd really like a 920, but I can't bring myself to stay with att.
  • Straight talk
  • Straight talk sucks, there's no streaming allowed and data isn't unlimited
  • Oh really? :-/ im still on TMO. Was planning on switching to straight talk once the 920 came out
  • Are you sure there's no streaming?
  • Yeah HTC will be great only if it comes with Quad Cores.
    I thing more cores will matter in Windows Phone platform unlike Android (where its believed that very less apps uses multiple cores). I feel that will not be the case in Windows Platform. 
  • I LOVE my Ariive, but I just cannot pass up Nokia's support.  HTC abandoned me, with zero firmware updates, and I'm going to return the feeling.
  • Pretty sure that was sprint, not HTC. My trophy got updates.
  • +1
  • My HD7 also got firmware updates.
  • Finally someone on this site isn't on the Nokia bandwagon. I've been saying give me a Titan II with WP8, dual-core, NFC and some minor camera improvements and I'm sold.
  • I want the 920 so bad, but I understand your point. Let's see what HTC brings to the table soon. But I'm sure I will get a Nokia though.
  • Everyone is worried about support, I thought the whole thing about wp8 was universal support for two yrs with ota. Doesn't that mean msoft will be handling some of it with OEM support for the specific phone?
  • MS is only guaranteeing 18 months of OS support. Firmware is up to the OEM. This is where HTC screws the pooch, and where they will lose me as a customer when the 920 drops. My HD7 has several firmware-fixable issues of a critical nature, which have all been there for over a year, during which time I've received NoDo, Mango, the Exchange Fix, the disappearing keyboard fix, and now Tango from the OS side. That's fix OS updates, not counting the handful of pre-mango and pre-tango updates that all came bundled together, which is roughly another 4. And I'm willing to bet a paycheck those issues will still persist after 7.8 drops.
  • Yup. I have really poor call quality on my HD7. Is your tmo branded? I didn't get the tango update..
  • Agreed. Nokia do seem to be the only OED to be updating with real zeal and vigour to make WP a success. Most issues the Lumia 800 and 900 had, have been cured by Nokia updates. (Even if carriers didn't release them, or were slow to)
    Seems like Nokia is a safe bet.
    Although I would get another OEDs phone if they made an exciting one.
    But I've not seen anything exciting from anyone else. The 920 camera is the differentiator for me.
  • I love my HTC Titan, and I'm hopeful that HTC can hit a 'homerun' with a high-end WP8 device that will give Nokia a run for its money. My Titan 1 takes superb pictures compared to the current devices out there, even better than my wife's Samsung Focus S, and way better than a friends Lumia 900, but it's hard to argue with the specs, and support from Nokia with the Lumia 920. I'm leaning towards the 920, so let's see what HTC can bring to the table!
  • Respectable devices, all of them.  I love my first gen focus very much.  The only thing is Nokia brings so many perks to the table.  If not for the 920 I'd likely go ATIV but thankfully the red beauty awaits me at some unknown point in the future. :)
  • While L920 is the safe choice in leaning at, Im waiting to HTC have done there announcement and then i will read all the reviews i can find. Then i will go to a store and get to know em,and THEN, im gonna make a choice. My ball is still rolling and i really love my HTC Titan. The camera on the L920 is a really winning factor that it seems nobody can surpass. But I'll wait, prove to me that your a good phone, and I'll buy you :-D
  • That's really the smartest thing to do. While I understand people wanting the L920 (it's been announced and we pretty much know all about it), I find it a bit odd that someone will preemptively choose a device that has not been announced and we know practically nothing off.
  • i dont get why everyone is calling the nokia followers drinkers of the kool-aid the best thing about windows phone is the ability to choose. Like what you like and stop getting mad at eachother and in the end we are all supporting the windows phone platform.
  • I agree. Simply because someone has decided on a particular brand they are drinking the kool-aid? Sounds to me like that's not the only kool-aid being drunk.
    I love my HD7, but I am weary of the lackluster support from HTC + TMobile. True, the experience would probably be better by taking the carrier out of the picture. OTOH, it is plainly obviously which WP device manufacturer takes the gold when it comes to supporting their phones.
  • Agreed. Especially when Nokia is bringing the most to the table. It's "drinking the kool-aid" to want a great product with great service and support? LOL I mean, it's pretty bad when this article is about getting an HTC, but has to state that he'll keep a Nokia device to back it up.
  • I think people say it because a majority of people say that phone sucks, this phones way better. And they have the tendency to flood articles like this ones comments about how the 920 will is soooo much better than anything any other company can make. Its kind of sad and irritating. Personally, love my trophy and can't wait to upgrade to a better HTC. ATIV would be nice too. Nokia is just not for me.
  • I too am a titan owner and their support and ability to get fixes out is horrible. I understand that wp8 will get it's fixes direct from Microsoft. their lack of pressure on at&t to fix the HTC phone is bad enough that it makes me wonder what abysmal support issue will be next. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the titan over Nokia but support is important to me too.
  • I love my TITAN II... Without a doubt its the best current Windows Phone... I thought HTC did a fantastic job of redesigning the TITAN and have a high hope they do it again. I Do not care for the Nokia design that much but I will keep an open mind because the quality of the camera (& software) is at least 30% of my decision decision and the 920 looks to be sweet in that department and may have surpassed HTC. Build quality is next and I don't care for the Samsung cheep plastic feel.. Nokia's OK but HTC's feel better in the hand... I don't care for the squared ends of the 920. Nokia's OEM apps may be the deciding factor but only if HTC screws up and blows the H/W design.
