Windows Phone device registration no longer limited to one account [Developers]

For those developers with App Hub accounts can now register (unlocked) a Windows Phone to their App Hub account even if it was unlocked by another account. For those not familiar, a registered Windows Phone basically allows developers to side load apps that are in the works to their Windows Phone for testing.  This gives developers a lot more flexibility such as borrowing/sharing various Windows Phones for compatibility testing.

Additionally, the registration of the device expires annually and used to require re-registration from the original account. Now, all developers need to do is re-register the Windows Phone from an active App Hub account.  For more information on starting an App Hub Account, you can find all the details here at the App Hub Website.

Source: App Hub Forum

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  • Are there any other methods to developer unlock without paying so much? I miss chevron7 and all the homebrew apps I had on my Focus. Screen capture, MPA Tool,Themes to name a few. I love my Lumia 900 but it needs those extras apps to feel complete.
  • +1 I also can't fond a solution :(
  • Be a student. Or bribe a teacher to approve of your student status which im pretty sure they have to verify if you don't have a student email.
  • If you start earning money from an app you need to pay registration.
  • You can student unlock your phone without spending $99. Google student unlock procedure windows phone for tricks to do that. ;)
  • Wouldn't this technically mean that a group if people could chip in for a yearly subscription between them? Or one person could just use another's account to unlock their phone?
  • Still limited to 3 devices per account if im not mistaken. but 99$/3 not so bad imo.
  • Lucky. I'm a student ;D
    Unfortunately I'm not really creative, so I have no idea what to code...