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Windows Phone Refresh (a.k.a. Tango) starts global roll out

The Windows Phone Tango update started rolling out to the Nokia Lumia 710 in Canada from Rogers last week. We expected a more global roll out to start today for the Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phone and sure enough, we've received several tips confirming that today is in fact the day.

It appears that Europe, South American and the U.S. are reporting that they are getting the alert to update their Windows Phone to Tango.

The Tango update includes internet sharing capabilities, a fix for the disappearing keyboard and a handful of other improvements. You can follow along with the global roll out here at Nokia's Tango Update page.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • C'mon at&t....way to leave us hangin
  • If it weren't for the plain fact that AT&T is the only carrier that is "supporting" Windows Phone I wouldn't put up with their shoddy at best customer service and negligent update roll outs
  • I actually received 3 updates from at&t and 1 update from Samsung at around 10:30am (Pacific time) today for my Focus S. It might just take a while for the update notification on the Zune software (update alerts on the phone could take a couple days, is what I heard).
  • As of now I've got nothing for my Focus S. I hope your testimony is a sign of things to come--the keyboard bug is driving me batty!
  • I'm updating from Mango and I've gotten 4 updates from at&t and right now 1 from samsung (for a total of 5). o.0 Were you updating from Mango (I have Samsung Focus S)?
  • Yup, I was updating from Mango.
  • I've given up hope. Att won't give us any updates. I just ended up buying the unlocked galaxy nexus. Tired of carriers and oems. Thought windows phone would be different but it's fragmentation is worse than android since there are no custom ways to get the roms.
  • Then bye bye.
  • do you even know what fragmentation means?
  • I sure do. You probably don't. Have fun the disappearing keyboard bug that hasn't been fixed for 6 months. Thanks at&t and MSFT. With the same hardware you have no excuse. Even android nexus is better and thats what I'm switching to. Metro is the greatest thing ever invented and I hope MSFT releases their own windows 8. I will buy it instantly
  • I'm probably just feeding a troll but...
    You've clearly demostrated that you don't know what fragmentation is so I'll make it easy for you. Fragmentation is when a 12 month old HTC Android phone, a 6 month old LG Android phone  and a 2 month old Samsung Android phone CAN'T RUN THE SAME APPS due to having different versions of the OS (2.3 vs 4.0 vs 4.0.4).
    On the flip side, my nearly 2 YEAR OLD LG Quantum and someone's 2 MONTH OLD HTC Titan II CAN RUN THE SAME APPS regardless of if my Quantum is on 7720, 7740 or 8107 and their Titan II is on 8112 or 8773.
    What you are complaining about is the carrier (NOT MFST) not delivering the update, in which you have a point, but at least now you know what fragmentation in this space means.
    Lastly, there are custom ROMs for WP7 devices, where the hell have you been?! The Titan, Radar, 710, 800, Focus and I believe HD7 all have custom roms.
  • Wow this is like explaining it to a kid. Fragmentation isn't just for apps. Fragmentation could be for feature and bugs which are far more important. Unlike you I use my phone for being productive not just playing angry birds. So it doesn't matter to me if apps don't work. It does matter to me that there is a serious security flaw in my windows phone that let's anybody to send an sms and brick my phone. I also care about the keyboard disappearing.
    I was promised updates. Microsoft decided to give carriers the ability to block certain updates. This was not the case originally. This happened after mango. You are probably new to windows phone and don't understand the politics that have been happening. I've only owned Microsoft phones. Went straight from windows mobile touch pro 2 to windows phone. Note that I'm fine with my first gen not getting windows phone 8. I understand the reasoning behind it(you can google) You're being ignorant by saying windows phone doesn't have fragmentation. Please educate yourself before writing something here.
  • *Sigh* If that was explaining to a kid, here's your pre-kindergarden explaination.
    1. Fragmentation occurs if the CORE OS is changed in a way that you SPLIT the user base. Android has SPLIT their user base due to app compatibility and major feature compatibility. WP7 HAS NOT SPLIT their user base. The ONLY fragmentation argument you can plausibly make is 256 mb ram vs 512 mb ram, however, these two versions are STILL feature compatible. Fragmentation WILL occur between WP7 and WP8.
    I'll type it slower and more clearly for you...having users with 5 different iterations of updates in which core os & app compatibility are STILL the same is not fragmentation.
