Those with Windows Phones are happier than Android users, says new survey

A ChangeWave service survey has revealed strong momentum for Samsung with its Galaxy S3 smartphone. Not only that, but the survey in North America also showed consumers of Microsoft's Windows Phone are reporting higher satisfaction levels than those using Google Android. This is a trend we've covered in the past

It's fitting we highlight this new survey as the levels of satisfaction are tied to Windows Phone 8. While iOS leads the game with a satisfaction rate of 71%, Windows Phone is sat at 53%, which is actually not anything to boast about.

Just over 50% satisfaction in the survey? We'd expect higher levels than that, particularly with the more advanced hardware, but the platform has experienced teething issues since version 8 was launched. Let's also not ignore the disappointment many are experiencing due to the wait for the 7.8 update. Android is sat behind the platform on just 48%.

Nokia jumped up in the satisfaction survey and has benefited from the increase Windows Phone has experienced overall. Sat on 56%, the Finnish manufacturer is racing against Samsung (55%) for second place. Apple's first at 70% - not too far off. In the end, not a bad turnout.

Source: Cellular News

Rich Edmonds
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  • Maybe people would be more satisfied if they had better syncing? Just sayin'
  • Trying to sync with Zune is such a pain! Still haven't been able to with my 920 :|
  • You can't sync a Windows Phone 8 with Zune. Lol. You're supposed to use the Windows Phone app in the Windows Store. If you're using Windows 7, look for it in
  • Even windows 8 users can use the desktop app. The desktop app is better, but in beta. The one in the store has limited features.
  • It's still shitty though. I can't even run the app. I get an error just telling me something went wrong. Contacted the support team and they had no idea what the issue was. 
  • That's your problem and not the apps cos noone seems to have this problem. 
  • Not true as several comments from windows phone forums at MS say otherwise. You have to restart your phone then re-connect. Its yet another issue.
  • Why not just use the drag-&-drop feature?
  • Not as easy
  • Drag & Drop not easy? How is that not easy?
  • We like to have things handled automatically for us. We are the type to always have Zune opened so we never have to worry about anything because its always done automatically. You can even set up wireless sync with Zune
  • This.
  • The only thing I want to sync is SkyDrive, emails, calendars, and contacts from multiple sources. Drag and drop for all media... I am extremely happy. I hated to use Zune just like iTunes in the past. My phone does not touch my computers. Same as my surface, a real workable tablet unlike my old ipad2
  • I am with you there. I haven't plugged in my phone at all. Everything goes to SkyDrive by WiFi. If I need to, which seldom happens, I download it from there. I have 25 GB on SkyDrive, which is helping.
  • I loved Zune! Because it was easy to keep up with meta-data for songs! Idk probably just me but I hate when a song on my playlist doesn't have the correct picture on it. Even when I add commercial cds, it doesn't sync the album art. I miss Zune. Idk why they didn't just keep it going and change Zune to Xbox music with a simple update. Smh
  • Personally I am loving drag and drop on my 920. I can even store movies that the phone can't play, strictly for transfers. I hated Zune, always needing to convert files before allowing storage. Buggy as hell too, everytime I plugged my phone in it would sync even though I set everything to manual.
  • Then tell me how I use podcasts on my phone. We do not have this feature outside of the US and dragging and dropping doesn't work correctly and just places it into music. There are also no good podcast apps in my opinion. I personally don't sync everything to Skydrive so even getting photos off of my phone is a pain because the sync app will just not work for me. I really like Zune. I was using it before I even owned my Zune 80 and still use it to this day, I don't see why they had to abandon it for something worse.
  • Use Podcatcher. Syncs with gpodder, auto syncs podcasts with WiFi, plays under menu...its the best one I've come across. I no longer miss the Zones podcast syncing.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. Trying it out now. Still leaves a lot to be desired but gets the job done I guess.
  • Problem isn't the hardware but the software, e.g. missing features like a decent PDF reader, and especially the atrocious sync client on Windows.
  • I don't know why you have any problem with the Reader. It has opened every file I have thrown at it. I haven't tried password protected file though. But I open AutoCAD converted to PDF files all the time.
  • What is wrong with the pdf reader? I use it all the time with no problems.
  • Mostly all software issues really. Apps and out of the box functionality.
  • The satisfaction level doesn't surprise me since Windows Phone 8 still has alot of bugs. Hopefully they fix them all.
