[This will make your blood boil for some of you. Please try to keep your rage in check in the comments, kthx!]

Paul Thurrott, who is now safely in Germany playing with his Windows Phone 7 developer device, has found yet another limitation (see the earlier write up on embedded calendars).

Evidently, Windows Phone 7 cannot see ergo connect to hidden wireless networks, the kind where you don't broadcast your SSID. Although not a lot of people go this extra step for security, we're sure a few of you do and in this case, it appears you are out of luck.

We'll just chalk this up to a v1.0 release but boy, we are sure looking forward to how frequently and how significant these planned Microsoft OS updates are going to be for the platform.

P.S. We should also note that the OS is not RTM/Gold yet, so this and other features could still easily be added before release