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How to roll back from Windows 10 Mobile preview to Windows Phone 8.1

Today's forthcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider update requires users to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 first. Here is how to do that to get you prepped!

Windows Phone recovery tool

Below you'll find all the steps to help you go back safely to your previous version of the mobile operating system:

How to roll back from Windows 10

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Windows Device Recovery Tool (opens in new tab) to your PC.
  2. Launch the recovery tool and connect your phone using a USB cable. If your handset isn't detected, click My phone was not detected to force the application to rescan for and detect the phone.
  3. In the next screen, click your phone, wait a few seconds, and you'll see your phone information and the software available for download to roll back to a previous operating system. To continue, click Reinstall software.
  4. Next, the recovery tool will warn you to backup all your data, settings, and apps before continuing, as the rolling back process will delete all the previous data in your phone. Click Continue to proceed.
  5. Now, the recovery tool will download the image from Microsoft's servers and replace Windows 10 Mobile that is currently on your phone. The process will take some time depending on your internet connection and the hardware in question.

After the tool completes the process, you will receive a message saying "Operation successfully completed". At this point, the phone will reboot and you will have to go through the Out-of-Box-Experience, like on any version of Windows. Then, you'll need to sign-in with your Microsoft account, select to restore your phone from backup (if this is something you prefer), and after a few additional questions, you'll be back to Windows Phone 8.1.

As you can see, Microsoft is making it very convenient to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 Mobile preview, and the company is starting to add support for non-Lumia devices, which is a big plus. So you don't have to spend time searching on the internet for different tools to go back to the previous operating system.

However, you have to remember that the operating system is far from complete. Not only will you find issues, but you might also stumble upon problems trying to roll back, as I hear many users reporting issues restoring Windows Phone 8.1 on their Lumia 930. As such, you should avoid using Windows 10 Mobile preview as your primary mobile operating system, at least until it hits RTM.

Did you have to roll back from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone 8.1? If so, what was the reason? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

Originally published April 2015, updated May 2015

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • So neat
  • One of the reasons why m not rolling back from the previous build is that the save games will be wiped off :P
  • Will the whatsapp chats also be erased off? Or will it still be intact. I've done backup within the app. I am using L920, so I don't have exteral SD card.
  • Yup..if no backup in external memory then no way to retain the chats after the roll back.
  • Not true.
    Whatsapp messages are backed up alongside the apps+settings backup. So as long as you do a full system backup (to OneDrive), then it will restore in due course.
  • Not true whatsapp messages won't get backed up.
  • You don't know what you are talking about my friend!
    I have restored my 1020 on two occasions in the past few months. On each occasion, I select 'RM-875' on the system restore page in the WP8.1 initial update process.....and voila, the app settings/chat log get downloaded from the OneDrive backup.
    The whole process is fully automated, and works v.well in my experience (does the same thing as iOS - and is far ahead of Android in that regard!)
  • ive reset my phone 3-4 times and each time i restore it i get all my whatts app data back, alot of games not all backup to and so do many apps.  Exellent restore mode on windows phones, a big plus, cant wait to have my music inclded.
  • I restored 1 week ago, and I lost the complete layout, plus some apps were no longer available. And no, I'm not stupid, when I only hard reset, no layout gets lost, but rollback is mortal.
  • Lol, you seem to be not informed.. WhatsApp mashed are backed up!
  • It get
  • Whatsapp is not working in my L920, with wp 10 TP. Would uninstalling & reinstalling the app erase the chats?  As even phone & messaging is not working, whatsapp is the only thing that's available for communication through phone!  
  • Do a full backup via the settings menu - then restore your phone. With luck, your Whatsapp chat logs will have saved correctly and will restore via the device restoration feature on WP8.1.
    Assuming you get away with it this time - don't ever load an Alpha software on your main phone! I loaded mine on my old 820 - so it didn't matter whether it messed things up.
    (Both times I have restored my 1020 in the last few months, all of my chat logs have come back for Whatsapp)
  • probably because you have a second phone with active whats app with those chats. this doesnt get backed up if you have a single device
  • Did u able to run what's app? Mine is also not working..even on reinstall
  • I reverted back to 8.1.
    Windows 10 is nowhere near ready for daily use!
    (Personally, I would NEVER load alpha software on a main phone).
  • i have 2 days with the technical preview and the poor management of the battery is why i am getting down, and is very slow for some things or menus.
  • I am upgraded to windows 10 a few days ago. Now the
    battery is draining fast and the system is heating too much while using apps.
  • yeah the battery is draining very quickly.bad bad bad.
  • for me windows 10 was absolutly fine for a daily device, surprisingly so, but my photo app broke and i dont like the new email and calender so im rolling back.
  • the firmware version is same on windows recovery tool while rollback.does it really installs W8.1???
  • You sure man??
  • As I say, I have done it successfully on two occasions with my Lumia 1020. It did fail on one occasion....but we have dreadfully slow internet, so I guess the process got interrupted.
    More to the point, what option do you have?! Whatsapp doesn't work on your you either wait for a Whatsapp update, or you run the apps+settings full backup, and then do the restore once you have reverted back to 8.1.
    Seriously though - this is a perfect example of why you should heed Microsoft's and others warnings. No one should load W10 TP on their main phone!
    Good luck
  • dude listen to me 
    open your whatsapp then go to settings then chat setting scroll to the buttom you will find a word called backup press on it wait for few seconds then you redy to go :
  • If you were in a certain group chat, you will still be I'm it, your contacts will remain intact but private chats will be erased. You'll have to sign in again. This is what happened on my 930.
  • Copy the WhatsApp folder to your desktop.
  • I have rolled back everything backed up nothing really changed just the time wasted hours in total
  • My crossy road saved. Beach buggy racing won't though
  • ive done 3 restores maybe 4  and my beach buggy saves are all there, so thats wierd to me.
  • As usual... This is probably my largest complaint about hard resets.Maybe one day all game saves can be backed up. 
  • I find it crazy that Xbox achievement certification doesn't make external game save a requirement
  • try it out but im still disappointed they are so far off from a stable finished product. Does anyone believe they'll have this ready before the end of the year? Seems they have such a long way to go, yet they've been working on this for a year or more.
  • Have you ever wrote and OS?
  • If they are getting close on features then I wouldn't worry. If they need to redo a bunch of internals or big sweeping changes then it will take quite some time.
  • I disagree, I think it shows an awful lot of progress, sure its clunky, buggy, slow and half baked. But speed and stability comes later. I'm not sold on all the changes, but its looking promising.
  • Sure, it does look promising. But it still seems they are very far off. Especially still being in Alpha stage, and it shows. Ill be surprised if it is done by the fall.
  • How do know it's the last build they have? Just because they released to the public doesn't mean that it's the very last version.
  • You're missing how software development works. There coul dbe a version taht is a lot further along that, for many reasons, isn't released to the public. You're only really getting something to generate hype and feedback, it's not for you to test in a QA sense, or to guage how far along the product is.
  • I'll be surprised if I like it better than 8.1, even after it reaches RTM. So far, everything is a step backwards, or many steps backward. With the possible exceptions of voice to text anywhere there's a keyboard and the additional functionality when swiping down from the top, and those two things could have easily been added to 8.1.
  • For that new to this sort of thing, pre-release OS builds are a huge step away from the final versions, often right up to the last couple of builds.
    They're checking out features and interoperability, stuff that doesn't require a sick, fast interface. I'd you install the pre-retreat builds, you are helping them find the bugs, so don't be surprised that there are a lot of them! They will squash then as they go, bit each time they try out a new feature there are new bugs, so it can give the impression that nothing works well even s there is remarkable progress.
    There's no point in then optimizing for speed and smoothness at this point, since the main features are changing with each build, but they are collecting data on what needs to be improved so that when the final builds are done they will contain the necessary changes for the kind of efficient, smooth interface we are accustomed to on WinPhone.
  • Yes they can be ready even before. They need our feedback to make the right adjustments. Look at how far win 10. The more we all roll back and continue complaining about how raw this update is the longer we will wait. My thoughts......
  • They need no feedback. They can and will make it an Android clone just because they can and no one will ever stop them.
  • This may be the dumbest comment I have ever read.  
  • Ditto
  • This is the most accurate comment. MS can do whatever the hell they want. They can slit the throat of the botched aborted red headed step child thrice removed which is WP...if they were bored. What are you gonna do? Knock on their door and complain? That's akin to Dorothy and her crew rolling 5 deep up to the gate of Emerald City (see that pun?) and being told "ho away" /misspelling, but it works... by some wanna be hobbit before hobbits were cool, kick ass wee fighters.
  • This is the second time I have read this. Have you got it saved for such occasions?
  • I was wondering this myself... No, I only wrote it once. I think it was resurrected, see the content count?
  • Yeah, look at the dates.
  • I agree. That's the only reason though its so buggy in still continue to use it. But the second build is more buggy than the first one though they have added new features. The UI is faster than the first build. Most of the apps keep on loading and doesn't open. Force restarted at least 15 times after the new update.
  • I tried giving as much feedback as I could (10 or so responses) however I have no choice but to roll back on my 928, the phone is stuck without data of any kind, and apps will fail to launch and then reboot the phone. Not much to "test" when the OS can't run anything at this point, and I can no longer give feedback as the OS is obviously corrupted on my device. Oh well, I'll try again on the next build.
  • No way, it's not even close.
  • Anyone knows , what's the alternate method to factory reset the phone ?? Expect lSRT and settings
  • You can dial ##777# to reset. Silk have not done but I believe its almost like hard reset.
  • "Smart men never take a step back, smarted men never make the mistake that makes them take a step back" I am good with my WP8.1 Gimme Developer's Preview...
  • Damn, that's poetic...
  • Smart men also don't forget to proofread.
  • *smarter, Thank you kind sir.
  • Wait, you just took a step back to address the spelling error =-O
  • I'm reinstalling WP 8.1 right now on my 1520.  Some neat things in Win10, but definitely not ready for prime time. 1)  Loss of Family Room.  Yeah, I know its EOL, but I'm going to use it as long as I can. 2)  Battery life is horrible.  I usually get 36 hours, but I went from 100 to 42 percent in less than 6 hours. 3)  Email is not ready for actual use.  Thats more of an Alpha. 4)  Numerous crashes, lock ups, etc.  5)  IE settings not accessible. They'll get there, but I need my phone way too much for work and this won't do. 
  • I am finding with windows 10 on my phone (1520) 1 - invalid 2- Agreed - power isues - work around close back ground apps using held dwn back button. 3- email works perfect for me. 4- I ahve seen none even the phantom touch not there 5- spartan and internet explorer are both working products not all settings additional: batter saver shows no apps in there hey cortana listed but not able to use people hub is getting revamped no office - but we know why!       overall I can use this fast build as a daily driver no issues!
  • mines have problem turning on after the screen turns off, I cannot get it to turn on, are you having the same problem.......the other problem I have I cannot use my AT&T service for data, I can only use wifi
    Seriously. You will notice a huge difference in performance, and stability.
