Windows Mobile Runs on the iPhone, Heads Asplode

Norwegian hacker Erik Kristiansen (why the focus on Norwegian-ness?) has managed to load Windows Mobile on an iPhone -- you simply boot up the phone and then pick your OS. There's not much more to show here -- although it does appear to boot up pretty darn quickly. Kriastiansen was interviewed at the myPhone2008 event in Las Vegas.

Supposedly the software will be released early next year. Count us among the people interested in installing this -- it would be pretty interesting to see how Windows Mobile worked on the iPhone's hardware. So interesting, in fact, that we'd be willing to take a little ribbing over it about spending all winter playing around with it. (watch the end of the video to see what we mean).

via BGR

**Update**: Engadget Mobile calls fake, we can't say we disagree with them. Look real to you?

WC Staff