    2. Your statement, "You are probably new to windows phone," shows that you have below average comprehension skills when I clearly typed the words, "my two year old Quantum". I was also here when it was WMExperts and my first MSFT phone was the HTC Wizard. Assuming, makes an ass out of you.
    So now maybe now you'll drop your smug demeanor and learn something. Then again, your idiotic reply doesn't give me hope at all.
    I knew I shouldn't have fed the troll. I'm done now.
  • Lol kid. You have your own definition of fragmentation in your head. Let me know when you decide to come to the real world. Not gonna keep arguing with someone who doesn't understand the basic concept of fragmentation. Go play angry birds. Leave the adult discussions to the rest of us.
  • Its been fixed awhile ago. And why not buy an unlocked 900? smh
  • FRAGMENTATION • Nokia having exclusive apps not available to HTC, Samsung, LG etc.
    I couldn't resist...... JK
  • 7.8 looks like nothing more than just a home screen change. Wp8 is where the features are. No one should buy l900
  • Hyperbole much?
  • I just got Tango on my Samsung Focus today (Rogers Canada)
  • Really? I'll have to check mine
  • Not showing up for mine yet :(
  • Nothing yet on my Focus from Rogers
  • Same here. Trying the WiFi trick and it still keeps coming back telling me I am up to date.
  • Nothing here either, Sammy Focus on ATT-US or ROG-CA. Neither updates nor does it update with that supposed wifi trick.
  • what's the wifi trick?
  • I would like to know as well :) 
  • The 710 Tango update for Rogers should be rolling out now, the Nokia page displays it as "update now available" ... Is anyone picking up yet?
  • Hmmmmm, might have to change the branding on my Quantum temporarily to see if shows up, unless AT&T will actually push it out.
  • Confirmed, :=)
    Got it on my Focus Flash
    was at 8107
    updated to 8112
    then 8773
    plus Samsung Update
  • Any idea what the Samsung update includes?? Super excited!!!
  • "Your phone is up to date.
    Current phone software version: 7.10 (7720)"
    The anxiety's killing me.
  • Look like Firmware Update, Radio Software, BootLoader
    Firmware Revision 2103.12.05.04
    Hardware Revision Number
    Radio Software Version: 2103.12.5.4
    Radio Hardware Version:
    BootLoader Version
    Chip SOC Version
  • Awesome!
    Let us know if the freezing issues stop (if you were having any)
  • Omg yes I'll be so happy if they fixed the freezing bug!
  • I have not had the freezing bug when you receive txt since 8107 update on the 2 flash that I have had.
  • For whatever reason I'm yet to upgrade to 8107. Zune is telling me 7720 is the most current.
  • Fixed Pics Links
    Samsung FirmWare Update
  • Are you with AT&T?
  • I have a few questions.... 1. Is this an update being pushed out by Microsoft itself, and delivered OTA? or, is this a carrier-dependent, and gotta-connect-to-a-PC update? 2. Would this be something Sprint's Arrive would get?
    I saw this headline thinking, oh, my Arrive will get an OTA update, courtesy of Microsoft, not Sprint..... just like they talked about at that conference. But then after reading this, I think my hopes are nowhere near fruition.
    Can anybody set me straight on this? Thanks.
  • OTA updates from Microsoft won't begin until WP8. It is carrier dependent.
  • Carrier dependent on this one????? Uggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Gag me with a spoon!!! for then I am a slave to the master named Sprint!!!
  • We may be able to force update. Not sure if we can do that without unlocking?
  • They begin with 7.8
  • My phone is unbranded (not restricted to my carrier and never was), will I get this update at all?
  • Nothing on my 710 yet :( on 3UK with a SIM-free handset...
  • Anybody from US att get the update yet?
  • I did but I am using Net10 AT&T Compatible Sim still on AT&T Network, plug your phone into your Pc and check for updates..
  • Somebody with luminia 710 in Brazil have alredy received the Update ?
  • I'm on my 3rd update (7.10.8773.98) for a T-Mobile USA Lumia 710.  First two completed fairly quickly.  Third is taking a very long time.  Hoping there's no problem.  The disappearing keyboard beats a brick ;-)
  • Wow, 3rd update finished and now a 4th!  This time from Nokia.