  • Some of us actually have a job, with a corner office, a suit and trolls to maneuver into place all day. That's without the customer base. We need our phone. I use it half as much as my pc.
  • Going back to 8.1 dev preview myself on my 1020, but will keep my 630 on 10tp. 1. Not an issue for me 2. Yep, battery drains really quickly 3. Email I couldn't even get to sync properly, love the interface but its too buggy for daily use 4. Didn't notice any lockups or crashes, didn't have any sim issues either 5. IE settings not existent Also, you cannot access accounts to change settings related to the accounts logged in on the phone.   I'll wait for the next build.....
  • I am unable to download the upgrade to 10. Downloading stuck at 5%. Tried many times. :(
  • Consider yourself lucky!!!
  • Same thing happened to me..i remained unresponsive and all of a sudden the update percentage went to 95% on my 1020.. And finally i am using it
  • Did it finally download? Went smoothly on my 1020. No hang ups or anything. Just curious.
  • I would be fine with Windows 10, if it didn't say "No SIM" after I upgraded. Re-inserting the SIM card, doing soft resets, etc doesn't do anythinng. Basically, it's not even a phone anymore.
  • Rolling back to 8.1 as the same "no sim" issue....pissed that i spent over 2 1/2 hrs downloading somrthing that bricks my 520
  • did you try a hard reset
  • tried using the windows recovery tool & now the phone is dead,won't turn on...has become a brick & words can't be found to describe how angry i am right now
  • That's actually pretty strange. I just followed the tutorial and it seemed to work fine, other than losing a bunch of stuff. Out of all the things that could go wrong, not being able to call or text is the second worst. The worst obviously being a dead phone, as in your case. I'm not sure what happened your phone. Plugging it in a charger usually turns it on, but I feel like that won't work in your case.
  • I had the very same thing happen to mine. I'm really glad I'm not alone in that. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to power on. 
  • Try holding the power button + volume down (or volume up, not sure). Couldn't get my 1020 to turn on at all after a weekend vacation, not through At&t, phone charging, or Windows Phone Recovery but that finally worked.
  • I followed all the instructions and bricked my phone.  Basically the bootloader gets killed and it no longer comes up as a Windows Phone and falls back to the processor's bootloader.  There are many people in this same state not only with the 1020 but also other models.  Here is a link to a topic on the Microsoft forum about this: Sounds like Microsoft may be trying to put a fix in their phone recovery tool so they can recover a truely bricked phone.
  • I also lost all of my photos and videos in the reverting process. I have some photos saved on OneDrive, but I'm really annoyed that it happened. I don't do automatic upload because I delete unwanted photos on my phone and manually upload the good ones. If the calling and texting worked, I could actually live with those other bugs on Windows 10.
  • Oh jeez, seriously man, this isn't the phones issue, this is YOUR issue.
  • I was hard resetting my 720 before upgrading to this build. And the thing is that it is not starting anymore! The screen with the wheels comes, and then it shows its proceeding, and the bar fills to say 25%, and the process stops and a sad smiley... :-( like this shows up. And the process starts again. Been three days since it is happening. What should I do?
  • The phone restarts again and again. So I am not sure if the connection through the usb chord to the pc will be permanent. The phone will detached the moment it restarts.
  • So I can update my Lumia 1520 to Denim
    RM 937 India
  • I have a RM-937, I updated to 10 with no issues and have flashed back to 8.1 with no issues.
  • The recovery tool restores a device to what is current for that particular device, including model and branding/location. It will not install a version that is not already available for your phone. (at least it isn't designed/intended to)
  • Sleep, please.
  • Have some way roll back without connect to PC or Laptop ?
  • Yea. You can just walk backwards keeping the phone upside down
  • What the heck ? :))
  • Hahaahahah
  • How come no one else figured this out?
  • Or he can hold his phone while rolling backwards in a tire....
  • You've said that before.
  • But make sure to lock screen rotation or you risk bricking that shizz! :D
  • Shizzl and bizzil all in fun huse shblazzibo try to say that three times.
  • lmfao @reniarahim you funny as dead
  • Lol
  • Funniest comment award goes to reniarahim....funny
  • That's like using phone without a battery!
  • Not as of now. It was suggested to being considered for the future.
  • if its considered for the future, it will take a huge space from internal memory.
  • Not possible not because file size... Because you need an OS to run the install, right? But if you format the current OS and install a new OS, what will run the install? It needs a 3rd OS just for that, like DOS or something... I don't see that ever being done on phones.
  • Its the large download that's the issue. Not all users phones will have the space and it would need to be on separate storage i.e sd card to safely update the firmware, followed by OS. Then you also have the risk of users phone running out of battery life during install. Connection via powered on pc and usb negates that part of risk. Risk worth leaving to users???
  • It's the PC download that's large.
    And anyone doing this to roll back from TP is OK with losing data/permanently damaging hardware etc
  • You would hope folks participating in a Tech Preview would be aware of and accept the risks. That is not always the case unfortunately, leading to a lot of Win 10 sucks posts.
  • This^^
    The tech preview isn't supposed to be finished! It is very very far from a mainstream build. It's disappointing when all you get is extremely negative comments without constructive points, makes one wonder what the purpose of the whole tech preview is anyways :-(
  • I don't here many complaints.  What I hear is concern.  You are right that it is very, very far from a finished build.   But there have been rumors of it "going gold" in June.  That's two months from now.  There is no way they can have a usable product in two months if this sorry state of affairs is where they are at now.   Ordinarilly, this wouldn't be a major concern.  But the simple fact is there's only one half-way decent Windows Phone on the market (the One M8) and there's no reason to think there'll be another one until Windows 10 ships -- if even then!  In other words, we are right in the middle of an extended dark period for Windows Phone.  And given that the platform is essentially dead even now, every extra day it takes Windows 10 to land is one more day we have to suffer with the garbage OS and harware choices we're stuck with now.   So, it is a little dismaying that MS seems so far off the mark at this late date.
  • I agree, but, 10 still sucks and I know what I'm doing. :)
  • But don't walk back too much or the phone will turn into a 3330
  • If you walk too much, you will not exist anymore ;)
  • Go to nokia care. It will take just 15 minutes
  • Too laggy and not enough consistency. I do understand its a build but alot of the apps aren't compatible with it anyway
  • Like which apps? Idk all my apps seem to be functioning normally, okay almost normally.
  • For example I my message app would crash a lot and Spider-Man Unlimited would crash upon start
  • Try uninstalling those apps. Had that same problem. All my apps work now
  • I had some apps do that, reinstalling them solved it (make sure to back-up if possible)
  • Spider Man Unlimited crashes on my 1520 now on start up and in games, and I'm not even on the preview.
  • For example Spotify is useless on the preview. You can't see your songs and can't listen to anything. And reinstalling isn't solving the issue.
  • Spotify can play your old playlists if you hit the shuffle play button, then switch your network connection to wi-fi/3G or press the home button on your phone and go back, it depends really. But I've managed the whole week with that lol
  • Disqus
    Start Screen Clock (which works but live tile doesn't)
    Not to mention games lag horribly.
  • Get Tile clock... Works like a charm... And me thinks it's better! The other two i don't use
  • Too much lag and bugs. I can't save podcasts in Podcast Lounge anymore. I do love actionable notifications though.
  • spotify for example, thinks it's not connected to the internet
  • Mine's fine.
    A hard reset/setup from scratch gets most things in order
  • i don't know how my comment got here, it's from an article about the previous build of windows 10, back then, somewhere in february, spotify didn't work
  • My L820 couldn't open most of its apps. No messaging, no dialer, no Cortana. No network connection as stick in flight mode.... No toggle to turn off.. Still liked the new look of windows 10. Back on 8.1 now.
  • Messaging on Windows 10 is still a pain. Needs more work. (520)
  • Mytube crashes on L1020
  • Do you use Skype or Whatsapp? I have them both installed. I receive notifications but cannot open said apps by clicking on the message. I search for Skype and Whatsapp in the list of apps they do not show up. I cannot uninstall/reinstall them. I can open Skype by going through the store (how convenient) and cannot pin it to start. As of now cannot install a freaking app.Using build 10.0.10536.1004 obtained by choosing the Fast Ring from the Insider App. Funnily enough I don't have the Insider App anymore on the phone and cannot install it for the sake of it. I have only some Feedback which I gave plenty. Now I hope to I can turn it around and resuscitate my Mumia with this Tool. Back to the Future baby that's 8.1. If it's not broken, don't fix it!
  • Which ones? All of those I use are working as expected. But I agree its a bit laggy (930 here), while not enough to make me go back to wp8.1 though.
    Edit: Sorry, posted my message before seeing you already answered...
  • Games are so laggy after updating but not considering a go back .. W10 TP was like hell when I first installed but now it's so smooth .. I'm so optimistic about the future of windows 10 (Lumia 1320).
  • W10 TP was like hell when I first installed but now it's so smooth .. 
    Do you mean W10 for PC or Phone? If you're talking about W10 for Phone (why don't they just call it W10 mobile, would be hella clearer...), what made it go from hell to smooth? 
  • well, it's called windows 10 technical preview for phones, and the pc version is just windows 10 technical preview
  • Dude! Did your phone are on fire? Cause mine is hot as hell (WP 8.1 no update 1 neither PFD) using simple apps like VBA8 and some games, that's why I didn't updated yesterday! :C
  • Candy Crush is noticeably slower and sometimes completely freezes for upto 10s, then resumes. Still works though. Perhaps the 930 doesn't suffer as much as the 830, owing to it's beefier CPU. I hope they push update for specific apps quickly; Windows Insider just won't start as is, and last time I opened it, I had switched it back to "Slow"; I'd rather be on "Fast" now... 
  • Running pretty smooth on my 720.. Having prob with some apps like 6tag, ucbrowser
  • Are you able to access your photos ?
  • Yes..
  • Restart your phone once and you'll land here...
  • Facing issues with photos app anyone please help ots constantly crashing
  • Having the same issue 1520 any help
  • I am switching back to win 8.1. Alternatively you can use Photo viewer HD
  • @Edward...EXACTLY what MS was saying right from the start so that people wouldn't chill bro
  • Oh yeah I don't mind its a fantastic start!!! I hope they keep up the great work!! I'm happy with it, I'm not complaining at all
  • I installed it on my icon. Really early build. Next version needs to fix the animations and speed. Camera took long to start. Cortana took longer. It is very promising but in the mean time ill wait for a further development. Kudos to the new Microsoft. Windows phone is certainly here to stay
  • Hopefully you left them feedback ;)
  • Have any of you guys notice that whenever you use Cortana to ask for locations, she gives you a very inaccurate Distance.
  • Yes I did notice it and reported to MS to the feedback app.
