Windows Phone sporting a 115% growth increase compared to 2011 according to IDC data

Windows Phone has been growing at a steady rate, mainly down to advertising campaigns and brand pushes from Nokia with its Lumia family of smartphones. According to data released today by IDC, the platform has been sporting a year-on-year growth increase of 115% - not bad, eh? IDC also notes that the OS has been closing the gap between itself and Blackberry in the last quarter in the fight to become the 3rd major player in the smartphone market.

Looking at the table above we can clearly see the advances Windows Phone is making as a whole, which is very promising. Beating not only the iPhone, but Android with regards to growth with 5.4 million units reportedly being shipped in Q2 2012 (up from 2.5 million in Q2 2011). It definitely shows the platform has real potential to play catch-up. Unfortunately, according to the marketshare figures, Windows Phone (3.5%) is still a long way behind both the iPhone (16.9%) and Android (68.1%) before it poses a real thread.

Blackberry (4.8%) is dropping along with Symbian, which will provide Microsoft with the opportunity to take 3rd position in the mobile market. This would be a milestone for the platform to reach to then further increase its marketing efforts using the newly acquired position as proof that it's not only on the rise, but Microsoft is further integrating the platform with other products to increase exposure and audience.

IDC Marketshare 2

Of course, as usual, Windows Mobile is still included with Windows Phone, so we're not quite at the 3% marker with Microsoft's new mobile platform alone. Though with Windows Phone 8 just around the corner, we like to believe the push from the software giant will be sufficient enough to further build momentum for Windows Phone while its predecessor continues to phase out.

We'd like to know your thoughts on the advances Windows Phone is making prior to Apollo being released. How do you believe Microsoft can improve their marketing strategy should they reach the 3rd position and sport full integration then available between its products and Windows Phone?

