Will Conan Exiles be censored on Xbox? The balls are in the ESRB's court

Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles (Image credit: Funcom)

In Conan Exiles, you can band together with friends, build huge strongholds, enslave NPC workers, and dungeon crawl for loot and glory. The game is currently undergoing a beta test on PC, and is slated for an Xbox One launch in the latter half of 2017.

One of Conan Exiles' most awesome interesting unique features is full blown male and female nudity. The game's customizable characters can be adjusted using an "endowment" slider, too, allowing you to express your innermost self-image desires. However, there have been some rumors pointing to Microsoft censoring the game, preventing console players from enjoying the full glory of the game's Unreal Engine organs.

Microsoft has clarified, noting that they will be following the ESRB ratings board's decisions on this very crucial issue.

"The statement made by Funcom about "Conan" content being altered at the discretion of Microsoft was inaccurate. Microsoft and Xbox abide by the policies and guidelines set forth by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) rating system. Funcom has submitted "Conan Exiles" for review to the ESRB and pending its receipt of an acceptable rating we look forward to publishing the game on Xbox."

Every game on Xbox Live, whether it's an AAA blockbuster or a small indie game in the Xbox Live Creators Program has to be rated by the ESRB prior to publishing. This is to ensure Microsoft's content monitoring systems work properly, as parents can prevent children accessing 18+ rated content at a system level.

Hopefully, the ESRB comes through and gives us all what we really want allows creativity to flourish in the face of needless censorship. It's not the first time games on Xbox have featured nudity, as fans of Grand Theft Auto and The Witcher will attest.

Does this issue bother you at all? Will the lack of endowment customization affect your purchase decision of Conan Exiles? Let us know your thoughts on this thoroughly critical issue.

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