Windows Phone still lagging but should hit 8.6% marketshare says Gartner

Gartner has released Q4 2011 data for worldwide smartphone sales to consumers, which shows some interesting signs for the Windows Phone platform. The dip in both number of units sold and marketshare is more-than-likely due to the drop of Windows Mobile. The push by Nokia has had some positive effect regarding the brand of both the manufacturer and the mobile platform, but numbers are still yet to reflect any solid progress.

As of Q4 2011 Microsoft was sat behind Samsung's Bada and the pesky 2%. With Nokia and Windows Phone "Tango" to target the emerging markets as a Symbian replacement, and upcoming "Apollo" to introduce a massive OS overhaul, by the end of 2012 Gartner predicts the platform to hit 8.6% marketshare. The analyst firm also believes these numbers to reflect Windows Phone sales only.

We may be in the second year of its life, but Microsoft's platform is still relatively young. The promotion and brand awareness campaigns that Nokia are running may require more time to take affect. The good news is the outlook for 2012 with the two OS updates (as well as new handsets). Bring on MWC.

Source: Gartner, Economic Times, via: WMPUthanks, Steve, for the tip!

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  • I wish they would separate Windows Mobile statistics from Windows Phone 7 ones. I want to see actual growth figures. This really doesn't mean anything if we can't get a full picture.
  • At 1.9% total, what are you expecting to see? Lol!.. Now if the share was 15% and WinMo was very popular in 2010 then we wouldn't have a clue. But, we do.. Just take the .9% off the top and there you have it, WP is at 1% give or take. And, if I'm wrong who really cares.. So, I guess the good news is that by the end of the year WinMo will be ashes, and the figures will be all WP.. Yes! Let's shoot for 10% by January 2013.
  • Grow in Jan is +450% !!!
  • BlackBerry is really taking it on the chin. Once a strong leader, they've since become clueless. RIM is the George W. Bush of smartphones!
  • I think rim is more like Obama....ultra popular at first but now it's clear they're just running everything into the ground while giving us nice speaches about fairies and magic potions and unicorns prancing around
  • Agreed.
  • Only difference is Obama is likely to have a second tour of duty while RIM is continuing to sink.
    Maybe if Apple came out against contraception and Google started talking about moonbases RIM would have a shot despite not being all that great...
  • Didn't Gartner predict 10.8% for WP7 back in April? Now it's saying "should hit 8.6%." That's a 20% drop in less than a year.
  • Forecasts can be wrong as nobody can see the future. MS just needs to go full steam ahead and look at the numbers after 1Q2012 to see if they are being effective.
  • That forecast made the headline of the article - it's relevant and it reflects a significant downgrade from Gardner.
  • Windows phone should have about 6-10% by the end if the year. And about 12-15% by the end of 2013 after windows 8 and the whole ecosystem fully take off and hits mindshare. Nokia will help out in 2012 but it'll take windows 8 to really push windows phone with the integration. All in all the prediction that Gartner first out that by 2015 windows phone will be at 18% is pretty accurate.
  • i don't believe anything this company says... is Microsoft paying them or something?
  • That's cool. So by the time my contract is up Verizon -might- have another windows phone for me to choose from
  • Lord I hope Nokia hits it out of the park this Spring. I'd like to actually talk to someone else with a Windows phone other than my sister...:-P
  • Make no mistake, I'm a fan of WP7 and have high hopes for the platform. But a lot of the comments here sound eerily similar to what I and other webOS users were still saying a year after the launch of webOS. Microsoft and Nokia need to ramp up the marketing campaign substantially before it's too late to gain a foothold.
  • I Think it all comes down to 2 things; advertising advertising and in store presence. When they hear windows phone, they think of the horror of wm6, and resistive touch screens. The sales reps have to be told that it's not that and be smarter. (quick aside:once had a Verizon tep try to sell me a droid, and tried to tell me that it was made by Lucas arts. Not joking)