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Windows Phone 8

Thinking about going Windows Phone but haven't quite made the decision? Or maybe you're all in on Windows Phone, but just can't decide which phone is best for you. The Lumia 920? Or is it the HTC 8X? Or maybe it's that Samsung Ativ S or another Windows Phone 8 device that's coming up around the corner.  Whatever question you're pondering, you've come to the right place! Our reviews will set you straight.

Windows Phone Central delivers the most-detailed, definitive and fun to read Windows Phone reviews you'll find anywhere on the internet. Seriously. We dare you to look around, and you'll always find yourself coming back right here.

These days, too many tech sites spend only a day or two with the phone then publish their review. Heck, a lot of people don't even give up the main phone they are using when testing out a new phone. They just "also" use it. Then they publish some thoughts on it. But that's not how you review a phone. At Windows Phone Central, we take our time and put each and every Windows Phone to the test. We USE it. For days and days. We live it. We breathe it. We discover everything there is to know about the device, both good and bad. And we tell it like it is.

Yes, we're big fans of Windows Phone on this site, but we're never blind believers just because we like something. Our goal is always to see the Windows Phone operating system and hardware get better and better, which means when we see something that can be improved or that we don't like, we point it out in our reviews. 

Ok, now that you understand how much our Windows Phone Reviews rule the interwebz, it's time to start reading. A good starting point is our Windows Phone 8 overview and review. After that, scroll down to the discover the latest reviews of Windows Phone 8 devices. And if you ever have any questions, be sure to register with Windows Phone Central and post your questions in our Windows Phone forums. Our amazing community is here to help!

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