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Windows Phone 8

Thinking about going Windows Phone but haven't quite made the decision? Or maybe you're all in on Windows Phone, but just can't decide which phone is best for you. The Lumia 920? Or is it the HTC 8X? Or maybe it's that Samsung Ativ S or another Windows Phone 8 device that's coming up around the corner.  Whatever question you're pondering, you've come to the right place! Our reviews will set you straight.

Windows Phone Central delivers the most-detailed, definitive and fun to read Windows Phone reviews you'll find anywhere on the internet. Seriously. We dare you to look around, and you'll always find yourself coming back right here.

These days, too many tech sites spend only a day or two with the phone then publish their review. Heck, a lot of people don't even give up the main phone they are using when testing out a new phone. They just "also" use it. Then they publish some thoughts on it. But that's not how you review a phone. At Windows Phone Central, we take our time and put each and every Windows Phone to the test. We USE it. For days and days. We live it. We breathe it. We discover everything there is to know about the device, both good and bad. And we tell it like it is.

Yes, we're big fans of Windows Phone on this site, but we're never blind believers just because we like something. Our goal is always to see the Windows Phone operating system and hardware get better and better, which means when we see something that can be improved or that we don't like, we point it out in our reviews. 

Ok, now that you understand how much our Windows Phone Reviews rule the interwebz, it's time to start reading. A good starting point is our Windows Phone 8 overview and review. After that, scroll down to the discover the latest reviews of Windows Phone 8 devices. And if you ever have any questions, be sure to register with Windows Phone Central and post your questions in our Windows Phone forums. Our amazing community is here to help!

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HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

Windows Phone Central's review of the HTC 8X - a powerful yet sleek Windows Phone 8 device

While the Windows Phone 8 launch spotlight has shined brightly on the Nokia Lumia 920, there's another Windows Phone that has been lurking in the shadows. The HTC 8X launched over at AT&T on the same day and is a respectable Windows Phone within its own right.

The 8X is fitted with a 4.3" Super LCD screen, NFC (Near Field Communication), BEATS Audio, and an 8MP camera with BSI sensor (helps with low-light performance. The 8X is noticeably narrower than the Lumia 920 and reminds me of how the Samsung Focus Flash compared to the Focus S.

If you prefer a more compact Windows Phone, the HTC 8X isn't a bad choice.

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T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 unboxing and video tour

Hey, look at that! The Nokia Lumia 810 exclusively for T-Mobile showed up on our doorstep and we decided to film us opening her up.

Now although Mobile Nations guru Phil Nickinson played with a dummy Lumia 810, yours truly has not had a chance to even touch one—so this will be my first “hands on” with T-Mobile’s new device. Off the cuff? The screen, even at 4.3” and 800x480 is really bold, bright and eye popping, due in part to some ClearBlack and an OLED display. It also blends seamlessly with that soft-touch black body, which feels quite nice to hold...

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Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Windows Phone Central's review of Nokia's highly anticipated flagship Windows Phone 8 device

If there were one device that the tech world is focused on for measuring Windows Phone success, it would be the Nokia Lumia 920 (available now on AT&T; $99). It is considered by many to be the “flagship” phone (a term we find to be ill defined) for the platform and as such it has a lot riding on it.

We’ve had the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for well over 10 days now so we figured we would finally share our thoughts. The reason for the delay? Simply put, the device was not available to most of you and we happen to believe in spending more than 48 hours with a phone before deciding on the pros and cons.  Some reviews, in our opinion, have glossed over some issues, others have missed new developments and most have focused on just a few aspects e.g. the size issue.

The too long, didn’t read it version? We like the Lumia 920 a lot and it is easily the best Windows Phone to date. It’s perhaps not for everyone but Nokia have done a great job.

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HTC 8X Windows Phone hardware preliminary review

Microsoft’s partnership with HTC stretches way back to the Windows Mobile days. Back then, the Taiwanese manufacturer shipped a variety of chunky WinMo handsets topped with its Sense user interface. Since the Windows Phone 7 launch, Microsoft’s mobile OS has presented a unified UI across all handsets, and so HTC has instead sought to differentiate its Windows offerings through build quality and hardware features.

Last year’s Radar and Titan were sturdy, aluminum-clad beasts that echoed the design language of the company’s early 2011 phones. But this year HTC’s scored an enviable position as the manufacturer of two signature devices for Windows Phone 8. And as such, this calls for some fresh new designs, starting with the high-end offering, the “Windows Phone 8X by HTC.”

Far from being a recycled Android model, HTC says every aspect of the 8X’s design is based around the look and feel of Windows Phone 8. And at a glance the differences are clear to see -- the 8X is quite unlike any other HTC creation.

WPCentral editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino has taken a thorough look at Windows Phone 8 itself, as it runs on the 8X, in his extensive OS review. So in this article we’re going to focus on the hardware of the 8X -- in this case, the international HSPA+ version.

And as it happens there’s a lot to say about that, too.

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Overview and review of Windows Phone 8

Let’s be clear about something: Windows Phone 7 was simply a warm up act for Windows Phone 8. It was the start of something big and different for Microsoft, a way for them to take a distinctive approach to the current smartphone exemplar. But Microsoft were hindered by numerous roadblocks: an aging kernel (the core of the OS), limited hardware and a desire to be more conservative in features waiting instead for user-feedback and to see how people actually use their phones.

With Windows Phone 8, the gloves are off.

There are two areas in which Windows Phone 8 differs from its predecessor: the core of the OS has been updated with the NT kernel and the addition and refinement of features. Consumers don’t need to know about the kernel specifics but they will see the results: new, top of the line hardware. That hardware will be evident in a few weeks when devices like the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 become available.

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