Windows Mobile Satellite Phone; One Step Closer

TerreStar is reporting it has successfully a test of their TS-1 satellite with a Windows Mobile satellite phone. On July 1, 2009, TerreStar launched a 15,000-pound communications satellite that's about the size of a minivan (soccer mom not included) into orbit. The 500-beam antenna array is capable of covering all of the United States and Canada.

The success of this launch and testing likely will keep TerreStar on track with an end of the year launch on their WinMo Satellite phone. Plans are still being reported that TerreStar will partner with AT&T to provide traditional service when not relying on satellite service.

Still no word on pricing, but the design of the Windows Mobile satellite phone remains slim with no chunky antenna.

Via Windows for Devices

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  • Isn't it like $1.50 per minute for satellite time though? This would be a great thing if the satellite signal was the primary and the rates were kept at the normal rate.
  • so what does this mean for the average user? Will I be able to some time in the not to distant future be able to use a wm handset while out in the deep deep woods and valleys of southern Missouri? And get a signal?
  • From what I read they will offer regular cell service but once you are out of range it would automatically switch to satellite service. That means service anywhere in North America. It also has internet at 600kb/s and be able to surf anywhere. Where can I buy one?