Windows Phone Recovery Tool is now called Windows Device Recovery Tool

Microsoft is not afraid of changing the names of its mobile applications, and it is doing exactly that for the second time for their PC desktop recovery tool for Windows Phone devices. The application was first known as Lumia Recovery Tool, and then Microsoft changed it the first time to Windows Phone Recovery Tool. Now a new update has changed it yet again to Windows Device Recovery Tool.

Windows Device Recover Tool

According to the change log for the app, which has the new version number 3.0.1, it will now support recovering devices that run Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and the new Windows 10 Mobile. It also has some new in-product help pages, along with better accessibility features with the use of Microsoft Narrator and keyboard support. Finally, it has some unnamed bug fixes and improvements.

How to roll back from Windows 10 Mobile preview to Windows Phone 8.1

As you might expect, this is a mandatory update for the app. For those of you who have yet to download the app on your PC, you can go to Microsoft's support page to grab the program (opens in new tab).

Read our how-to guide above (or bookmark it) if you need to know how to use this tool!

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  • All I know is it's a serious pain to find when you are trying to download it.  Searches bring up a million articles that tell you how to use it without download links. 
  • Umm... All you have to do is bing/google  'windows phone recovery tool' and it's the first result... lol
  • Yeah, sadly some people can't search for stuff... There's 3 of them here that skipped right over what you said, lol. I even double checked and sure enough, 1st result in my search. Go figure...
  • Exactly what I've done in the past.  But I did check and they showed this time.  My complait was I was getting hits that were sending me in circles and articles that didn't link to the download.  Most of them just news articles about the product being renamed.  This one links which is nice. MS has a whole bunch of support articles about the tool too that don't link to the download. Trust me, I can search for things.  I was able to buy some xbox games with Bing points.  
  • That only helps if you know what it's called. I know now so I find it fast these days, but back at the beginning of this year it took me a good 20 minutes to find the actual download. And yes I do know how to search. I do find Microsoft downloads difficult to find most of the time, especially on MSDN subscriber downloads the search is pretty terrible.
  • Yep you hit it on the nail ms needs to fix alot of links in download center maybe a year or 2 ago I wanted to download tinker editor it took maybe 5hrs to locate an active link(something they should've offered over wu for vista ultimate)
  • I feel you! Good that Windowscentral article had link for it!
  • Interesting... I wonder if they'll use it for other Windows devices such as the Band, or will this only be for mobile devices such as phones and phablets.
  • Id guess bring it back to that marketing nightmare that is windows 10 mobile which most of the industry will simply call it windows mobile 10
  • Or maybe they're preparing to rename "Windows 10 Mobile" itself to something else.
  • My guess is that's exactly the point.
  • Microsoft is soo confused .. Cant Decide anything .. As far as naming an app is concerned
  • So sad that this is the best you can come up with. Seriously, the name of a tool that nobody but the entusiasts who are hacking their device will use is something you need to attack? You don't have any devices listed in your profile. Usually means you are an iFan. Want to discuss name changes and reversals of Apple names? You haters are just getting lazy.
  • Just saying, the recovery tool is not for people that hack their device. It's pretty sad that you have made 2 blanket statements, both wrong, just to jump on someone for making what can be considered a legitimate complaint. I kind of get their renaming lately, but it can be confusing to many users. So next time, take a deep breath, settle down, and don't worry about it.
  • If you think that renaming this tool is a legitimate complaint, shows that you are here simply to whine, bitch, complain and generate controversy. Plain and simple. You go on the attack against me, you have a fit calling it a legitimate complaint because of the rename of a tool that you most likely don't even have a clue about what it does, and I am the one who needs to take a deep breath?
