Windows Phone 7 Series possibly (and unofficially) running on HTC HD2

Update: Added video above. Level of skepticism still fairly high.

Microsoft has said that the HTC HD2 won't be getting an official upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series, but that's never stopped anybody before, has it? Tom at HTCPedia says he's got the WP7S Metro UI running on the HD2, and most of the big bells and whistles are up and running, including WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. There are issues with the graphics drivers, he says, causing some lag.

Let's hope we see some video from boot to actual use pretty soon, to help shore up this one a bit, cause we all know how easy it is to be duped by pics. And speaking of pics, there are a few more after the break. [HTCPedia via Redmond Pie]

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  • Count me in the skeptics list
  • Interesting ! Maybe we will get WM7 afterall in the future.
  • Could be a WM Remote Desktop client or VNC connected to the emulator running in a PC. Hence the delay.
  • BEFORE UPGRADE: You have a capable phone that can do modern things like multitask, copy paste, run memory cards, run any app you choose. AFTER UPGRADE: Phone is dysfunctional. Can no longer multitask. Cannot copy paste. Can't take memory cards. Only Microsoft approved apps will run.
  • lol! so right! I am waiting until launch to see what microsoft brings to the table but everyday i am leaning more towards something like the EVO with android
  • It's real.. ps at Mark WP7 will support memory cards according to several leaked MS internal development documents.
    They will function as part of the main memory.
  • Hmmm... We're going to see a lot of skins come out that duplicate a lot of the functionality of the Series 7 before the official OS makes it debut. The unfortunate truth is that there's nothing in 7 that couldn't be done on top on WM had Microsoft decided to. So does that mean we're seeing 7 here? There's nothing above that couldn't be done with a skin and some clever programming.
  • Hey,Windows Phone 7 looks exactly as described and the phone appears to be connected to T-Mobile NL 3G network.Thats great. It seems that the HD2 with WinMo 7 on board ran perfectly a TomTom
    application which makes us wonder if other Marketplace applications are also going to be compatible with the new OS.
  • This is a pretty good fake. you had me going until i saw that your flicking up and down? in the browser is slightly out of sync. then i realized you took a video from the sdk and are just running it full screen and pretending like you are controlling it with your fiinger.
  • Until proven to be true, i'm calling fake on this as well. What we're seeing looks like input lag, if the vid is genuine, or poor timing if it's not. With bad video drivers, you'd get low refresh rates or possibly visual anomalies like tearing. The framerate is pretty decent for a beta, but notice how there's definitely lag between taps and swipes. i'd like to see video of the boot sequence, or at the very least, transfers over WiFi and/or Bluetooth, since they supposedly work. Also, i haven't seen the T-Mobile NL carrier tag in the videos, but if it is i'd be even more skeptical since someone, supposedly from the Netherlands, posted a fake WM7 pic on the HD2 shortly after WP7S was demoed. In any case, this is far more believable than the WP7 on the Touch Diamond video which has already been proven fake.
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  • HTC HD2 hacker's dream. Windows Mobile 6.5 to their roots hobbyists have expanded the capabilities of the Android phone and even an acceptable version of Windows Mobile 7.web based crm
  • The latest news is that the ROM hacking in Russia has been successfully used in development tools for Microsoft to create a disc WP7S HD2. ROM is now in beta and will soon be online for download.bespoke pack