  • Wpcentral should host a site page with a matrix of device and operator pairings. You guys could crowd source a decent looking table fairly quickly.
  • The damn keyboard is a friggin PITA! That is the only gripe I have with the phone.. I can't believe it has taken this LONG for AT&T to push this out. Nokia phones get updates weekly it seems and us Focus S users are still waiting for this fix! I want kick AT&T in the (you know what's!!) ridiculous it took this long!!!
  • I haven't had my keyboard disappear on me since February
  • Lucky guy then. I still get it on my Radar & Lumia 900.
  • ;-)
  • Anyone geting anything from Verizon? cause I'm not.
  • Unlocked Omnia7 gets the Update.
  • Lumia should not be only one get.updates. It should be every windows phone like HTC, Samsung etc....
  • What about my HTC HD7??? And the rest of the 'non-Nokia' handsets?
  • Read above in comments. Samsung Focus has been getting the update. Sure the rest will follow.
  • What about dell venue pro and first generation phones!!!
  • Nothing yet for me on either phone. Lumia 900 on AT&T & Radar on TMOUS.
  • Is this accurate...Lumia 900 already got this update at purchase?
  • On non north America versions it did.
  • Really? I don't think so. I can't do video mms or multiple pics.
  • I have the 900 on AT&T and it still has 8112 and so far no notification for an update.
  • Anybody getting it on Veriz.... hahahahahahaha i'm so funny.
  • LOL!
  • hahah.....well at least verizon did push out the update to fix the disappearing keyboard which it sounds like other carriers still hadn't done...
  • In india tango update available???
  • For that matter, anybody with a Sprint HTC Arrive get the update yet? Or are we not going to see this update at all? Anybody know either? Please post when so! Thanks!
  • Carriers have to push every major update
  • Unlocked DVP and no Tango update from T Mobile US this blows lol.Im guessing Dell would have to push the update and that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  • The only phone that won't get 7.8 lol, I hope Dell tries again.
  • Actually forced the Tango update last night thru Zune.
  • What about on Bell network on Canada... Does anyone in Canada on bell network get tango... Cuz I m waiting but Rogers already rolled out tango in Canada but no response from bell network...
  • Bell the land Android "superphones", good luck with that, I hope they do roll it out. Their abandonment of WP users last year was appalling.
  • Says "Update available" for my 710 on my carrier in my country on the Nokia-site - yet nothing in Zune when i plug the phone in..
    P.S.: does this update include tethering?
  • Any news on Samsung Focus SGH-i917?
  • Got it on unbranded Omnia W. According to the change log nothing interesting.
  • You can all haz....just plug in manually search update on Zune and about 2-3 seconds in disable WiFi...easy on my laptop with a button. It will say update and flick the wifi back on and bingo! Its a safe and totally legit way of bypassing it..
  • I've never actually gotten that trick to work, myself. But have heard from many it does work.
  • Phone and network? Worked on my old ATT focus, not on ATT L900 so far
  • You can all haz....just plug in manually search update on Zune and about 2-3 seconds in disable WiFi...easy on my laptop with a button. It will say update and flick the wifi back on and bingo! Its a safe and totally legit way of bypassing it..
  • Got mine too in India :)
    Nokia roxxxxxxx!!!!
  • You've got lumia 800 ?
  • I might have to force update my phone because att sucks on rollouts.
  • I have been trying to force update on Sprint's HTC Arrive with no luck. Anyone able to force update the Arrive?
  • Any thing on LG quantum?
  • I haven't seen anything yet on my phone, but I haven't been able to hook up to my laptop yet, will try later today.
  • Ohhhh one more feature in lumia 710..limitation on background apps has been lifted :P i tried 15apps worked fine in background..
  • Anyone got it on Vodafone UK?
  • Nothing yet for my Focus S on ATT (Chicago). Looks like it's time to play the WiFi trick update game!
  • Any with a LG E900?
  • Nothing yet on Samsung Focus for AT&T. Anxiously awaiting just for the disappearing keyboard update.
  • Lucky me. I never experienced the disappearing keyboard on my Samsung Focus.
  • Hope my hd7s gets it. I haven't gotten a notification yet..
  • Just updated HTC Titan in UK to 7.10.8773.98 (Phone Simfree)
  • No notification on phone, just plugged in to Zune and checked for Updates.
