Windows Phone beats Android and is top rated at Amazon

Nothing beats more feel good stories for Windows Phone as we countdown to the big day (should you celebrate Christmas of course). We've witnessed the Nokia Lumia 800 taking top spots around the globe in terms of orders/sales. Now it's Amazon's turn with three Windows Phones taking the top three positions (beating multiple Android handsets) on the top rated, contract-bound mobile phones list. We have the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S (4G), and the HTC Trophy. Take that Google.

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab), thanks kooksta for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • How much fun is THAT?  I hope we see and hear some other stories of WP holding it's own, especially on AT&T where the top end WP's live.  Nothing can be more important than sales improving and forcing carriers to take notice, and keeping Samsung, HTC, LG, and all the other new manufacturers excited about WP"s potential.  Nokia is already seeing great response to their offerings, and they haven't even got warmed up.....
  • Yep it looks like people will really start to notice how great these devices really are
  • I'm not surprised at all!
  • It's about time
  • Now it just needs to make the Best Sellers list... Titan is coming in at #10. Not bad but #1 would be better... G:
  • Gonna blow everything else away with WP8 & 3rd gen hardware. Hope WP7.5 begins to open the floodgates & let people see how beautiful & smooth this OS is. Now bring it on!
  • Reviews are most definitely important especially when one is shopping online and doesn't have a biased salesperson to steer them towards an iPhone or Android device.
  • Working in a cell phone store I know why this happens..if you ask a random salesperson what their favorite phone is they'll mostly say "Whatever phone my customer likes." I hate this as I believe a good salesman sells whatever product fits the customer's needs best. I'm the only one at my store who uses and loves WP7 (as I do all platforms) but salespeople won't start taking notice until customers start going in asking about it. They only know iPhones and Androids because that's what people are asking for...which kinda sucks.
  • this is old news to me i already knew about this last week.
  • ur point? Take ur worthless $0.02 elsewhere.
  • Did you submit a tip via the contact form?
  • I love it!! Its true! Everytime I show someone my Trophy they say "why didn't the Verizon guy show me that?" Hear that Big Red? Of course not ;-)
  • Of course not, most of those guys are idiots that don't know what they're selling, same goes for the retards at t-mo,that have the windows phones on display turned off.
  • Yaay :D
  • nice!
    Hopefully next year will be the good-best one for windows phone!
    people seem to like the OS, i read some non-5 stars comments, and only 1 was about the OS. but of course that person didn't understand about *how* importing contacts worked and stuff, it was his only reason to switch back to android becuase they moved/imported "seamlessly". i mean, if that was a reason even my sister would have switched back from WP7 to WM
    but anyway, its nice to know in a year we got a really nice OS with Mango. from a good OS to a really great OS. so hopefully microsoft can bring soon an update, so we can get more features like skype and xbox live gold features to Windows Phone.
  • Nice, perhaps this means Windows Phone will have 2% of the mobile market soon? LOL
  • Good for our beloved Windows Phone. Actually more and more people around me noticed the beauty of WP, some even tried it out.
  • Great. I seriosuly want WP to top. I feel it deserves.  
  • Hmm.. that's strange. I checked Amazon for their top rated phones and there's no #wp7 in the top 24! Maybe their site is broken? How could that be?
    I posted more about misleading post titles and screenshots here:
  • Not trying to start anything but just wanted to note that the article is referring to the Amazon-compiled "Top Rated" page on the US webstore, not their UK site.
  • Ok .. I went to .. search for Smartphones, clicked on "Phones with Plans" .. sorted by Popularity. Got this:
    Top phone is Samasung Galaxy S2 .. as you'd expect. First #wp7 phone is number 12 .... screenshots that are carefully cropped so you can see what the search criteria is always make me suspicious
  • Note again that we're talking about rating (user opinion) not popularity (volume sold) as it would make sense that any given Android would top such a list.
    It can be done so you'll know for sure this isn't some filtering trick:
    You can go to the Amazon Bestsellers Page; once there, you'll see the link to their Top Rated list to the right. That's the list to which the article is referring - Amazon made it and no one's trying to pull one over on anybody.
    Also, you're own method works if only one sorts by "Avg. Customer Review" instead of "Popularity". Again the article stated that WP7 was receiving better ratings than Android, not directly outselling.
  • If you take a further look at the list you'll see the top user-rated phone for each network is WP7: T-Mo's Radar 4G at #7 and Sprint's Arrive at #10.
    *sigh* I could go to the (third-nearest) VZW store tomorrow and swipe that $30 upgrade Trophy but feel so compelled to see what the next month or so may bring.
  • If you are staying on Verizon, it may be a longer wait than that.  Big Red has made it clear they are waiting on LTE for their next WP device.  Every rumor in the world says they are working with Nokia, but it maybe Summer and the Apollo update before anything budges.  That is why I stuck with AT&T.  Not saying it isn't worth the wait. After all, the Trophy will always be there, and it is definitely loved by those who own it.  Just not looking great for a new Verizon branded WP in the next few months.
  • Just annoucement-wise, I mean. Insofar as contracts, I'm subordinate to a family plan and my current 2-year isn't officially up 'til April. In any case, my current Nokia 'dumb'-phone is working okay and I don't actually need a smartphone…early upgrades just get people to thinkin'/wishin'/hopin'!