  • Like what? It's been incredibly stable for ne.
  • Yeap, most likely lower ratings come from lack of proper desktop synching program, lack of full-featured apps, lack of global notification center, lack of global display orientation lock and so on... The hardware itself is pretty good, at least in my own experience, though exchanging the hardware in case of defect is not as convenient and as fast as with all Apple hardware...
  • I'm not satisfied with how wp8 eats batteries
  • This one was a chore to figure out. The culprit in my case was the "Weather" app. I started using WeatherBug and all is well now. Battery now lasts me through the full day. 25-35% is normally left when I go to bed. I am on the phone right now and after 13 hours, it is at....41%.
  • It's different for everyone... so is likely not an app problem but an OS issue.
  • Would be nice if the OS provided some kind of tool to help users figure out wtf is killing their battery.  This is one of many areas where WP lags way behind Android.
  • Also the Zune software >wp8/w8
  • You expected more? Really? Because the hardware is good? Really?
    When will you understand that the average consumer doesn't give a rats arse about hardware? They care about SOFTWARE. They care about all those little things where Microsoft insists in failing miserably!
    Where are customizeable tones for sms/email/alarm?
    Where's a notifications centre?
    Where's a way to organize folders?
    Where are separate controles for ringtone volume and video volume?
    Where are all the Apps people care (I'm thinking about Instagram for example. Because apparently it's very important. I still fail to see why people obcess with that thing but I acknowledge people like it)? Microsoft had these complaints from users of 7.5. They are highly voted things on the Suggestion Box App. They could (and should) have fixed that with WP8. They didn't. And it doesn't seem they will. Yeah, they created "Kid's corner". That's nice. For the 1% of parents who let their children play with a 700€ phone. They could have done these innovations, I don't say they shouldn't have, but they should have paid more attention to what their customers wanted from the phones. Because it's all these little things that matter in the end. 95% of the customers don't even know what the hell is Kernel or Dual-Core or any of that. You got one thing absolutely right though: the mess and lack of release of 7.8 and the way Microsoft keeps ignoring the matter has pissed off A LOT of people. Many people who bought 7.5 devices (SPECIALLY the Lumias) are really unsatisfied and have already changed to Android and iOS or will once their warranties/contracts are out.
  • So wait, you represent all customer wants and needs for smartphones now? Disagree on your list. Mobile OS are never feature complete. iOS isn't and neither is Android. So long as Microsoft is adding things on regular update, it really doesn't matter.
  • Daniel, this guys is forever and a day swearing that WP isn't taking off because of his incredibly case specific "needs". I'm not sure logic penetrates his thoughts but if anyone can make a case I'm sure you can. :)
  • Jesus you really ARE dumb. Leave your high-horse and take a time to go see what people complain about in Windows Phones. Try to understand what people expect from phones. Then stop acting like a snobish idiot who  thinks just because YOU don't need something, the rest of the consumers agrees.
  • As tempted as I am to give you a nice long post about why your "needs" aren't feasible yet again, I simply don't have headroom for you. I've explained to you before why what you want is too specific. I am sorry that you feel my disagreeing with you makes me an idiot and a snob but I know better than to get into a knock down, drag out fight with strangers on the internet with BS facts. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a high horse to ride.
  • The list I made is not MY list. These are the things you can find on Microsoft's "Suggestion Box" App as highly voted (among some others). So...I guess that should give you, at least, a hint of something don't you think? I represent myself. The customer complains regarding the lack of features represent the 49% of people not happy with the OS.
    Microsoft releases an App precicely to gather opinion of their customers and then completely disregards what people say? Doesn't seem logical. Nor a smart move. At best it gives the idea Microsoft is trying to tell people what they should or should not want. Of course Mobile OS's are never complete. However those features I mentioned seem common to all OS's. But you think it's normal to fail at those basic things that the majority of people are used to in OS's for years and expect on XXI century smartphones?
  • I agree with Dan.
    Customizeable tones for sms/email/alarm - don't care. This guy who sits next to me at work plays this lame-ooo Buffy sound each time he gets a message and is annoying as. That is sooo early 2000. I don't even use a customized ring tone. The ones provided are fine for me.
    Notifications centre - start screen with live tiles and notifications on lock screen does the job just fine.