  • Ah thanks for that. Will try tomorrow :)
  • I just finished installing the updates. A total of 4. It about 1:20 on McDonald's Free wi-fi (provided by at&t high speed internet). Now I'm going to log in to my T-Mobile and get the 5GB plan with Hot-spot. :3
  • Just FYI I had to use the Zune Desktop software to "find" the updates. My Lumia 710 wouldn't let me know about any updates. So you might just have to plug it in and check for updates under "configurations".
  • Lucky, I haven't been notified at all and I try zune 3 times today still no luck
  • I love XDA. Updated my Quantum to Tango. Screw you AT&T.
  • Which method did you use?
  • Cab Update Sender with the files from here:
    Instructions are in the first post. Took me about 12 minutes to do 8107 -> 8112 -> 8773.
  • Anyone seen or heard anything about update for Rogers Lumia 900? It's not even listed on the global roll-out site referenced in the article.
  • Bad news Samsung peeps, got off live chat minutes ago amd they stated only the focus flash is being updated, not the focus s, but im.hoping that's just the Samsung end of things..can anyone confirm if they updated their focus s or original focus and it did include the Samsung update?
  • Thanks Dave, hopefully everyone will get the Software updates at least..Else XDA already has the Cab Posted if comes down to it..
  • MS said everyone is getting the updates.
  • Whoever told you that has no idea what they're talking about. I got the update this afternoon on my Focus S (AT&T branded), including the firmware update. Versions are now: OS: 7.10.8773.98 ; Firmware: 2103.12.05.2. One irritating thing the firmware update fixed: Turning off "use auto display intensity" in "Extra Settings" now sticks after a reboot
  • Well I guess im unlucky, says im.current at 7720 :(
  • Same with my wife's Focus S. It's a staggered rollout again, it'll come...
  • I'm doing to cab push to a Sprint Arrive as I type this :) If all goes well I'll do my Lumia 900 next.
  • Arrive lived, I quit Sprint a while ago so I can't fully test it but its working normally like it did before. Pushing to Lumia 900 now.
  • Success on the AT&T Lumia 900 and Sprint HTC Arrive using the cab push method on xda
  • Does the Arrive now have internet sharing?
  • Telus Lumia's anyone?
  • No, not yet...still "waiting for approval"
  • Sigh
  • Just got my update for my 800. In Singapore. Also, how do you use internet tethering? I can't find it anywhere in my settings.
  • Sometimes it pays just to connect it every so often to see, as the phone notification isn't 100% reliable imo... =[
  • This is correct. The phone notification is usually 2-3 days behind.
  • Force updating on my Focus 1.3 From Rogers ATM, got the 8112 and had  to force it to see the 8773 update. Both notes for the updates are the same so I dont know what the difference is between them.
  • How were you able to force update it on Rogers? Using the wifi trick, as I am trying that and it never seems to work for me here.
  • No luck with my Focus 1.3, toggled back from ATT-US to ROG-CA but nothing. What did you do to trigger the update? I've tried the wifi shutoff but that didn't work either. Any ideas?
  • Lumia 710 with T-Mobile.
    As of 7:20pm no update.
  • Really? Updated my 710 tmo at my lunch break today!
  • 5:37am and no update. Really hoping it comes out before I go in to work at T-Mobile today. Last thing I want is to be frustrated with my place of employment while I'm actually there.
  • No update from tmobile yet
  • Yeah I have the 710 on Tmobile and I haven't received anything either...and its 4:45am now lol
  • If it helps any, I'm interop unlocked as well as debranded from At&t on my Samsung Focus Flash. I've had no update notification from phone or through Zune. Since I'm already debranded I'm not sure the Internet disconnect trick would even make any sense though.
  • Unlocked Optimus 7 got the update :)
  • Tweeted o2uk 2 days ago, they have no plans for the release of update 8773.
  • So no update for the focus s?
  • I have the focus s too and is pissed because I have no update! I am sick and tired of this disappearing keyboard; I can't even type it does it so much!
  • I have a Focus S on AT&T and it got updated to Tango, and there also was an update from Samsung that seemed to have fixed the keyboard lag bug. It didn't tell me I had an update ready until I connected my phone to Zune.
  • Can you please provide more info?