  • Ok I just wanted to make sure it wasn't my phone lol
  • Nope.  Cortana's gone.  Yay Canada, eh? :P
  • I was just going to ask that on the forums. Yep. She is giving an IP based location, and the IP assigned by your carrier is never where you actually live, and it changes frequently if you're on AT&T at least. Mine keeps changing from some place in Kansas, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Nashville, Tennessee among other places. I don't even live in any of those states. She really needs to check with my GPS sensor...
  • Nah didn't bother with it. Remember the icon wasn't part of initial release. I followed a tutorial from YouTuber tech cat. It worked flawlessly. No hack just tricked the server and my icon was registered. Office apps weren't in the build I downloaded nor was the new mail app unless I had to download these from the store. The icons on tiles also was off. Its a long list of things to improve so ill wait til I get the proper build to begin
  • You got the new mail and calender and office??
  • no he said they weren't in the build,
  • How did you install it on your icon?
  • He used the hack to hack his phone and install it manually.
  • I didn't use the hack on xda. See earlier comments
  • Your sure you got the new windows 10 to upgrade and not the windows 8.1 update 2 that Microsoft was pushing out to 930/icon users
  • Look on YouTube and search for tech cat I believe. It goes through a Chinese server. Roll back is very easy I should mention. Took about 20minutes to go back to 8.1
  • Well it's good someone tried it with the Icon so us Icon'rs have an idea.
  • Yeah. I was really cautious about trying it but was comforted by the thought that Lumia software recovery would help me out if anything failed. Im sure the next build will be available for icon and 930. Windows rocks !!!
  • Its not a problem if you disconnect the cable, before reading this blog i accidently removed my phone while the 1.64gb download, and after the download it showed, it failed,but when i retried it just confirmed the downloaded OS and It wasn't a problem after that, hardly 3 minutes and my phone was restored as new.
    P.S: Don't turn off your pc, as the downloaded files are temporary,it is safe if you disconnect your phone but it is safer if you don't. :)
  • Yes, the big download is to the PC, not the phone.
  • That's why need to keep the preview, so we can give constructive feedback to MS. Its not meant for us to play with....
  • I guess it wipes out everything from phone like hard reset
  • They weren't really kidding with the disclaimer now, were they.
  • I didn't install it and won't anytime soon (even if it's available). can't risk my 928. I was just curious
  • Yes it does wipe but once you create a back up you will easily restore. Just will lose some data like your WhatsApp chats and BBM.
  • WhatsApp IS the reason I don't want to install W10. I got 11 months chat history in it, can't lose that :)
  • Yeah I lost mine sadly.
  • There is a backup option in WhatsApp. It stores all your data to the SD card and when you reinstall it, you get everything back.
  • That doesnt work when you use lumia software recovery....wipes everything
  • If you have a phone with an SD card slot then the backup-restore option does work even after using the tool.
  • 928 doesn't support SD card
  • you won't loose whatsapp chat history, just make sure whatsapp has made a recent backup (i think it makes a backup every week or so), if you don't have an sdcard just make the backup from whatsapp, connect the phone via usb, and copy the whatsapp folder from your internal memory to the pc, and after upgrade or downgrade copy it back to internal memory, when you install whatsapp after that it'll ask if you want to restore the backup, just make sure you install whatsapp after copying the whatsapp folder back to internal memory
  • Great idea..but hav u tried it.
  • Yes it does work, I used to do this on my Lumia 925 before I traded it for an 830.
  • this is wrong. do NOT use WPRT at all. Use Lumia Software recovery tool instead. i know almost everyone who went back to 8.1, even tech guys, had 100% success with LSRT. WPRT is new and is very unstable, just like the win10 build
  • Thanks
  • On a Lumia 830 I used WPRT and it worked.
    First I tried with LSRT but it was giving me errors at downloading.
  • WPRT is not unstable, quit spewing FUD.
  • We'll my personal experience is really bad with it, it bricked my L920 for good.
  • RIP you had a great phone!
  • it's very hard to permanently brick a windows phone, most of the time it's still possible to flash it with the nokia software
  • If you tell me how i'm happy to try! The recovery process ended a minute after the flashing began(Flashing failed with error 0x00061003 (397315)). Since then the L920 is dead, connect via USB the PC recognize only a QHSUSB_DLOAD Device. The Windows Phone Recovery Tool and the old Nokia Care Suite doesnt even find the L920 at all. The Lumia Software Recovery Tool recognize a device after you search for it but says that this device is not suported. The Battery was fully loaded at the beginning of the first try of recovery. The only signs of life form the device itself comes per USB when you plug it in and if it is plugged in and give it the soft- and hard-reset key combos then you can see and hear it disconnect and immediately connect via usb.
  • hey man, I had the "QHSUSB_DLOAD" error too and I spent days trying to solve it by myself, but in the end I had to give it to customer care (my warrantly was still valid) and they replaced the logic board. I am a programmer and that error happened while deploying my app and restarting the phone during a longer boot... Hope you still have the warrantly, sadly that's the only solution :(
  • this worked for me
  • Thanks and a thousand thanks more! With that document and the code from (the code was not to be found on the phone or files with infos from the phone that i did stored on my pc) i was successfull! My Lumia 920 is now charging it's battery and working! I'm very happy about that!
  • Here, they solved the issue even if your phone isn't it warranty. But have to pay. I did once and paid ₹281 , about $5
  • hey i too have that QHSUSB_DLOAD  problem where do i get it repaired ??
  • this s a fix for the QHSUSB_DLOAD .i was able to fix my phone.i have a 620
  • Happened the very same to me. Did you manage to solve it meanwhile?
  • I followed the instructions from Alang1991 link, that worked! Two things i stumbled upon: The needed code for the Download of the FW-Image(Nokia Data Package Manager) was not to be found on the phone itself, i got from . After flashing the Bootloader i was not able to get the phone bring the red screen with Nokia logo.  Since there was still no reaction to resets and power button, i simply hooked the phone to its charger and ignoried for about 40 minutes. And there was the red screen with Nokia logo. Then i flashed it and rebooted it with the thor2.exe and its commands as described in the document.  
  • Tech guys went back?
    You need to find some better tech guys ;)
  • WPRT is super stable. I used it. Reverted back.
  • If the next update can install to non lumia device, will this work to those phone to rollback?
  • I think it could be for all windows phones as the name suggests, this is a new tool called Windows Phone Recovery Tool not the previous LSRT which was exclusively for Lumias.
  • My One M8 and 8X aren't recognized by the tool.
  • "if that's the case" sweet you can read. your comment was vague in the context of the article. the software is obviously for rolling back from the tech preview, and the devices you mentioned aren't supported in the previous yet, so you can understand me having to clarify your sitch brah
  • My comment was perfectly in context considering the comment I was replying to. Your post (which you've now deleted) was immediately hostile and childish. Try harder troll.
  • I actually accidentally edited over it, but I digress. easy internet tough guy, you're the one being hyper defensive while I'm trying to figure out where you're coming from. looks like you jumped to conclusions. whoops
  • "accidentally edited over it"? Please dude just go away.
  • Did you figure out how to roll back? on One M8 with TP and no connection... hmmm...
  • I picked up a L635 for $50 just for this. Only running on wifi.
  • I picked up the 625 too just for windows 10. Little cheap device is pretty damn good. Windows 10 animations are so slow and buggy and sometimes its fine. My biggest gripe is the picture app.
  • Same here. Actually put my sim card in for awhile. It was fine.
  • I picked a L530 non-contract for T-Mobile at Best Buy last week for $39 just for this. I'm running on wifi as well. However I think I may need to pick up an L635 if I intend to keep using this for the W10TP. The L530 only has 4GB and I started to run out of space last night as I was putting on the update build 10052. 
  • Because my mobile data didn't work
  • Add APN setting in cellular + sim and restart, it should work. It did for me.
  • I can't open the windows recovery tool I had to use the Lumia recovery tool.
  • Windows Phone Recovery Tool failed to restore my L625 3 times earlier (I know it's not meant to be running 10TP yet)   Had to use Lumia Software Recovery Tool instead, that worked straight away
  • I wish I had known that on my 520.  First attempt on WRT failed and went back to 10TP.  Second attempt messed up the BIOS.  In attempting to fix the BIOS it then bricked the phone completely.  Now it won't even turn on, simlar to what has happened to a number of people on this and other sites. Now, no recovery tool will even recognise the phone.  Ho Hum.
  • I am now facing the same prob....    
  • Same thing here. Tried the Lumia tool after 4 or 5 failed attempts with the Windows one, worked like a charm.
  • have some problem here. when i try to roll back to 8.1 with mucrosoft recovery, i have problem my lumia 520 just show red screen with "NOKIA". and after that it's shutting down, and i want to start it , with soft reset or hard reset, it's does'nt work, anyone here can give me some trouble shooting for my problem, 
  • Battery drain is massive.Had to charge my phone at work.Went back to my Blu Win Hd and the 635 went back into the box.Will wait until the next update before trying again.
  • I put the preview on my Nokia 635 as well and I for sure have noticed the battery drains much faster. The preview has also slowed down my phone and backups fail. So I'm rolling back to 8.1 as well. 
  • My biggest issue is that calls and text don't come thru when quite hour in on.This is my break thru list I'm talking about :)Will just leave WP10 preview on my 635 no need to roll back.Will just wait and see.
  • i'm also running it on my 635, didn't notice much more batterydrain, unless i turn on 3g, but that's always a battery eater
  • yes same is the case with may than i decide to go back to 8.1. I have to need a fast browsing and long time battery. 
  • lol that recovery tool bricked my 520 now it doesn't even turn on or vibrate when you press volume down + power, i did see someone else with same issue on twitter ... trying to find a solution...
  • I had the same problem with 925 any solution to it...
  • use the Nokia one, works flawlessy.
  • No it doesn't it says your phone is not supported
  • What?.....
  • if phone is recognized as "QHSUSB_DLOAD" when attached to PC, I'm really sorry to inform you that's hard bricked for ever. I had to use my warrantly to replace my 925.
  • Same Issue with my lumia 520 also.
  • Same Issue with my lumia 520 also.
  • I had the same issue with 1020. Totally bricked with "QHSUSB_DLOAD" in device manager. Outside of warranty with almost a year left in contract. Not happy. Apparently MS are aware of this issue and are workign to resolve it but I think it may be too late for my beloved 1020. Boo Hoo.
  • Do you have a link to that software, my 1320 got bricked too and the Recovery tool does not fix it.  I tries to path a emergency package, but it always ended with failure.
  • press and hold. how long did you hold it?? sometimes takes 2 tries ...
  • its volume up and down and power.
  • Thare is Big problem in battery life in windows 10 preview & also the mobile is overheating it's to laggy But the software look awesome i just loved it to tast it im sure windows 10 is Going 2 Rockzzz thanx a lot for w10 Preview i had great user experience with my Nokia lumia 730 thanx microsoft...
  • No need, running W10 for few days now...
  • Put the phone upside down on your charging pad. Also works if your battery is too full.
  • It is impossible to be too full. It is either full or not full.
  • It works, trust him!
  • I rolled back from day two. Too early to be usable. No pivots on main apps, laggy, UI inconsistency... Well, not enjoyable.
