Windows Phone 7 successfully ported to HD2 by DFT

Well, it's finally here folks. After months and months of tinkering around, Dark Forces Team (DFT) has finally completed their Windows Phone 7 to HTC HD2 port and it's all demonstrated in video glory (after the break). The whole process is demonstrated from flashing to it actually running and it's technically in four parts, but really only the first two you need to watch.

Here's the dirty list on how much works:

  • System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings.
  • Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal.
  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.
  • SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.
  • Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.
  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash)
  • full list after the break...

Update: LIVE services seem to have been succesfully cracked, see here.

Xbox LIVE and the Marketplace still seem to be off limits due to Microsoft's advanced security, which is a bit of a downer, but the rest looks pretty solid. No word on when all of this will be made available, though we're sure your local XDA forums will have something on it soon. Question is: Is all of this worth it?

[[ shrug ]]

Check out all the videos of it in action after the break to see for yourselves.

Source: DarkForcesTeam; via @chassit (opens in new tab)

More features working(continued:

  • Green camera can be used for camera activation.
  • WiFi turn on, turn off, fast, and works for available networks properly, unable to make detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Bluetooth functional normally, but have not detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Program interface and system UI works correctly, features fully stocked.
  • The system date, time, normal, alarm clock works correctly.
  • Calendar have all functional.
  • Internet Explorer all functions works, up to 6 pages possible. multitouch works.
  • Office - all functions are available.
  • The music and video player works.
  • Picture view works, including multitouch.
  • Lock screen interfaces works normally, show event reminders, wallpaper, and appear on screen quickly after power button press, everything OK
  • Sync with the Zune works.
  • USB function can be achieved (by modifying the registry on the PC side), you can read, write, everything works.
  • Accelerometer works, autorotation works with beautiful effects.
  • Screen brightness control can be manually controlled. Automatic works fine too.
  • Ability to choose custom wallpaper works.
  • Lock screen, unlock correctly, including password

Daniel Rubino

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  • It's amazing how the HD2 can be used in so many ways, sporting all kinds of mobile OS:es and tweaks. They just don't do them like this anymore :-) I'm happy for the developers (Dark Forces Team?) that finally managed to make this happen. Very nice work! Talents.
  • Wow this is great! Thanks for the news!
  • I think it is great, it allows the HD2 to have a second life. I am also glad they figured this out because, allot people are loading Android on these phones. Even if you can't use Xbox Live and Marketplace it still maybe better than using Windows phone 6.5.
  • j ai un htc hd2 et je voudrai passesur phone 7 ,mais j ai un spl 3.03 ! comment faire??????
  • where do i see the link to download here. i can't find it to load in my tmobile HD2
  • where can i find the link to download ?
  • where can i find the link to download ?
  • I've got an HTC HD2 on contract from Vodafone UK. Every time I try to install the MAGLDR it fails, saying there are communication issues - but I know the connection is OK.Should I be able to install WP7?
  • hey help me, where can i download that "WP7" ... help me pls just leave a comment here or the link... please help
  • Download at
  • please where can i find the link to download Windows Phone 7 for htc HD2 ?
  • good work doneplease where can i find the link to download Windows Phone 7 for htc HD2 ?
  • this is new ROM where can i find the link to download and I can test in HD2 ?
  • Hi, i have a big problem. I do not know, how to uninstal that windows. When i try instal other ROM, it shows me that there isnt connection between mobile and PC. Please help me.
  • Will this upgrade suit a HTC HD2 T-Mobile unit?