Windows Phone performs well in PCMag 2014 reader awards, but still lags behind on apps

PCMag has concluded its annual readers’ choice awards. Since operating systems play an important part in decision making for consumers on their next smartphone, we've taken a look at how Windows Phone fared against both Android and iOS. The 2014 PCMag Readers' Choice Award was awarded to (and is shared by) Google's Android and Apple's iOS, but it's interesting to see how Microsoft's mobile platform performed in the surveys.

Microsoft continues its uphill struggle, competing against already established mobile platforms. News of the platform scoring a high rate of satisfaction with consumers shouldn't come as much of a surprise. We've been here previously. That said, Apple edged in the lead with an overall score of 8.7 with Windows Phone just behind in 8.6. Android, sharing the award with iOS, came in third with 8.3.

PCMag 2014 Mobile OS

Windows Phone actually scored a higher overall satisfaction reading than Android.

So how come Windows Phone didn't run away with the award even though it effectively performed better than Android? This year, PCMag put more weight on the "likelihood of recommending" for each platform when calculating the winner. While the overall score is an important reading to take into account, it makes sense to look at how current owners feel about recommending their smartphones to others.  

Based on that decision for this years' readers' award, Microsoft is left out. But this shows just how close the top three platforms are and Windows Phone did take both the 2012 and 2013 awards. Also, let's not forget that Windows Phone 8.1 is just around the corner with multiple new features and fixes to address common annoyances.

Unfortunately, the story for BlackBerry isn't so positive, scoring just a 5.2 rating for the likelihood of recommending the platform to a friend.

PCMag 2014 Mobile OS

The results of the surveys in full. Overall does not equal an average reading.

What seemed to let Windows Phone down was the availability of apps (7.0 out of 10), yet again. Also, the quality of apps was also hit hard with just 8.0. While Microsoft continues to address this, it's been a problem in the eyes of consumers since the platform launched in 2010.

Nokia and Microsoft take AT&T

While Windows Phone itself did not take away the award this year for operating systems, Nokia and Microsoft have managed to beat the iPhone on AT&T yet again, as well as scoring the highest overall satisfaction rating (9.2) across all phone types and carriers. Check out the chart below for a run through on how Nokia Windows Phones performed in the surveys for the US carrier.


Both the iPhone and Nokia Windows Phones grab the Reader’s Choice, with Samsung for Android coming in third on 8.5. It’s great to see Microsoft remain on top across the board with some high scores on work email and text messaging.

How do you feel about the results and do you agree with how consumers have rated Windows Phone when it comes to apps? 

Source: PC Mag

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