  • You should also add in that if you have encryption enabled on your phone you'll either have to disable it or reset your phone before rolling back to 8.1. You'll be stuck at the loadding screen on your computer until you do that.
  • Not true. Rollback worked on my encrypted 1520 without any issues.
  • Rolled back to 8.1 for several reasons. Some apps refuse to work full stop. Internet Explorer crashes when using clickthru links in Twitter app. Abysmal battery life and heat issues. Much slower than 8.1.
    The list goes on, but its what I expected. I'll wait for the 2nd build next month, see what it fixes.
  • It's understandable that you'd want to go back to 8.1 after those issues, but these are the issues that Microsoft needs to be aware of using the feedback app so they can fix them in future updates. By rolling back without letting them know (assuming that you didn't) then it will just take them that much longer to solve those particular issues in upcoming builds
  • This is the 2nd build you must mean 3rd build
  • I just tried it out again last night and it fixed nothing
  • I rolled back because a lot of my apps were not working.  I will try a future build of 10, this one is just a bit rough still for my daily driver.
  • yes you are right sir i have same problem in lumia 520 low ram so that very slow performance in windows 10 but in 8.1 very good performance 10 very much improve than 8.1 that good os
  • Lol
  • The main reason for me for upgrading to 10 would be the new universal apps, like maps, outlook, calendar and office. Without those, the TP is just a buggy 8.1 with a few extra features (like actionable notifications).
  • Do I need a Nokia for that or is it alright with my ativ s?
  • Like to know the same about my HTC One
  • You need a Nokia/Lumia on the list. I'm sure someone could get these builds on about anything. The trick is getting them off if something unexpected or undesireable happens. Samsung, HTC (and MS) have not included support for other OEM devices in the Recovery Tool. If you read through this and other tech preview threads, there is a liklihood you may need that support. Not worth the risk, and in this build's case, not something you want on a daily phone in the first place.
  • Lumia 630 dual sim, ok i tested out win10 and....
    1. it was laggy
    2. games was laggy
    3. lockscreen bugged and i couldn't unlock my phone
    4. my baterry run out at night while i was sleeping!@ sorry for bad english.
  • Will u had roll back to windows 8.1 software....n by how u roll back...using Windows phone recovery tool???..  if yes then wts the storage sense (storage space) acquired by the system file???
  • now m downding WPRT ..dunno wats gnna happen..i ll lt u knw ..n sad about ua phone ...i can understand da probs whch u r facing ...!!
  • i used WPRT to roll back my lumia 630 to win8.1 dunno whthr its denim .. .now my phone is clean like before ... now a big task left s i need to download al da apps . . :D i ll surely update when al da featurs of WIN10 is available .. i had an awsome experience wid WIN10 tech preview ..thnx #microsoft
  • Restore from a backup, when you set it back up. It will still re-install all the apps, but you won't need to hunt them up, it will get back the ones you had.
  • Hi,  I tried it now 3 times to download old WP8.1 with the tool. One time I got the message disc full (thats nonsens, there is enough space and two times "dosnload variant file failed". Any ideas about the reason? Greetings Hanno  
  • hi i nokia lumia 909  windows phone 10 for review would like to get back the 8.1 on my phone
  • Great, but that is why it is on a 2nd/3rd phone and not a full production/day-to-day phone. The preview will stay on my 635 receiving all updates asap... It is laggy and something's aren't working smoothly, but I plan to get my feedback to them. I used the phone all day yesterday and was not broken down in any way... Just not as good as 8.1.. Yet ;)
    This comment is more for people complaining about the preview... Shoot, it isn't even beta, lol! This cutting cutting edge and there is blood. This tool helps recover easy. pc required ok. Seriously you got what you wanted... An early build then now all you do is complain... Typical end users for real. MS warned that this was not for the fair at heart and more so need the constructive feedback rather than unrealistic complaints of crying... I see all the potential in 10. I like it... I only wish they would have not dumped the hardware camera button, lol! I hate going to software to get the camera going... Not that is my serious heartbreak I have been preparing myself for when a new flagship arrives... My 920/1520 will never be too far away from my adventures it seems :)
  • How about restoring a phone that was hacked...
  • Either way use MS tool or Nokia one. The former did not recognize my phone, a Lumia 920, at all; the latter worked as expected.
  • Ok. Running win10 on my HTC One. Pretty shitty build lol
  • Easy, don't install the preview
  • That's a guaranteed way to make Windows 10 become a P.O.S operating system lol. Microsoft needs the feedback from us to help improve it.
  • I'm a long term preview/beta user for anything Microsoft. I got the Win 10 TP preview on my old laptop. But I won't risk bricking my phone or damage its productivity, it's the only device I need running 24/7 without faults. Even a slight battery usage change puts me off.
  • I had it on my Lumia 830 for a few hours, but was just too buggy to use for any longer. Cool to try out though, it was simple to install the preview and simple to downgrade (assuming you have a back up).
  • Because syncing with my MS band was painfully slow, missing notifications and non functional Cortana. Waiting until these get fixed. Otherwise I liked it.
  • gosh I hope all the people who have issues here left some meaningful feedback so Microsoft can actually target these issues...
  • Some of the bugs are not excusable, like the new dialer and back button. How can Cortana get worse than 8.1? MS cannot just keep redo things.
  • Oh they can, and evidently are. Ruining all the good things so far....
  • 100% agreed.  I know its beta.....but its just BAD!
  • it's not even a beta.... it's more of an alpha, tech preview is nothing really to try, the dev preview will be better and more finished product. I'd rather wait till then or for the official win10  before i download it again..... so sad though.
  • Yeah I'm running 10 on my 635. Left tons of feedback before I reverted it to 8.1.
  • still running it on mine, as long as i can call or be called, receive and send sms, use email and use whatsapp i'm fine, it's a pretty awesome os so far
  • I bricked my phone doing the same thing.
    I was in the middle of flashing when the pc crashed and my phone died.
  • The most unluckiest person ever!!
  • Damn that sucks that point I would've rather dealt with the buggy W10 build than have my phone brick on me. At least a buggy preview build is more useable than a frozen phone lol.
  • bricked mine yesterday too,now the phone cant turn on,cant be detected microsoft will claim no responsibility & either have to spend on repair or new device....great way to woo customers microsoft
  • I haven't played with it as I have a l920 but how do people feel about the new context menus? yeah look quite shitty I find
  • Is anybody having a problem with MMS and group messaging? Lumia 830
  • what do you mean by "If all goes well"?
  • I just don't want to lose 6snap if I roll back so I guess I'm just sticking with the preview for now.
  • How do you have 6Snap still? Snapchat has practically cock blocked everybody's account who doesn't use their official app of which they're too stubborn to release one for Windows, so though you have 6Snap still, its more or less useless until Snapchat decides to be less evil towards Windows users.
  • My account is locked but I can still post stories. I could care less about sending and receiving snaps from others. I can't add new friends either unfortunately, but if the app is gone completely then that's literally it. I'd rather have a half-ass one that I can piss Snapchat off about than none at all lol.
  • True lol, idk even if Snapchat does come out with a Windows app one day or they let the party devs use their apps again I'm not giving Snapchat anymore of my business. I lost a lot of respect for them because of this stunt they're pulling
  • how did you keep 6snap during the upgrade? all my apps got redownloaded, and the ones that aren't on the store anymore got deleted
  • When i try to install recovery tools, its always setup failed. Somebody know why?
  • I just rolled back my Lumia 635 from the Preview. It's restoring as I write this. I had a few issues I couldn't deal with while on the preview. The new Alarms app and Calculator apps were missing from my install for some inexplicable reason. They are uninstallable and the old versions of those apps were also missing and uninstallable. I use my phone as an alarm clock (as many do) so I couldn't last more than a few days without that. There were other issues that I was expecting, namely lag in scrolling, underpreforming apps, buggy Cortana, etc. These were fine. I also personally like the WP8.1 Start Screen more than the one in W10 Preview. And, of course, there were a few things I'll miss, like actionable notifications and the new settings menu. I'll upgrade again as the Preview improves!
  • Somehow I retained my 8.1 start screen... Work full transparency...I don't know how
  • So I can update my Lumia 625? Windows 10?
  • I rolled back to 8.1 cause Windows 10 Preview for Phone was way too buggy on my 635.  Everything chugged and Cortana didn't work too good.  I'll wait for a more stable version.
  • Wait for the RTM release, that will be more stable and not in Technical Preview state.
  • Does it delete your data?
  • Yes it formats all data
  • Aw. I guess ill be waiting until the tech preview is a little more stable then.
  • upgrading from 8.1 doesn't delet your data, restoring from windows 10 however will delete your data
  • after update lumia 1020 wp8.1 to wp10 not connected access points and camera very slowly take time 6 to 9 sec so I want to recovery my phone 8.1 how to recover
  • I hve windows 10 in Lumia 530
  • Windows 10 in Lumia 630 DS is awesome and smooth.
  • Its not a problem if you disconnect the cable, before reading this blog i accidently removed my phone while the 1.64gb download, and after the download it showed, it failed,but when i retried it just confirmed the downloaded OS and It wasn't a problem after that, hardly 3 minutes and my phone was restored as new.
    P.S: Don't turn off your pc, as the downloaded files are temporary,it is safe if you disconnect your phone but it is safer if you don't. :)
  • I have done 2 updates for Windows 10 first is successfully completed now I am downloading the update for Windows 10.......can any body help me I wanna know I have used Chinese method gor my Lumia 625 to install Windows 10.....can I get my original model number back after the Windows 10 update...??
  • I won't roll back my Lumia 630. Tech preview is working fine for me with some bugs.
  • o O.... working fine with some bugs.????  .. i get pissed offf at it .. !!!!!
  • Diggin' the Cyan JBL Power up!
  • Is it windows 10 or windows phone 10 ?
  • Windows 10 for phones.
  • windows 10 technical preview for phones
  • Windows 10 Mobile for phones
  • I'll rather click than tap :)
  • My Lumia 730 heats up and often restarts after W10 update. :(
    missing Cellular Data Toggle, photo Editor, Background etc..
  • yeah n thats why I hv rolled back to 8.1. but anyways have provided loads of feedback n also tweeted to gabriel abt it n yes he replied too
  • I tried upgrading using the chinese server. The screen views doesn't look fitting my Lumia 920. Bit slow also and hideous. So, rolled back to 8.1 within 30 minutes... :( 
  • Namaste All, I had WP8.1 in my phone  Yesterday i tried Windows Recovery tool it show software update option . I click and tried to install the software Update my phone through Windows recovery tool . After installation my phone stuck on RED COLORED NOKIA screen it is not going further. Please help what to do. Thanks USP  
  • use the nokia software suit to restore it
  • When it will be released for Lumia 720,620..
  • It is already released
  • I rolled back to denim .reason i roll back from W10 no background wallpaper support for L730 and it was slow..but really miss action center and file manager
  • Roll back!? When the hell am I getting the damn preview for lumia 920, something tells me Microsoft lied again?