  • It's funny seeing people randomly assume things on the internet. I know exactly what the recovery tool is for and have used it in the past. I haven't said anything that comes even close to a fit. Also, don't dish it out if you can't take it. If you wanna jump on here and attack people, expect to get it back, especially when you do it they way you do.
  • Oh, I can take it. I am just laughing at how pathetic people like you are, having a fit over how they renamed a bit of software to change the word phone to device to better reflect what it can do. Suppose next week when they announce the SP4 and this software works with that. People like you would be here screaming about how it works with devices other than phones, the name is misleading, and then throw out some attack line against Microsoft for not knowing what they are doing. People like you are a dime a dozen, and can usually be found over at iMore or Android central.
  • I agree with what u mean with people who keep complaining over the simplest of things, but there is a line separating "pointing these people out" and being a dick about it by going overboard. Seriously u could have stopped with your first comment. U don't have to continue your "lets be a dick" rant with "here simply to whine, bitch, complain and generate controversy". You sound like a great person. Sounds like you're one of them who will shout in someone's face with your opinion but as soon as they say their opinion, you're in the right and begin speaking for the people. No need to begin insulting as many people as possible.
    (I mean seriously, u had a bitch fit over someone saying "MS is soo confused [When naming is concerned]" and then u accuse others of generating controversy? What are you? 9?)
    Also! U said this tool is made for "enthusiasts who are hacking their device" u sure you're not from iMore ir Android central? Bcus if u was from here you'd know that this tool is for rolling back to a RTM update (want me to give u the definition of this too?) from a preview build MS give to people. That's not hacking. That's called beta testing and rolling back. :p
  • So you are complaining about me insulting people, and then start asking about my age, claiming I am 9 years old. Try looking into a mirror if you are going to criticize.
  • Again with incorrect and assuming statements from you. Show me where I threw a fit over the name change, and where I said anything was misleading. I pointed out that people can have problems with name changes. I guess it just goes to show that I'm not an asshole and I can be sympathetic to users that have less technical knowledge than I do, where as you would fit into the opposite of that category. 
  • Actually, you jumped into this conversation when it had nothing to do with you. Someone made a comment about the name, I replied, and then you and to get in on it attacking me. You claimed that it was a "legitimate complaint" because they changed the word phone to device, which are often used interchangably. And now you are attacking me calling me names, such as "asshole". I have on numerous occasions here helped users when they were reasonable people, maybe they thought it was broken but were incorrect and I help them out. But when someone, such as the comment I replied to, has a fit because of a one word change where the new name is more accurate then yes, I am going to mock them. They were obviously here to stir up trouble, and here you are attacking me over it when you had absolutely no part in the conversation.
  • You keep on using the word fit. You're the only one pitching a fit over anything. And are you really trying to claim that I'm in the wrong for commenting? Especially when your reasoning is you commented specifically to mock someone. You truly are proving yourself to be an asshole, and I'm guessing a childish troll. So you enjoy your night, I'm off to enjoy mine.
  • Yep, and more of the usual personal attacks. I can't understand how changing the word phone to device is such a tradgedy, and mocking someone for treating it as such deserves me being attacked. It is obvious the person that I originally replied to was here to create controversy, to troll, and you fell into their trap and personally attacked people for it. Good going.
  • Don't mind me, but... To tell you the truth, you're the one that's kind of pathetic. And that is the funny part. As for this guy and his complain, for me he's kind of right. Ms changes names like their is no tomorrow. I don't give a dime how the hack is the app called as long as it does what i need it to do. This changing names dilema is a waste of time and coding. They should waste more time bringing a great system on the market, cause ios now surely looks like a smartphone system with the latest release and as much as i hate Crapple i have to recognize that the latest build kind of f**ks ms in the a**. So win 10 mobile has to vome out NOW. And then, a freaqin good update release very soon after, to bring a pack of nifty futures to the table. If not, they will loose again against this crapple ongoing "Manipulasia". So, yeah, he's right about changing names and how useless it is doing it.
