Those with Windows Phones are happier than Android users, says new survey

A ChangeWave service survey has revealed strong momentum for Samsung with its Galaxy S3 smartphone. Not only that, but the survey in North America also showed consumers of Microsoft's Windows Phone are reporting higher satisfaction levels than those using Google Android. This is a trend we've covered in the past

It's fitting we highlight this new survey as the levels of satisfaction are tied to Windows Phone 8. While iOS leads the game with a satisfaction rate of 71%, Windows Phone is sat at 53%, which is actually not anything to boast about.

Just over 50% satisfaction in the survey? We'd expect higher levels than that, particularly with the more advanced hardware, but the platform has experienced teething issues since version 8 was launched. Let's also not ignore the disappointment many are experiencing due to the wait for the 7.8 update. Android is sat behind the platform on just 48%.

Nokia jumped up in the satisfaction survey and has benefited from the increase Windows Phone has experienced overall. Sat on 56%, the Finnish manufacturer is racing against Samsung (55%) for second place. Apple's first at 70% - not too far off. In the end, not a bad turnout.

Source: Cellular News

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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