  • Maybe you don't have the update for your 920 because they don't want to give the update to everyone at once and cause more headache¿?
    This isn't even a developer preview. It's completely technical and 1st stage, so you can't expect it to be perfect. They even explained why it's not on high end Lumias like the 1520 in the 930. So cut them some slack, let them get their stuff together and then update will come to you soon.
  • normally, this preview wouldn't even be public but just internal, so just be patient, it'll come
  • Try to downgrade my Lumi 1020, but the tool only recognize my phone as Lumia 909? Is this normal?
  • Yes, 909 is what the 1020 was originally called. You're fine.
  • I could not connet to wifi in my lumia 630 in windows 10 preview..And data is working slow on it..this is the reason why i rolled back
  • same problem here..u jus got oly a problem ..i got lot battery draingng fast..i cudnt turn off my wifi . ...i coudnt pick up calls unless i lock n unlock da screen  .... gallery sux...somtimes i cudnt upload pics on whtsapp..som apps gets crash ssooon....n goes on .. . now m downloading windows phone recovery toool ..dunno wats gnna happen :D :D
  • I like your English... Perfect for the technical preview... Glitchy!
  • Well no need to downgrade to 8.1 as my 620 is running pretty decent till now all the apps works properly,I don't have any games on my phone so don't know if they work properly or not. I am using my 620 as a daily driver and till now its great complaints.(though there are some bugs but they are not a big problem.)
  • My main reasons if I do go back would be Cortana. Everything else I am able to work around on my 730. It's a preview, for goodness sake. Of course it has bugs.
  • Agreed. Cortana is basically useless now
  • Agree. Cortana was useless
  • I want to roll forwards not back
  • With you there, I'm staying on 1056.1004 as it works on my 930 daily driver without major issues and I will only update to RTM.....bring it on :)
  • Ugh I needed this. Wp10 doesn't support Microsoft band righ now
  • According to the announcement, it does. Did you follow the notes in the post?
  • Stability
  • i can't recover my phone.recovery sofware is successfully download aprox 1.51 gb bt then after can not install and error come opration ended with failure. the phon could not be found how to solve it plz reply me.
  • @Rahul Prajapati2 don't get worry bro mine was acting like that as well saying it fail to connects. Please do know that even after you have downloaded the 1.52GB software you still need a better internet connection for it to be installed on your phone. Just retry it, it's network. U can follow me on twitter @GOD1ST___
  • Do you keep all your apps?
  • Server is very shows About 230 minutes left. And I have package speed is about 10MBps..
  • nice but let's go a step further, how do we get cyanogen to our lumias. ditch the lost hope that is windows phone and put a MS centric android distro. basically a windows phone alternative for the MS guy.
  • Your an idiot
  • LOL
  • I went back to 8.1 on my 635 mainly due to a lack of support on the Windows Phone website. After I upgraded to W10, I was no longer able to find my phone online, send apps to it, or anything. didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE its existence!
    I'm not going back to W10 until that's changed.
  • Safe to assume this erases my phone?
  • Unfortunately.
  • Wouldn't be bad if the backup and restore functions weren't still broken. Upgraded to my HTC One and half my texts were just gone. Pix missing. Sucks... That's kind of the point. And my phone won't even backup. Gives error. Even when I delete old backup. Idk what to do.
  • The did this exactly last week
  • Installing setup always stuck at "Processing visual c++ 2012 redistributable" even though I've already installed that runtime on my w10 build 9926. Frustrated :(
  • i just realized i could only see my previous phone from, the 520, right now i've got the 635, so probably going to roll back as i need to be able to find my phone just in case
  • Hi. Followed the instructions to the letter on my Lumia 730. After the firmware download was complete, it refused to install. Instead i keep getting this "Operation ended with failure. The phone could not be found" error. Pls what do i do?
  • hi friend   any update after the operation failure? have you rolled back to 8.1/? me too using lumia 730
  • Hello Friend. Yes it finally reverted to the very stable 8.1. Though I noticed 'Cortana' is missing from it, I'm just gonna wait for a future update. Hope you were successful too..
  • hi friend i could not able to get back to 8.1. same error pops up. any idea how to roll back friend???
  • hi , Please can you tell me what did you do to resolve the issue. Thanks and waiting for the response
  • hi    Please  can you tell me what did you do to resolve the issue. I am facing the same.Thanks.
  • Hi
    If you are sure the download was successful then do not repeat the process. Disconnect your phone and attempt the installation process later.
    I simply ignored it for that day & tried the next day. I kept getting this message that the site would resume @ 8pm. I waited it out & succeeded when I tried again after 8pm.
  • hi , I left like that. It has completed downloading the files and when it restart the phone to completed the operation then it throws the msg" the phone cannot be found". I am getting this every time . I have restarted all the drivers but still no issue. Also after some time my lap throws an error. Windows phone stopped working .
  • Please tell mw what did you do to reolve the issue. I am facing the same issue.
  • Yep,Cortana is missing in mine too i rollback to 8.1 but my phone now looks like wp8.
  • same problem here. i am using lumia 630
  • Thanks for this reminder.  I installed WTP10 and it is pretty nifty. Unfortunately, it is unstable enough on my 830 to be a problem so this reversion tool is a good thing to have. 
  • In WP 10 and preview there wer not supporting background image and some time network not supporting in lumia 730
  • want to roll back to 8.1, because the developer preview 10, sucks! Plus my phone is not recognized by the tool, this is awful. i thought microsoft matured
  • Pheonix, I have 7 machines to play with and I`m retired, I have tried to work on the wireless thing 3 times and I have gotten close, I guess and stick around and see where we go, I`m 1 of the first to realize that Win 10 will be the last OS by Microsoft that will just keep changing, This also be the best, I`ll stick around and see if I can help, can`t wait to see what happens,
  • Laggy. Cortana in the car don't work. Slow performance. I had it on a830
  • 6snap will get locked out anyway
  • anyone have an issue reverting the 635 back?! Mine will not at all. It gets recognized by the program restarts then says that the phone was not detected. 
  • I have update my lumia 730 to windows 10 via windows insider, after updating my phone hangs & there is much more problem of app like, I Cant see my photos in collection niether in file after tapping to open the photos it shows error "unable to open file, it may be damaged" i have followed your video how to go back to 8.1 from 10 via recovery tool 1. installed the software 2. my phone is on and connected to pc via usb cable (phone should be shutdown or not, let me know) 3. my phone automatically detected, ilcked on that phone icon 4. re install 5. continue in your video while downloading the software there was an icon displaying but in my phone it is not happening, is this is ok while downloading it give me an error "please check proxy setting or try again" this happen lot of time please help me waiting for reply
  • hi , I dont know whether i will be back to Windows 8.1 as i am continuosly getting the same error. But I could see a major bug is the battery backup which has gone down to half and charging which takes a lot more time. I believe Windows 10 phone is the most buggy in Lumia 730.
  • Hi, People those who have Lumia 730. Please help me with the rollback. I am getting the error at the last step after the phone gets restarted saying "the phone could not be found"
  • i have tried resetting of the phone without restoring also  
  • Guys can u help me? i am using Nokia Lumia 630. when i was trying to rollback to 8.1 from W10 TP i got some error. from this part its ok. after this my phone automatically restart, thn i got this error.  i tried several time. but no result. can any body help me?
  • Guys can u help me? i am using Nokia Lumia 630. when i was trying to rollback to 8.1 from W10 TP i got some error. from this part its ok. after this my phone automatically restart, thn i got this error.  i tried several time. but no result. can any body help me?  
  • i want to know whether windows phone recovery tool is only used to go back to windows 8.1 or it can also be used if there is any problem like "flight mode stuck" or any other such bug with the device already running on windows phone 8.1?
  • My phone dial keys shrunk a lot is difficult to place a call,just take a look to the picture  
  • I got that on the 1056 build and it corrected after a day or two. Hope you find the same happens!
  • Lots of Apps not working
  • I''m unable to open recovery tool on pc on windows 10 TP. Ass soon as i'm opening the recovery tool its crashing out. Need help!
  • i hae tried the same twice   after downloading 1.67 GB data each time there comes a POPUP that "we ran into an error"...   try again........?
  • i used WPRT to roll back my lumia 630 to win8.1 dunno whthr its denim .. .now my phone is clean like before ... now a big task left s i need to download al da apps . n update to further version of WIN8.1. :D i had an awsome experience wid WIN10 tech preview .. im looking forward update WIN10 in future ..thnx #microsoft
  • work fine with my lumia 630 dual sim and my computer with W8.1
  • Trust me, it won't work fine at all.
  • which is safer to use for L830 to roll back, WPRT or LSRT ?
  • I tried the above method to rollback win 10 to win phone 8.1, after downloading the package and the os got flashed, when the process started i got an message error in downloaded package then the process stopped. Now my phone just shows a blank red screen with Nokia text in it. It dosnt have OS. How can i fix issue. Need help. I tried in L520.
  • It's pretty bad right now. I installed it, submitted some bugs, submitted a few suggestions and then uninstalled as quickly as I could and that was on a backup phone. Unless someone really wants to give input and submit bugs there is no reason to install this mess. If you want to follow the progress of the builds just keep paying attention to this site and a few others. I am really concerned with the direction of the UI. I know it's early and a lot of refinement needs to be done, but it's looking more and more like Android after each build. If I want a phone that looks like Android and has MS apps and services then I'd buy an Android device.
  • I will be doing this..
  • Actually, the whole process bricked my phone so I'm stuck in a red screen and a Nokia logo on it and the Recovery Tool just keeps sayin' "Product code is empty". Any ideas how to unbrick the phone?
  • i got the same issue. i tried using the old nokia care suite and it just returns with "Product in flash mode". nothing else. I hope somebody can get this fixed.
  • My reason for going back is the SIM issue and most apps don't open after the upgrade. Though the Windows Phone Recovery Tool never detects my phone, so will have to figure that out first.  
  • If you used SWIPE you would be first
  • Thanks! :)
  • ATT 920 doesn't recognize a SIM is inserted.
  • Same here... Sim not detected.. Any solution?
  • If data connection can be disabled. And usb otg support
  • showing error.. an unknown error occured.  
  • Why rollback? Because the phone is worthless with 10 on it.
  • My Lumia 920 got bricked after installation Of win 10 From win 8.1 update 2 tech prev.
  • Ditto L630
  • Also after rollback, I now have 2 phone icons and live tiles for some reason....
  • Same on Lumia 925 when I go back to 8.1
  • At my 512 kbps connection it will take around 8hrs to download that 1.7GB firmware :|.
    It's better if I stick to that buggy Windows 10 TP on my 520*_*
  • Just rolled back to 8.1 and it is still very far away from final stage.
  • Can't roll back. None of my two PCs recognize my phone. : (
  • After yesterday update, office apps have been missing and i'm unable to open any file except pdf. What can be the solution?  
  • Wait for next build.
    Office integration listed as not present in this build.