    Ways to organize folders - absolutely no need for me. Separate controles for ringtone volume and video volume - Why would you need separate volume controls for video??? Again no need for me. I just adjust volume for the whole phone as needed depending on current circumstances and where i'm at.
    Where are all the Apps people care - all the apps I need I have.
    I am a very very satisfied WP customer.
  • Well, YOU maybe satisfied with using all current features and available apps on WP8, but millions of other potential customers aren't, that's why WP will continue to sit on 5% of all mobile market until MS will try to bring competitor's features to WP platform (including the mobile apps relevant to majority of users) in much faster way. If they'll fail to do that - they will continue wasting $$$ until the point where it will be more profitable to pull out of mobile market completely, meaning YOU also won't get any future WP devices. This won't likely happen, but still, it's not very smart to show your own extreme shortsightedness by saying "I don't care personally, WP8 is already perfect for me" ;-)
  • @drg I really dislike that type of response. 100 people say they want something, and there's always someone who says "it's fine for me, therefore no one needs it". In this case there are tens of thousands of people asking for them. A lot of the items on djcbs' list are highly sought after and requested time and time again on this site. I don't agree with all of them, but some are still glaring omissions in the OS.
  • I have to agree with DJCBS's thoughts in general. I recently added 6, count them, SIX new devices to my plan and none of them were Windows Phones because WP lacks basic functionality like a notification center, file explorer, keyboard options, browser choices, etc. Unfortunately because Windows hit the reset button with Windows 8 functionality continues to be scaled back and dumbed down to a level that is similar to iOS without having the mindshare of Apple.  At this stage in the game, WP is going nowhere fast until it achieves feature parity (and beyond) with other platforms.   
  • You should go full Android too then. What you just mentioned will make the whole OS another iOS or Android and not differentiate at all. What you just mentioned is ALREADY an option you can get. Just not in WP. Why? Because it is not necessary. 
    Customizable tones - far less important.
    Notifications Centre - no need
    Organize folders - are you serious. for what. it's a mobile phone.
    Tone Volumes - Don't have a problem with how it is set now.
    Apps - It's not as easy as you think. The other side has to agree to develop for MS. WP is a growing OS now and will take time for those apps to arrive. It's not because they don't give them to users.  They are highly voted because people like you keep complaining. They're the same people. There are 3 major OS's out there with different features that meet specific demands. Bottom line is just go Android and stop complaining. 
  • I can go to ANY OS to get those things. iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc.
    Yet, again, people don't seem to know how to READ. That is not MY list. That is the list of things you commonly find people complaining about the OS. The whole world is wrong but you and the 2% of MS fanboys are correct? Is that it? But since you were so kind as to assume those were MY complains let me tell you this: from that list of things I mentioned (which, again, are the things most voted on Suggestion Box App and commonly typed in complains) the only things I could use (but can live without if I have to) is the tones for sms/email (something I had in my 10 year old Nokias) and the tone volumes because I don't need to see videos with the volume as high as when I need the phone to ring. 'cause the phone normally rings when it's in my pocket, not in front of my face. And having to go "volume down/volume up" every single time I want to watch a video is pretty annoying and not practical at all.
    The folders I don't need to organize because I don't trust cellphones to keep work in. However many people do and it would be good to be able to manage folders without having to connect the phone to the computer; I have no use for a notifications centre, I certainly DON'T need Instagram nor DropBox nor Temple Run and alikes. Actually I would much prefer a colour wheel to choose the colour of the tiles from outside that way to bright and shiny colour pallet they offer. But even that isn't essential to me because I have German T-Mobile phones which come with dark grey as a tile colour option.
    So there. And I will go with Android. As soon as Nokia discontinues Symbian in 2014 and adopts Android as the alternative system to WP (there's no way Nokia is stupid enough to rely in just one OS and Android is the obvious choice). For now the L800 and L920 I own will do the work and I hope they VASTLY improve by that time. But let me tell you: the reason I got them was because they were Nokia phones, not because of WP. I did get excited when they announced the partnership with Microsoft because I do like Windows and Microsoft software in general. But WP was a disappointment. I was expecting something, at least, to the quality level of Symbian. It's not the case. Yet. I hope.
  • You are not far from the truth. We that have been using Microsoft's mobile systems from Windows CE 1.1 do understand your grievances. I just hope Microsoft heed our pleas and complaints. Although there is still much left to be desired, me think WP8 is a very big step ahead of WP7+.