  • The Titan I however... is just as plasticky as the samsung (which actually feels better IMO) and the antennea in the back door may become disconnected if you are one that swaps out batteries.  
  • Yea, I do not care for the feel of the slippery TITAN.. ;-). It hit the ground the first day I got it :-( so I had to keep a textured cover on it which makes it bulky... However HTC fixed it with the T-II and its as pretty as the day I got it without a blemish or scratch despite my rough job. The T-II feels awesome in the hand and is easy to handle despite its screen size.
  • I really liked the Samsung Focus but they went backwards with the Focus S IMHO.
  • Agreed completely. Love my TITAN.
  • Cant wait to see HTC's site..
  • Honestly, it's gonna be between the 820 and the Accord for me...gonna be weighing the pros and cons of HTC & Nokia come Wednesday...
  • I signed up to this site just to comment on this articile.  
    I'm sick of hearing about WP8.  All the manufactures are doing an awesome job of annoucing their new phone but Microsoft just keeps holding them back.  Enough of the announcements let's get some real dates and real prices out already.  Is the OS not ready? Microsoft is doing a really poor job here, I think their vendors should start abonding them!
    In the end, i'll throw my old WP8 phone out and buy a new Android or iPhone. At least when they announce a new product they also announce cost and shipping dates.  And the shipping date is not far off the announce date.
  • Enjoy your android and iPhone. Don't get WP8 if you dont like it.
  • That's That's a pretty good costume. A little early for halloween though. Ur a troll, right? Wp8 just went RTM.
    Your argument is invalid. There are no "old wp8 phones" In order to reduce your stress levels in the future, don't read a website devoted to windows phone if you don't want to read about windows phone.
  • HaHaHa, this site made a dumb, No Life, MS troll sign up because he was irritated... Get a life and enjoy your glitchy, battery sucking, droid already... Jeez :-P
  • Don't be dumb.
  • I like HTC WP devices, but they always feel like they are competing for the best wp device spot compared to their Android devices, Nokia on the other hand competes for the best phone in the market. No one has ever compared the Titan 2 to an iphone or samsung galaxy. So it always seem like they dont even want to see a wp devices being better than their own android devices.
  • +1
  • Yeah I have a Trophy now. I want to see what Htc brings to the table.. Then actually go to my carrier and mess with all the wp8 devices. I do lean towards Nokia though. I've had Samsung and HTC even back on windows mobile 6.x. I love both companies.. At this point I'd never own androol or iPOS. And it seems Nokia is just as dedicated as I am to WP. I like that.
  • I supported HTC as well since windows mobile 5 to Android ICS one thing I like about them is how solid the device felt in my hand but honestly there newer devices gave me problems (hardware) I had 2 hd2 one of them worked fine the other one I had it replaced 5 times bc it would over heat or other hardware problems. I owned 2 sensations same problem with one of them I had it replace twice. I'm done with there phones. Simce to me they worrie about quantity not quality when before there quality was top of the line.
  • I love my Titan, but after seeing what Nokia does to support its phones, I feel left out in the cold. There are no accessories for it and very few HTC apps that are worth a damn. Nokia Maps were so good that MS brought them into the fold, but I really want their City Lens and other apps around it.
    Yes, I like the size of the Titan, but HTC will have to do more than show-up if they want me to stay with them for WP8. They will have to come out guns blazing.
  • I'm glad to see some variation between the guys behind wpcentral. I feel like we hear a lot about Nokia (which I'm ok with) but it's nice to know that still about Windows Phone.
  • +1
  • Don't be fooled, eventually he too is going to get a Nokia 920. This is just advertisement!
  • As a tech writer for windows phone, he'll probably get more than one wp8 device, but why would you doubt his assertions to his preference for his own use?
  • I have an WP7(aka Arrive) on USCellular(fantastic company BTW) it is a great phone. I just hope they repeat the keyboard with a tilted screen. This has been the best feature so far. Can type away like a little laptop, love it!
  • Happy former Titan I and now happy current Titan II owner. The phone is great and I look forward to seeing what HTC has to offer. I know many people care about apps, support and all the etc., however HTC been pretty consistent IMO as far as with their Hardware.
  • Glad to see another TITAN user. I love mine and will be holding out for a bit to see what HTC brings to the table. My problem is not clear what if any phones will be coming to Japanese carriers. I bought my HTC sim free as the only phone here was the Fujitsu CDMA on KDDI. Supposedly a Nokia us coming to the other major carrier, but so far no word on Softbank. So far looks to boil down to Nokia, Samsung and Fujitsu. Keeping my fingers crossed for an encouraging word from HTC and maybe support on my carrier.
  • Well HTC has lost a customer as I am still in the mango update and nobody can tell me were are the updates for my Titan .... :-(
  • I pretty much have to get the 920. Right now the phone i really want is the ativ, but Nokia support and commitment to their customers is great.
  • Omnia 7 owner, thinking Lumia 920...
  • Now just a CNET app... Or if nokia finally gets Pandora and makes an exclusive app... And instagram... And snapchat (whatever its called)... And stumbleupon... And more... For me, I just want a CNET and Pandora app (I like MetroRadio, but many people like it to be the official one) Nokia should make these the first Windows Phone 8 exclusive apps for the 820 and 920.