    Was this from 8107 or 7720
    Debranded ("000-88") or "ATT-US"?
  • I didn't mess with it at all. I didn't manually update or debrand or anything, so I updated from 7720, from an at&t branded device.
  • Same here, unmodified Focus S on AT&T (previously on 7720), got Tango and the firmware update this afternoon. The other Focus S in the house hasn't been notified of it yet (not showing in Zune either), so I assume this is another staggered release
  • Nothing for Samsung Focus S in At&t. No update available.
  • Well I grabbed the cab files for my VZW Trophy (couple update packages and language packs) and followed the same process as early updating to 8107.
    Tango seems to have successfully installed on my older Trophy (accelerometer crapped out, I think the ebay seller I bought it from dropped it in the crapper, etc etc) and I am now installing on my "real" phone.
    Will be sure to reboot and make a few test calls, messages, etc when it is complete. Should be able to update in 10-15 minutes.
  • All seems well.
    No export to SIM though.
    But the version number is updated, so I feel special :P
  • Tried the Mango trick on the Samsung Focus. No luck. It worked for me during Mango. I have AT&T. Any others with the same thing having luck?
  • No luck w L900
  • Anyone manage to update a debranded device? I'm afraid my Focus S  could be stuck in limbo as it was updated from 7720 to 8107 via debranding.
  • Unlocked Rogers lumia 710 anyone?
  • Nothing yet for my Rogers locked Lumia 710 either...
  • Anyone have any luck with the HTC TITAN on AT&T? Haven't tried it yet, just want to see if anyone else has, or has had any luck.
  • I would like to know that as well.
  • No update showed up for mine. Haven't been able to force it either.
  • Thank you for the info.
  • Same spot...
  • Nothing yet for Sprint's HTC Arrive. Florida, USA. Haven't tried the bypass trick. 
  • Why wouldn't there just be a list as to which phones get it...?
  • For those of you asking the difference between Update 8773 and Update 8107
    Update 8773
    Messaging. Adds new messaging capabilities to your phone. You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes, and ringtones to text messages.
    SIM card. Adds features related to SIM card contacts. You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card and selectively import SIM card contacts to your phone.
    Other quality improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.
    Update 8107
    Messaging. Adds new messaging capabilities to your phone. You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes, and ringtones to text messages.
    SIM card. Adds features related to SIM card contacts. You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card and selectively import SIM card contacts to your phone.
    Other quality improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.
  • I woke up today and wanted to check for update and zune give  me R6034 runtime error....
  • I'm in the Middle East, Tango in the Middle East when updates will be provided? can u help me?
  • Hi. Just receive notification for 8112 update, OPN phone, update not working, try it couple of times but each time recieve error 80180048. Does anyone have some clue? On phone is made hard reset couple a days ago, LG Optimus 7.
  • The Update is Listed on the Windows Phone India Site but i havent received a notification from the phone to update. Have Samsung Omnia W(i8350) India users got any update notifications???
  • hi, i´ve just received an update 8112.7 and 8773.98 on my LG E900 Optimus 7. :)
    Open carrier, Portugal.
  • Forced it through Zune this morning. Unbranded HTC Trophy (UK)
  • Still nothing in UK on my unbranded nokia
  • Anyone from India got it on Lumia 800 ???
  • i did not get it. its kind of hard to believe that Microsoft left me in this mess of dissapearing keyboard. lets leave this platform for the greater good.
  • Then go. Quit whining to the forum
  • Any Indians doing the tango with their lumia 800 yet ?
  • Any body in South Africa receive the update yet??
  • Did not receive a notification but checking for updates this morning was successful. HTC Mozart - T-Mobile Germany branding
  • Have an HTC Titan II With 7.10 8112  Nothing Yet. Tried to Jump it.  No luck so far.
    In Arizona. ATT
  • Anyone updated 059L7C2 UK CV
  • Nothing from US Cellular. Used the .cab sender successfully. Still no internet sharing that OEM only?
  • Still nothing half a week later...Samsung Focus Flash on AT&T.
  • My HTC TITAN (International Unlocked and unbranded, currently with 3) still haven't got an update. Anyone able to enlighten me as to what's going on?
  • any 1 plzz tell me this updates in india or not i want it for lumia 710 :(
  • Just got the update for my Lumia 800 on KPN (dutch carrier)