    I just got mine Lumia 920 today and I am really liking the system better than the system on my Optimus 7.
    I hope we get better Notification
    centre, preferably on the lockscreen and accessible from there too. I mean we should able to click on them there to take us to the individual apps. File management More customization Better PDF app   More freedom at setting some Apps default i.e. Alternative Browser like Fire if Microsoft does eventually allow 3rd party Browser.  
    These are the things I want to see implemented. And less I forget, the on screen keyboard should take less of the screen estate, especially in landscape mode. Character recognition will be fine in the future too.
    Conclusively, though a real win in terms of operability, Microsoft still got a lot to do. I hope they listen to voices of reason.
  • I have to admit that the lack of an orientation lock and the single volume control for ringtone and music is annoying. There's 3 apps that i really want which aren't available. There's also a few other quirks that irritate me but not enough to jump to android. I don't particularly need a notification centre or folders but don't see how adding these should be seen as making the phone more like ios or android. Surely the more features or options available the better? People can then decide to use the ones they want.
  • Saying that you don't need those features is irrelevant compared to the thousands of people that do.
    Also, why are folders so hard to understand? We need SOME way to organise our apps - I would love to have a custom hub where I can slide between differently grouped apps. Or allow me to add a category to the current app list then allow me to filter based on the category. Or allow us to have multiple home screens with different pinned apps. I have hundreds of apps and games - I shouldn't have to pin them all just to organise them. I only want the essential apps, and apps I want notifications for on there. Everything else should be nicely grouped together in some way.
  • I would agree with everything except for kids and playing with the phones. Every parent I know lets the kids play on it.
  • I agree with the notification centre and the volume.
    However, i do hope apps can make use of the lockscreen wallpaper as a notification centre. 
  • How is it possible that people scream about missing apps, and the ONLY one that they can name is Instagram? Plus, on a top-notch camera phone you want to add a "lens" that makes picyure look like they were taken with a 1973 Polaroid. Come on...
  • Instagram os a SOCIAL. NETWORK. It's not about some stupid filters, I wish you old timers would learn.
  • DJCBS, I Agree. And I am a huge Windows Phone fan.
    In fact, I commented yesterday on another sites comments on a story about Blackberry 10
    A Blackberry OS that is new, but already seems to have more maturity than Windows Phone.
    Easy access to WifI, Bluetooch and connection settings
    A proper set of profiles
    A proper notifcation centre.
    I understand WHY Microsoft took 2 years out to tread water and change the underlying OS core to WinRT.
    For Apps, I think this will be a worthwhile step. (A big decision for them I am sure)
    But now they need to ACCELERATE. They need more features, the MISSING ones we keep talking about.
    iOS features like DO NOT DISTURB
    An LED light notification system.
    A Calendar that is usable in week view. (Heck even needs that Urgently)
    I don't even care if my existing devices get 7.8. I care about now, and the future.
    MWC better tell us something about Windows Phone 8s new features, or I fear it could sink the platform.
    I for one would consider moving to BB or back to iOS. And I would leave in tears, sobbing my heart out because Windows Phone has so much promise. But they really need to get polishing.
    YES to email / text custom sounds.
    YES to separate volumes - we've cried out for this.
    I can't defend MS or WP on these points, I think you are correct sir.
  • I sure was happier! Had my 8x had better battery life, camera, and some refinement (individual volume control, etc.) I would have probably liked it better than the iPhone, too!
  • Im not jumping ship to wp8 until msft and nokia fix all the issues in wp8 most especially the Xbox music which is really BIG for sticking with my lumia 900 and waiting for 7.8
  • Tell me more.
  • I guess they will release the 7.8 update officially only when the Lumia 620 is launched in major countries and is having some considerable market share.. Until then we just have to wait patiently for the update :/
  • I take it the restarts are still pissing people off. I know they are starting to annoy me even after the Portico update
  • No one can pin restarts down. Faulty hardware?
    Or like the bloke at work with Lumia 800, used cheap headphones which when replaced stopped the reboots!
  • Didnt wp have a satisfaction rate of 57% two years ago :(
  • Satisfaction probably links directly to app quality and availability. Same apps on competing platforms have more features, if they even exist on Windows phone.