Source: IDC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Even if we haven't seen a real jump... Mango got us moving, Tango'll bring growth in various markets, and surely we can really, finally get going with Apollo.
    I think we've gotten ahead of ourselves saying specific launches or events will lead to a boom, because that's not how (most) people buy phones. I think we will see an increased growth, though gradual, following Windows Phone 8 that will lead to WP being a platform to reckon with. Because right now, we're not. It's a courtesy for us to be compared to other platforms in terms of market share.
  • Geez, Android is out of control.  68%  That's ridiculous.  But I suppose that's what happens when you have 17 phones on Verizon!  Vs. 1 for iOS and 1 for WP7.
  • Not to mention that Verizon itself and Verizon floor reps get paid extra for every android they sell- not so for WP
  • That, and enthusiasm for the iPhone wanes before a release.
  • its funny, if you look around here in stuttgart, germany, you'll see most people have iPhones. Maybe not if you count EVERYONE but sure enough most people you see playing around with their phones on the street. BUT, sitting there with my cyan Lumia 900 i got a lot of attention from a lot of people who have no clue of smartphones and just bought the iPhone because everyone has one. They asked me a shit load of questions about my phone and i said to all of them they defenitely should consider one if they want to switch from iPhone, use a Windows PC anyway or just like to try it out BUT, i said, they should all wait for the fall. Current devices will get cheaper and the new blockbuster phones with wp8 and all the new stuff are clearly worth the wait. So i think there will be a small push in germany when wp8 arrives. Lots of people are waiting.
  • Rich - what kind of remote is that white one lol
  • No idea, it's George's shot, will have to ask him lol.
  • I don't want WP to be popular..... I won't be the only kid in town who has one.
  • lol I feel the same way
  • So far that's the reality where I live, LOL!
  • Me too, my family has iphone but i have the Arrive. they say why dont you get apple and i say i dont like them i like windows and i can do more. I like to be different anyway.
  • Today, I asked some people at my job why they had an iPhone vs any other phone. Most of them said "all my friends have it and I want to be the same I don't want to be left out" This is the problem most people are very ignorant and just follow the crowd...
  • they're not leaders or shepherds, they're sheep
  • Thats why MS should give a phone away with every PC they sell. So that everyone has one- even if they only use it as a WiFi only device. Once its a tool people understand, it will be used.
  • Did they really say "all my friends have it and I want to be the same I don't want to be left out" or are you paraphrasing? I know people are sheep but hearing them admit they are sheep is sad, sad, sad.
  • especially true for asian girls... the ones i spoke to said the exact same thing, makes me very very sad
  • sheeple. It is goofy, how old are they? This is understandable for kids, but a shame for adults
  • I'm a MS fan but I almost got an android years ago, I got an Focus instead because I saw a commercial for it when it first came out. I'm saying that commercial made me realize that there was this cool phone running a different OS. When I saw that it was a Windows Phone that made me think of the interoperability it may have with other Microsoft products. That's what sold me (I'm now a fan boy of MS).
  • I was at Best Buy yesterday so I took at their mobile phone area. It was an ocean of Android phones with three lonely Windows Phones floating around. I have to admit that while it's probably more functional in actual use, the Metro start screen gets a bit lost in the crowd when placed among a mass of brightly colored/gradientized/whizbangy/skeumorphic Android start screens. Perhaps Microsoft needs a "demo mode" to help its phones stand out in the crowd.
  • They do have a demo mode at Best Buy locations where I love at...those workers over there maybe lazy
  • I am afraid that WP will go the way of webos. A brilliant system that will just be over looked because it's not ios or android. Although a good move for Microsoft might be to acquire webos or adopt some of the features that made webos so good. I'm not saying they don't already have a wonderful os, but every bit helps. MS also has leg up on wrbos in the fa t that they have good hardware. Something webos just didn't. I used to have dreams of a 4 inch screen HTC phone. But that's long past.
  • With regard to "going the way of WebOS", people said the same thing about the Xbox. Now look where it's at 10 years later. If Microsoft is truly serious about mobile phones, they will probably succeed in the long run. They basically invented the smartphone after all; it was just way too far ahead of its time, like so many other things they do. Now that the masses are used to the idea of having a small touchscreen computer in their pocket, the door is open for Microsoft to innovate again.
  • "I am afraid that WP will go the way of webos."
    That will never happen. Microsoft is not Palm nor HP. Microsoft knows how to work with software. Microsoft is not perfect, but they know how to stay relevant, enter partnerships, make money and be successful.
  • Till they can make money off any Android phone sells in the market WP won't go away
  • Like the $800 Million they just did?
  • I really don't think that the Metro interface is too bland against iOS and Android. I think it's just a matter of getting more phones in front of people. Having more than one model per carrier will help a lot in that matter.
  • The difference is MS has the cash to fund this thing. Look at Bing, great product as well, but it is the money leakage of Microsoft, and yet it still makes gains like Windows Phone because of the money Microsoft can throw at it compared to how RIM and Symbian OEMs. All Microsoft really needs is mind share, Apple achieved it with its underdog uniqueness status, and Android got it by flooding the market (and Verizon). Hope to see more happen, but with Apollo only for new handsets, I think you'll see rate decrease for this year.
  • Just a comment on the tile layout. Am I alone in saying I would prefer to have (the majority of) my tiles be live?
    What's the difference between WP and the field when the home screen looks like an app catalog? Am hoping that WP can improve over the field by trying to push live tile content for the big and popular apps as well as the ones we're used to like "Me" "Baconit" etc. Because if you saw that phone next to an iPhone you would probably just compare the apps at first glance.
  • I think everything live would be over-kill. Live tiles are great for many things but not every app can warrant the need for one. Even at first glance though, the tiles are updating (the main ones like calls, messages, emails etc) and they form the bulk of the start screen in demo units. Its just that the start screen isn't blingy enough to attract people who like shiny things.
  • I have a dream, that one day windows phone will be more alive....having the ability to receive a text and text or voice text back from the start screen! make a simple gesture on the messaging tile and poof...keyboard pops up and u on your way. Microsoft I believe is trying to get somewhat there in the end. why not have the ability to play videos in a live tile on the start screen or video chat from a "live tile". the possibilities are completely endless...Microsoft
  • I also will like that, and i would like to see it on a samsung phone like the galaxy note.
  • People aren't buying android phones because they're android,they're only buying because they can't afford an iPhone. Android is also on every single carrier so most don't really have an opposite choice in the matter. Once WP starts flooding the market things will change.
  • That isn't really true. Samsung alone sold more Galaxy S III handsets than Apple sold iPhones last month, and the GS III is priced at the same level.
  • That's only true for the GSIII though, every other phone is struggling to keep up with these "everyonewantsthisphone" phones.
  • It will be interesting to see were WP8,BB10,IOS,market share will be by next year.
  • ^ Exactly. Android is the fast food OS. It's success is based solely on it being cheap and ubiquitous. It's not all cheap garbage, but the percentage of greasy "mostly-beef" burgers far outnumbers the hand formed patties, and even the bast of the burgers aren't as good as a properly done steak
  • Used a One X or Galaxy S III lately? I am not a fan of the Android UI, but those phones are outstanding, smooth, stable and have great battery life. A year from now, they will be the Android low end. It is ironic... Google is winning the smartphone war the same way MS won the PC war. Constant iteration.
  • I acknowledged that there were good android phones, but they are the exception and not the norm, nor do they alone account for the 68% market share...
  • So things are getting slowly getting better for the platform and we all know that MSFT is not abandoning its efforts anytime soon. I have noticed things getting more prominent for them. I shop at the Real Canadian Superstore and they have this thing called a Mobile Shop which is just a place for you to buy phones from the three big carriers up here in Canada (Rogers, Telus and Bell). As soon as you walk into any store you are greeted by a large vertical banner advertising the Mobile Shop with 5 phones shown off and the Lumia 800 gets big prominence by being on the phones near the front of 4 other Android phones. Once you get to the display you are greeted by a sea of Android phones, a Video display of the iPhone and three lonely Windows Phone. Both the Lumias 800 are Cyan and Magenta so stick out like sore thumbs which is nice. And then the 710 is a little harder to find. But the point being is that even six months ago you wouldn't have seen any displays with a Windows Phone on it. So things aren't bleak and mindshare is slowly growing.
    5.2 million phones is nothing to sneeze at, remember that smartphone adoption rate is really high right now.
  • Microsoft is too huge to go the way of palm. Even if Windows Phone isn't a success in the next 2-3 years, they'll still keep throwing money at it.
  • But how long are they willing to throw money away is the big question.It's still not looking good for WP especially with BB and Symbian still ahead of them.
  • They did it with Xbox for nearly 10 years before they turned s profit. They've got money to lose in order to gain popularity. This is Microsoft remember.
  • Xbox had high sale numbers not so much with WP.I want all the OS's to succeed last thing any of us want is to choose between IOS or Android.WP8 or BB10 will be my next cell phone.
  • Widows phone is not good for indians.....:'( Bad phone :'(
  • All games and gud apps are paid :-(
  • Symbian iz best i think =]