Windows Phone smoking the competition at CES in speed test

As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph (known as Ben the PC Guy) is on-site at CES, looking for inferior phone users willing to accept his speed test challenge. The test in question, from what we hear, involves both Ben and a challenger performing a selected common scenario -- like taking a picture and pushing it to Twitter as fast as possible --, network and fat fingers permitting. (They get a warm up session in an attempt to even the playing ground.) Whoever finishes that scenario first takes the bacon.

Judging by the results thus far, Windows Phone is smoking the competition. You can keep an eye on the steady stream of losers by following @BenThePCGuy or watching tweets tagged with #smokedbywindowsphone.

(Edit: Turns out pushing to Twitter is only one of a few scenarios you can pick from. I genericized the post to reflect this.)

Rafael Rivera
  • Lol he just got beaten by someone. He owned all the others though :D
  • I know Parth -- the winner -- personally, he's a bastard and probably cheated :)
  • Why does it matter.  If your not on AT&T, stay with your 'slow' phone.  AT&T has had so far Focus S, Focus Flash, HTC Titan, and now HTC Titan II and Lumia 900 and the rest of get shoddy 8GB phones.  #YesImBitter
    If Microsoft wants Windows Phone success they need good devices on all carriers.   Oh well I give up.
  • i heard that verizon rejected the lumia 900. in other words, verizon received an offer fromo nokia, but they declined. apparently they're waiting for apollo
  • Well I sincerely doubt T-Mobile would have rejected the 800, but AT&T probably put their foot down sinces its too close to the 900.  And I don't think Sprint is in the position either to reject a good device.  But i'm not buying the Verizon story... I'm buying more that AT&T is calling the shots.  But it won't help Windows Phone and Microsoft is stupid to think their phones can follow the iPhone path.
    At the very least Nokia could offer it with AWS... but NOOOOOO.
  • No he is right. Verizon was offered the phone first. They are a company that is so slow to start carring phones though. They said that they would not carry another WP7 until they had LTE. So some of the companies, not just Nokia, offered them phones, but they still refused. They claim to be waiting on the Apollo update. We shall see though.
  • Again that doesn't change anything in regards to Sprint or T-Mobile.  And I haven't seen any reputable site, even WPCentral mention that Verizon choose not to.  Where is it on the Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo etc...
    I'm on T regardless and they could have thrown us a bone with any premium device being unlocked for AWS.
  • T-Mobile is a budget carrier, the #4 carrier in fact, with the smallest install base, and questionable service in some areas.  As beautiful as the L900 is, I highly doubt that people will line up in droves to switch to T-Mobile.  I sure as hell wouldn't touch T-Mobile with a 20 foot pole, despite their service, from what I hear, being half decent in my neck of the woods.
    It would simply not be prudent for Nokia to have a premium device, on a dinky network, where it is simply not going to reach a lot of consumers.  T-Mobile barely, if at all, advertises the WP line up as it is; AT&T has the second largest, if not the largest install base in the U.S. which means this device is going to get exposure to more people than the entire T-Mobile customer base!  And, AT&T is helping with the advertising of the L900.
    The only other network that could best ATT is Verizon - again, a HUGE install base, and they have the advertising dollars to promote it as well.  Why Verizon is not vying for WP, only Verizon knows. 
    The Lumia 900 would be wasted on T-Mobile. 
  • Is the Galaxy S II (Android) also wasted on T-Mobile? You should shoot them an email and let them know the error of their ways. :)
  • T-Mobile is a great choice for the Lumia 900.  It's the nation's largest 4G HSPA+ network.
    It also has great low rates and fantastic coverage in the places where most people live, with much lower ETFs.
    If you want to make Windows Phone mainstream, you don't do it by restricting decent phones to just one of four carriers.  You do it by making powerful phones available on ALL the carriers, including those who value fast data and low bills like those of us on T-Mobile.
    Otherwise, all those T-Mo customers just stick with (or switch to) Android.
    WP is in no position, market-share-wise, to be thumbing its nose at a carrier with 25 million potential users like T-Mo.
  • would you like to share with us where you get your information? since it seems like you're an internet commenter that seems to know so much more than other people who actually do some of this tech journalism for a living. i'm honeslty dying to know.
  • yup that's where i heard it. not the most credible source, but that's why i said it was just rumored
  • Of course it's easy for you to make at&t an enemy. How do you expect to have at&t block another carrier from picking up a phone, especially when it hasn't even been officially launched. The truth is, the carriers pick what phone they want and Tmobile is aiming for the budget customer right now.
  • Here ya go
  • I've been following this and it's awesome.
  • it is.. glad to know all the coverage WP7.5 is receiving. People are sick of Android & iOS, same ol' same ol'.
  • Windows Phones are having a GREAT CES......
    Why did Microsoft want to leave this show again?  :)
  • To throw a better one, their own!  =)
  • Yeah, Mr Ballmer sure does come off as a man who likes to party, doesn't he? 
    Wonder how you get tickets to the first show they do.  I would so pay to go.....
  • What phone is he using?  Or is he switching it up?
  • I have a windows phone and sadly it takes a whole 10 sec just to load up the IM+ so I can gchat someone....and everytime I get a toast notification for a msg and if I click on it, it will open IM+ from scratch.   I know IM+ isn't the only IM client out there but it is the most reliable one with the least bugs....
  • Unless there's been an update that I'm not aware of, Daniel Rubino directly stated in the comments of a recent article that the story about Verizon turning down the Lumia 900 LTE came from an unreliable source and that is why he never published a post about it. 
    These things keep getting passed around from comment to forum and back again and before you know it people start thinking they are fact.
  • Really dude? Where's this article? And why is your source a comments section?