  • Microsoft specifically said they were removing the Office Hub. Office apps will return later when the universal apps are ready.
  • Just finished installing all the preview updates after rolling back using LSRT. WPSRT downloaded the 1.64gb and after the phone rebooted, it decided it couldn't find my l920 that it did few mins prior. Either way, I fired up lsrt and it seem to have located the 1.64gb file the other tool downloaded.... Weird stuff. Either way, in happily back at 8.1 with all the dp updates in tow.
    W10 for phones is definitely rough as stated by Daniel. I'm not sure if ms is deliberately keeping another stable build elsewhere but I really hope that the fix all the broken stuff here...and it sort of reminds me of android. All the modern ui design elements are practically gone. I've stuck with wp from day one with my HTC hd7 still in the drawer.... this new ui is no where near what made wp stood out from the other mobile os Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same happened to me too with my L1320. LSRT saved my day. WPRT downloaded the entire image, but could not flash my phone.
  • I can't turn on my cellular connection :( am i the only one?
  • Nope, that's one of the listed features that doesn't work in this build.
    Try the forums for some possible workarounds.
  • But cellular connection can't be turned off. This was listed out. But unfortunately i am facing the opposite :(
  • Which build? For me it's working perfectly.
  • Rolled back my 630 as it got bricked first time.
    Have rolled back again now as Cortana isn't speaking to me.
    Need to add language support but the phone just says ' download queued' but doesn't download it.
    I'm going to try it again after downloading both UK and US language support in WP8.1.
    Want to start giving feedback to MS on the new build.
  • I tried to update my L525 to WINDOWS 10. It's 0 percentage. not moving about 7 hours.what to do?????
  • Checked for updates hoping to see 8.1 GDR2, but see 10 instead. How do I not install? Says will install by 4/14 3 am?
  • Disable automatic updates
  • Is it working for Samsung Windows phones also ?
  • No. Just tried on my Ativ S
  • I dislike the fact that I can't get out of airplane mode and hamburger menus aren't swipeable. I won't rollback though and I am using it on my main device, living on the edge B|
  • Something like this?
  • It's good that all downloaded and come to know that there are bugs. Every one was just sho excited to update it. As it was said that it is a build. Many things may crash or may work fine. Microsoft now came to know about all bugs as ar Windows central we love Microsoft and even bang them by using harsh words if they get anything wrong with the OS. The feedback really matters to Microsoft as we mostly here give proper feedback related to whatever ate required to make the OS perfect. Now its Microsoft's responsibility to listn to us. Windows insiders have done a very good job by participating in giving the feedback and windows 10 for pcs tablets is getting a lot better day by day and ppl are loving. This is how we also have to improve endures windows phone
  • had to roll back coz of this..
  • No. I'm not going back. Windows 10 is the way forward. It will get better with each update.
  • Good if u have a back up device with u in which u can download it.
  • On contrary, I have it on my main phone. And I like that. Although I use office daily, but I will try online office until getting the apps.
  • I have backup phone, Nokia 8310 ;)
  • Same here, I have to reboot almost every day, but still i like to see how the next update can improve things, it's like a game to me hehe.
  • No need 10 is great! Few minor bugs but as a tester I can Handel this.
  • Multiple reasons- none of the settings are saving like brightness, heating issues, battery draining like crazy, unable to change from 3g to 2g, laggy..
  • Damn. my Lumia 520 just brick after i using Windows phone recovery tool! It turned to Red then died     
  • It bled and died?
  • Trying to get my UK 1020 back to 8.1 as the TP is unusable st this stage. The recovery roll tries to download a file, goes all the way, them flags up that there's an error with the file...... HELP!!!!!....LOL
  • I'd go with just US as that's the only supported Cortana region ATM.
    But then any feedback you give is kinda coloured by the fact you'll be using a minority device/language/region combo.
  • Just a problem with my mobile data not switching off
  • Too many annoyances. Text is too small. The black text bubble is hard to read. I don't like how everything is smaller. I love to be able to.change it.
  • Tp 10 is good and fast on my Lumia 1020,but when i launch Lumia camera or camera it shows 4 very small blocks on the upper side.very small n shows same image on 4 blocks. Also I need here maps,drive as I travell to other cities and this new maps app wasn't fully functional so rolled back,and I was hoping ther ewill be atleast 3 different routes like google maps.but disappointed . so will wait for final build.
  • Hi, I try update my lumia for Update 2 (8.1)  and was taking a while, I went to dinner, and return my lumia not returned to connect more. This dead, tried lumia recovery tools, I tried the key combination and nothing worked. The lumia  recovery and similar programs can not connect to my lumia. Battery charging does not work, my lumia is dead. anyone have any other tips?
  • My Lumia 920 India not showing win 10. I am on developer preview.and also selected fast in insider ... Why its like that ?
  • I no more have any network.. I tried soft use.. Seems like it's better to roll back till they have a new and stable build.. They took more than 1 month to release the new build.. So waiting is not an option even if I'm on fast ring.. But I'll miss W10.. Too cool to have one... Especially the keyboard is awsome.. And the settings page.. Hmm.. But have to roll back.. If anyone have any idea to bring back network issue .. I'll consider continue testing the device..gonna ask gabe aul in twitter..let's see what he wanna say..
  • Do i need to do a back up before i roll back or is there any procedure during the roll back process that backs up my data? What type of data will be preserved and what type will lost?
  • Too laggy and buggy build cant even make a gsm calls viber doesn't work properly office doesn't there etc... Etc.. Thanx god we can still rollback to win 8.1 ( Lumia 1520 )
  • Did all apps are working on it???
  • Like cloud raiders games etc...
  • My Lumia 520 is dead now while rolling back to 8.1 :(
    Tried Almost everything but no luck !!
    If you have any idea, you are most welcomed to suggest me what to do !! :(
  • Same here with Lumia 620. At least its not my primary device
  • I fixed it using the instructions on the Microsoft forums. Just search QHSUSB_DLOAD and hit the first few results :)
  • Anybody on windows phone 10??? Plz reply
  • It's horrible right now.
  • 1520 wp10 p tomorrow morning planing to roll back to wp 8.1 only because of few things 1) Emails  2) cellular data always on  3) bit laggy  4) Battery 
  • You are right, even if we turn off data, it seems still remains on.
  • Have anybody installed Win10 preview on Lumia device having 512 MB RAM?
  • Yes, 520, 10 does nothing for me and it's super slow imo.
  • Working ok no need to roll back
  • Does anybody knows that cloud raiders is working on windows phone 10??? Plz reply
  • Working very ok on my L1520 no need to roll back
  • U have WP 10???
  • Is it true??? project Spartan not exist in Lumia 520?? If it's true then OMG
  • I used Lumia Software Recovery Tool to roll back to 8.1
  • Guys any body installed WP 10???
  • Forums. Use them.
  • so it seems i'm not the only one left with a bricked phone after using the windows recovery tool...really upset
  • Does it normally wipes all your data, or not?
  • Yes
  • Plz reply daniel rubino
  • I loaded windows 10 TP without a hitch on Lumia 520. I rolled back almost immediately again without any issues. My main issues are the phone app would not work hanging completely. Each time I had to remove the battery and reboot. There is without doubt a memory management issue as all apps were both slow and unresponsive and the device per say did not provide a good user experience. I would be reluctant to try 10TP on my 630. I think I shall wait until the next build. I would be interested if anyone else had similar issues with the Lumia 520.
  • friends, I am unable to turn on mobile data, also unable to change data roaming setting. 
    Every time i turn the toggle control ON, it automatically turns OFF.. Any workaround?
  • Do u use WP 10??
  • Yes
  • Cloud raiders is working on WP 10??? Plz check and reply soon bro
  • Hard resetting now.. Many said that hard reset solves some of the problems.. Trying it.. Will check after resetting.. 
  • I tried it out for a few hours and I really liked the appearance of the whole thing, especially the new Outlook apps. There were two issues that made me roll back though: 1) It would only connect for brief periods of time with my Microsoft Band. I want that always on connection. 2) My group messaging wasn't working correctly as I wasn't getting incoming texts sent in a group. Once these issues are fixed I'll likely get back on.
  • Daniel rubino r u still there
  • Will have to go back to 8.1 as since i spent over 2hrs downloading 10 i now find that the phone not reading my sim card..cant send or receive calls
  • I believe mobile data is a known issue. No workaround as yet.
  • What issue you are talking about? Unable to turn ON [or] Unable to turn OFF?
  • Guys any one installed windows phone 10???
  • Yea i did but it is full of bugs. Live tile not workingand no 3g or 4g. There is more so i sudgest u stay on 8.1 for now
  • Truer words haven't been spoken before
  • Anybody see this post plz reply... In windows phone 10 cloud raider is working or not???
  • I installed the new build on my 1520 last night figuring I could deal with the known issues and lack of Office for a few weeks until a new build is released. Unfortunately, though, I could not get MMS to work properly and I was having issues receiving notifications on my Microsoft Band too, so I decided to roll back to 8.1 and try again the next build. A few observations - Windows 10 was noticeably faster than 8.1 on my 1520. I love the new messaging hub and dialer as well as the new Outlook app. I also tried a few websites with Project Spartan that would not load in mobile IE and they worked fine in Spartan. For example, my local newspaper site says that my browser is not supported when I try in mobile IE 11 and in Opera Mini it loads but does not function properly; with Project Spartan, it worked fine. Another thing I thought I should mention is when you install Windows 10, all of your apps and data are preserved, even if the app is no longer available. However, once you rollback to 8.1, you are essentially doing a hard reset and even when performing a restore from backup, those apps that are no longer available will not reinstall.
  • Please any one say what's the file size after installing windows 10 tp on ur phone memory and say pattern lock is available or not
  • No pattern lock
  • Windows 10 is taking an additional 1GB on my 520 also i can't open settings so can't install that second update :(
  • No plans to roll back. I plan on sticking it out and to give feed back to Microsoft to help with their search in locating and resolving issues. It is a bit buggy, but overall it's looking good and in the right direction.
    Looking forward to it.
  • I am with you Tommy
  • There is UI inconsistency everywhere. Some things are metro and some things are non metro which is making windows phone look ugly
  • this isn't a 'roll-back', it's just a clean install that everyone should already be aware of
  • I cant open the setting menu in windows 10 on my Lumia 525.any help?
  • Same issue.
  • Stability!
  • Yall need to fix those bugs..... Feels like android that windows 10 please d fix it 1520
  • I will not be rolling back, some lag and only big issue for me is Tweetium causing phone to reset but all my other daily uses are working fine and will only get better. Going to stay on 10 and help make it better!
  • Tap a photo in a text thread, instantly reboots. Not ready for daily use
  • Wow...that's something!
  • My lumia 920 is not detecting my sim card! I have to roll back to windows phone 8.1
  • Upgraded to windows10 TP -> too slow so i thought f***  it let's reset my phone... It was too slow so i took out the battery and when i turned it on all i get is the signal and battery icon everything else is black.. lockscreen shows when i lock it and calls are also coming in but no ui .. Time to flash it..