  • Umm plenty of people use this tool to restore their phones from errors and to rollback to stable software, it's not some special hacker software.
  • How are they confused?  They are simply changing a word in the name of the a tool so it can possibly work with more devices.  It's not necessarily just for phones anymore, but also phablets and anything else that runs Windows 10 Mobile, 8 and 8.1.
  • The only thing constant about MS is that they keep changing things.
  • Actually it's that you see a long line of comments that everyone has to chime in on...oh, wait. That's the internet lol =p
  •  Lumia Recovery Tool and the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. Two apps actually, they didn't renamed to it, right?
  • Yep. The Lumia one is for wp7 devices.
  • @Pallav Chakraborty. No, totally wrong. You can still use it to flash Wp8.x phones. I use it to flash my 920 back to Wp8.1.
    Edit: My bad, it looks like what has happened is Lumia support (wp8.x )has been aggregated to the tool developed my Microsoft (formerly Windows phone recovery tool). The Lumia recovery tool has been rebranded to Nokia Recovery Tool and will only support legacy devices. I just updated both and that's what happened. So looked it up.
  • Nope. Its for older phones :p not older software (maybe it works for wp7? I haven't tried as never had wp7 XD). Simple mistake to make thou so understandable :D
  • @unknownguns. Actually if you look at The wording sort of implies Wp7.
  • I like the word 'implication' =p
  • i would be interested in an backup and recovery feature. so far this tool just resets to factory settings/wipes everything... this would be e.g. very helpful when testing a new windows 10 build: make backup and if its not working correctly a roll back...    
  • Agreed. I actually put similar feedback in the Feedback app in WM10 awhile back. I'd love to have the abilty to copy my backups to my PC (for archivng/safe-keeping) or directly create through the PC app, and then have the option of restoring an image from my PC (good benefit for people with slower internet connections).
  • Your phone already has that built in though. I've used it many times. I use it every time the OS upgrades.
  • you have an iphone? ;))
  • lol, no. I just find things work more smoothly when I do a backup and restore after major OS updates. Most notably, the bluetooth integration with my car. Actually I can't think of anything else that doesn't really work after an update, but I rely heavily on my phone working with my car, so I spend the extra 45 minutes or so to do the restore each time.
  • just curious: how do you make a complete image before an update or just to freeze a certain state? and how do you restore the image?! ​what you might think about here is the onedrive backup of certain settings, right?
  • @Axmantium, it's pretty well known that the backup system in Wp8.x is pretty lacklustre compared to WM 6.x and has been since Wp7.x. Wp10 well doesn't really improve in that regard and is nowhere near what you could do on WM6.x. Granted on version 6.x there were decent third party alternatives like pimbackup, spc backup which backed everything up. I used to use SPC for apps and pimbackup for contacts and text messages. Emails were synced via imap.
  • I totally, wholeheartedly agree with this. I remember being disaapointed when I first entered the smartphone world with Windows Phone two years and half ago that WP couldn't do that.
  • That sounds incredibly complex, but yeah...maybe they should do that. =[
  • Still can't get over SkyDrive...
  • ............
    Nokia RT> Lumia RT > WP RT?> Windows Device RT>....... SMDH
  • Not owned by MS anymore>works with more than just Lumias>Name seems fine>Might work with even more devices now. Don't see the issue.   EDIT: Also, Windows 10 isn't called Windows Phone anymore.
  • someone should tell that to the folks working on Mail/Calendar.   sent from Outlook Mail for Windows 10 phone.
  • Lol.
  • Actually, for the time being it actually is still WP... At least until W10M is officially released....
    Really depends on which one you're talking about... But, whoever said W10, was called WP?
  • Maybe you should've got a MasterCard..... SMDHID...
