WiFi Remote Access: amazing freeware application

Every once in awhile we here at WMExperts come across a truly remarkable piece of software: simple, elegant, useful and preferably free.

WiFi Remote Access by Julian Manici meets all of these criteria.

In short, you install the software on your Windows phone (with WiFi, ahem), pick a password and when ready, hit "Enable".

You'll now be shown your device's IP address which you simply type in your Web browser on your Desktop PC.  You are then prompted to enter a password, a pop-up notification on your phone appears and you're connected. 

Once that is done you can browse your pictures, documents, files, storage card, view and compose SMS messages, edit your registry, even listen to music. Best of all it's very fast and has a beautiful UI.

Heck, it now even features a "remote control" function whereby you can view and operate your phone via the web browser. Huzzah.

Of course, your connection is not encrypted (though password protected), so be aware of the security risks. But for home use, it should be of little concern.

What can we say? We're in love.

Give it a shot and let us know in comments your experience!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This app will actually work through your data connection as well. Granted it's slower, but it does work.
  • Way cool, works so far. Have sent text messages, viewed my phone remotely and have transferred files all while my phone was in the other room. I'm using the 1.6 beta
  • THIS IS AWESOME!!! My lappy dosen't have bluetooth and this does the trick. Nice find Mal!
  • and after 30 minutes of playing around with this, I donated $10. I don't do that everyday....
  • i wonder how this and the new beta of live mesh would work together?
  • awesome application, is there any application like this {WiFi Remote Access}to acess Android mobile... HTC MAGIC
  • You're welcome for the tip ;P I've been using it for about a day now and while it's not something that I can see replacing ActiveSync its insanely handy to have installed for those away-from-home situations.
  • The download link appears to be broken. I'd love to try this out though. Any known mirrors?
  • Mocha FTP Server is cooler, IMO.
    It might not look as pretty, but I can then download and upload anywhere on Earth, and I don't need wifi. http://www.mochasoft.dk/freeware/ftpd.htm
  • I guess you didn't see this comment. 'This app will actually work through your data connection as well. Granted it's slower, but it does work.'
  • yeah this thing is crazy.... too bad i can't think of a scenario where i would use it unless of course i'm show it it off:) (which isn't bad, thats what everyone is doing with 90% the iphone & adroid apps?)
  • Whouah,
    this is a great ap, work very good on the HD2. Thx a lot, very useful :)
  • I installed this app, but I cant seem to get it working. I "enable" it on my phone and then a IP would come up. I go to input the IP to my browser on my PC, but it doesnt find the wire remote access. it just sits there and lags. please help. i have a sprint tp2 and it's hacked with 6.5.
  • Wish I have the luxury of time to consider using the benefits these site can offer.....
  • Wow, this does seem like a pretty elegant solution. I use PC remote access software all the time, so I could use a mobile solution. For better or worse, I recently upgraded to an iPhone so, sadly, this is not an option for me.
  • Hey guys :) I use another app for remote access with WP8 - it doesn't require installation, works through the browser and has very easy access: https://deskroll.com/
  • To know more about wifi please visit this site www.seekzed.com