  • So most of the work is done one the PC? There's absolutely nothing that I can activate on the phone, being completely blank...i think somehow the process got interrupted and didn't finish...i read that some issues pituitary if going from build1 of the TP to things next vs going from 8.1 to this TP build, so that night be worth a try. To bad is not that easy for my PC to roll back... =[
  • My data connection becomes active on it's own.. Even in WiFi on condition... It's costing like hell... Please some one tell me how to switch it off
  • LOL.. Ohhhhh.. My data connection is not turning ON even when I turn on. It automatically turns OFF..  
  • Bro... Stop cost me₹200
  • Really bro. I am unable to turn it on. I am hard resetting right now. Many are saying that hard reset will fix this issue. I am trying.
  • Who told u to download on your primary device??
  • Dude...@Ashish...i have only one phone
  • Thats right. But hard reset worked for me.. I am now able to turn on/off mobile data,.
  • Hard reset means?? It says No Service and I couldn't use the call function or anything?
  • delete your internet settings... (Access point)
  • did it. But when I rolled back to WP 8.1 and when it is time time restore the back, I signed in but I don't see the recent backups, it is suggesting backups of 2014....any suggestions? anybody please? I lost all text messages. Thanks
  • Did you make sure to set up a backup before installing windows 10. Otherwise there's no way to pull a backup out of thin air.
  • Same problem here - backup was made but now not offered after I have restored phone.
  • Same problem here - backup was made but now not offered after I have restored phone.
  • Unstable as fuck, but its still useable and also so much better looking, there's no way I can downgrade from that.
    I knew what I was getting myself into so im not tripping at all. This shit makes my L1520 look sexy as fuck
  • I have a better and quicker fix.. Don't update to Windows 10 in the first place, if you're not sure it is what you want.
  • Some people just need to scratch that curiosity itch. I used the tool and restored a backup and I lost nothing. But now I know I cant run windows 10.
  • I've been a preview user on the Xbox One since the day the program started, I'm a preview user on the 360, I've been using developer preview on my phones (except for my 930) and I'm still not going for the Technical Preview. If people are curious, they can always check the videos online, or you know, that's what Windows Central is here for. If people are not prepared to put their devices through a series of tests and experience bugs and unstable builds, then Technical Previews are not for them. Buuuut that would just be barking at a wall.
  • Hey mark today I received an update for my Lumia 535 in India yet it has not changed anything and its stills same from last "TOUCH UPDATE" update so may I know what is this update ..also it make my icon looks small
  • Well, I can not to roll back to 8.1, because, when on WPRC I select my phone, it just shows "Please wait" and nothing goes forward. Lumia Recovery Tool even don't find my phone. Is there another way to roll back to 8.1, because now on Windows 10 I have no access to settings, there isn't settings app on my Lumia :/
  • keep calm and look forward
  • Cellular function disabled,airplane mode not available
  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Lumia 625
  • I had different experience... I downloaded win10 on my main device, having terrible issues concerning email, contacts and other known buggy issues. I reset my phone and tried again, still same issues. My last reset, I check on don't restore, and try clean install, my contacts come back and emails too. Still far from using IT day by day, but I will continue to use it for few days. Writing this comment using WPCentral on Lumia 1520 running windows 10.
  • I was fully aware of the risks. I've tried Win 10 Phone Tech Prev and saw some things I liked and some I didn't. To be expected. I'm running a 1520, so a bit surprised by the lockups.. Once screen goes dark,I can't wake it up... Always power/volume reset necessary. .. So, I'll do a roll back tomorrow. Need the phone reliable for the work week.
  • After i put win 10, the phone don't reconize my sim card; i insert the PIN code, and the phone is blocked! All rest of the phone is runing ok! Any solution? Thanks!
  • Same here. It clearly is a bug and I rolled back to WP 8.1
  • I think I'll stick with them till the end. :D
  • Had to do this myself. Super easy, just took a while to download the image.
  • After rolling back to WP 8.1, I checked for Update2 via Windows Insider and installed it. It also downloaded Win10 TP, that is now pending in the background waiting to be installed. How can I reject it one for all??
  • Get out of the Insider program perhaps.
  • Can we roll back to grd2?
  • Am I the only person who cannot roll back to wp8.1 ???
  • My Lumia 625 India got Windows 8.1 update 2 while trying for windows 10 update. Currently I am using update 2 & windows 10 is also available but will wait for next build of Windows 10.
  • I am assuming that not every phone got the update as my 920 never problems
  • Cannot roll back to wp8.1
  • My network nor whatsapp are working :( I wanted to keep it but I will have to roll my dear 920 back, do I get update 2 rolling back? Do I lose my content?
  • I am Lumia 925 User. I am reverting back to 8.1 as- 1) Phone hanged on opening the camera when I changed the camera lens to Lumia Camera from default Camera. 2) The screen got heated up very much. 3) The phone was getting hanged on trying to check the Storage left in Storage Sense option. 4) Responsiveness was low & sluggish perfromance. 5) Some apps were showing "pending" state. Lots of other issues as well.
  • I rolled back because it seemed as though every app was a place holder icon. So many of them i opened and it just said: Loading... Also Spartan barely worked. If I used the search bar in Spartan it would just load the search in internet explorer. BUT Spartan is alot better for rendering web pages than ie is. I was pretty impressed with that. Can't wait until WP 10 consumer preview or rtm comes out.
  • Glance screen would freeze my phone, could not get it to wake up!
  • Same here.  Had to turn the phone off an back on to use it every time it locked.  It was a fun couple of hours and I liked the progress but I need Office back.
  • i was really excited to try out the Maps app.... Didn't work.... Here Maps... Crashed..... Outlook (work server) ...error there too! Basically too buggy for me at this time fo my 1020! i use a 930 as my daily driver anyway but ill just wait for a more stable build for now. i really like the task switcher/app killer, photos and calendar apps.
  • I'm disappointed. Microsoft can't even get the TP to install correctly on the majority of the devices..This is after nearly 3 months of waiting?
  • I wish we could create full local backups..
  • unrecoverable  error on the installation when open windows Phone recovery tool. Any suggestion? System Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, i7 3770K 12GB RAM DDR3 SSD Lite-on 256 GB Thanks   Solved: I previously disable the pc conectivity solution Service. Now It works.
  • On Lumia 920 it does not recognize sim card and flying mode is locked. So no cel phone.
  • Anyone else had trouble getting to the settings menu? I'm running the TP on my 521 and I can't get the settings to load either through the start menu or the notifications bar.
  • Mine keeps saying operation failure after starting, phone not detected
  • Call Cortana in the car don't work. Limited Microsoft band controls, like no Cortana. Seems anything associated with Cortana doesn't work.
  • i tried rolling back to 8.1 after upgrading to 10 with windows phone recovery tool, but it fails to do so.iam using lumia520 plz help me
  • Just a question to all the upgraded builds are all the common apps running good on windows 10?. . And give me the best opinion.. Should i upgrade to it or not?
  • Definitely use Lumia recovery. Works always
  • Rolling back due to no office hub. I have been rolling 10 on my daily driver since day 1, but I have to have office.
  • would have endured the overall sluggishness, random app crashing, camera showing five mini images and other bugs, but the phone wouldn't even read my SIM. left with no choice but to roll back..this is far from complete and shouldn't be installed on your primary device. wish microsoft had released a more stable build after some time instead. now would never be able to trust tp again:(
  • I have many problems, one is I couldn't put my sim pin code, it stuck my phone. I took sim card away, restore phone and after that I can acces sim card, so, it works now. Secondly, some apps doesn't work, I can't go my photo library etc. But: I think I'm waiting more updates from Microsoft and hangin in Windows insider and hope the best... ☺
  • Nah, I'm gonna stick to the tech preview and keep giving feedback to Microsoft. Win 10 is a bit wacky, going abroad in a few weeks and data must be on etc. There's always a way around however and I want to be part of this :)))
  • Lumia 920 with preview nit getting win 10 !!
  • windows phone 10 on my lumia 520 is too buggi  my phone is so hot . and most of programs are crashing i just wanna roll back from win 10 to 8.1
  • I am not rolling back yet. The reason for this is that my.L925 bricked with the denim update and has been unstable since. This build has made it almost MORE stable. Sure it restarts randomly. But then again it does that on WP 8.1 But I want to leave more feedback. I have a battery drain. I think it is not reading correctly. I have preordered a Lumia.640xl dual sim from Germany which should come in around a week.for this very reason. So my L925 is currently the perfect device for testing on. Anyway I have a l530 as a backup. Is anyone else having a.battery drain
  • I used the first preview on my Lumia 635 day to day since it came out. There were some bugs that I lived with, but most features were usable and I didn't have to reboot the phone very often. But I guess they weren't joking about the memory management issues on 512MB devices with this release. I had to reboot it too many times in just the few hours that I had it installed. And not having OneNote was a killer issue for me. At least it was easy to go back to Windows 8.1 - though it would have been helpful if the Windows Phone Recovery Tool listed the version number that I was restoring to. 
  • Not planning on reverting anytime soon, but useful to know the rollback procedure. Apart from Tweetium being broken in the W10TP despite getting an update with a W10TP fix/work around & Microsoft Camera being pretty much un-usable (Lumia Camera to the rescue) it's pretty rock solid on my Lumia 925. The blue Avccent coloured nub pointer on the keyboard works ok, but a bit hard to get used to but works correctly and all the critical apps I use work fine.
  • Rolled back to WP8.1 because WP10 TP was too buggy for me! The photos app was one of the main reason why I reverted back.
  • would you help me to do rollback, i tried using windows phone recovery tool, but it fails to do so. iam using 520
  • People hub is a mess in win 10! Really Microsoft? Leave it like 8.1, smh..
  • For those having a bricked phone as the result of trying to roll back (the dreaded "QHSUSB_DLOAD" error) please comment on this link on Technet, seems like it's happening a lot more than usual this round.
  • Souls saver :D
  • I'm rolling back today after receiving the new build. My primary reason for rolling back is Outlook. I hate it. I use my phone primarily for email. The new Outlook client is too cumbersome to work with in its early stages. I'm also frustrated with lack of connectivity to my MSFT Band. 
  • I installed w10 on my lumia 920 but every time I try to enter my sim pin phone freeze! And very instable!
  • Had to roll back as i could not get the new email to work at all :¬( would not sync virgin,google or work email servfers :¬(
  • i tried to downgrade my phone's OS from windows 10 tech preview back to wp8.1. something happened i don't really know what but the installation was interrupted and there came a red screen with a nokia logo on it. my phone is a Lumia 525. please help me get this fixed. I'd really appriciate it. I tried to restart my phone but there it was again, the Nokia Red Screen. The recovery tool doesnt recognize my phone saying it was in UEFI mode.
  • Reading phone information for 10+ hours now, fun stuff.
  • Interesting that it used to be called the Lumia tool. Now that it's been renamed as Windows Phone recovery tool, any chance this works with non-Lumia devices?