  • I'm happier than even now that i have windows 8 i dont need instagram or youtube to show the world what i'm doing. My sex life have improved  greatly too. Thank you Microsoft. 
  • Lmao
  • Has to do with the apps majorly. Most that try out the phone are impressed by the way it looks and functions but tend to frown at the lack of apps. With the Lumia 920 in town, WP is definitely "cool", it is just that without the apps, the experience can be a little underwhelming.
    Also, I doubt the average consumer is concerned about the Zune issue since there was never really a large enough user base for it. Yes, the client needs to be improved but compared to Android (which has no clients), I'd argue that Microsoft is a little ahead. They just need to iron out the bugs (downloaded music not playing) and the stupidity (Xbox videos don't work) and they'll have a great product on their hands. It might also help the phone and PC had better integration.
  • If you ask me today, I would give it a 1/10 until they fix the media rights/DRM issue where I can't play songs imported from WP7. There is no workaround outside of resetting phone.
  • I'm more than satisfied with my windows phone. :)
  • I wonder how much of this is unhappiness with the carrier and not the OS. I'm happy with my Lumia, I'm unhappy I have to hang out a window to get a freaking signal.
  • Lumia...920?
  • I'm happier with android but satisfied with windows phone, i love all platforms the same though lol I love my iPad mini also
  • The only teething issues IMO is Apple's lame iPhone 5. The 71% satisfaction ratings are based on the Apple cattle that will accept anything from the trough; even it leads them in the wrong direction and lacks substance.
  • And yes, I just wanted to be condescending to Apple cattle today. ;-)
  • Hmm... keep hearing about WP8's random reboots, so I guess I'm happy with my HD7 running WP7.5. Would sure like to have WP7.8, though. And, no, I do not consider hacking the phone to install 7.8 to be reasonable. If I was interested in futzing around with the OS like that, I'd have an Android phone.
  • Didnt install any app for desktop regarding file syncing or transfer, i just use the traditional mass storage mode, a lot easier. For transferring small files my 920 automaticlly syncs with my laptop whenever i turn on bluetooth. playback also syncs. 
  • 53% is rather low in my opinion, not having a WP8 device I cannot copy although I wonder if the early bugs etc are causing the problem.
    MS, Nokia and HTC definitely need to shoot for 70%+ to grow the platform over the longterm, things are growing fast now, but if those figures are real then a large number of users won't be commited to the platform come the next upgrade.
    Although if the survey is to be believed most of them would switch back to iOS rather then Android, my guess here is that in a year or two's time when their contracts are up the iOS option will look even less appealing.
  • 53% is rather low in my opinion, not having a WP8 device I cannot comment, although I wonder if the early bugs etc are causing the problem.
    MS, Nokia and HTC definitely need to shoot for 70%+ to grow the platform over the longterm, things are growing fast now, but if those figures are real then a large number of users won't be commited to the platform come the next upgrade.
    Although if the survey is to be believed most of them would switch back to iOS rather then Android, my guess here is that in a year or two's time when their contracts are up the iOS option will look even less appealing.
  • DJCBS couldn't be more correct. I had a Lumia 920. I wanted to love the damn thing.....I really, really did. So much wasted potential. Organization from the start was a mess. Coudn't sync anything, Xbox Live music interface a mess, no way to organize programs into a folder on the main tile screen. Basic features like making my own ringtone or notification sounds besides the silly, preset ones? Garbage.
    Such wasted potential considering how smooth and stable the OS is. WP8 was marketed (in my opinion) as a way to be unique, different, something that caters to the's anything but.
  • Yep...been never happier with my 2 y/o HD7...waiting to upgrade to Lumia 920 when TMo US carries it. My sister will be changing her iPhone 4S to the Lumia 920 when Verizon starts carrying it...4 other close family members will be dumping their iProducts for MSFT/Nokia in the next few months. This will be a great year for Nokia and MSFT...
  • @Ian Well said!!!
  • Hahaha this info is so true. WP is awesome and android continues to suck
  • Well given that iPhone users know exaclty what they want and what they're getting going in, I would expect this. But where this post is off is in the math. Android is the most popular phone OS worldwide. A very small amount of people use WP devices meaning that, that 48% of satisfied Android users actually stands for 240,000,000 people, while ruflly 8.4 million Windows Phone 8 Devices have been activated in total, and only 50% of the users are satisfied. I'm not sure this is a win guys.