  • @Rodneyej, they are separate tools... Nokia Recovery tool became Lumia recovery tool. Windows Phone recovery tool was a new tool to support other windows phones created specifically for the preview. I have both installed. However it looks like support for Lumia's (wp8.x) has been moved from the Lumia recovery tool and aggregated into the Windows Device Recovery tool (formerly Windows phone Recovery tool). With legacy devices separated out to Nokia Recovery Tool (formerly Lumia Recovery tool). So if anything they really haven't gone on a renaming rampage lol. They just separated out the two tools into easily identifiable tools.
  • Didn't know there were two different tools!!... Interesting.
  • you used to be cool Rodney, I looked up to you, what will us losers have now? =(
  • You still have both your hands... Cheer up!
  • Wonder I'll be able to get Denim now?
  • The recovery tool does an carrier check as well, so you'll get a build reflective of the carrier the phone was intended for so that the build with the required drivers / software for the radios is included. So it boils down to if your carrier allowed the Denim update on your device in the first place.
  • No ... It doesn't.
    I recovered my country version lumia but after recovery i got additional update for denim which wasn't included in firmware of WSRT
  • It's a trojan horse designed to rip out Nokia Care Suite by the roots, thus preventing AT&T folks from being able to flash their 830's to the accidentally exposed Denim firmware ;-) Sorry, it's Monday and we needed a conspiracy theory floating around.
  • Haha
  • Lol!
  • nice looks like the right direction to control the W10 updates in a devicess :)
  • Yeah, I think it is telling that it went from "phone" to "Device". Perhaps there is a larger role for this in the future.
  • That's my thought, as well. Perhaps a means of resetting tablets, phones, and wearbles through a single interface.
  • Looks like it would support other Windows devices thus the name change..
  • My guess is at the very least because Windows Phone as a name is gone. It's Windows 10 mobile
  • It's still a phone though, with W10M on it. They killed ARM tablets and there's a standard way to do a recovery of Intel based devices. There must be somebody at MS feeling strongly about anything with 'phone' in the name.
  • seen about right
  • Name change is clearly targeted at sub 8 inch Windows devices running Win10 Mobile
  • Maybe it will support tablets running 10 Mobile and Band then?
  • Also there is no such thing as 'Windows Phone' remember. It's Windows 10 for phones or Windows 10 mobile. So that might be why.
  • No such thing as WP.... That comment is wrong in so many ways....
    First of all,, W10M isn't even officially out yet...
    Second, WP devices are still on store shelves, and they aren't called W10 devices.. They run WP.
    Third, even when WP is phased out, which will still be in years, it's literally impossible for MS, or anyone to wipe it from existence...
    Fourth,, which brings me to my last point... WP will still be supported for some time by MS even when a new version (W10M) comes out... MS wouldn't risk security issues, and totally drop support for a former OS On day one.....
    To think that just because you're running the TP on your phone WP doesn't exist anymore is delusional... Lol!!!
  • Long MB
  • I'll be using it, whatever the name will be by the time I get home, to go back to WP 8.1 on my Lumia 920 until the big reveal and official release of Windows 10 Mobile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Brace yourselves..........a new W10P TP is coming!!!
  • Do people really have to whine even on this one? Just download that freakin' updates and rename your tool!
  • Some really must be addicted to their cheese and whine...
  • Thems some stanky cheese.... =D
  • That Support page link makes u block origin go nuts
  • LOL. I think that's the fourth name inside of a year.  
  • All i wanna know is, if it can finally unbrick my Lumia that the previous version hard-bricked. -_-
  • Never succeeded in installing this software....some hash value error I never found out how to circumvent or fix. Does anyone here know?
  • That's a first, where are you downloading it from? Have you tried using the Windows clean up tool to remove it completely and installing it again? It might be down to dropped packets causing a faulty installer, so best try ethernet if you haven't already. Also I'd suggest you go to and do a test.
  • NASA found water on Mars while Microsoft keeps renaming this.
  • The two are related, how?
  • Sarcasm mate.
  • Tada! =D
  • lol!
  • What about Samsung ative s it's working in this program
  • FYI, WC had indicated that using the toll you could get the Denim update for ATT Lumia 830. It does not seem to be the case as I tried to update last night and no such luck.