See how your Windows Phone measures up with Basemark OS II, now on all three mobile platforms

If you are interested in seeing how your Windows Phone's overall performance stacks up to other phones and tablets, you may be interested in Basemark OS II, a cross-platform benchmark tool by Rightware, simultaneously released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Basemark OS II runs a battery of performance tests, including system, memory, graphics, web browsing and camera and then assigns a score based on the results.

To use, simply tap 'Run Benchmark' and let the system run its course. As of now, we can't pick individual tests, as we are met with the message  "This feature is only available in the FULL version". That suggests a paid, 'Pro' version is on the way, though as of now, it's not available in the Store.

Once your test is completed, you then have the option to upload your results to compare to other devices that have been assessed, including Android and iOS ones. What's especially cool, is that Basemark OS II tries to use an objective scoring system, so comparisons are OS-neutral and based solely on hardware performance. (Note: the app crashed once on the Lumia 1320, but seems okay on the Lumia 1520).

According to Teemu Uotila, Director of Benchmark Unit of Rightware:

“We are immensely proud in advancing the general public’s understanding of the performance differences of the modern smartphones. This launch marks a major milestone since it is the first trusted performance gauge that enables true cross platform overall performance comparisons. One of the exciting and unique features is a camera speed test. We don’t know of any other such a test in publicly available product in the world."

I tried to get a screenshot of my Lumia 920's score versus others, but I could not get the results page to pull up on my phone at the time that this post was written. Perhaps you will have better luck.

You can get Basemark OS II for free in the Windows Phone Store, and you can read more about the types of tests in Basemark OS II here from their site. Windows Phone 8 only.

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Seth Brodeur