While the Windows Phone Marketplace continues to grow day by day (see the 777 threshold), an ambitious statistics...dare we say...geek...has taken it upon himself to break down the Marketplace distribution by app category, price and release date.

As we mentioned previously, most apps are in the low end for price, with the overwhelming majority at $0.99 and 90+% $2.99 or lower. Only one app is $9.99 (Panoramic's super calculator app). Overall this seems like a lot lower price point than the Windows Mobile marketplace.

Likewise, we can see the largest distribution by category has apps falling into the gaming category (215), followed next by Tools (95), Entertainment (81) and News & Weather (42). This seems to solidify the notion that not only with WP7 be a strong consumer contender but a nice gaming platform too (contra Android and its dismal gaming offering, except for Angry Birds).

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Anyways, it's worth a look over at Numaris for more of the breakdown. Hopefully he'll keep these numbers going as the store continues to grow!

Source: Numaris; Thanks, Dariel M., for the tip and great work!