  • Did you ever manage to get it to work? My 920 is having the same issue.
  • Same problem here. If you find the solution, please share.
  • "Setup failed 0x80072efd - unspecified error"  while installing rec tool ! Either Windows Rec tool or Lumia Rec Tool. Please any suggestions ! 
  • Installed windows 10 on my lumia 730 I wanted to rollback cause things where not working too well. Started the Phone recovery tool, found the phone OK, downloaded the package OK and started the installation. At some point it stopped saying that the operation failed. After that the phone starts showing a red rollback screen and goes no further. The recovery tool cannot see the phone any more and there is nothing else I can do. The phone does nothing apart showing the red screen. Tried the Nokia retailer tool but it cannot see the device either. HELP!
  • Long live windows phone 8.1!!!
  • Can't open my photo album in window 10 any help
  • I think I posted wrong as a reply to a different reply... so Installed windows 10 on my lumia 730 I wanted to rollback cause things where not working too well. Started the Phone recovery tool, found the phone OK, downloaded the package OK and started the installation. At some point it stopped saying that the operation failed. After that the phone starts showing a red rollback screen and goes no further. The recovery tool cannot see the phone any more and there is nothing else I can do. The phone does nothing apart showing the red screen. Tried the Nokia retailer tool but it cannot see the device either. HELP!
  • I had no problem going back to 8.1, then installing the new 10 preview. It's running much smoother than the previous build and I ran that on my daily for weeks. The only problem I really have is the Spartan Browser, it's pretty much useless right now, unless someone has some tips on how to use it without it going into Cortana or reverting back to IE.
  • Loading tweetium restarts my phone
    New people app is awful, can't filter out twitter
    Cortana is broken
    Love the new mail and calendar apps
    Love the new transparent tiles and wallpaper.
    Looking forward to a more stable build.
  • My phone just f**ked up after getting w10tp :|||
  • Trying to roll back right now but keep getting error, I'm rolling back because it will not let me put my sim pin in it just freezes all the time so maybe next time
  • I can't pin web pages to start. People hub is terrible, so I guess I need to roll back
  • I just can't get to install the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. It keeps giving me an 'unspecified error' saying setup failed. Error Code: 0x80072ee2. Does anyone knows about this?
  • Not liking 10 at all.  Going back to 8.1 cause it is just better.....I'm not talking about stability's a better O/S. 
  • I had all sorts of problems on my 920 , so i hard reset and didn't restore backup and its smooth enough and no mms or whatsapp problems. I'm using unlocked dev version on tmobile.
  • So if I update to Windows 10, and then roll back to 8.1, will all of my data be wiped? Or what will I be able to keep? 
  • I am finding this build very good to use but the only thing that I am not happy with is all of the Here apps are not working none of them even if I uninstall and reinstall them they still do not work.When i go to maps in settings it says sorry we cant get to your offline maps and it says to try restarting your device and if doesnt work try deleting your maps now trying that it wont let me delete them and suggests restarting phone and of course that wont work either. Also when writing messages or emails the dictionary is not working at all any suggestions there as I find that I use that a lot more then I ever realized
  • Tried for hoursto restrore my Lumia 1520,  using the WPSR, hunted down the LSRT(Lumia Software Recovery Tool) worked like a champ and downloaded in about 25 minutes versus 65 mminutes on WPSR. By the way I was able to do so on the last Windows 10 Technical Preview for my Desktop.  
  • I like windows 10
    I have 525
    N I had installed first released windows 10 preview using Chinese hack
    N now I can't get the update
    I got very small update in first place but then nothing is going on
    I am still on that first windows 10
    N when I check for update it says "up to date"
  • I got red Screen with Nokia Logo while downgrading to 8.1.. I think It's Fucked up..Any Solutions or Else i'm gonna Wreck my Phone
  • 920 call+sms broke. Icon indicated missing sim. Restart wouldn't fix. Setup froze. Awful experience.
  • I downloaded and it is now waiting to be installed. I thought I would just have it waiting until I get back from my trip to install it. But now it will automatically install right on the middle of my trip. Does anyone know how to stop that from happening. Thanks.
  • Happy I installed it on 521, even not listed. But need a funcional phone. Rolled back until new build
  • Updated to Win10 but It says Cellular Data Turned Off which means the phone now has no service and is unable of performing jobs the phone has to perform... Also Touch and WordFlow Keyboard are very unresponsive .... In short., this update sucks
  • I've have nothing but issues with this recovery from windows 10. Now it will fix spinning gears for sure!
  • No need to roll back this update isvawesome
  • Not enough disk sapce to recover lumia 1020, I cant roll back, I dont understand why, my  phone is empty, my HDD have lots of space
  • Too many important apps ans settings don't work. Such as data sense and my cellular and SIM settings can't be turned on or off
  • theres no unistall button it just gives a list of firm ware updates to install
  • Help i cant get out of WP 10 and my lock screen locks the fun but i have to do a hard restart to unlock it !
  • The flashing kept failing with the windows phone recovery tool I had to use the Lumia recovery tool. It kept saying no product number. But they seem to share the rom files because I didn't have to download it again. I have a 520.
  • Having the data always connected is an issue. for me is cost , back to wp8.1
  • Recovery tool doesn't recognize phone, going well.
  • If it wasn't missing my email and calendar apps it'd be bareable have been ok.  Other than that, i can't actually see where to access accounts I've set up, FB contacts won't sync either.  Can't open MMS messages.  Can't share images etc to email.  Understandable it's far from finished, but they've taken the whole "lack of apps" thing to a new level.
  • I am again rolling back to windows 8.1
    1 many apps getting crashed
    2 data is getting automatically
    3 mobile has became too.slow
  • Im trying to reinstall Windows Phone 8.1 but there seems to be a server / connection error when downloading the firmware for my Lumia 1020. Anyone else having this problem?
  • 500 comments :o
  • When I installed the Windows 10 Preview, it completely cut me off from the network. It didn't connect to networks; says '' No Service.'' WiFi worked for few minutes and then it turned off. Communitcation got cut off.    Phone: Lumia 625
  • Hard reset works like magic..WP 10 TP. 90% of the issues are gone ..including lag, able to connect to 2g, very smooth now..try it
  • Yes dude, same here :-)
  • i installed the update on my 925, but the phone would no longer recognize my sim card, so i had to roll back. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • Is Lumia recovery tool different from windows recovery tool?
  • Yes there is a different between the two programs. Lumia Software Recovery Tool is for older Lumias and Other Nokia phones. I cant roll back to 8.1 with Windows phone Recovery. My Nokia Lumia 920 almost got bricked. Now i am using Lumia Software Recovery Tool And all work just fine reinstalling 8.1 again. All should use Lumia Software Recovery Tool to roll back if they have a 2 year or older Lumia phone.   All in All Win 10 for phones was pretty stable on my 920, but Live tile did not work, Bluetooth did now work and a few other things that i use everyday. But all in all it looks and feels fine. Just very Anoyed they removed all the bing Vision stuf. Barcode scanner, Music artist search etc.. :-( I want that back, so i dont have to use 3 part apps for that briliant stuff i love from 8.1.
  • I've been waiting forever for the build but I might roll back. I installed it today. Like some of the changes. I expect bugs but I have a huge one. When my phone goes to sleep, I can't get it back on. I have to hold power + volume down to reset. I know it's sleeping and not off because I'm sharing internet from it right now but the screen is black. Can't really deal with that everyday. I need quick access to the phone.
    Lumia 925 T-mobile
  • Unable to install WhatsApp in my Lumia 625 after installing technical preview? What to do?
  • Windows 10 Preview on PC seems to be coming along really nice, but couldnt say the same with the phone, there were countless reasons to switch back, main reason was a unown issuse of where my mobile operator thought i was tethering, and would not let me access the internet :/ Cheers WPCentral for the post, saves me going back pages and pages as the info has been posted before :)
  • A sticking with win10 ... I believe updates will come faster with bug fixes in the future
  • I know it is not "Preview for developers", but I still installed of my curiosity, and then I've realised that there is more work left to finish. For about 2 hours I've seen an "Androidish" windows phone on my Lumia 520. Androidish means Android like LAGGY performance. And there's one problem that Cellular can't be switched off, and flight mode can't be turned on. Whole battery drained in 3hrs without any much use of it, I'm really vexed and decided not to install any technical preview builds in future. I've used "Preview for developers" to get windows 8.1 over a year ago. Based on that we can't judge "Technical preview".
  • Coz im always. Connected to internet. I need data plan activated everytime. Battery drainage.
  • I get a "product code is empty" message on the newest preview. I can't roll back. Any help?
  • Everytime I try to download the firmware,it downloads up to 95 percent and then says that variant files couldn't be downloaded.Any help here?
  • I have installed III in L920 below are the problems i am facing, so i am rolling back:-
    1) No album in photos. All pics are in hub. Can't remove/change pics from favourite option. If I don't want picture to float in tiles in start screen, I can't.
    2) Though my data connection is working but in mobile + sim is showing 'Off'. And can not switch on data connection in roaming mode.
    3) while incomming calls name of caller is not displaying though I have that number saved in my phone book.
    4) how to customize notification /action center toggles as I have many option which is of no use so wanted to customize but in setting> notification its showing only 4 options though in my scroll down action centre I have 11 toggles.
    5) Internet sharing not working.  6) Things get copied but doesnt paste. When the build was so pathetic that we are getting tips for rolling back, why the hell MS released. No doubt Win 10 will be competition killer but microsoft have wasted our time, money and energy by releasing this build. Some people may shoot questions that why the hell, we installed unfinished product.  People are downloading because MS is offering and i feel everybody welcomed this but i think, no body expected MS would have released a product which is unfinished and untested too. I feel MS didnt have time to test this product amongst its internal testing team. Again, for rolling back we need to use our bandwidth, again wastage of time, money and energy. If MS continous doing like this, customers will stop trusting MS.  
  • Hi, at first I want to roll back windows 8.1 because windows 10 is verry slow & Cortana , mbanking app , online camera etc. Not supporting .
  • I m using lumia 730 , Windows 10
  • I am rolling back t 10 running slowly .always hangs .even cannt open the lock &calls
  • My Lumia 1520 was hanging when the sim pin was entered, I got around that by turning sim pin off. besides that numerous app crashes and lock screen freezes convinced me that although I'm super keen to have the new build, its still a bit early to run on my everyday device.
  • tried going back to 8.1 with the recovery tool & my lumia 520 is now please
  • Will I be able to make calls if I install the w10 tp??
  • Yes you will be
  • Its not that bad on my L620. Installed yesterday, initially had issues like Unable to turn on mobile data, unable to set 12 houre clock. etc... I tried Hard reset once.. Now everything works for me. Not as bad as I was expecting on 512mb device.. It is slower.I admit that. But Faster than expected. I can live with this until next build is released for sure. No problem with glance,double tap. If you fine with hard resetting, then try it. It really helps...  I will test this more and give feedback so that you all can enjoy bu